Saved By The Vampire King- SEQUEL TO AIRINI

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"You're perfect," I whisper, causing the two of them to stare at me in confusion. I gather myself, shrugging as I lift the bottle to my lips once more before I try to backtrack. "You were perfect, with him. I'm glad it was you and not some unsuspecting human he was with." I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw disappointment in her eyes. "So I'm going to a party after this...if you want to join me?" Vladimir is gazing at Molly, and I can't help but hear his thoughts. I slam the bottle down suddenly, as he sends me a strange look. "I'd rather you didn't." *************************************** Molly is a victim of an over zealous vampire, who took it one bite too far. Quinn has been burned before, and resents being a vampire, let alone the King of them. So when he decides to change her, he is eager to rinse his hands of the whole affair. But something about Molly intrigues him, and he isn't the only one who notices her. .. This story follows a character (Quinn) from my previous book- Airini.

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The incessant pounding on the door angered me- either these people knew not who I was, or they had a death wish.

I'd been working out in the gym to try to end the hours of boredom I found myself lost in, wishing I could feel the burn in my muscles and the sweat down my back.

Alas no; I could run on that damn treadmill all day. I could lift weights all day and I'd never be any bigger. I could do with filling out a tad, given my slight frame, but considering I was dead this was no longer an option for me. I'd read every book in the library, and bizarrely become fairly fond of photography of late.

Anyway, back to the fool about to feel my wrath on the other side of my door. My maid wasn't here today, and I didn't like my staff hanging around. We had spoke about every subject under the sun in the past thousand years, and to be frank, they bored me.

I pulled it open to see Vladimir, my cousin, holding a drenched human in his arms. Blood oozed from her neck, and I felt my canines respond instantly. Her scent was divine, and I'd not eaten today. But the fact she was barely conscious alarmed me.

"What the fuck?" I hissed, as Vladimir glanced down at the girl anxiously.

"She's dying. I got there as soon as I heard her scream-"

I didn't allow him to finish, my stomach twisting in knots as I considered the possible outcomes to this situation.

If she died, Airini would kill me.

If I changed her, Airini would kill me.

Basically, I was about to be more dead than I already was.

Vladimir set the girl down on the floor, as I grabbed a pillow to prop her head up. Vladimir looked paler than usual, his hands running through his wet hair as I try to make the right decision.

"It was Alfron, he did this-"

"Vlad, leave us. I will deal with this."

I sound more confident than I feel, as I wait for him to leave. I didn't want him any more a part of this than he had to be. The girl was dressed in mud stained jeans and a thick jumper, warm winter boots on her feet. This wasn't the attire of a girl out night clubbing. This was a victim.

Her breathing is becoming more shallow, and I know I have to make a split decision.

Allow her life to end, or make it last forever.

What a choice.

Suddenly she moves her head, her eyes opening to reveal desperation and fear as she looks at me.

"I don't want to die," she sobs, as I nod slowly.

Decision made.

I slice my vein open with my canine, lifting it to her lips as I did to only one other many years before, hating that this was the only way to save her.

"I'm sorry, " I whisper solemnly.

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