My brother's best friend: The Web of Lies Book #2

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When she was a little girl, Mia Ashton loved to fantasize about her future. And, more importantly, about the person who will be by her side along her journey. It always was him, Dominic Watson, her brother's best friend. Once, it’s almost happened. Breaking up with Mia, Dominic crashed her heart into a million pieces. He left her alone with an empty crater in her chest. Though even then, she defended him, saving him from her brother's anger and family's disapproval. Weaving this web of lies felt natural for her, through that she was becoming not only more confident but rather selfish too. But she forgot one thing, the more she was spinning this web, the more she was caught in it. The truth will always find it's way out. Unfortunately, when all the cards are open, Mia was already tangled in this web of lies way too tight. Her past mistakes, her passionate and unreasonable relationship with this mysterious Brody, her decision to hide the truth... everything will start backfiring at her. She could have been lost, but gladly she wasn't the same sweet Mia as she was two years ago. This confident girl will be able to stand her ground and face all of her problems. She will be ready to take responsibility for her actions, though Dominic’s return to her life might bring all havoc back. Book #2 will bring a lot of drama, friendship, passion and love to you. Are you ready?

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Chapter 1 - Party pooper

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I was dancing with my eyes closed. The music was too good; these techno beats were going through my body - vibrating and sending shivers down my spine. I will need to say “thank you” to Jeff for making me come. Well, if he isn’t too busy with his new girlfriend, Sasha. Or whatever her name is.

I felt lightheaded because of the alcohol I had. These parties at the fraternity house were always a lot of fun. Too bad that, because of Matthew, I was forced to skip most of them. My big brother was a mood killer and acted like a mother-hen with me. Matt and my beloved best friend were always on my back. Thankfully, he went home last night and I used this opportunity to have legit fun. Fuck!

“Hey! Watch where you are going!” Some girl just tripped over me. I gave her an angry stare, and she hurriedly walked away from me.

I was sick and tired of these fuckers. My desire to dance faded away. I pouted my lips and went to the table with drinks. I was hoping to find something strong again. Beer, beer, and beer. I remembered Jeff telling me about vodka and rum. Where were the real drinks?

“Mia.” I rolled my eyes. Speak of the devil.

“What?” I felt his presence and turned my head a little. Jeff, dressed in a tight black t-shirt and dark blue jeans, was standing near me.

“Mia.” He changed his tone of voice and arched his eyebrow. “You promised me you would have fun without drinks.”

“Stop being a party pooper, Jeff.”

“Mia, you had enough.”

“Says who?” I turned to him, placing my hands on my hips. I saw as his gaze roamed over my body. Yeah, we were only friends, but the spark was still there.

“Your best friend.”

“She stayed at the dorm. As usual.”

“I wasn’t talking about Chiara. I meant me. I have only your best interests at heart. Stop.” He wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me to him. I let him do that. “Let’s go, my friends want to play some games, maybe spin the bottle.”

“Basketball players aren’t really my thing.” I looked him in the eyes biting my lower lip. I saw as his pupils widened a little. Yeah, the effect I still had on him was too tempting not to use it.

“You’re lying.” He leaned closer and whispered right in my ear. “Your Brody wouldn’t stand a chance.”

I chuckled and shook my head. He had no idea what he was talking about. Neither of my friends saw Brody. They knew nothing about him. Jeff was the only one who found out his name but it happened accidentally. I wasn’t going to share details. It was better this way.

“Atkins!” Someone shouted from a distance. His friends surrounded him while I was here alone. “Are you coming or not?!”

“10 minutes!”

My brow furrowed instantly. Why did he need 10 minutes? I had my answer very quickly. Jeff wrapped his hands around my waist, lifted me and tossed me over his shoulder. He placed his hand on my butt, not letting the skirt of my dress to go up. Asshole!

In a blink of an eye, Jeff stepped outside the fraternity house. He put me on the ground and stepped back. Argh! This guy knew me to the core. I wanted to hit him for his performance, but he was faster. Now he was smirking at me, so full of himself.

“If you wanted to get rid of me, you just needed to say it.” I hid my hands in my jean jacket pockets. My eyes narrowed and lips stretched into a thin line.

“I took you outdoors because the fresh air is what you need. Mia, admit it, you drank a little bit too much.”

“Jeff, tell me something. Why am I here?”

“To dance, to have fun...”

“Exactly. With Matthew’s absence, I thought I’d have a chance to let loose a little. But you ruined it. I know when I need to stop drinking. I don’t get wasted.”

“Yeah, just like I never saw you in my brother’s room in the morning after the night of partying. Do I need to remind you that you fell asleep in his bed because you were too drunk to understand that it wasn’t mine?”

Thank God that after these two years, I mastered my ability to hide my emotions. Jeff had no idea what happened that night. It wasn’t a mistake; it never was. Just... Nolan said that it would be for the best, and I agreed.

“Yeah, as if you cared about my whereabouts. You were too busy with your girlfriend... Whose name I don’t even remember.” A good offense was the best defense. I learned that the hard way, but I wasn’t going to let anyone walk all over me or to boss me around. I was doing what I wanted. I was creating a world around me, where I was the queen. Only my wishes meant something.

“Mia...” Jeff sighed. I shook my head. Honestly, I didn’t want to offend him. He was my friend, and he was important to me.

“I am sorry, Jeff, really.” I stepped closer and placed a palm on his cheek.

“You know what’s funny?” I met his gaze and saw a smile on his lips. “I don’t remember her name either.”

Jeff and I burst out laughing, loud and cheerful. He pulled me to him, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I felt his breath on my neck and shivered. Yeah, I needed to see Brody. I wanted my needs to be satisfied.

“Mia, there will be my friends. Patrick will be here too.” I glanced at him. Patrick flirted with me every chance he got, and he was a nice guy, but... he would have wanted a relationship and I already had Brody to deal with. “I promise - you won’t regret it.”

“Fine.” Jeff kissed me on the temple and turned us both around to go back inside. “But as soon as I get bored, I am leaving.”


Jeff dragged me with him further into the house. We stepped into a spacious room on the second floor, and I roamed my eyes over people inside: Jeff’s buddies from the team, some other people from college, and Sasha. Once she saw her boyfriend’s arm wrapped around my shoulder - she scowled. Yeah, this girl wasn’t a fan of me. Thankfully, I wasn’t bothered by it at all.

The next hour or more, I spent talking to Patrick. He was also a basketball player, so his physic was incredible. He was a tall and muscular guy with beautiful brown eyes and blond hair. He was always kind to me, and I felt good around him, but I had no desire to explore this. To commit myself to someone wasn’t something that I was interested in right now.

A little later, one of the guys suggested playing Truth or Dare. With two more beers inside me - I decided to join. I had a lot of fun, even just observing these goofballs. I couldn’t honestly remember when the last time I laughed that much was. Everything was going smoothly until Patrick decided to ask me a question.

“Mia, Truth or Dare?” I locked my eyes with his, took a sip of my beer, and tilted my head to the side.


“Do you have nudes on your phone?” Mischief in his eyes was evident. I laughed curtly, shaking my head.


“Who is the lucky guy?” I arched my brow, weighing what would be best to say.

“Her sugar daddy. Who else?” Everything inside me was boiling. What was wrong with this girl? I turned my head to Sasha, continuing to smile. Was she aware of something? That’s what I wanted to know.

“You’re right. Next time you’re at home, check your dad’s phone. He loves my pictures.” I saw as her eyes widen a fraction and her lips pursed into a pout. I got up and sauntered closer to the door.

“Mia...” I glanced over my shoulder, meeting Jeff’s gaze. I shook my head.

“I told you. It was a bad idea.”

Saying it, I closed the door behind my back and went to the exit. I had no desire to stay here a minute longer than needed. I wanted to see Brody, unfortunately, he wasn’t in town, leaving me only one option. With a deep sigh, I slowly walked to the dorm.

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