Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Thirteen

When the plane landed I sighed as there was a huge suited man standing at the exit with my name on a piece of cardboard as I walked towards him.

“I take it you work for my father?” I asked as he nodded without a word and led me to a huge 4x4 as I got in and he drove us to my old office building.

I jumped out the car in anger as I made my way through the building, security tried to stop me until they stared at my face and backed off, realising who I was.

I went into the elevator to my old office as I burst through the door my father sat with his feet on my old desk with a smirk as he watched me storm up to him.

“So, lets skip the formalities, where is my brother?” I snapped.

“Here” He slid over a folder to me with a smirk.

I looked through it as my eyes widened at the photo of the head of this new gang.

“That’s not possible…I shot him” I gasped.

“Obviously you didn’t make sure he was dead”

“There is no way my uncle survived that shot!” I shouted slamming the paperwork on the desk.

“I’d watch your tone, he has your brother, we need him back. You are the only one that can do it” He says moving his feet back off the desk.

“I need my team” I collapsed on the seat.

“No, no team, you go in alone”

“You’re signing my death sentence!” I shouted.

“Get your brother back and I’ll deal with the rest” He waved me off.

“You might as well join Karlos, you’ve become no better than him” I said standing, taking the paperwork and putting it in my bag.

“My driver will take you to a local hotel, you start tomorrow” He said as I walked out flipping the bird at him.

I couldn’t believe my uncle was still alive, how could that have happened?!

Something didn’t seem right, but I had to find my brother.

The next morning I woke up in a dingy old hotel as I got dressed and ready to find my brother.

I had rung Savannah quickly last night, but left out everything about my uncle, I didn’t want to worry them more than they already were.

A knock on the door surprised me as I got out my gun and headed to the door, peering out the peep hole.

“What the fuck” I gasped as I opened the door and dragged the person in quickly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I growled.

“There was no way you were doing this alone kitten” Jayden said as he sat on my bed cockily.

“You’re going to get me killed” I looked out the peep hole to check if he had been followed.

“Shaun, Brian and Taylor gave me a quick brief of what to look out for and how to not get on your bad side” He smirks.

“You are already on my bad side, if dad finds out I have company I’m dead, you’re dead and so is my brother”

“Well I’m here now, so use me and abuse me”

“You were supposed to be protecting Cody!”

“The more help you have the quicker we get home”

I groan and chuck the folder in his lap.

“If you tell any of the others back home about who is in that folder I will kill you myself” he looked at me in surprise as he nodded and opened it.

“Who is he?” He looked at the photo.

“The boys told you our story with my uncle right? That’s my uncle Karlos” I sighed sitting beside him.

“He was dead, you shot him…” He looked at me wide-eyed.

“That’s what I thought too, but apparently he made it… You can see the scar in the photo where I shot him, he fucking survived” I groaned.

“And now he has your brother, in this building, an old warehouse?” He looked through the paper.

“Yes, that was Luka and I’s old warehouse. I know that place inside out. I don’t understand why he would take him there” I shook my head.

“So, let’s go get him” Jayden slammed the paperwork down.

“You do exactly what I say, when I say it” I ordered.

“Aye, aye captain” He saluted, and I smirked and shoved him.

“If dad finds out, we’re dead. How did you get here? Did you get a car?” I asked.

“Yeah, rented one, it’s outside, ready and waiting.”

I grabbed my guns and handed him my spare as we prepared for the day ahead, I told him everything I knew about the warehouse.

We drove slowly up to the gates, the whole place looked empty.

“This doesn’t feel right…” I looked around suspiciously.

“Let’s get in and check it out” He said as we got out of the cars quickly and quietly, guns in hand as we cleared the area.

“Enter in 3…2…1” I signalled as we burst through the door, to find nothing…

We crept through to find nothing, it looked no different to how we had left it.

We cleared every room and the only one left was Luka’s old office.

“3…2…1” I said again as we burst in and found Luka bound and gagged in the middle of the room.

“No! What are you doing here?!” He said as I removed his gag.

“Where the fuck is Karlos?” I asked as he looked at me confused.

“Karlos? Karlos died Sam, did dad tell you that he somehow made it?” He looked shocked.

“What the hell is going on?” Jayden said as we helped Luka up as the door slammed shut behind us.

“I told you, you will regret it, you would regret keeping my grandchild from me.” Dads voice called from the other side of the door.

“What are you doing?!” I shouted as I pounded the door.

“I’m going to raise the child myself, you’re not worthy of a child, you’re still a child yourself, he will be powerful under my wing, as will Louisa” He chuckled manically.

“It was a trap…” I gasped.

I grabbed my phone quickly and dialled Savannah as I begged that she would answer.

“Sammy? Have you found him?” She asked.

“Not now. Get out, leave now! He’s after the fucking kids!” I shouted as she gasped on the other end of the line.

“Shaun! Get the kids, we gotta go!” She shouted as I heard a commotion.

Gun shots rang out and the phone line dropped.

I stared at my phone, scared out of my wits.

“Sam, tell me they got out…” Luka asked.

I shook.

“We need to get out of here” Jayden kept looking around for another way out.

“Samantha! Snap out of it! What happened?” Luka shook me.

“Gun shots…I was too late…”

Luka looked at me wide-eyed before crashing around and pulling on an old bookcase revealing an old hatch.

“Jayden help me out here” He ordered.

I ignored them as I looked in the cupboard finding the old shotgun before loading it and shooting the doors lock. Kicking open the door as Luka and Jayden watched on in shock.

“No one messes with my fucking family” I growled as I ran out looking for our dad.

“Trent!” I shouted as I walked down the corridor.

“Come out you bastard!” I shouted.

“Come to join me have you my girl?” He smirks as he rounds the corner with a gun in his hand.

“I warned you, if you hurt any of my family I would kill you myself” I aimed at his head.

“You haven’t got the guts, go ahead, shoot your old man” He laughed arms wide open.

My hand shook, killing family killed me every time and this would be no different.

“You don’t have the guts!” He laughed again.

“She doesn’t but I do” Luka growled as he came out from behind me and shot, shooting our father right in the head.

“Down goes the Midnight Rose. Let’s go get our family back” Luka dragged me from our father’s dying body as he and Jayden rushed to the car.

“Sam, make some calls, see if you can get hold of someone” Luka said as he began to call people too.

“Come on Tobias” I begged as he was the third person that I rang.

“Nothing…” Luka looked at me solemnly.

“Me neither” I cried out as we arrived at the airport, Luka called in a favour from an old mafia family that still respected me and my brother as they leant us a jet and a few of their men to take us home.

The ride home was painful as Jayden tried to console both me and Luka.

“They will have got out, I know it” He repeated.

“Ma’am we’ll be landing in a minute and we have cars waiting to go” one of the men, Wyat said.

“Thank you” I murmured as I readied myself as we landed. Guns reloaded and ready to find our family.

The house was in a state when we turned up.

“Watch your backs, search the whole house!” I called out as we went in, the house was trashed.

“Savannah!” Luka called out as I put a hand over his mouth to quieten him and shook my head. His emotions were controlling his decisions in a bad way.

We searched the whole place and didn’t find anything but bullet holes and blood. No bodies.

“Where else would they go?” Jayden asked.

“Jayden take a couple of guys to Harvey’s diner, Luka, take some to Tobias’ place and I’ll try the school” I said as I thought of the best places.

“Here, my bike is still outside, be careful Sam” Jayden chucked his keys to me as I hugged him quickly with a thanks and was followed by Wyat and one of his other men as we raced off towards the school.

The Bluetooth was connected to the helmet as a call came through.

“Jayden, have you found anyone?” I asked.

“No, I’m going to head Luka’s way and go through town to see if I can see anything out of the norm before we head your way” He sighed.

“Ok, let me know if you find anything”

“Will do” He said as we hung up and I sped up.

A trip that would usually take an hour I had managed to do in 35 minutes as we parked out the front of the old building. Bikes were stationed outside as hope filled me, we rushed in with guns in our hands as I was faced with several guns in my face.

“Guns down boys” Tobias shouted quickly as he noticed it was me.

“Tobias!” I cried out as I ran up to him and he embraced me.

“Your father, he sent a team to the house, he tried to take the kids… I promised to protect them didn’t I?” He smiled as he led me into the hall where my family huddled up together, some looking more worse than others.

“Sammy!” Layla cried as I ran up to them and swung her in my arms.

“Oh my god! Luka? Is he alive?” Savannah cried as she embraced me tightly.

“He’s fine, Jayden too” I nodded, and she sighed happily.

I looked to the corner of the room where two men sat bound and gagged.

“Who are they?” I stormed up to them, gun pointed in their faces.

“Part of the team that tried to kill us, they got a shot on Wayne, Rueben’s upstairs fixing him up. These two were the last left, we wanted information and something to hold against Trent” Shaun said from behind me.

“Where are the others? Rob? Grandpa? Tammy? My baby?” I asked as I looked over the people in the room.

“Upstairs, we wanted to keep the kids out the way, but Layla here refused to go up there, she wouldn’t until auntie Sammy came home” Savannah answered.

“Layla, I need you to go up and look after Cody for me, give him a kiss” I said as I knelt beside mer.

“Ok but promise you won’t leave again” She jutted out her bottom lip.

“I’m not going anywhere” I answered as she ran off.

I got out my phone and sent a text to Jayden and Luka.

I found them all, come to the school. S x

Within seconds I had messages saying they were on their way.

“Wyat thank you for your help, when the rest of your men arrive you are welcome to go home” I smiled to the man that had helped us home.

“The boss wants us to stay, he is loyal to you and only you. He honours the Rose and wants us to help with your vision of the school” He answered.

“Then take your men and look around, familiarise yourself to the school and its area” I nod as he walks off.

“What happened back home?” Brian walked up to me slowly.

“Dad tried to make me believe Karlos was alive still, sent me to the old warehouse, we found Luka, got trapped, I shot open the door and found dad, he told me I wouldn’t be able to kill him, the smile on his face, was so, cocky. And he was right, I couldn’t. Luka came from behind me and shot him” I cried

“Samantha! Where is my grandchild?!” Grandpa ran into the room when he spotted me he ran up to me and grabbed me tightly in his arms.

“Incoming!” Tobias boomed.

“Stand down, friendly’s!” I shouted hearing the familiar roar of the car Luka took.

“Are you ok?” Grandpa took my head in his hands, wiping away the tears.

“Dad’s dead…” I said as he nodded and hugged me tighter.

“He was ruined by power, I warned him, that’s why I wanted him to have nothing to do with that mafia, it caught up to him” He sighed as I felt a tear leave his own eyes.

“But it’s in me too” I said.

“No Sam, you are a better breed of that life, you want peace and a new way, you are the future, you don’t look to kill straight away, you look at every eventuality.” He said

“Luka!” Savannah screamed as Luka walked in, clearly exhausted as Savannah collapsed in his arms.

“I’m here, I’m here” He muttered to her trying to soothe her.

“Who the hell are they?” Jayden stormed up and pointed to the men behind me, I had forgotten they were there these last few moments.

I tore off their gags.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t shoot you both in the head” I asked, gun back up to their heads.

“The Midnight Rose will burn. Your father made a deal with our boss and failed, so we decided to take over.” One spat at me.

“Your only problem there is, you failed too, who is your boss?” I asked.

“Bernado Tantito” He uttered.

“Of course it fucking is, Karlos’s best friend” Luka sighed.

“Well he messed with the wrong family” I said as I stood gun aimed and cocked at their heads.

“You don’t need to do that Sammy” Grandpa said.

“Where can I find him?” I asked as the man spat at me again.

“Fuck you” He spat, I noticed the other man look on in panic, an obviously easier target.

“Fuck this” I said as I shot him in the head as he fell backwards in a heap.

“He’s gone into hiding! Gone dark, no one knows where he is!” The other man said in a panic.

“That’s not helpful to me” I knelt down.

“I can get him here! We were going to do a drop off, I can do that! I can help you! I just want to go back to my family!” He cried.

“Sammy…use your head” Brian placed a hand on my shoulder as the rage began to subside.

“Fine, you will have your chance, if you double cross me, I will kill you and find every member of your family and kill them too, understood?” I said as he nodded frantically before I gagged him again.

“Now I get it, everyone always said you could be scary, I didn’t believe it, but you are badass” Jayden said as I walked past him.

“Damien, tag him and sort a phone out, I want to hear everything said on either end. Get ready for a fight guys and girls, no one touches our family” I said as I out my gun in its holster and headed upstairs to find my baby.

“Hi there, little man” I cooed as I picked up Cody from Layla’s arms.

“You’re home!” Tammy called out as she rushed to me.

“How’s Wayne?” I asked.

“He’ll be ok, lost a bit of blood but Rueben’s fixing him up” She said as I saw the fear in her eyes.

“It will be over soon” I sighed and hugged her.

“Why have you got blood on you aunty Sammy?” Layla asked pointing to my shirt.

“A bad man tried to hurt us” I said as she nodded slowly.

“Bad man’s gone?” She asked.

“One of them yes, but there are others out there, but I will always protect you guys Layla” I said as I kissed her head and she just nodded quietly.

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