Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twelve

“Hello?” I said as I answered the phone.

“Sam, it’s Tobias, we have a problem” He said through the phone and my heart began to sink before I knew what the issue was.

“What’s going on?”

“Your brother…Jayden was with him, Luka ditched him and got on a plane, we don’t know where he went…”

“You have got to be kidding me” I sighed and left the lounge, so I was out of Savannah’s earshot. Shaun gave me a questioning look before I signalled for him to stay put and I’d be back.

“I’ve got Damien searching for him, Jayden and Taylor are waiting for him to find out where he went and then we’ll go get him” He said.

“I think I know where he would be going, he’s going home to dad” I groaned.

“Why would he do that?” Tobias asked.

“I don’t know but I’m going to find out. I’ll get in touch if I find out” I said as we said our goodbyes and I dialled my dads’ number.

“Trent Jennings speaking” He answered.

“Where the fuck have you sent Luka?” I growled.

“Oh, hello daughter, your brother is just sorting a little problem for me, you killed Paul who was vital to an issue I was having, now he has to fix it” He said without a care in the world.

“Then your problem isn’t with Luka, that was mine, send him home now” I growled.

“Not a chance, you may join him if you like, he’s dealing with the head of a new gang which formed when you took out Karlos”

“Send me the details, I swear if he gets hurt I will kill you” I said as he just laughed at me.

“I told you, you would pay, and I will get you back home, the Midnight Rose is in your veins girl, no matter how far you run. I’ll send you the details, come alone” He said and hung up.

“Fuck!” I threw a vase that sat nearby as Shaun came running in.

“What the hell Sammy!” he looked on in shock.

“We have a huge fucking problem” I sighed.

“What’s happened?” He asked as I relayed everything I knew and he stood there, anger crossing his face the more he found out.

“I have to go get him” I said.

“No way Sammy, what about Cody?”

“He’s safe here, Savannah, Elise and Tammy will help with him, he won’t know I’ve gone” I avoided his stares.

“You are joking right? Of course he will notice, you’re his mother, you can’t just leave him, he’s only a couple of weeks old!”

“I have no choice! I have to get my brother back!” I storm out the room and head into the lounge.

“You’re so fucking stupid Sammy!” Shaun shouted at me as the girls looked on in shock.

“What’s going on?” Savannah asked, she had put Cody and Louisa in their cots to nap so luckily they hadn’t been disturbed by Shaun shouting.

“Dad got to Luka, he’s gone to go deal with a brand-new leader who was up against dad, the ones fighting in my uncles name. Only I can go and get him”

Savannah sat down in shock.

“You need me to watch over Cody don’t you?” She sighed painfully head hung low.

“I need all of you to while I go get him back” I hugged her.

“Take someone with you” She added as Shaun got angrier.

“You can’t be serious! She can’t leave!” He shouted.

“We have no choice, we never leave people behind, its Luka for god sake!” She shouted back.

“Shaun, baby, let’s go for a walk and calm down” Elise nodded at me solemnly as she took his hand and led him out.

“Don’t do this Sammy” He called out.

“I’ll get him back Savannah, I promise, look after my baby, please” a tear escaped my eye.

“I will, but make sure you come back too, I can’t say I’m happy you’re leaving, but you are the perfect person to get him back” She hugged me tightly.

“I need to call Tobias to sort everything out” I sighed and got out my phone noticing the message I had off of my father too.

You’ll need to come home to help your brother, the leader is here somewhere, come home and we’ll deal with this. I look forward to seeing you Samantha.

“God damn it” I growled.

“Where is he?” She asked.


I rang Tobias immediately.

“Have you heard something Samantha?” He asked.

“Yes, I need a plane ticket home, as soon as possible, on my own” I answered, and I heard his intake of breath.

“Your grandfather won’t like this”

“Then don’t tell him” I said as I began packing a bag already, watching my baby boy sleeping, I would miss him with all my heart, and it was killing me that I had to leave him, but it was for his own safety.

“You are not going alone Samantha, end of story” Tobias ordered.

“My dad will know, and he will go ape shit at me, he said to come alone”

“You are going to your death” he boomed.

“Then I will die saving my brother, now can you get me a ticket, or I’ll get it myself”

“Fine, I’ll get you one but I’m not happy about this” He sighed and hung up on me.

Half an hour later and he sent me my ticket details, I had a flight booked for tonight, in a mere few hours I would need to leave.

I would spend every minute I could with Cody. I expressed some milk to be frozen for him, so Savannah had some ready to feed him for me.

I kissed his head as I walked downstairs with my bag on my back as I walked into the lounge where everyone stood, obviously nervous and angry.

“You can’t do this Sam” Taylor murmured.

“I have no choice” I said as I kissed Cody once more with tears flowing from my eyes and placed him in Savannah’s arms.

“You come home with Luka you understand? Be careful” She kissed my cheek.

“I’ll get him back you keep my baby safe guys” I looked at everyone.

“Jayden will take you to the airport, he’s waiting outside” Tobias boomed out.

“Thanks. I’ll call you guys when I land. I love you all” I smiled lightly as I took turns with each of them, kissing them on the cheek.

“Let me come with you” Brian begged.

“You can’t, it’s too dangerous” I sighed.

“It’s dangerous for you to go alone” He said back.

“I won’t be alone I’ll have my brother” I replied.

“We’ll be on the next flight over if you want us” James added

“I’ll keep in contact, I promise.” I smiled.

“I love you baby boy” I kissed Cody’s head a final time before saying goodbye to them all and walking outside to Jayden awaiting with his bike.

“You’re so fucking stupid you know that?” he growled at me as he shoved a helmet to me.

“You try being part of a huge mafia…It’s not like I want this, but my brother is in trouble” I said.

“Then let him be in trouble, he didn’t have to go! He’s a big boy!” He shouted.

“He is my brother and family means everything to me”

“If family meant everything to you, you wouldn’t be abandoning your son, like my mother abandoned me” He sighed putting on his own helmet and revving his bike as I got on behind him.

We raced off and I couldn’t help but feel like a bad mother thanks to what Jayden had said but I had to protect my brother too. Cody would be safe with the others and the quicker I got there, the quicker we’d get back home.

We got to the airport in no time and Jayden refused to talk to me anymore as he wouldn’t look at me either.

“Jayden, I love my son, I love all of you, which is why I need my brother back, we aren’t safe until this is over. The Midnight Rose will never leave my life, it’s in my veins, I had hoped the school would be the only thing I would need to do that was linked to any mafia but more and more I’m realising I can never get out of this life. I don’t want to leave my baby, truly I don’t. But dad will come after him if I don’t do this. Promise me something, I know you hate me for this, but promise you will protect my boy with your life Jayden, please” I begged

“I don’t hate you I just think you’re stupid. Cody will always be safe. But make sure you come home, no matter what” He faced me and took off his helmet as he kissed my lips quickly before replacing his helmet and taking off as I watched him race off into the distance.

This was one fine mess I got myself into once again.

I made my way through security and got onto the plane after an hour as I made my way back to my old home to find my brother.

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