Diabolus: The Lost Phoenix

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Chapter Sixteen


It takes years to gain freedom but takes only a few seconds to lose it.

And I finally got mine back.

I wasn’t trapped or locked somewhere, for example, like Kevin was or Avery is; my freedom was taken away from me in a completely different way. My heart was trapped, my soul and happiness were. Like cold, icy hands were holding them, they were only giving me pain and sadness until at last, they’ve let me go.

And they were Leonardo’s hands.

It felt completely different to stab a knife through his heart, it wasn’t just a simple murder. When I saw the life extinguishing in those eyes I felt how I’m letting go of all of that pain, disgust; and now I know it was the only way. His life in exchange for my happiness. The freedom of my soul.

It looked like a simple murder, like one of those people we were payed to get rid of through that year. Oh, God, how many of them were?

But what I realized is that I’m definitely not like Kai. He enjoys watching people suffer, making them feel the pain, torturing them. I understand it perfectly; he wants his enemies to pay for what they did, but he doesn’t like the killing part. He sees it as a necessary move. And me... I can’t be the torturer. I’m a killer. I’m the one who ends people’s lives, who takes away the light in their eyes.

I never thought my life would turn that way, but right now, I feel like I’m exactly where I have to be.

I turn around from the bag with knives to look at Kai, getting ready for the attack. It’s like a special occasion to him - he always looks incredibly handsome, perfect outfit, his favorite cologne, hairstyle. I have never understood why he does that, but he always shows his best side when it comes to his enemies. And every time I look at him, I can’t help but smile; how lucky I am to have him.

But the beauty of Kai Woods isn’t just good looks. It’s the beauty of his soul, devoted to everything he cares about. The passion for any little thing he does. I know he doesn’t see himself like I do, but every one of us knows that’s true. What he is, what is beautiful about him, comes from deep within; it makes me want to feel how his lips move in a kiss, how his hands follow the curves of my body. All the time. That’s what true love probably is, when your feelings get hotter with every day.

“I can feel you’re staring.”

A smile starts to play on Kai’s lips as he draws his eyes to me, I feel my feet melting from the depth of the greenness in them. No matter what he’s doing, how he feels at the moment his eyes always show love and care, the thing that warms me up at night when I feel that the ground is disappearing under my feet.

“Is that so?”

Kai smiles at me, with just the right touch of shyness, but it’s one of those smiles, showing how wild he actually is. Every time you look at him it seems like he’s planning something evil inside his head, but in reality, it’s just his regular look. Evil. Wild. And hot as hell.

Hot as hell fits him just perfectly... the perfect place for Diabolus.

“Are you flirting with me, Beverly Woods?”


His slow footsteps and low, flirty voice makes me freeze on the spot I’m standing at. But what I thought is when you’re with a person for a while, all the flirting and passion just disappears, the routine destroys all those sparks you had. But not with Kai. It doesn’t matter how much time will pass; he would still drive me crazy.

“Well, almost. We didn’t have a chance to talk about our wedding... or everything that will happen after.”

“We had other things we had to focus on. It’s alright, you know it is.”

I feel Kai’s arms wrapping around me, in a moment I let myself to examine his deep green eyes. All my thoughts stop as if my heart takes over from my head when we are close. My fingernails dig deeper into his skin, as if I need to check if I am really there with him, if he is really there and really real... and I he is, body and soul. And I start to doubt anyone else ever feels the way I do about being in his arms...

“Let’s get married now.”


Though I feel my eyes widen; I can’t believe but I’m not surprised at all. I got used to how impulsive and spontaneous Kai is, and those things make me fall in love with him even more.

“Oh come on. Wouldn’t it be fun?”

“It would be. But the truth is... I want Avery to attend to our wedding.”

“In that case...”

Kai winks at me and shoves his hand into his pocket, pulling something out. I tilt my head up, feeling my eyes narrowing at him.

“No. No more gifts.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t like when you’re spending money on me.”

“I’m not. I haven’t payed for this one.”

Finally, he takes something out of his pocket; something so shiny that it’s impossible to draw your eyes away from it.

“Kai...” The necklace is so beautiful that my eyes even start to hurt, imagining it on my neck with my dream wedding dress on. The sapphire gem is as blue as the ocean in a sunlight, and the golden necklace with a little sparrow bird on it, making it look even more special. I don’t think I ever saw something more beautiful in my entire life. “This must’ve cost thousands of dollars!”

“I told you, I haven’t payed for it. Kai lifts the necklace up and puts it around my head; the coldness of it cools down my burning skin, but the gold feels like arms of luxury were wrapped around my neck. “It belonged to my mother.”

A smile disappears from Kai’s lips when he turns back at me as I start to feel the weigh of the gem on my neck. He moves into my personal space with just the right look of heat in his eyes. He doesn’t just look at me, he looks into me as if he knew my every thought, and my surprise after his words.

“My dad always called my mom his little sparrow. And he proposed to her when she was already pregnant with me. He only found that out later, before the wedding.”

I’m feeling like I’m lost within the breathless paradise of his dreamy eyes as he draws a strand of my hair away from my face, hiding it behind my ear.

“And when he found that out he bought her this necklace; although he spent all the money they were saving for the wedding, he wanted to mark the day he found out he’s going to be a dad. He was just so happy... It was also something blue she had at the wedding, and it always marked their unconditional love they felt for each other, for their firstborn son and later, to Kevin. My mom wanted to give this to her future daughter-in-law, but... she didn’t make it.”

“Oh, Kai...”

Something glimmers in his eyes the moment he starts to talk about his parents; it doesn’t matter that he’s smiling again, I can imagine how much he missed them, as much as I miss my mother. Who will never see me getting married. Becoming a mom...

"Please, accept it as my mother’s gift, even if she can’t be the one giving it to you."

"I... I just..."

I watch him, but deep inside me I what kind of people were Kai’s parents. Mostly because I can’t stop wondering what kind of father he will be. Or if he wants to have children at all.

"I wanted to wait until we’ll have our wedding planned, but we’re risking our lives today, again. I didn’t want to risk without giving it to you, first."

"Thank you, Kai. This means so much to me."

Kai puts a shy smile on his face and brushes my hair away from my shoulder, then moves in so close I can feel his strong body pressed up against me. I feel his warmth and already my mind has placed our lips together. But instead he leans in to caress my neck, slowly and gently. I want his lips now, I want his kisses. Then he cups my face in his hands and gives me what he knows I want.

His lips are fire, burning on mine and reminding why it’s worth to be strong. Why it’s worth to fight and not to give up on anyone who you care about. Because of love. Not only love for each other; love we share as a family.


"Let’s get Avery back."

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