Diabolus: The Lost Phoenix

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Chapter Fourteen



I run my hand over the cold metal tools, letting the steel freeze my finger tips and not even noticing, I let out a giggle slip, soon followed by a snort. I breathe in deeply, the smell of mold tickles my nostrils. Then as I pick up the scalpel my eyes pop a little wider and my tongue shots out to lick my lips. God, how much I’ve missed this. How long it was since the last time I’ve done this.

Even imagining blood makes my veins burn with pleasure.

“So, Leonardo.”

I turn to him, all locked to the old wooden chair with clamps on his legs and hands, rope around his waist. And the fear together with anger in those eyes; just like the time I cut him. But the Belladonna stopped working, which means he can move again; if not the chains and clamps all over his body.

“A year is a long time. I’ve missed you.”

I carefully place the scalpel back on the table, taking one of my knives instead. A big collection of different blades through the years, but I still have my favorites. The oldest one, which I used for my first murder. The sharpest one, which I used to cut Leonardo’s dick off. The smallest one, which I used to cut Bex’s skin with. The others doesn’t even matter, what matters is the sentiments.

I walk to Leonardo; frowning, sweaty and shaking in his own place. Too bad that he can’t even move, tightened up by Brent. I glance at the couch in the corner of the room in one of the abandoned buildings we found to make it our playground; everyone else sits, watching him silently, waiting to hear some answers, or to watch a bloody and nasty show.

“So, do you want to tell me about the Yellow Eye, the Phoenix or Avery...”

I examine the knife, one perfect piece of steel, the sharp cutting edge morphing into the smooth handle in a way that reminds me of the dorsal fin on the sharks. And then I place it under his chin, so fast and maneuvering that he didn’t had the chance to take a breath; the tip of it cuts, a small, oval wound in his skin as a drop of red liquid falls down.

“Or should I make you?”

His eyebrows furrow with those eyes narrowed at me; the same eyes that once were looking at Beverly. While he hurt her. And I feel so much anger, so much rage inside me that if he’ll take a single look at her... I don’t think I’ll care about his answers anymore.

“He will kill you. He will kill all of you!”

“No, that’s what I’m going to do if I don’t get Avery back.”

“You want the Phoenix too, don’t you?”

I take a step back as I feel my thoughts are mixing, not sure about anything at all. Firstly, I didn’t know that Avery is still alive and why she was kidnapped. Second of all, who or what is the Phoenix. And the last but not least... Yellow Eye. And probably their leader. But one thing is now clear - Avery is somehow connected to the Phoenix.

“Who the fuck is that Phoenix everyone is talking about?”

“No, what does it have to do with Avery!?”

Brent stands up and aggressively walks to Leonardo, grabbing his neck and squeezing it; he always gets extremely angry and uncontrollable when it comes to Avery.

“Let go of him, Brent.”

“Answer me!”

Brent shakes his head, with such strength and rage that Leonardo’s face starts to turn blue; I slap Brent’s hands away, one way or another, we need that monster alive until we get answers we need.

“You fucking assholes. Let me go!”

“Start talking or I’ll start cutting your limbs, one by one until you’ll say everything that I need to hear.”

“No! He will kill me if I’ll say anything!”

With one fast move I spin the knife between my fingers, until it reaches his; the sharp blade touches his fingers and just how I like, it’s not gentle. It’s sharp enough to cut flesh as if it posed no resistance. At once a fountain of red came from the wound, and two of his fingers fall on the floor, leaded by his loud, piercing scream.

“You motherfucker!”

“Wasn’t I clear enough?”

Leonardo closes his eyes and grits his teeth as the pain is visible in his grayed face, getting us closer and closer to the answers we need.

“Okay. I’ll ask again and you will answer if you don’t want to lose the thing you appreciate the most.”

I chuckle as he opens his eyes and frowns at me; the painful memories come back, making him angry, but spreading happiness all over my body.

“Oh, wait. You’re already dickless.”

“Fuck you.”

He spits on the ground as his iris colors in red and I smile, spinning the knife around my fingers again, scaring him with sudden and fast moves; as I watch the fear in his eyes to lose any other part of his body.

“Let’s start with the first question. Who is that big bad Yellow Eye?”

“He will be your death, Diabolus. He’s your worst nightmare.”

“Are you shooting for a horror movie or something? Talk!”

Irritation takes over and my hand cracks across his face, snapping it back with the force of my blow and causing his head to slam into the wall behind him with a painful sound.

“Okay, okay! His name is Caden. Caden Perry. And he’s the worst of all of the criminals. He’s a fucking monster, and he got it from his father, who specifies in all sorts of weapons and especially, nuclear weapons.”

“Trying to scare me, Leonardo? Continue.”

“It’s not a fucking joke, Diabolus. Alexander Perry, Caden’s father, killed his wife after she found out about everything and wasn’t happy about it. And Caden is the same. They’re both heartless monsters.”

I cross my arms by my chest as my thoughts become even more complicated. I’ve never heard about those people, but I’ve seen enough of those criminals to know that none of them are immortal. But one thing is actually not a joke; and it’s nuclear weapons. Which means we’ll have to be careful. Really careful.

“Okay. What about Avery?”

“How do you know about her?”

“Answer the fucking question, you piece of shit!” Brent comes back, more furious than he was before; impatient to hear about his girlfriend, the love of his life. And I completely understand him and the things he’s about to do to the Yellow Eye. Caden.

“She was kidnapped probably a decade ago. Caden’s father was responsible for her kidnap.”

“But why?”

“Because she’s clairvoyant, and she’s Scandinavian.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? She’s American, I know that!”

I glance at Brent, who definitely doesn’t believe his true love could lie to him about her nationality. But she didn’t have to; she was adopted. There are a lot of things she possibly doesn’t even know about her true parents, and it means she could be from anywhere.

“It seems you don’t know a lot about her.”

“Don’t fucking lie, you moron!”

“Tell me why he was after her. Why Avery? There’s a lot of clairvoyant people in the world. Why her?”

The room falls silent as I feel the anxiety creeping down my spine, like a careful spider leaving a trail of silk. I feel the tension on my skin, descending until I’m almost frozen to the spot; especially when Brent starts clenching his fists. I don’t know if he can last any longer, listening to this moron; if he continues acting like a dumbass, I don’t think Brent will control himself before killing him.

“They were looking for her, and only her. A girl with eyes of the future, from across the ocean.”

“But why her?”

“Because she’s the missing piece to find the Phoenix.”

As much as shocked I feel after hearing all those news, I had to expect this. Avery is special, she always was, and people like her never have a normal life. She wasn’t seeing herself as normal, because of her clairvoyance thirteen years ago, and now someone decided to use her as some thing to find some lost item. Or person.

“Don’t piss me off and tell me who the fuck is that Phoenix!?”

“It’s not who, it’s what. The legend of the lost Phoenix.”

“What?” Brent covers his lips with a palm, locking his eyes on the corner of the room; his thoughts are as gloomy as mine. The love of his life was taken away from him because of a legend. Because of a thing that’s probably not even real. “She was kidnapped because of a legend!?”

“The legend says that the Vikings hid their biggest treasures, gold and jewels from the world, that no one could find them, only their descendants who continue to live in the land they’ve found. The States. And apparently, the Phoenix is the key to find those treasures. No one knows how it looks like, or where it is. Only the girl who’s hair is made of gold and her eyes of the future can show the way to find it. And both Alexander and Caden are obsessed to find them.”

“It’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard in my entire life.”

I turn to Leonardo who watches me with a serious face, the fear has disappeared from his eyes; he believes that telling everything he knows will save his life. But the things he says... Could this be true? Avery was kidnapped because of some legend, because of the thing that’s not even existing? Or there’s something more behind it?

“I told you, they’re monsters. And they’re mad, living on a legend that’s hundreds of years old.”

“Let’s say that it’s true and that thing really exists. Why haven’t they found it yet?”

“How should I know? They’re not telling me everything.”

“It seems like Yellow Eye isn’t that stupid, then.”

Leonardo comes back to his regular frowning face when I turn away from him; after all he told me everything he knows, and if not - he told me enough for me to know our next moves.

I glance at Lexi, looking at her nails and looking like she doesn’t care about anything in the world. Aaron, sitting next to her and watching her; probably thinking how to prank or tease her again. Kevin, holding Brooklyn’s hand and watching Leonardo’s bleeding hand. Brent, walking around the room and thinking about Avery, and all those years he lost.

And Beverly. Sitting straight as a needle, seeing nothing but Leonardo will such coldness in her eyes that I’ve never seen before. I never wanted this, but I couldn’t prevent her from becoming an assassin. And now I know she needs this. She needs him to die, in such pain that he would beg to be killed, just so she could release her pain, her anger and agony and become free. His death is the price to pay for her to be happy again.

“Okay, team. We need to start working before Yellow Eye realizes that piece of shit is missing.”

“What’s the plan, boss?”

“All of you, get ready to attack. We need to get Avery out of there as soon as possible. You have to be smart, silent, and prepared for anything that can happen."

"And what about you?"

I feel a little smile playing on my lips as the ideas start to appear inside my head. Cutting eyelids. Peeling the skin off. Cutting the guts out. Everything I’m going to do is going to be nasty and painful as hell.

But that’s what people get when they touch my woman.

"I can’t leave our guest alone, right? I have so much activities planned for him."

"What!? I told you everything! Let me go, now!"

I turn to him, giving a wink that makes his body shiver. He knows there’s no way out of here, no way out of what’s coming for him. I’m going to use every single way to torture him, whatever I can think of. None of people that I’ve killed deserved the pain more than he did. And he’s going to taste all of my rage, mustered through the years. He’s going to feel everything that Beverly felt. And there will be no mercy. No feelings. No humanity. Nothing.

"You told me everything, because you’re fucking stupid."

"We’re not letting you go, Leonardo."

"All three of us are going to have so much fun."

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