Diabolus: The Lost Phoenix

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Chapter Twenty Six


I watched the dark, starry night from my bedroom window until it was replaced by the sunlight. I watched, as the blackness of the night left, Earth's star rose on the horizon, spreading her gold in every direction.

The pine trees are a black silhouette against the brilliant gold sky. The dew drops, adorning the forest, seems to glow with their own golden radiance. The morning sky is just mellow blues and pinks, blurred together in a silver mist to create another gorgeous scene. Even when my world is drowning in grief and hardship, the sky remains beautiful.

The cuticles of my nails are already bitten to bleeding, drops of scarlet liquid shriveled around my nails. My hands look nasty, and probably, so does my face, after crying for three hours. Crying for myself, for the things that I don’t understand; being so sensitive and vulnerable like I never felt before. After a while, I realized I shouldn’t have vented all my anger on Kai.

But you can’t turn back time. I did, what I did.


I hear three silent knocks on the wooden door behind me, but for a moment, I hesitate to turn around and look at them, or say something. Even if the door is unlocked, Kai doesn’t storm in, like I would expect him to do; he stands behind the door for all those three hours now, waiting, respecting my privacy and that I need a moment for myself.

I feel ashamed that I made him stand there all this time, and now it’s just guilt left, that makes me hesitate to let him in. I need someone who could understand me. Someone who would understand what I’m going through. Those news hit me like a thunder. A thunder that makes me do nothing but cry.

“Come in, Kai.”

I keep my eyes on the sun, blooming on the horizon, when I hear the wooden door behind me opening. My personal darkness presses in on me as I fight the urge to turn around. His footsteps echoes sharply around the cozy bedroom with wooden walls, sounding overly loud in my own ears; perhaps it’s just guilt and sadness, pounding in my temples and making me sensitive about every little sound, or movement.

“Beverly, baby.”

As the sound of his voice reaches my ears, I finally make my swollen eyes to look at him. His flawless skin, covered up in black ink. His naturally arched eyebrows, which makes him look angry in every situation; but not his eyes. The mosaics, forgotten to be appreciated for their beauty in contrast to the green of spring; the warmth of cocooning hugs after days of longing, even though their glistening gives away how broken he is himself.

“Kai, I’m… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t talk like that.”

It’s like his appearance just sucked every ounce of anger that was still boiling inside me, before he kneeled himself down in front of me. But as if an invisible wall was separating us, only an inch thick; he doesn’t touch me. As if he was hesitating, as if he was not allowed to.

“You’re my everything, you know that?”

I open my mouth to say something, to answer, but nothing comes out. I know he had a reason to hide those things from me, from all of us; and I just vented on him like a total selfish brat. I know something is wrong with me, something that I can’t understand. Something that makes me forget how to control myself.

“I was wrong when I decided to hide those things from you, I know that, and I’m sorry. I should’ve told you first.”

“But how, Kai? How is that possible?”

Brick by brick, my walls come tumbling down all over again, as my mind gets back to Kai’s words that I’ve heard back in the living room. Avery could be my relative; after dreaming about each other, feeling each other without even meeting for the first time, it actually makes sense, but I refuse to accept this fact. It’s not being related to Avery that scares me the most.

It’s the fact that I might not know who my real parents actually are.

“How in the world I might be related to Avery?”

I bite my tongue, trying to hold the tears that threaten to leave my eyes, but as much as I know that they’re not showing up yet, it seems like Kai feels it; he sits down on the floor just next to me, and I feel the warmth of his hand sliding around my waist. After just a moment, I find my lashes brimming heavy with tears; my hands clenched into shaking fists, in a desperate battle against the sadness.

Just this time, Kai is holding me. Actually holding me, his arms around my body, pressing me closer to himself, giving me nothing but the feeling of safety, and support.

“What I’m about to say next, is horrible, but deep down, I know you think the same way, too.”

“About what?”

“About your father. I’m sorry to say that, but he was nothing but jerk to you. He was ignorant, rude, and harsh. He wasn’t treating Brooklyn the same way, which makes me think-”

“That I might be the only one adopted.”

His words make me clutch myself into his jacket, sobbing like a little girl over a broken toy. Just this time, the broken toy is my heart.

And deep down inside my mind, I know he’s right, I can completely agree with Kai; but I still refuse to, I still can’t believe my life could be that miserable. I can’t believe that for my whole life, I was living in a huge web of lies and grief; first, my mother’s death, my father, trying to sell me like I was just an irrelevant thing, Leonardo, wanting to kill me… Which was the only good thing that happened. It led me to Kai.

“I didn’t say that, Bev, we know nothing. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just a coincidence and you’re crying for nothing, now. And if it is a coincidence, I will blame myself for the rest of my life, that I made my woman cry for nothing.”

“What if it’s not a coincidence? What if I’m actually adopted?”

I lift my head up to look at him; at his eyes, as open and honest as any child, giving only a feeling of warmth and safety. In that moment I know home is not a building, it’s a person; my place to find company when the cold winds blow, and building my walls back up.

“It’s better to know the nasty truth, than to live on a beautiful lie. Either way, no one is worth your tears, and you’re strong enough to get through everything. Just know, that I will always be by your side. No matter what.”

“I know you will be, Kai. I just can’t believe this. I can’t believe he could’ve been lying to me for all those years…”

“I know it’s hard for you, but I could believe if that’s the truth. And the good thing is, that you could be related to the one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. The bad thing is, that we will have one more question to answer.”

“Which is?”

“Who are your real parents.”

I press my cheek back to his firm chest, listening to his calm heartbeat as tears keep soaking his cherry color shirt. God, I’m so sick of crying. I know I’m stronger than I ever was, but somehow, I can’t stop myself from crying over my father. I shouldn’t be crying about him, he’s nothing but an ignorant jerk. But still, it makes me feel so vulnerable. Even a thought about being adopted.

But he knows if I’m not his daughter, and I’m going to get this information from him, one way or another.

“I don’t know what’s going on with me. I just keep crying, I can’t control myself…”


I feel his finger on my chin, lifting my head up to meet his deep emerald eyes. With a few gentle movements, he draws the tears away from both of my cheeks with his thumb, still looking at me like I was the only thing that he could ever see. Adoration, and care in his eyes. Safety, and warmth in his embrace. And love, that suddenly fills up my whole heart.

“No need to cry over anything, my love. We got through a lot already, and we’ll get through anything life has planned for us. You know why?”

I feel Kai’s palm, gently placed on my cheek as he draws his eyes to my lips. For a moment, it feels like my heart stopped beating, and all the oxygen was sucked out of my lungs. Each time Kai is so close to me, when I feel all the love that he has, the problems, and the world around me disappears, giving me the feeling of hope that I’m craving for.

“Because we have each other, Beverly.”

All the tears that were threatening to leave my eyes suddenly disappear, as I feel Kai’s lips slowly locking on mine. The kiss obliterates every thought, and finally, after all these hours of sadness, my mind is locked into the present. The worries of the day evaporates like a summer shower, onto a hot ground. Drunk on endorphins, suddenly, my only desire is to touch him, to move my hands under his smooth cotton shirt and feel his perfect softness.

Kai holds me gently, drawing his palm onto the back of my neck. My lips part, inviting him to deepen the kiss; his hot tongue is suddenly playing with my lower lip, teasingly, but gently, spreading the warmth and chills to every part of my body; the cracks in between my toes, the crooks of my elbows, the tips of my ears. Every inch of me is saturated with love, the feeling that only Kai can make me feel.

“I love you, Beverly Woods.”

He whispers on my lips, his voice soft, prolonging every letter as if it was the most important thing he had ever said; but nothing makes him pull away from the kiss. Instead, I feel him deepening it, our lips moving in perfect sync and the kiss becoming more passionate by the second. Our lips part and clasp onto one another once again with an adding of more pressure, the kiss growing more greedy, my mouth locking tighter. My tense nerves soon begin to relax, my troubles, my pain begins to melt away and the surroundings begin to disappear.

The heat flowing throughout my body begins to grow as I feel his other hand sliding down my back, his hot fingertips playing with the bare skin under my shirt, every place where he touches starts tingling. I draw my tongue over his teeth and swallow his groan of pleasure as my hands wrap around him tighter, my palms under his shirt to feel his hot, soft flesh, warming my icy fingers up.

“Bev, are you sure-”


My fingertips clutch his shirt, pulling it over his head. I have no idea where his shirt landed, when he pulls away from the kiss and looks at me. My frozen breath mingles with his as we stare at each other, only an inch separating us, both of us a little unsteady. Desire and hunger glows in his emerald eyes while he holds me against him, his fingers slowly lifting my shirt up.

“I want to make love to you, Kai.”

As soon as the last syllable escapes his lips and he roughly takes the shirt off my body, leaving me with only a black lacy bra; I find myself interlocked in another passionate, wild kiss; my heart flutters, and I kiss back, cherishing the moment and Kai. My hands, savoring the touch of his soft skin as I let myself to feel every inch of his back, as his fingertips work their way around my body. Both of us struggling to breathe, hearts, beating like they’re about to jump out of our chests and collide into one, like they were meant to be.

My bra is suddenly unclipped for Kai to feel my hardened breasts in his palms, fitting perfectly, as he pressed himself closer to me. I feel how every vein in my body is lit on fire when my fingers slide down his hard abdomen, stopping by the belt of his jeans, feeling him enjoying the touch of my naked body. With no hesitation, I undo his pants as he groans on my lips, the animal inside him awake.

Suddenly, he pushes me onto the fluffy gray rug behind me, before I could leave him naked; his hand sliding down to my pants, pulling them off with fast movements. And I’m the one left naked.

He breaks the kiss, only for a moment, and looks down at my body, just how Mother Nature made me. I watch his lips, his pearly white teeth, suddenly biting them as he looks back to my eyes with that hellish look in his eyes that always makes my body shiver in desire.

“Do you realize how f*cking lucky I am?”

“And why is that, Mr. Woods?”

“You’re the most perfect woman I’ve ever met, and was lucky enough to marry.”

He crawls back on me and his fingers grab the roots of my hair, pulling them back as his tongue fights for dominance with mine. I wait no longer before grabbing onto the top of his jeans, almost ripping it apart and taking them off his inked, muscular legs, letting the impressive hardness of him appear right in front of my eyes. I involuntarily lick my lips, hungry with lust, but Kai pulls me back onto him and my legs straddle around him.

“I want you, so f*cking much.”

His d*ck is brushing against my moisture, all wet from his touch when our lips burn on each other once again, his teeth biting my lip, sucking on it. I slowly start to lean my hips down, feeling the pressure of his hardness closer and closer to my most sensitive spot.

Until it slowly gets inside of me.

It feels as if every inch of my body just goes numb, as his hips flex and he starts to move in and out, at first, slowly, then getting faster and faster. I moan once more into his mouth. I want him so badly. Gripping his upper arms, I feel his biceps, what a strong man he actually is. My hips move tentatively to meet his, as Kai speeds up. I moan, as he pounds on, picking up speed; a relentless rhythm, and I keep up, meeting his thrusts.

“Aah, Kai…”

My loud moan seems to push some imaginary button inside him, making him be wild like he actually wants to be, grabbing my hair, wrapping his other arm around me and turning both of us around, now him, being on top of me. He hasn’t pulled away and inch, still being inside me, still f*cking me, as if it’s the only thing he has ever wanted.

He shifts onto his elbows so I can feel his weight on me, holding me down, getting in and out of my dripping moisture, hearing his male moans, almost growling like a wolf, his muscles, getting tighter with every second. My body quivers; a sheen of sweat gathers over me as I dig my nails into the skin of his back, feeling how my body stiffens from the pleasure that took every inch of my body, erased every thought.

“I… love you.”

With his last word, I feel myself climaxing under him, as if my body was shattered into a million pieces underneath him, but even my loud scream and tightened muscles doesn’t make him stop. I feel how my whole body grows numb, every limb is burning, and I have no idea how to move anymore. Kai is pushing himself hard into me, before stilling as he empties himself into me, I feel his hardness pounding inside me.

I find it hard to catch my breath, to breathe again, as if the oxygen was getting back to my lungs too slow. Kai doesn’t seem to have this kind of problem; his face, pressed to my collarbone and breathing heavily on my already burning skin.

“I will never get enough of you, Bev.”

After a few more moments, laying on the rug and catching our breaths, words finally escape Kai’s lips as he gets back on his elbows, his drowsy eyes looking into mine.

“Everything will be alright, you know that.”

A long sigh escapes my lips, as he purses his, still looking at me. After hesitating for a moment, he draws a strand of my hair behind my ear, his thumb, gently stroking my cheek as he comforts me with his concerned, yet warm look in his eyes.

“We’ll defeat Caden, we’ll end this madness, and then, believe me, I’ll do everything so your every question would be answered.”

“That’s just… crazy. I might not even be the person I thought I was.”

“It will change nothing, love. You’ll still be my strong, beautiful, clever, and literally, perfect wife that I’m going crazy about more an more, with each day.”

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