Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Seventeen

“Oh no, I think she’s been crying. Did they get home last night?” Savannah said quietly.

“I’m going to put her in bed and see what’s going on” Shaun said as I felt him lift me into his arms as I hugged into his warmth.

“They are home. Left me. Abandoned me. Bruises.” I said groggily against him.

“I’m going to kill them” He said as he managed to get me into my room and lay me on the bed.

“Don’t…They made their choice” I sighed as I curled up.

“They don’t deserve you. No one does” Shaun kissed my head as I fell back to sleep.

A soft cry woke me up as I got up slowly and went into Savannah’s and Luka’s room to find my baby boy crying as I lifted him into my arms and fed him.

“At least I still have you right buddy” I said kissing his head.

I burped him and changed him before cuddling him to my breast as we went downstairs as it was weirdly quiet.

“Anyone up?” I called out.

“Kitchen!” James called out as I walked towards them.

They were all sat around the breakfast bar, quiet as they ate.

“Why is everyone so quiet?” I asked.

“The boys decided they would deal with the guy downstairs on their own…” Damien said.

“Brian and Jayden? Where?” I asked.

“They are still down there they’ve locked the door behind them though.” Taylor added.

“Savannah, take Cody, cover the kids ears” I said as she took him and did as I said.

I grabbed my gun and shot at the lock as Shaun and James flanked me, kicking open the door.

I raced down the stairs to find the guy, beaten and bruised, blood dripping on the ground.

“Are you two fucking stupid!” I shouted pointing my gun at them as I tried to get the guy up. He had done nothing to harm me, he was doing it to help his family, I’d already questioned him, and we were supposed to get his boss together.

“The guy should die! He was a part of trying to take your child Sam!” Brian growled back.

“He was a pawn who had no choice! That is what we were trying to change! You’re beating on a man who wants to save his family!” I shouted.

“I’ll clean him up” James said as he took the guy upstairs with him as the man winced in pain.

“Why the hell did you think this was a good idea?” Shaun asked looking at them both.

“We wanted to prove to Sam we were capable of helping her” Jayden said.

“Capable of helping me! You nearly killed him! He’s important! You’re being stupid. You fight each other last night, don’t get back until four am and then leave me outside and say we’ll talk later and go to bed! You think this is what I want?!”

“Kitten, I’m sorry” Jayden said.

“Get out” I ordered.

“Sam, think about this, we were trying to help” Brian added.

“GET OUT!” I pointed to the door angrily with my gun.

They walked up the stairs slowly as Shaun looked at me bewildered.

“They seriously have no idea what they’ve done do they? What the hell happened to them last night?” Shaun said.

“More than they are letting know” I grumbled as I looked to the floor covered in blood.

“I’ll clean this up, go back upstairs and eat something, you look shattered” Shaun said as I placed my gun in my pocket and walked up.

I went upstairs to find James cleaning up the guy, as he whimpered.

“I’m sorry for that” I sighed as he shook facing me.

“They know…” He whimpered as James stopped and I looked at him.

“They know what?” I asked.

“They know who my boss is…They took my phone…They did it already…” He said.

“Oh shit. James, stay with him and keep him safe. I’ll deal with them” I rushed out and checked their rooms, they weren’t in there.

“Shaun!” I shouted as I rushed downstairs.

“What? What’s happened?” He said running up with a bloodied mop.

“Jayden and Brian took his phone and made the call already, they know who the guy is, they’ve gone after him themselves” I exclaimed as he dropped the mop and we shot into the kitchen.

“We have a huge problem” I said as I explained what had happened.

“I’ll get up the phone call, find out where and when” Damien shot out of his seat.

“Savannah and Elise, go to Tammy’s with the kids, I don’t want them here if something goes down, no one knows Tammy’s house” I said as they nodded.

“Taylor get Wayne and Rob on the line, tell them what’s going on and get them here asap.” I ordered as he nodded and rushed off.

“Why are they doing this? I don’t get it” I said pacing.

“I think they are trying to prove themselves to you…” Shaun said as I shook my head in disbelief.

“All they are proving is how much I can’t trust them” I said.

“Sam! You need to hear this!” Damien shouted from the office as we ran in.

I listened to the recording as I heard Brian talking on the phone with the unknown leader.

“Where do we meet for the exchange?” Brian asked.

“I’ll send you the details via message, not over the phone, delete it as soon as you’ve read it. You’ll bring my man, the child and the girl, the leader of the Midnight Rose” The second voice answered.

“Send me the details and I’ll see you there” Brian answered as the call ended.

“Can you get the message from the phone?” I asked Damien.

“Yes, it’s that bloody bungalow from before” He answered.

“Let’s go” I said as we gathered the boys, we placed the man we held, Trenton, into the car with James next to him.

We called Wayne and Rob again as we left and got them to join us on the way through.

Tobias and his men joined us not long after as the rumble of bikes surrounded us, Taylor had rung them too as they followed us.

We raced to our destination but stopped short as we heard the sound of gun shots ringing out in front of us as we saw the bungalow.

Getting out of the car we ducked behind it to survey the area.

“I want guys on all sides, watch your backs, I don’t know how many are in there” I said as we saw no one in the area.

We crept forwards, the bikes now turned off, so we didn’t alert them.

“You think I’m stupid! You’ve brought me nothing! Where is my man and the child?! I’ll kill you!” The voice shouted angrily as we got closer, being careful of the creaking stairs.

“You’ll never get to them.” Brian shouted back.

“Then you’ll die right here and then he will, and then I’ll find each and every one of your friends and family and kill them too”

I lifted up slightly as I peeked into the window.

There were five guys with Brian and Jayden in the middle as I signalled to the others. Then it dawned on me who the leader was, it was Wyat! He got so close to us without us realising! He brought us home! But what of Bernado Tantito? It must have been a false trail…

I looked at my brother wide-eyed as I mouthed who it was as he looked on at me in shock, swearing under his breath.

“Going in, in 3…2…1…” I mouthed and counted as we burst through the door guns up.

“Guns on the ground!” I shouted at Wyat as he looked at me with a smirk.

“Not a chance little one, I’ve come for what I’m owed.” He smiled aiming his gun at Brian’s head.

“Leave them alone, you want me don’t you? Let them leave” I said as his men pointing their guns at mine, we over powered them in number but he knew he had the upper hand with two of our men.

“And as soon as I do that, you’ll descend like a pack of wolves. Now, get me the child and my man, then we will talk” He said as he took a step closer to the boys.

“Don’t hurt them!” frantically came out my mouth, showing my weakness.

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, that’s where loving will get you killed” He smirks.

“God damn it” James growled loudly as a gun hit the back of my head as I turned slowly to face Trenton.

“You lied, this whole time didn’t you?” I said.

“You love too easily. Family will always be your weakness Samantha” He said as he pushed me forward towards Wyat and his men.

“You won’t get out alive Wyat, you too Trenton” I hissed.

“But we’ll go down swinging” Trenton laughed.

“Tell your guys to leave Samantha” Wyat ordered.

“Let them both go too and you’ve got it” I said nodding at Jayden and Brian.

“Your men first” He said as I turned and nodded at the boys as they looked on in shock.

“Sammy don’t do this” James murmured.

“Promise me something boys…” I said

“Anything” Shaun answered.

“Take care of my little boy, keep him safe” I said, he nodded solemnly as they slowly back out the building.

“Well done, you’re learning, but the boy will never be safe, he will be mine too, very soon” Wyat said as he picked up Jayden by the scruff of the collar and kicked him to the front door as he fell with a yell, his leg bent the wrong way.

“Don’t hurt them!” I cried out as he pushed Brian that way too, he scrambled up and helped Jayden into his arms to get him out.

“Sam don’t do something stupid” Brian said.

“What like you already did? This wasn’t the fucking plan” I growled as Wyat slid his gun slowly across my face as if caressing it.

“Get out or I’ll kill you both and the girl right now” He said to Brian and Jayden.

“I’m sorry kitten” Jayden said as Brian dragged him out as they were pushed out the house and the door blocked shut.

I could hear their shouts outside, nerves flying high as they were probably trying to figure out how to get me out of here, unscathed.

“You know, I’ve been trained by some of the most ruthless people I’ve known, Gregory, Trent, Karlos, Jon and I’ve taken a lot of hits, you think you scare me Wyat?” I spat as his hand squeezed around my throat.

“You’ll do as you’re told. You will be scared of me Samantha, I don’t care for you at all, I just want the Midnight Rose, even if I have to kill you for it” He growled as I choked for breath.

He let go throwing me to the ground as I coughed trying to gain my breath.

His men surrounded me a little too close, that was their downfall.

“Fuck you” I said before sweeping out my leg as I took down three of the men as they thudded to the ground, gunshots rung past my ears as I grabbed one of their guns as Wyat and his remaining men fired towards me as I ran into one of the other rooms, pain flooded my side as I felt blood gushing out and placed my hand to my side to try and stop the flow.

“Samantha!” I heard Grandpa shout outside as I looked out the window which was boarded with a small hole as I saw panic flood his face.

“You can’t run from me you little bitch!” Wyat shouted as he began to kick the door down to the room I was in as I stood against the window.

I looked back as I saw grandpa shouting frantically to the others, I could hear them trying to get into the bungalow any way they could, but everything was boarded shut.

I tried to get the boards off the window, blood covered hand prints over the boards as I tried and tried but Wyat was already nearly inside.

“I’m sorry, I love you all” I mouthed to grandpa as he began to hit the window hard with Tobias.

I put my back towards them, gun raised shakily in my hands, this was it, this would be the day that I died.

The door burst open and Wyat looked at me with a smirk as two of his guys flanked him, including Trenton.

“Looking a little pale there, sweetheart.” Wyat smirked as his eyes drifted to the hole in the board, his grin getting wider as he saw my guys trying to get in.

“They’ll never get to you in time” He added.

“I don’t need them too. I just need to kill you” I groaned in pain as I began to shoot at him. But his shot rang out at the same time, hitting me in the shoulder as he fell.

Then Trenton and the other men went down to someone else’s bullets as I fell to the ground.

“Sammy! No!” Luka ran up to me faster than I had ever seen as my sight began to fail.

“Look after Cody, I love you” I said.

“Rueben! Sammy, stay awake little sister, stay with me!” He screamed as I struggled to breath.

“No!” Brian shouted as I saw Shaun hold him back from the room as Rueben came bounding in quickly.

“Let me go, just let me sleep” I cried.

“Not a chance Samantha you are far too important. You stay with us now” Rueben said as he began to work on me, but I began to fade fast as my eyes closed.

“NO!” Luka screamed out before everything went black.

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