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Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Being part of The Midnight Rose has shattered Samantha and now her heart is always so unsure. Follow her now while she tries to become a mother, best friend, lover and leader while trying to defeat a new enemy whom she never saw coming. Can she keep going while the world around her crumbles? How much more can she take? Love, Loss, Pain, Revenge...It's all part of being in The Midnight Rose. Trying to start the academy is going to be difficult, twists and turns are everywhere. Will she make it through? Or will she lose everything? Please read the first two books first! Book One: The Midnight Rose Book Two: Shattered Rose Book Three: Academy of the Rose Comment, Like and Review!

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Chapter One

“Tom I’m two months pregnant, not an invalid!” I shouted at Tom as he stopped me from tidying…again.

“You’ve had four miscarriages, will you just let me do this and rest” He snapped back.

“Yeah, keep throwing the miscarriages in my face like that will make me love you more” I cried throwing a cushion to the sofa violently.

“Maybe if you just did as you were told then you wouldn’t always be in trouble”

“Maybe if you just leave me the fuck alone I might get some real rest!” I snapped back and walked out the room heading out towards my grandpa’s diner.

For two hours I had been sat at Grandpa’s diner and Tom hadn’t messaged me at all, I could breathe a little. It was nice being at work with Grandpa and Elise, although it was dead with no customer in sight as I tapped my pen against the table.

“Are you still happy you came here to relieve your boredom?” Grandpa laughed as he came out of the office.

“Better than Tom’s constant reminder of my miscarriages and not letting me lift a single finger” I sighed.

“He’s trying to keep you safe, maybe not the correct way, but he cares. Your mother though, she was the same, couldn’t sit still, neither could your grandmother” Grandpa smiled.

“If he cared he wouldn’t keep on at me about the miscarriages when he knows how much it hurts me. I’d rather be bored than around him right now”

“I understand, I do, he shouldn’t be saying that. But, please rest, keep that little one safe and do not over-do it” Grandpa kissed my head as I giggled.

“Rest…there is no one here…what else am I doing?” I laughed, but as I said it I heard the rumble of bikes coming down the road as excitement filled me as I watched every bike park up outside.

I watched in awe at the bikes as they parked around my own, some of them look at it, noticing the personalisation of artwork that Taylor had done for me.

“You spoke to soon. I’ll be in the office if you need me. Elise! Customers!” Grandpa shouted leaving the room.

“Wow…that’s a lot of bikes” Elise said as she slid next to me at the bar.

“Good afternoon ladies, table for twenty…ah…is it possible if me and my men put a few tables together?” The biggest guy came through first, he looked like a biker clad Santa.

“Of course you can. Do you need some help?” I asked as I went to walk around the bar.

“No, my boys have it, you ladies shouldn’t be lifting heavy tables. Now, I will ask, would you mind serving us up some cola’s?” He smiles as the guys behind him nod, he was clearly the leader.

“Of course, how many?” Elise asks.

“Twenty for now” He smiled again.

“That bike out there is amazing, I wonder where the guy is who owns it” One of the younger lads said as Elise looked at me with a smirk.

“Do you need anything to eat fella’s?” I asked as I walked to the table as they all made themselves comfortable as I brought the first round of drinks.

“Ten share platters sweetheart, thanks” Biker Santa smiled.

“And a side order of pretty ladies!” The younger one whooped and slapped Elise’s ass as she placed the last glass down. She cried out and scurried behind me.

“Touch her again and you’ll regret it” I growled.

“Just leave it Sam, I’m ok” Elise whimpered in my ear.

“Be careful love, you might find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation if you start on me” He got up from his chair as he walked up to me menacingly.

“Jayden, sit down!” Biker Santa growled as the man next to him stood too in warning.

“Oh shut it, old man” Jayden growled as he put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. I felt Elise move away and heard her run off to the office as I just smirked at Jayden.

“Hands off me right now” I said.

“Make me…” He sneered.

“Jayden!” Biker Santa shouted, slamming his fist on the table, distracting Jayden from me as I took his wrist in my hand, slamming it behind his back and forcing him to the ground where he slammed his nose, it bled as he cursed out loudly.

“Touch me again and you’ll regret it” I kicked his side before letting go.

“Jayden, I suggest you sit in your seat and clean yourself up. You deserved that, every single bit of it. I apologise for him he’s still learning his manners. Sweetheart, you sure know how to defend yourself…Where did you learn a move like that? My name is Tobias by the way, pleased to meet you” Biker Santa, Tobias came around the table as he pushed Jayden, scowling, into a chair.

I took his hand and shook it as I heard two pairs of footsteps behind me.

“Tobias!” Grandpa called out as I whirled around to him, how did he know these men?

“My god, if it isn’t old man Harvey” Tobias boomed as they hugged.

“Old man! Look who’s talking! Looking more like Santa every day!” Grandpa laughed as I chuckled.

“Something funny?” Grandpa raised a brow at me.

“Just a thought I had earlier” I smiled.

“And that thought was?” Tobias asked.

“I didn’t know your name before…I might have called you Biker Santa” I blushed as they boomed with laughter.

“So stupid” Jayden mumbled, I sent a glare his way.

“I won’t warn you again boy” Tobias growled.

“What happened? Why do I feel that you were the cause of his nosebleed Sam?” Grandpa asked as I shrugged.

“He deserved it” I said.

“Now, how do you two know each other?” I continued.

“We went to school together, known each other for years” Grandpa clapped Tobias back.

“So, did you used to ride together?” I asked.

“Yeah, for a while” Grandpa said.

“So, that’s why you keep taking an interest in my bike…you want to ride it” I smirked pointing to my bike, knowing that he looked at it longingly.

“YOUR bike!” Jayden shouted his jaw wide.

“Yes, MY Bike, that beauty is mine.” I smirked.

“Who knew such a bitch would have a cool bike” He mumbled.

“Don’t make me put you on the floor again” I warned.

“Sam, chill out a little” Grandpa placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I apologise Harvey, Jayden has misbehaved, he is still learning the code and where his fucking manners are” One of the other big bikers placed a hand on Jayden’s arm in warning.

“I hope you get a hold on that boy Tobias, if he hurts my grand-daughter then he will deal with me personally” Grandpa said as Tobias turned to me with a look of surprise on his face.

“You are Harvey’s grand-daughter! Trent’s kid!?”

“She’s the fucking midnight rose girl!” Jayden squeaked out as he winced at his bleeding nose.

“Scared of me now are we?” I smirked.

“Get fucked kitten” He grumbled as the guy next to him thumped his arm, he groaned and quietened.

“Jayden, manners or I will throw you back to the streets where you first started!” Tobias warned in anger.

Jayden nodded and slumped in his chair.

Tobias walks up to me and holds my chin in his hand as he takes in my face.

“I can see the resemblance, Trent must be proud, I’ve kept my ear to the ground, heard about Gregory, heard about a young girl who defeated the odds, never thought she would be a Jennings… I also thought you had nothing to do with your sons business, that’s why you refused to join us wasn’t it?” Tobias said raising an eyebrow.

“It’s complicated, how about we sort out your food and we join you. We’ll explain everything” Grandpa said as the others nodded. Tobias couldn’t keep his eyes off of me, neither could Jayden and it was irritating me.

“I need a minute…” I said as Elise watched me walk away and outside to get a breather.

“Sammy?” Grandpa followed me out.

“You were a part of this life at one point weren’t you? Part of a gang? Tell me the truth…” I sigh as he takes my hand and turns me towards him.

“I never wanted to be a part of it, I just wanted to make the world a better place, just like I can see you want to do too. I was a part of their gang, their biker gang, but they focused on protecting people, like a security firm on bikes, but occasionally it would lead to something more. When I was younger and we went on a run we came across Jon, your other grand-father, and he tried to destroy us. My wife, your grandmother, died that night, while your father was ripped from her stomach prematurely, and I vowed never to get involved with another gang again, no way would my family be involved with any of it anymore. Then your father got involved, he fell in love with Louisa, snuck her out of her home, brought her here for a few days, I knew it would be trouble. I warned him and we had our falling out. He left and never looked back, not until you… You are single-handedly changing the world we live in. I realise I may have to jump back into this, but I’ll do it, for my grand-daughter and your baby, we will take this on together” Grandpa hugged me.

“Jon killed my grandmother…” a tear escaped my eye. He nodded glumly.

“Yes, car accident..” He answered, my eyes widened, and I suddenly started to laugh, although it was so inappropriate, but I couldn’t help it, my emotions with the baby inside me were heightened.

“Seriously, what is it with fucking cars and my family!” I began to calm down, wiping the tears in my eyes.

“It does seem to be the go-to kill when it comes to being a Jones” Grandpa smiled lightly.

“Ugh, I don’t want to be a Jones anymore, I hate everything that comes with the name” I groaned.

“Then change it… Whether you change the name or its status or the legend, change it to what you want it to be. Change it to something Louisa would be proud of” Grandpa hugged me once more.

“Yeah, well we had an idea about that… Actually, Tobias might be just the man to help me, him and his bikers” I smile thinking of how they could help all the kids stay safe if we were to make the boarding school a reality.

“Well, for now we should go inside, sort their food order out and talk to them, catch them up on everything before we start something new” Grandpa smiled as we went back indoors and helped Elise bring out the plates.

When I was bringing the last platter out the door’s bell dinged, signalling a customer.

“Samantha! What the fuck are you doing!?” Tom’s voice shouted as I dropped the platter to the ground in shock, the guys all stood at the sound of shouting and clang.

“Tom, I would ask you to keep your voice down” Grandpa warned.

“I can’t believe you’re letting her work! She’s two months pregnant!” He shouted red faced.

“She’s what?!” Jayden shouted as Tom’s eyes zeroed in on him.

“Who the fuck are you?” Tom growled as I stepped in front of him.

“That is Jayden, he is part of Tobias’ biker protection gang. Calm down” I laid a hand on his chest.

“His nose is bleeding… you did that didn’t you?” Tom asked, his eyes glaring at me.

“Harvey, who is this boy?” Tobias asked.

“The father of her child” Grandpa answered.

“And her boyfriend” He growled out.

“And you guys think I need manners” Jayden said as Tom completely lost it, pushing me to the side as Elise caught me in her arms as he stormed up to Jayden.

“Say that again” Tom got in his face.

“Tom, back off right now” Grandpa stepped between them as did Tobias.

“Tom…” I cried out as he ignored me.

“Tom, she would have fallen if I hadn’t of caught her…” Elise called out.

“Stay away from my girl and me” Tom growled at Jayden.

“I don’t think kitten likes me anyway, but it’s her decision, not yours” Jayden said back.

“Sam, we’re going home” Tom ordered as he grabbed my arm and dragged me away as I pulled my arm out of his grip, his force hurting me.

“You’re hurting me. I’m staying here” A tear slipped from my eye as he looked at me angrily.

“Fine, do what you want, have your fifth miscarriage for all I care” He stormed out of the diner and I stood there in shock.

“fifth?” Tobias mumbled to my Grandpa.

“Sammy…” Elise faced me as the tears began to flood, her arms wrapped around me tightly.

“I think we need to have a little chat” Tobias said to Grandpa as Elise took me to the bathroom to clean my face up a little.

When we came out Jayden was stood leaning against the wall.

“I’m sorry, I coaxed him too much. And I’m sorry about earlier too…I’ll do better, I promise” He sighed as he held out a hand, I shook it and he smiled as all three of us went back into the diner.

“Tobias and I will have a word with Tom, we think he needs a reality check and an outside view. We’ll sort it Sam, I promise.” Grandpa hugged me as the guys all looked at me sadly. Grandpa had obviously told them my story.

“Don’t bother…We’ve been having arguments all month…I’m…I’m not sure if me and him were ever going to work…” I sighed.

“The boys and I will be around if you need us. Your grandfather says that you had an idea for us to help with. I’m excited to find out what your plan is” Tobias said as it gave me a small smile back.

“Oh, we will definitely have that talk” I smile.

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