Diabolus: The Lost Phoenix

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Chapter Thirty Seven


My stomach still hurts when I move faster, like that bullet was still inside me. Ripping my guts apart. Although I know it’s not there, I’m healing, but I still am in pain. Maybe it’s not my stomach that hurts, it’s probably my heart. That’s breaking with each day.

Like a thousand tips of knives would scratch it, digging deeper with each second. As if they were slowly killing me. Or making a hole inside me; making me feel as empty as I’ve never been before.

Just now, it gives me realisation of what happiness actually is. Because, before Beverly, even before Kevin was taken away from me, I couldn’t describe myself as happy. Just now I know, that happiness is a pleasing weight that sits on you often, like how air pressure sits on you, and you just don't notice it. Until it’s ripped out of your hands, and that weight disappears, giving you nothing but the feeling of emptiness.

God, we’ve been through so much. All the fights we had, kidnaps, injuries, and nothing could stop me. Until Beverly’s stepfather got in the way. Even the thought of him makes my hands shake; fuck, I would strangle him to death if I had a chance. And at the same time, I know I wouldn’t. Because, it doesn’t matter what he did.

He’s still Brooklyn’s father.

But he had done enough. And he doesn’t need to die to go through hell; I think the girls will find a way to make his life a torture.

“Kai? Are you listening to me?”

It’s like I was floating somewhere in space with no surroundings, just me and my thoughts; before I lift my eyes up again. To see big eyes, staring at me, with some sort of anger flashing in them. Her eyes are like midnight, like raven’s wings. The sweet silence before dawn in them, and nothing but responsibility.

Her hair is cut short, like a man would; or perhaps it looks like that because of those tousled spikes, curls, that make the hair visually shorter. But I always found that curly hair some sort of interesting. It's confidence and strength, natural and pretty. But it doesn’t make her look less feminine.

“Of course, master. Talk.”

I feel the frustration radiating from her when she frowns, only for a second; the annoyance she feels in her endless empathy for others. Just a simple flash of anger in her eyes before she draws her look back to her papers, and her lips part slightly.

“I don’t think there’s a chance for you to be diagnosed as innocent. The psychiatrist works only for the district attorney.”

“But you’re the lawyer, Julia. Do something about it.”

“Come on, Kai. Don’t be such a dick.”

Brent pushes me with his elbow as I feel the chuckle stuck in my throat. Just as the last syllable escapes my lips, her eyes lit up with fire of anger in them. Her lips purse as if she was holding that shout she wanted to let out; yet she tries to control herself around other inmates and lawyers. A hellish smile starts to play on my lips as I feel the irritation and tension growing; I cross my arms by my chest, letting a slow, hot sigh out.

“I’m just kidding. Relax.”

“They have too much evidence, such as your, Brent, fingerprints they found on Carlos Pereira’s body, not to mention his headless daughter, Kai. They’ve been gathering the information for years now. It was even easier to know who committed those crimes, you were one of them once. But it was not as easy to find you.”

“Okay, so what are you thinking?”

Julianna sighs, drawing her eyes back to the papers, slowly looking through them, as if she was searching for an answer. The only movements on her head are the large gold hoop earrings and the slow blinking of her eyelids. But I don’t feel anxious, or anything like that. I know there’s no way for us to get out of here; we will be sentenced, and it’s just a matter of time. But there’s just one thing I can think about.

I promised. My last words to Beverly were that I promised her to come back. Which means only one thing; from now on, my only aim is to escape.

“You’re already charged with the crimes that were made. And the prosecutor is determined for you to be sentenced for no less than 45 years.”

“So what? There’s no chance for us to win this case?”

“I’m one of the best lawyers in the city, Brent, but even I know that it’s impossible for me to win this case. There’s only one option left, now.”

“Which is?”

“You have to confess. That way you may get about 20, maybe about 30 years…”


Brent leans back on his chair, all angry now; the veins on his forehead popped out. Even his impressive beard doesn’t hide his clenched jaw, as his eyes run around the room, searching for a place to hide. Sadness sits on Brent’s face, eyes remaining dry, expression immobile. He knows that if he even lets a fraction out, it will immediately take him; a never ending torrent of grief. Like he lost someone, forever.

I’m not the only one who was taken away from the person that I love; Brent is, too. Again. They were hoping for happy ever after, but what they got, is another obstacle that doesn’t allow them to be together. Our life is always like that, full of obstacles. But after all… he chose that. He chose to stay, knowing that either he will die, or he will go to jail with me. He didn’t leave my side, and now, I owe him. To make sure he will see Avery again.

And very, very soon.

“Think about it, guys, alright? I’m going to grab myself some coffee. We will continue our conversation after a moment.”

Julia forcefully puts a smile on her face; it’s so obvious that it’s fake, all of her white teeth showing. She hates people like us; criminals, who don’t even regret what they’ve done. Every person has its own opinion, and just how I respect everyone else’s, I respect Julia’s, as well.

Julia stands up, and with one last look, rushes away from us. Her two inch heels patter in the stilted air, striking the wooden floor on every third bounce; she walks with confidence, straight to the coffee machine without even bothering to look at us again.


I glance over my left shoulder to face him. He looks around the room; only seeing an indefinite expansion of pure white space. For a moment, the world is like a blur of dull colours, when my mind goes back to everything that I had. Then, as I properly awoke from my memories, everything came into focus. I can’t allow myself to be sad, to be anxious, or anything like that. I have to stay focused. Attentive to every detail. Because now, everything is different. And I bet it will be harder than I believe.

“You know what we need to do. To get back to them.”

“I know. I just can’t believe we got separated again, goddammit.”

I notice his hands are shaking under the cold gray table. And I also know, that it’s too risky to talk about those things in here.

“The most important thing is, they haven’t caught them. They’re somewhere around, safe. And as far as I know them, they won’t leave us like that.”

“I know. They’re probably making a plan, already.”

All those bad things, but this one phrase just makes me chuckle, and I feel how my face lightens up with a smile. Because I know, this is not the end. This is just the start of what’s about to come. Of course, it’s a break; first, we have to get out of here. Then, we will make sure to destroy James Greene’s life. We have to find Ben.

But there’s also, one more thing that I keep finding myself, thinking about. A family. A child.

I love Beverly more than anything on this Earth. I’m ready to sacrifice everything, to buy a house somewhere, hell, I would even become a farmer if she wanted me too. But the thought about a baby sends butterflies inside my stomach, giving me a pleasant tickling.

Oh, how I wish to start a family as soon as I’ll get out of here.

There isn’t a right moment for that, the right moment never comes. I know that, for sure. I already know that every moment of my life is to be shared with her, and I want to share, protect, and love our firstborn child. Life is too short to wait, and I’m willing to ask her that question as soon as I’ll get out. And that would make me the happiest man on Earth.

And it doesn’t matter what life has prepared for us.

Together, we will face the challenges life gives us.


Escaping the hotel was the easiest part. To see how the half of the cops haven’t left the hotel; and they never will. To change our clothes into employee’s, just how Avery suggested, to sneak out, one by one. To be noticed by some of them, but with Kevin’s help, seeing them burn to death. Hiding in the woods. With the corner of my eye, watching the hotel. Watching, how the ambulance arrived.

The hardest part was to leave. To see Kai, unconscious, being dragged out of the hotel and taken away from me. To see Brent’s hands in handcuffs, being pushed into the police car. I swear, if I would’ve seen James, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. But of course, he wasn’t there. After he took Kai away from me.

Aaron got seriously injured. If Lexi hadn’t pulled out the bullet out of the wound in time, he would’ve lost his leg. Or died. But two weeks have passed already, and finally, he’s healing. I wish I could have started healing myself, too.

The news really quickly reached us. Kai survived. He’s alive. It’s kinda funny; how you can find out every little thing about your husband, without even seeing him. Journalists do their job pretty good, I guess.

“Serial killers of the decade finally caught.”

“Former detectives charged for numerous murders.”

“District attorney: If the death penalty was legal, they would already be sentenced to death.”

Every little article got me more and more angry. And sad. Devastated. Everything now seems to be against them, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get out of there easily. That’s why I need a plan. To get them out of prison.

I turn the white stick with a blue tip between my fingers, two, or three times. Watching it. The waves of helplessness and anxiety that hits me have caught me unaware. They must have been silently building up, while I am recalling the string of heartbreaking events.

But I keep looking at it. At the little cross, a plus, on its tiny screen. Positive. I’m pregnant.

“You have to stop taking those, Bev. It’s your fifth pregnancy test.”

“And it’s positive. Just like the rest of them.”

“It couldn’t be negative if you have a baby growing inside you.”

Avery gets out of the bathroom in my bedroom; a cozy, small bedroom in the house out of the city that we rented a couple weeks ago. But now it’s time to change places. We have to make sure no one sees us, no one finds us. The police is still searching for us. James is still searching for us.

“Avery is right. I thought you wanted it, Bev, didn’t you?”

Brooklyn steps out of the shadow in the corner of the room; I completely forgot that she’s here. Both of them aren’t leaving my side, not only for a moment; as if I could do something bad to myself. But honestly, I couldn’t, and they know that.

“We wanted it. Me and Kai.”

Finally, one small crystal bead escapes from my left eye. I can feel the warmth, sliding down my cheek, and falling off my chin. Then another. Until my eyes flood with tears, coming like a rainfall. Avery rushes to sit next to me, and so does Brooklyn; both of them wrap their arms around me, trying to comfort me with their warm touch.

“And you will both have it. You won’t be a lonely mom. Kai will get out of there, you know that.”

“Why he did this to me? Why James wants to ruin my life?”

“He’s a jerk, that’s why. And trust me, he will pay for that.”

I was thinking about it for all this time. We can’t kill him, he’s Brooklyn’s father. We can’t do it. But there’s one thing I’ve learned from Kai; how to ruin his enemy’s life. By taking away something that he cares about the most.

And for James, it’s his business. He has to pay, and he will pay. By becoming a broke, homeless man.

“I know. I will make him pay. In ways he would never expect.”

“And Kai will be by your side. I’ve lost Brent, too, but we both have to stay strong. Especially, you. You have a little baby Kai, or baby Beverly growing inside you. Believe me, he or she wants its momma to be happy.”

“How can I be happy without him?”

“Because you’re not alone. You have your two sisters. You have Kevin, Aaron, and Lexi. You have people that care about you. And I have known Kai for years now. Trust me, soon, he will be back, and you will watch your baby grow together.”

Salty drops fall from my chin, drenching my shirt after hearing Avery’s words. Deep down in my heart, I know she’s right. I know that Kai will find a way to get back to me, and I will do everything I can to help him. I know that eventually, we will be together. We will get our revenge. We will find Ben. And we will become a real, big family.

Because our love is stronger than the law. It’s stronger than the chains, or handcuffs. These challenges that life gives us is nothing, compared to what we’re can reach only pushed by the feeling of love.

We can’t breathe without each other, we can’t live without each other. And that’s the main reason why I still believe, that very soon, we will be together again.

Love brings hope. And with hope, comes strength. Kai is my strength, and I am his comfort. With that, we could reach even the stars.

We will chase out the darkness, just because of the power of our love.


Author’s note

Thank you everyone for your support, patience and love. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy, just because of you!
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