Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Eleven

“Can I hold him again?! Please aunty Sammy!” Layla called out excitedly.

She had been asleep by the time I had woken up on the day I had Cody and now she couldn’t get enough of the little two day old as she wouldn’t let him go, calling him the little prince.

“Layla will you calm down, he’s not going anywhere” Rob laughed at her fidgety stance on the sofa.

“Once I’ve fed him you can hold him but only if someone’s next to you ok?” I smile as she nods eagerly.

“You look knackered” Brian said as I walked into the kitchen.

“Thannnkkkksss that’s what I want to hear” I smirk.

“You need to rest Sammy we can take care of him while you sleep” Brian added.

“Whether you guys can take care of him or not, I want to watch his face all the time, I love watching him, he’s only two days old, I’m sure you will all get a chance to babysit” I smile.

I fed Cody as Brian made me breakfast.

“Thank you Brian” I smiled at him as he kissed my head and headed off to work.

“Ring me if you need me” he called out as he left.

“I will, I promise” I reply as he waves.

“Sam? Fancy coming on a walk with me?” Shaun enters the kitchen and grabs a cereal bar, munching on it while talking.

“Talking with your mouth full, real nice Shaun” I groan.

“Sorry MUM” He smirks.

“I am a mum thanks, it’s so weird” I smile looking at my baby boy.

“You’re a great mum already, he’s a lucky kid to have someone like you” Shaun smiles.

“Thanks Shaun, let me go give him to Layla and Rob, I won’t hear the end of it otherwise” I smile as I walk into the lounge.

“Cody! Cuddles!” Layla shouts excitedly bouncing in her seat.

“Rob do you mind watching him with Layla for a bit while I go on a quick walk with Shaun?” I ask.

“No problem, although Savannah may steal him before you get back” Rob smirks.

“Thanks, as long as he’s in capable hands I’m sure he will be fine. Layla sit still and I’ll put him in your arms” I say as I gently place Cody in Layla’s awaiting arms.

“She’s a natural” Shaun says from the door.

“I love you little prince” Layla says as she kisses his head.

“He loves you too Layla” I smile as I walk out with Shaun.

“How are things between you and Elise?” I ask as we walk down the beach.

“Perfect, she’s the most amazing woman ever, besides you and Savannah of course. But she’s not come from our world, it scares her, she’s afraid to lose people. It’s hurting her more than she lets on” Shaun sighs.

“She’s tough, but maybe we should give her a little training, even if it’s just me and Savannah teaching her some key skills, self-defence and maybe weapon training, just in case” I said.

“That might be a good idea, I can’t help but think this thing with your dad and what was going on with Paul is not over”

“I know what you mean, Dad hasn’t been the same this past year, somethings got hold of him, I don’t trust him right now, I feel like he’s gone down the same rabbit hole as all my family went through and if he doesn’t get out soon, we’re all fucked. I can’t have Cody at risk” I add.

“Cody won’t be touched I can promise you that. We’ve all got his back”

“I’m sorry about your cousin Shaun” I sighed as I held his hand as sorrow filled his eyes.

“He wasn’t ready for it he was supposed to be a security desk boy not a fucking mafia goon.”

“I wish we could have trained him, then he might have had a chance, we should have brought him with us” I said.

“He would never have come here, he hates the sun, he was an introvert, a gamer and the only reason he got that job was as a favour, my aunt wanted him to get out more and I got him the job, I thought he’d be safe”

“He was, to begin with, I have no idea why my dad would involve him at all. But I will do what I can to stop something like that happening again” I said as he stopped and faced me.

“You can’t go near Midnight Rose anymore, you will risk yourself and Cody, I can’t have that” Shaun placed a hand on my cheek.

“I don’t think I have a choice, I’ve been thinking about it all night, the only way the Midnight Rose will ever be what we want is if someone takes charge who actually cares about the mafia, my father doesn’t seem to anymore so who does it leave?” I reply.

“Your brother can deal with it” Shaun shook his head.

“My brother has a baby and wife I won’t risk his life when this is my legacy”

“And what about your son Sammy?” He looks at me in shock.

“Cody will be protected, and I can work on getting life back on track with the Midnight Rose”

“No, you are never going back to that, focus on the school, the Midnight Rose is not your problem anymore” Shaun took my hand hard in his.

“Fine, but only for now, but if there’s a risk of people getting hurt by my mafia, I’m taking it back over and no one can stop me” I say as I huff and begin to walk back home.

“Sammy, please just leave the mafia alone, it’s your dad’s problem, not yours” Shaun catches up to me quickly.

“It’s always going to be a part of me Shaun, and I might need it for the school too” I sigh.

“You’re better than it Sam, don’t let it consume you” He says as we both walk in silence back to the house.

When we got back I could hear Savannah singing lullabies to the kids and I smiled as I saw Louisa laying in Elise’s arms and Cody asleep in Savannah’s.

“I told you she would have him when you got back” Rob chuckled.

“I didn’t doubt you in that” I smile as I take my phone out and begin to take photos of Cody and the others.

“Hey baby, the garage wanted to know when you’re going back to work” Elise says to Shaun.

“I’ll go back tomorrow, I’ll message them and let them know” He smiles and kisses her cheek.

“So, when are you and Shaun going to have kids?” Rob wiggles is brows suggestively.

“Don’t give her ideas” Shaun groans playfully.

“Layla, Louisa and Cody could do with another buddy” Elise smiles.

“ROB! See what you’ve done now!” Shaun shoves him playfully.

“How’s Rosie doing at your new house Layla?” I ask as I watch the boys playfighting. Layla, Wayne, Tammy and Rob had all moved out into their own home close by as we would need more room for the kids and Jayden had moved in. It was still a pretty full house.

“Rosie misses you, but she’s happy in the new house, it had a HUGE garden and I chuck her ball for her and we play dress up too” Layla smiles.

“I’m glad you’re looking after her for me” I smile back. I had let her take Rosie with her as she was in love with the dog as it had been Tom’s gift, but also with the babies in the house we didn’t want a dog getting jealous around them.

“Doesn’t a certain young lady turn nine in a few weeks?” Shaun smiles as he sits with Elise.

“Oh I don’t know Shaun I think you might be mistaken” I say playfully as Layla’s eyes light up.

“Mine!” She calls out with a bright smile.

“No way Layla, there is no way you’re turning nine” I say playfully tickling her.

“I am! I am!” She smiles.

“Well, I might need to see about finding you a present” Shaun smirks.

“Yay!” She grins.

“Thanks for that, now she’ll be hyper until her birthday” Rob rolls his eyes.

“That’s how kids should be for their birthday” Elise smiles.

“You wait until you have kids and when you do I will wind them up for you and we’ll see how you like it. Layla, time to go home, mum wants us home” Rob takes Layla’s hand as she kisses Cody and says goodbye to everyone.

The next few weeks were fairly quiet as we just chilled out with the kids and relaxed, it was certainly different from the chaos that usually ensued.

That was…until my phone rang…

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