Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Ten

“Has anyone seen Tobias, he’s got the plans for the dorms, I want to go over them before he starts the work?” I call out as I come down the stairs slowly, now at eight months pregnant, the final stretch of my pregnancy and I was getting nervous, everyone felt it.

“Relax Kitten, we’ve got it” Jayden smiled as he helped me down onto the sofa.

“Excuse me but I want this done properly” I snapped.

Then I realised my sour mood and felt bad.

“I’m sorry” I sighed.

“It’s fine, Tobias has the plans, we’ve been over them twenty times already, they are as perfect as they can be. Your grandpa is focusing on décor with Elise and Savannah. We have it covered”

“I miss my bike” I sigh, I have no idea where that thought came from, but it was true, my bike had been gone so long now, lost in the sea and I missed it. I couldn’t even ride Jayden’s right now.

“Not long until you can ride again” He smiles as he goes into the kitchen and brings out a bacon sandwich as I moan in joy.

“Where is everyone anyway?” I ask noticing we were the only ones home.

“Shopping or working.” He answered as he sat beside me.

I rest my head on his shoulder, tired already, I was always tired.

“I need to go pick something up, will you be ok for half an hour on your own?” He asked as I nodded.

“I might just sleep for a while” I smiled as he kissed my head.

“Don’t go anywhere and I’ll lock the door behind me” He said as he waved, and I laid on the sofa drifting to sleep.

Suddenly I was flooded with pain in my stomach and the sofa was soaked, my waters’ broke, oh shit!

I got up slowly as the pain went through me, I screamed out. I grabbed my phone off the table and rang Savannah. No answer.

“SHIT!” I cried out.

Taylor…No answer

Shaun…No answer

Elise…No answer

Jayden…No fucking answer.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening, it’s too early!” I cried.

Lindsey! I had her number.

“Pick up, pick up, pick up” I begged.

“Hello” She answered, and I sighed.

“Lindsey it’s Sammy, my waters just broke and I’m having contractions, no one’s home” I cried as another wave of pain went through me.

“Hold on Sammy, I’ll be there soon” She said.

I screamed in pain, crying my eyes out.

I got up and unlocked the front door while a contraction stopped for just a minute before laying on the sofa, crying.

“Sammy!?” Lindsey called out from the door as she rushed in, she had been to check up on me at home a few times already.

“In here!” I cried out.

“How far apart are the contractions?” She asked.

“About a minute”

“This baby sure wants to meet his mumma” She said as she checked me over.

“It’s too early” I whined.

“Well he’s ready, and coming fast, you’re going to have to push soon” She said as I looked at her wide-eyed.

“No, no, no they were supposed to be here!” I cried as another contraction hit and I screamed.

My phone rang and Lindsey picked up as I was trying to keep calm through the contraction.

“Hello, it’s Lindsey, she’s having contractions, her water broke…Of course I’m looking after her Brian…You better hurry he’s going to be here soon” She said and hung up.

“Well that’s one of them who now knows, watch as the whole bunch show up…You may have ruined the sofa for everyone though” She laughed as I tried to laugh but it hurt too much.

“Lindsey, I can’t do this” I cried.

“Yes you can, now I’m afraid its time you’ve got to push Sammy, push!” She said as the contraction hit and I pushed with all my might, screaming through the pain as Brian came rushing into the room, skidding to a halt next to me as he held my hand.

“You pick your time to have a baby Sammy” He smiled as I squeezed his hand hard and he winced.

“Sammy! Concentrate and push!” Lindsey shouted as I pushed once more screaming out.

“Push, push, push, one more big hard push!” She called out as I ran out of breath.

“I can’t” I cried.

“Yes you can, you are the bravest and strongest woman I know Sammy, let’s get your little boy here” Brian wiped my brow and swept my hair out my face.

“Now push” Lindsey ordered as I screamed again before an intense amount of pain as my baby boy came out.

He screamed as Lindsey wrapped him up and I laid back, resting my head on Brian’s shoulder.

“Congratulations, here’s your little boy” She handed me the little bundle of my baby as tears fell from my eyes.

“Sammy! Sammy! Where are you?!” Jayden shouted from the front door.

“We’re in here Jay” Brian called out as I looked at my little boy, he had his daddy’s eyes, they were beautiful. I cried in happiness that my little boy was here and healthy. After all the bad, he was my relief and hope.

“I left you for half an hour…” Jayden came in and spotted us on the sofa. He walked up in a daze as he gazed at the baby boy in my arms as I smiled.

“I didn’t plan it” I laughed, wincing at the same time.

“Boys, I need to get her cleaned up and the baby fed. Do you mind getting some towels so I can protect her modesty” She asked, and Brian nodded, kissed my head and ran off.

“Honey I’m home!” James shouted out.

“No more people in here right now, Sammy’s had quite enough for the moment” Lindsey said as Jayden ran off to stop anyone coming in as I sighed in relief. I looked awful and felt dirty.

“Here, wrap this around you” Brian came back and turned around, so he wasn’t watching.

I stood up but lost my footing, before falling back to the sofa, luckily Lindsey held my baby.

“Woah! Take it slow. Brian, I need you to slowly help her up and into the bathroom” She said as he nodded.

Lindsey helped me with a quick wash down before placing my baby in my arms after having a quick wash himself.

“Shall we go sit back out there or would you like a moment?” She smiled sweetly cooing at him.

“I want a moment of him to myself, I’m pretty sure he’ll be stolen from me any moment now” I smile as he snuggles to my breast.

“Take a minute, come out when you are ready, try getting him to latch onto the breast, he might want to feed. I’ll be just outside” She smiles.

“Hi little buddy, I’m your mummy” I smile as he latches onto my breast, they had gotten huge, filled with milk ready for him to feed, a beautiful moment as he suckled on me.

“What are we going to name you little one?” I cooed.

“How about Cody? Cody Thomas Jones” I smiled.

I began humming as I cuddled him tightly to me, he was so content, barely made a noise and I couldn’t stop looking at him.

“I suppose we better introduce you to the family” I got up from sitting on the bath, even though I still felt sore, he was so worth it.

I felt so emotional as I looked down at him as I opened the door.

“How are you feeling?” Lindsey said as no one else was in sight.

“Tired, little sore” I answered but I couldn’t stop smiling.

“You need to rest, it was a lot on your body in a short amount of time, I’ve already ordered the boys to answer your every wish” She smirked as I laughed.

“Which boys?” I smirked.

“Brian, James, Jayden, Shaun and Wayne are here right now” She smiled.

“They never do as they are told” I rolled my eyes as she helped me walk to the lounge slowly.

“She’s ruined the sofa” James groaned as I was about to walk in.

“We’ll get a new one” Brian replied.

“But that was my favourite one!” James replied.

“Would you rather her given birth on the floor?” Shaun growled.

“No! Of course not!” James replied as they spotted me coming in.

“Sammy!” James rushed towards me and looked down at Cody.

“Hey, say hello to Cody” I smiled.

“Cody? He’s so cute” James smiled brightly.

“Can we let her sit down please!” Lindsey ordered as I smirked.

“Samantha! I’m so sorry!” Savannah came running into the house, bags dropping to the floor as she gasped in shock at the sight of little Cody in my arms, she teared up as she sat beside me.

“He’s beautiful Sammy”

“He’s got his dad’s eyes, don’t you think” I said as I couldn’t help but be drawn to them.

“Oh yeah, and his nose” She smiled.

“He’s perfect” Brian smiled standing behind the sofa and kissing my head as he looked down at Cody.

“Who was here when you gave birth? Where the hell were you? Shaun told me you weren’t here!” Savannah pointed a finger at Jayden.

“I went out for half an hour! I didn’t know she was going to pop did I?!” he replied.

“Stop fighting, Brian got here in time and Lindsey was here, I wasn’t alone”

“Can I hold him?” Shaun asked.

“No, leave them be for now, let them bond for today” Lindsey ordered, and I smiled, she gave me a chance to spend more alone time with Cody.

“Have you named him yet?” Savannah asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, Cody Thomas Jones” I smiled

“Sounds perfect to me” Savannah smiled.

“As much as I’m sure you all want time with them both, they need rest and time together, boys, help her upstairs while I grab the basket to put him in.” Lindsey ordered as Brian, Shaun and Jayden all stood to help.

“I’m pretty sure I don’t need three of you” I laughed.

“Jayden sit down, we can handle this” Shaun laughed.

“What? Why me?” Jayden argued.

“She was ours first” Brian smirked.

“I am not your property boys. All three of you sit down, James and Savannah will help me” I said as they all looked at me in shock, Savannah just laughed as she and James helped guide me upstairs.

“You have them wrapped around your finger still Sammy” Savannah laughed.

“Of course I do, they’re my boys” I smirk.

“Even Jayden? You hated him once” She smirked.

“He grew on me” I smiled.

“Yeah, like a fungus” James muttered as I burst out laughing and woke Cody with a startle and he screamed the house down.

We got into my room and I tried to soothe him, rocking him side to side, humming a sweet lullaby.

“You’re a natural” Savannah smiled and hugged me.

Lindsey put the basket in my room, and she smiled looking over both of us.

“You did well Sammy, he’s gorgeous, get some rest, if you need me I’ll be downstairs for a while, otherwise make sure you call the others for help”

“I will, thank you Lindsey, for everything” I said before yawning still rocking Cody to sleep.

It took a while to send him off to sleep before I could get into bed, his basket next to the bed and me.

I couldn’t stop looking at him, but exhaustion overwhelmed me as I drifted to sleep.

“I just want to see them, she’s my granddaughter, and she’s just had a baby for god sake” Grandpa’s voice stirred me from my sleep as I looked at Cody, he was begging to stir too as I walked briskly to the door.

“Do you mind being a little quieter, you’re going to wake my son” I smiled at grandpa as his face lit up.

“Can I see him?” He asked as I nodded, and he crept into the room.

“My god, he’s beautiful, he looks like his daddy doesn’t he? Can I hold him?” He asked and I nodded.

“Other than me and Lindsey you will be the only other one who has held him so far” I smiled as he took Cody in his arms as a tear fell from his cheek as he smiled the biggest and brightest smile I had ever seen.

“You’re both the biggest treasures I have, I love you both so much” He kissed Cody’s head before walking over to me and doing the same, embracing the both of us.

“Care to share old man?” Tobias said at the door.

“I suppose I have to share him now…” I sigh playfully.

“Everyone is home and waiting on the little prince as Layla calls him” Tobias replied as I giggle.

“He’s my little prince alright” I answer as Grandpa keeps hold of him as we make our way slowly down the stairs after I got dressed into something a little better.

As we got downstairs I noticed the sofa I had given birth on was gone and a new and shiny leather sofa replaced it and James sat on it in content.

“Are you enjoying the new sofa?” I laughed as everyone’s eyes flicked to me and the baby in grandpa’s arms.

“You ruined the other one…Thank you, I love our new sofa even more” He laughed.

“Time to share old man” Tobias smirked as grandpa looked like he didn’t want to let go but sighed and handed Cody over anyway.

“How are you feeling now?” Savannah asked me as I sat down beside Brian and Shaun.

“Better for sleep, but I couldn’t help but just watch him for ages first” I answered, and she nodded with a knowing smile looking at Louisa asleep next to her.

“Where’s Luka?” I asked as I leant against Brian, feet resting by Shaun as he was cuddled up with Elise.

“He’ll be here soon” Savannah sighed.

“He better not be doing stuff for dad” I groaned.

“Don’t worry about him right now, you have a baby to care for” Savannah sighed.

Cody was passed from person to person until he began to stress, whining as Shaun finally passed him back to me and I fed him once again as the boys looked away.

“Oh for god sake, they are boobs and you can’t see anything!” I laughed at them. I hated all the people that shamed women for breastfeeding, it was natural, and babies have to eat! There’s more modesty in breastfeeding than most bikini’s.

I heard the front door bang open and it startled Cody as he screamed out and I stood up and rocked him in my arms as I glared at my brother as he walked through the door, little did I know was that he would have someone behind him that I had never wanted to see again.

“What the hell is he doing here?” I asked angrily.

“That’s no way to talk about your father Samantha” Dad sneered at me.

“You’re not welcome here”

“Sam, he just wants to meet his grandchild” Luka said.

“How dare you come back here Trent, leave now” Grandpa snapped standing in front of me as if guarding me.

“She is my daughter! I will see her and my grandchild whenever I like!” Dad shouted.

Cody screamed as I tried to soothe him.

“Dad, this was a bad idea” Luka looked at me and saw the hurt in not only my eyes but in his own wife’s.

“No! I won’t leave! Show me the child!” Dad shouted angrily.

“That’s quite enough, I’ll ask you once Trent, leave this house and never return, if you come back I won’t be afraid to shoot you in the head, especially after everything you have put them through” Tobias boomed as my tears fell.

“You’ll regret this, you all will one day.” Dad stormed out and slammed the door behind him as Luka looked at me sheepishly.

“I’m sorry Sammy, I thought…I thought he would change…He’s not a good man anymore…” Luka sighed as I walked up to him and hugged him tight.

“Come hold your nephew” I guided him to the sofa as he took Cody in his arms.

“Hi there, little guy, I hear your name is Cody, I’m your uncle Luka and I promise to protect you forever” He kissed his head as I saw Savannah become emotional at the sight, we looked at each other and smiled.

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