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Buying her parents house seemed like the right things to do. They're getting older and have things they want to do. It's been five years. She thought nothing of it till she noticed what also came with owning that house. Or should I say, who.

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Chapter 1

Chapter one/ Epilogue.


I laid my phone down on the coffee table gently. My fingers still rested against it in hopes it would ring. It could be anyone, I didn’t care. I just needed to hear someone’s voice. I glanced at the phones hoping my stare alone could make it ring.


I let out a sigh and stood from the leather chair I was previously resting in. I walked over to one of the many bookshelves covering the walls; the paint behind the books you could clearly see starting to chip, but the thought of having to remove the shelves just to repaint made me avert my eyes. The books ranged between all different sizes and colors. You could tell which ones I had read the most just by looking at the spine.

Closing my eyes I reached out and grabbed a random book, just as I started to pull it out, my phone rang.

The book was completely forgotten and I walked briskly over to the ringing phone. Looking to see who it was before, pushing talk and placing it to my ear.

“Hi, mom,” I said, turning around to sit in my chair.

“Hi, Sweetheart, how was your day?” she asked and I couldn’t help but smile.

“It was fine, I’ve met someone, been talking to him at the office lately.” I closed my eyes to just listen to her voice.

“That’s good. Hopefully this one will stick around. I know how much you have been trying lately sweetheart,” mom said with a hint of pity in her voice. I didn’t need pity. The right guy will come around in the end. Whether I’m 30 or 80, I’ll meet someone.

“Me too, mom. Me too.” I let out a small sigh. “How was your day? What did you see today?” I asked, leaning back in my seat.

“I’m having a great day! Your father needs hearing aids though. I swear, he talks too loud because he can’t hear himself. But today we decided to head up to Canada and stay in the cabin your dad used to go to as a kid. It’s such a beautiful place. I know you weren’t a big fan of going there last time.”

“Well, it’s not that I didn’t like it. It’s just when we were visiting I got freaked out about being in the middle of nowhere, where no one could hear you if you screamed at the top of your lungs. It was literally in the middle of nowhere.” I sighed remembering it all. And I just did not like it up there. I never wanted to go again.

The little cabin was about 20-30 miles off the main highway, most likely more than that. And the entire time I couldn’t help but get the feeling I was being watched.

“Yes, I know. But anyways, we just thought it would be fun. So we are flying in on friday.”

That was two day away, I thought glancing at the 2014 calendar hanging over the desk sitting in the corner of the room. The 17th of september.

“So if you can’t get a hold of us, that’s why. Well, I love you, Olivia. Hopefully whatever happens with the guy goes well. I’ll call you before we leave of course. Have a good night, sweetheart,” mom said and I tried to smile but the fact that our conversation was so short felt like fist to the heart.

“Love you!” I heard dad’s voice yell and I couldn’t help but laugh. Leave it to dad.

“Love you guys too,” I said and we both hung up. I placed the phone back down and placed my head on my right hand. Looking around the room before standing and walking out of the double doors to the living room, which was an open area with stairs along the far wall heading up stairs to the bedrooms.

This place used to be my parents. But they sold it to me and started traveling. They hadn’t owned it for too long. But I still loved the place. They had bought it when my two little brothers were still living with them, so around 6-7 years ago. But when the last child was out, they packed up, said their goodbyes, and traveled. I was happy for them. I missed them of course. The reason I came back 5 years ago was to one, have a new start. See my parents more, which is ironic because I was the one who told them to travel. My job had had an opening down here to make it all possible. I don’t regret the decision. My parents are happy to be doing their own thing and I could proudly say I was somewhat good at this adulting thing. I worked in business and had a two year business degree from my local community college back home. Most looked down on me when I told them I went to a community college, but honestly it was ten times better then going to a university. Not only am I using the degree I earned unlike most people I know who had to go to factory or go job to job. I don’t have any debt I still need to pay off in the next hundred years. I honestly don’t see how my schooling or career choice is any concern of anyone besides myself anyways. I hate judgy people that love to tell me how to live my life instead of living their own.

I mean business wasn’t really what I wanted to do with my life, my dream job was actually to be a writer. But those dreams died a long time ago once I realized I didn’t have the time. It may not be my career, but I still have old journals and flash drives with my books I have written. Reading them brought back old memories. Even if most of them weren’t finished.

I felt something brush across my leg and looked down to see a ball of orange fur rolling on my feet and pawing at the air.

“Mreow,” she meowed and I leaned down to pick her up. She was my only company these days, I got her when I moved in. I would have gone crazy if I had to live here alone. Bumps, creaks, and other noises throughout the house would have me always looking over my shoulder. Having Claire here seems to have kept me calm and sane. For now at least.

I carried Claire up the stairs to my room and placed her down on the bed. She got up and laid where I normally slept. Rolling my shoulders and letting out a sigh, Ignoring her was the only thing that seemed reasonable. Either that or she’ll just end up laying on my face.

“She’s never needy until the most inconvenient times,” I muttered under my breath and moved to the wall to flick the light switch. The dark space was a comfort in comparison to the bright sun tomorrow would bring. Feet sliding across the wood floor and into my bed melted all the unpleasant thoughts away. Claire’s purred directly in my ear along with the sound of her trying to eat my hair. “Could you not.” I pulled my hair from her mouth and placed her on my stomach instead. At least I had my spot back.

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