Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Fifteen

“Elise, is everyone here? I need to talk to you all and it would be easier if everyone was here” I asked as we walked through the front door.

“The only people who aren’t in are Tobias and your grandpa” She said as I nodded and got out my phone messaging them to ask them to come over.

“How about we order some food while we wait for them to get here” Jayden suggested as he squeezed my hand lightly.

“Sounds like a good idea.” I nodded as he went off with Elise.

“Sammy, you feeling better now?” Shaun asked as I nodded and hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry, this…just everything was driving me crazy. Jayden helped me sort my head a little, which is why I want to talk to everyone” I said as he holds me tight against him.

“Promise me you won’t leave us” He begged.

“I promise” I smiled as he kisses my head.

“The kids are all in bed, but maybe you should go have a cuddle with your little boy, he’s missed his mother” he smiled as I nodded and headed to my room, smiling at his little form in his bed.

“I promise to be the best mum I can be little one, I’m so sorry I forgot myself and left, you’re my world” I whispered and cuddled him to my breast as he sighed peacefully and buried himself into me.

“Kitten, your Grandpa and Tobias just arrived, and food should be here soon” Jayden crept in the room, looked at me with Cody as we sat snugly on the bed.

“Thanks” I smiled as I saw him beam at me, a look of adoration on his face as I blushed.

“You are so much stronger than you think kitten” He smiled as I put Cody back in his bed.

“I’m trying my best” I replied as I kissed Cody’s head and walked towards Jayden.

“Let’s go, everyone’s waiting” He said as he took my hand.

“Wait…” I said as I pulled him back towards me.

“What is it?” He asked.

“I…I just want to…” I mumbled as my eyes flickered towards his lips.

“You want to what Kitten? Say it” He stepped closer our bodies flushed against each other.

“I want to…kiss you…am I selfish?” I mumbled blushing.

“You’re not selfish Kitten, you want to love and be loved, that’s not being selfish” He said before our heads tilt towards each other and our lips meet gently as his hand caresses my face and my arms loop round his neck.

We kissed until we were out of breath and leant our foreheads together as we breathed deeply looking into each other’s eyes.

“I could get used to this” He smirked as I smacked his chest playfully.

“Way to ruin it Jay” I smirked and began to walk out the door before he pulled me to him once more, quickly pecking my lips once more before taking my hand and leading me downstairs.

My heart was beating so fast I could barely catch my breath.

“There’s my granddaughter, what took so long?” Grandpa smiled as he raised a brow at our hands linked together.

“He works quick…” Brian mumbles as I throw him a glaring look.

“Is there a problem Brian?” I asked.

“No, I just don’t want you to get hurt anymore kiddo” He sighed.

“I’m certainly not going to hurt her” Jayden growls at Brian.

“Boys, enough” Tobias booms.

“Let’s all take a breath and let Sammy talk, she wanted us all here together for some reason and now it’s time to listen” Savannah smiles at me encouragingly.

“Yeah…So Jayden helped me sort my head out a little. I wanted to apologise to you all for how I’ve been. I don’t want to leave any of you. I love you all so much and it hurts that I’ve tried to…abandon you all…I guess…”

“You’ve been through a lot Sammy, no one blames you for how you’re feeling” Taylor smiles.

“That still doesn’t mean that I haven’t been a dick to most of you. However, as I said the Midnight Rose needs sorting…But I can’t do it alone, Jayden made me realise that and so I need your help…I…I can’t keep on top of everything anymore, I’ve lost every piece of strength inside me, I need to build myself back up but I need help…” I sighed as I couldn’t face them, embarrassed by my lack of strength.

“You’re a bloody idiot…” Damien said as I looked at him in surprise.

“Damien!” Taylor exclaims.

“I only mean that she’s an idiot to think she’s at all weak. Sammy, you know we will help you in anything that you do. Don’t we show you that? We are here by your side in a completely different country, we made a new home and became the biggest family full of love that I’ve ever known! You’re like my sister Sammy, I will help you with everything you could ever need” Damien said as a tear crept from my eye.

“We are all here for you Sam” Shaun added.

“We all need a little normality in our lives too…” Jayden added as he remembered our conversation earlier.

“That I can definitely agree with, the other night with the sleepover in the lounge was great.” Savannah nodded.

“Sounds like we need to make sure we take some time from business and have some fun from time to time, I think we can all do that” James smiled.

“Group dates, cinema, days out…Sounds good to me” Elise smiled as she squeezed Shaun’s hand.

“So, little sister, does this mean you’re staying?” Luka piped up.

“Yes, however, we will still need to go back home from time to time, maybe take it in turns to check on things back there, we need to sort the Midnight Rose out, I can’t do it on my own, I realise that now. If you’ll help me?” I said

“Always little sis, I will always help you” He stood up and came up to me and hugged me tightly.

“Woohoo! She’s staying!” James exclaimed as we all chuckled at his childish behaviour.

“So, it sounds like things have got to change. You will have all the help you need, just say the word, with the school, the mafia and anything you need personally. We will help you” Grandpa smiled as they all nodded.

“Thank you” I smiled through the tears.

“I said they would all support you” Jayden whispered in my ear as everyone began to chat happily.

“Sammy, we need to talk about the guy we have tied up in the basement…” Rob spoke up as everyone went quiet.

“Yeah, I wondered when we should deal with that…” I sighed.

“I have everything set for the phone call. Now it’s just a matter of doing it…” Damien added.

“Tomorrow, we’ll deal with it tomorrow. I need one night to calm my brain enough, so I’m focused” I said as they nodded.

Once again it went back to the fun chatter that I loved to see with everyone as I watched in awe at my family.

I couldn’t help but think of all the people we had lost though, even the ones I despised. Bradley, Tom, my babies, Dad, Karlos, Jason, Gregory, Vern and countless others in battle.

“Stop thinking too much Sam” Brian called over the room as people went quiet and watched me.

“I…I…Need a moment to myself” I mumbled as I got up and went outside as I felt as if my lungs were about to explode.

“Hey! Woah! Sit down and breathe Sammy” Brian followed me quickly as he knelt beside me helping me focus on my breath.

“I’m sorry…I’m so, so sorry” I cried as he took me in his arms.

“You have nothing to be sorry for Sam. You were dealt a bad hand and it will take time to get back to yourself. You’ve dealt with so much.” He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead.

“I don’t know where I would be without any of you…Thank you” I sobbed.

“We all love you Sam, some more than others” He smiles, and I look up in confusion as he places a kiss on my lips.

I push him hard away from me as I punch him straight in the nose.

“What the hell Brian!” I exclaim.

“I’m sorry! I…Shit! I love you Sammy, I really do, I don’t want to see you hurt, I want to protect you with my life, I’ve had feelings for you for ages but I could never show it, that’s why I said it was always like kissing my sister, but I lied! Don’t hate me Sam!” He said as I slapped him and ran into the house.

“Woah! What happened Sam?” Taylor confronted me as I got into the kitchen as Brian followed behind. I was so confused.

“Sammy! I’m sorry!” Brian said as Taylor stepped in front of me.

“What the fuck did you do?” Taylor growled as Shaun and James stepped in the room.

“I kissed her…” He mumbled still holding his bloodied nose.

“BRIAN! What the fuck dude?!” Shaun stormed up to him and grabbed him by the shirt.

“Stop! Don’t hurt him!” I called out before it went too far. I was upset with him, but I still loved him, but as a brother…I think…

“She already broke my nose” Brian grumbled.

That set me off suddenly as I burst into tears of laughter.

“You’ve officially gone crazy Sammy” Taylor looked at me wide-eyed and it set me off further.

“I can’t believe you kissed her dude, why would you do that?” James asked as I saw Brian looking at me still.

“Because I fucking love her” He replied.

“Hold up, tell me that’s not why you let her sleep in your bed?!” Shaun growled.

“I…I…I might have liked having her in my arms…” Brian answered as Shaun pinned him back against the door.

“Shaun! No!” I shouted as I pushed past the boys and stood between him and Brian.

“Boys… Everything ok in here?” Tobias stepped in with Jayden by his side.

“You love him don’t you…” Brian mumbled in my ear as I looked at Jayden.

“Brian seriously don’t start” I said as I pushed a furious Shaun backwards.

“Kitten?” Jayden tilted his head at us in confusion like a little puppy.

“It’s fine, everyone get out” I ordered but no one moved.

“Why does he have blood over his face?” Jayden asked.

“God damn it! Get out!” I growled

“He kissed her, professed his love to her by the sound of it” Shaun mumbled.

“You get a lot of attention, huh, kitten” Jayden murmured before walking off, his shoulders slumped.

“Well done Shaun…” I sighed as I pushed past them and tried to reach Jayden.

“Jayden! Wait!” I called as he got outside the front and nearly mounted his bike before I turned him on the spot and kissed him.

“Kitten go back to the house. I’ll be back, I need to think” He murmured as he tried to leave again.

“No, don’t leave me. Every time I love someone, and they leave they die… I won’t lose you”

“You have Brian, you don’t need me. I know you slept in his bed. Go back to him Samantha” He said as I stood back as he used my full name as he got on his bike.

“But I …I love you” I said, but it was too late, he revved as I said it and left.

I stormed inside, grabbing my gun and found myself in front of Brian, pointing my gun against his chest.

“Woah! Sammy No!” Wayne and Rob get in front of me as I stand there angrily.

“Tell me that stupid boy didn’t leave” Tobias said as I nodded.

“This is your fault” I said to Brian.

“Put the gun down Sam, you still love Brian, he’s like your brother, don’t forget that” Taylor grabs my arm as I slowly drop it and he takes the gun from my shaking hands.

“If I lose him Brian, I’m taking you down” I warned as his eyes sparked shock.

“I’ll find him myself I’ll bring him back, I promise. I don’t want to lose you Sammy, please forgive me” He begged.

“Sam, you’re not in your right mind right now, let’s go sit and take a breath” Damien took my hand and dragged me with him.

“You fucked up big time dude” I heard James say in the corridor.

“I know…” Brian replied.

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