Diabolus: The Lost Phoenix

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Chapter Five



That’s how I can describe myself right now.

It takes a second or two for the new information to sink in, even though it is right before my eyes, larger than life. Then I feel my lips stretch wider into gaping grin and my eyebrows arch for the sky. He made it. He’s here.

I can’t believe what’s in front of me. It’s like my eyes were in a different place than I am; it’s like I was in a dream. Brent. Brent is alive.

Kai just threw a punch into his face and went back to the club, so did Beverly, leaving him laying on the wet ground. Brooklyn immediately ran to help him to stand up while I keep standing and watching him, spitting with blood. Still not able to believe. Still not able to tell if it’s shock or happiness tickling inside my stomach.

Just as his eyes meet mine and he draws a finger down his lips, clearing the blood I realize it’s real. He’s back. Smile lights up on my face from pure happiness, there’s no other feeling I could have seeing him alive. Not after everything he did for me.

“I guess I deserved it.”

“Fuck, Brent!”

I pull him to a tight hug, letting the happiness soak right into my bones. I feel it pass through me like a warm ocean wave, washing away the stress of my day to leave me refreshed inside. I’m not very emotional myself, not after everything; or perhaps I’m just that kind of a person. But it’s Brent, the man we thought we lost; the man that changed my whole life.

It makes me remember the first day I met him; back in Los Angeles, six years ago. I remember him and Kai, pretty different back then, being called Max and David; but not less cruel. It didn’t matter that Brent was an assassin, he still had a big heart when he saved me. It didn’t matter who I was, he still saved my life and became my friend.

I was just a simple thief, it was my only way to survive in this cruel world after I ran away from my parents. My life was literally going nowhere; I couldn’t accept the life that my parents gave me back in London, my father, big and bad businessman, beating up his son in his free time because he’s different. That’s why I left and started my life in the States. Just... it didn’t go well.

Not until I met Brent and Kai.

There are a lot of houses in Beverly Hills to get robbed, a simple job for a thief like me. And there was this producer, Trevor Andrews; rumors that he likes to get girls drugged and raped them after were spreading all over the city. But his house was an easy prey; until Brent and Kai entered the house while I was upstairs, collecting things that I thought were valuable. Within seconds, they dealt with Trevor Andrews and set the house on fire, not to leave any evidence.

But I was still upstairs. The fire spread with ease, turning the first floor into a maze of flame. Black smoke went up the stairs and there was no alarm to warn me. Only the sound of fire and my own choking. I could see the orange flame from under Trevor’s bedroom door and as much as stressed I am, I know that opening that door would be the last mistake I ever made. My only option was the window and a fifteen foot drop.

But there was asphalt; the only place I could land on. That means only two options; either the fire will eat me, or my life will end as soon as I’ll land on the hard ground.

Until Brent saw me; a kid in panic standing by the window. He didn’t hesitate, not even for a moment and immediately ran back to the house to save my life. He didn’t care that Kai shouted to leave me; Kai never cared about accidental victims. But Brent wasn’t like that, though it would’ve been easier to leave me to die.

But instead, he saved me from the fire. Teached me to fight. Helped me to find my passion about poisons and acids. Later Kai finally let me in; and I became a part of the team. A part of the family.

Maybe Kai is angry with Brent for what he did, but it can’t make me angry or disappointed. He’s a friend. He’s the most gentle of souls, but a trained fighter too. He’s the one with soft hands and a softer voice, but also a devoted defender. Others may think we all have those traits; but without him, we’re weaker than we thought we were.

“I remember you.”

Brent’s eyes suddenly stop on Lexi when we release each other from a hug. She swallows, her hazel eyes seem not to find a place to stop. I know she’s new in all of this, she doesn’t show any sign of excitement for Brent’s coming back. To be honest, I never saw happiness in those big hazel eyes.

“You were there when the house exploded.”

“It’s nice to have you back.”

A little grin plays in her lips; she tries to act nice, though politeness is not really her style.

But that’s the thing that I can finally admit; she turns me on. Her toughness, her rudeness, the way she tries to show how much she hates me, when in reality it just proves how much she likes me, but is afraid to let me in.

God, that girl is something else.

As soon as Brent walks away to talk to Brooklyn and Kevin, Red turns to me and immediately frowns; which makes me want to tease her even more. She turns around to walk back to the club, but my body thinks for me, grabbing her soft hand.

It’s just something about her touch, something about the way her hand perfectly fits in mine; whenever her skin melts with mine my brains shut down, and I know I can’t control myself anymore.


“How about we go back to the dance floor, Red?”

Lexi’s eyes narrow and she takes a step closer so I could take a better look into those angry eyes. The smooth green on the edge contrasts beautifully with the amber color in the middle, capturing the heart of any man who gaze at her. Probably that’s the only way to connect with her; the only way to see how vulnerable and feminine she actually is.

Looking at those eyes you can see that under that shield of toughness and rudeness is just a simple girl, wishing for affection.

But how better I am?

How good I would be for her?

Is it just the physical attraction, or there’s something more?

“I have a name, you fucking donkey.”

“Really? Would you remind me of it?”

Her face shows how pissed she is, but somehow her fingers are crossed with mine; I couldn’t notice how that happened until I felt the warmth spreading from her skin, from her tiny fingers, and the cold doesn’t bother me anymore. My eyes travel back down to those rosy lips, just like on that dance floor. My veins start to burn from desire. Desire to kiss her.

Ever since I grew up I was a man that girls adored; though I never let them expect something more than a fling. As a man, I love having sex regularity, but nothing more. No strings attached. Nothing.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship. But I’m sure I’m ready for Lexi.

“Do you know how annoying you are?”

“That’s why you like me so much.”


I watch him and he’s watching me while we’re all dancing in a circle, in the middle of the dance floor. After the incident in the back of the club, the party finally got real. Though Kai is pretty much ignoring Brent, but everything seems fine. Beverly seems happy.

And I feel drunk.

Not only because I had six strongest cocktails; but because of Aaron, dancing just in front of me, driving me crazy with those brown eyes locked on me. But all I can feel is intoxication; a few hours have passed since he touched me, but I can still feel his skin burning on mine.

Especially when we can’t draw our eyes away from each other.

I don’t know what happened. What changed that made me even angrier on him, but at the same time every sense in my body is craving for him. For his touch. For him to dance with me again... and to do the thing he couldn’t do before.

Kiss me.

I feel the touch. Right behind me, two palms placed on my hips, like they came from nowhere. I’m still looking at Aaron, who’s alluring face became cold, angry within seconds.

“Could I steal a dance?”

I quickly turn around, seeing a stranger has wrapped his arms around me. Making me feel all those things back in the brothel. I never knew their names, but I will always remember their faces. They never asked, because girls in there can’t say no. It doesn’t matter this guy seems a lot nicer and younger. He touched me. And he’s a stranger.


“Oh come on, beautiful. Could I at least buy you a drink?”

I feel grumpy, angry, irritated. Probably not even because he touched me, but one single touch not from a man that I’m thinking about made it even worse. Like he pulled a ring from my inner grenade and it exploded inside my guts, setting my brain on fire, anger boiling inside me, making me even more furious. What the hell is happening to me?

“I said no. Back off.”

“You heard the girl, mate. Get the fuck out of here.” Aaron appeared out of nowhere.

“Mind your own business.”

“Oh no, you didn’t-”

Aaron’s eyes narrow in determination as he starts to roll his sleeves up, uncovering the skin of his inked arms. Every muscle in his body get tensed, his fingers clenching into fists as his iris turn red. The other guy changes his position into a defensive one, and a cold wave goes down my body as I imagine what will happen next. As much as strong they both are, I know how Aaron fights. And we definitely don’t need a murder in the middle of the dance floor.

I place my palms on both of their chests and push them away from each other before the rooster fight began. Aaron caught my hand, but I pulled away; no, I can’t fucking deal with him right now. He made me look weak. Vulnerable.

I spent so much time to be able to protect myself, and he crushed it like it was nothing.

Shaking my head and turning around I leave both of them alone, pissed, angry; they can do whatever they want to, I don’t care anymore. The sparkle that was inside my belly for a moment when Aaron touched me, faded away with painful disappointment. He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand what it was like to be helpless and used by anyone who wanted to.

It was right to hate him. Because the moment I wanted to let him in, he disappointed me. Made me angry. Again.


I hear his voice behind me while I head to the exit; but my feet refuses to take another step when I feel him so close to me. He followed me. Why? What does he want?

“Are you okay, Red?”

“I could’ve handled that myself!” I turn around to him, my eyebrows furrowed, showing there’s no gentleness left in me. “You can’t just leave me alone, Aaron?”


Suddenly, his eyes lighten and an alluring smile appears on his face. I’m not going to lie to myself; smiles really do have power. Especially Aaron’s. It reached the place the sun can’t and warmed my soul. Leaving me more confused; and when I’m confused, I get angrier.

“Not asshole? Not moron? Not donkey?”

“You are a donkey! A fucking annoying, immature donkey!”

Aaron takes a step closer and it feels like my feet are frozen to the floor when I try to take a step back; my body knows what I want. Especially when a spicy scent of his cologne reaches my nostrils. Especially when I see his lips, his sharp jaw, his pearl white teeth. His deep brown eyes. The words don’t matter anymore; they’re just a shield to defend ourselves. My body shows what it actually wants when I take a small step closer.

“I can’t stand you!”

Step by step, we get closer to each other. My anger is pushing me away from him, but my body is being pulled to him. Like he was a magnet, his eyes carefully watching how I lose it; being calm and silent, irritating me even more. I frown, I shout at him, but he’s standing in front of me like a wall. I want to slap him, I want to kick him, to start hitting him like a toddler; only because I don’t understand why am I so angry.

“You done?”

“No! I fucking hate you.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up already.”

Within his last words his lips slammed on mine, his palms on my cheeks draining all the oxygen from my lungs.

I pull back, wanting to be offended. Angry. But all the anger disappeared when his lips touched mine, when his hands grabbed my face. I glanced at his eyes, burning with desire. Fuck, this is all we both wanted. This is all we both needed.


In a moment I press my lips against his, feeling his body loosen and arms wrapping around me. I feel my body melting in his; my knees get weak as soon as he deepens the kiss, opening his mouth and sharing the passion he was holding for too long. I don’t want this to end, not when I finally know what it’s like to be kissed. And the way Aaron touches me; naughtily, roughly and passionately. The way our lips fit like two puzzle pieces.

It explodes inside of me; as if it was a volcano, releasing its lava and burning every bit of fear and anger inside me, setting my veins on fire. His fingertips are electrical, burning everywhere it touches; but I never felt this turned on before. Not when his tongue meets mine, trying to win the fight for domination, and I’m just trying to last it longer. To feel every sweet flavor his mouth offers, his lips, fitting perfectly on mine and giving me that kind of pleasure I never thought exists.

The clothes are bothering when I grip on his shirt, wanting to feel more and more of his skin. To rip everything off his body and enjoy him just the way he is. My thoughts and my body reaction surprises me when the only thing I can think about is Aaron, and with every second his tongue twirls with mine, his teeth bites my lip I feel myself getting more wet, getting more horny than I ever was.

I never thought I’ll want a man as much as I want Aaron. I never had sex with a man that I wanted. With a man that I craved for. All of my bones, muscles start to hurt when I pull back and look at him, his big dark eyes. Still feeling his breath on my lips, burning them like fire. Feeling his hardness pressed to my thighs, which makes it even harder to think soberly.

Maybe it’ll get worse, but I don’t care anymore.

“Let’s get out of here."

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