Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Eighteen

Samantha had blacked out from the loss of blood in her system as her family stood there before getting her quickly out while Rueben tried to stop the bleeding.

Taylor called ahead to Lindsey as the emergency department awaited their arrival. Everyone was quiet as they drove quickly through the roads.

“You’ve got to stay with us Samantha” Luka held her hand as he laid her on his lap while Rueben sat the other side trying to keep her alive.

“She’s strong, she’ll make it” Rueben said but his face looked grieved.

Her heart slowed as they got closer to the hospital.

“No, don’t you dare slip away young lady” Rueben said as they arrived at the hospital.

“She’s not breathing!” Luka cried as Lindsey opened the car and took her with the doctors so quickly.

“You all need to go wait in the waiting room! We’ve got her” Lindsey shouted from the doors.

“She wasn’t breathing…” Luka fell to his knees.

“Luka!” Savannah’s voice rang out as she bundled into him on the ground, tears flooding her eyes.

“She stopped breathing, my little sister, she can’t die, I can’t lose her too” Luka cried out as she rocked him.

“She’ll come back, she always does” Savannah said but looked up at Rueben’s face as he looked towards the hospital, his face unsure and unreadable.

“Where did they take her?” Harvey shouted as they arrived not long after.

Savannah and Rueben had helped Luka into the hospital as a nurse gave them some scrubs to wear as their clothes were soaked with blood.

Jayden had been brought in, shouting for Samantha as he refused to have his leg looked at until he knew what had happened to her.

Shaun took over and began ordering everyone to shut up and sit down, Jayden was no use to her if he was in pain too so he ordered him to get checked up on and he would get him if they heard anything.

He grumbled and went with the doctors.

Brian was a mess on the chairs, he knew this was his fault, they should never had tried to deal with this on their own. They were a team and now they could lose the most precious woman alive to them all and he would never forgive himself and he knew Jayden wouldn’t either.

They had talked, after fighting each other with jealous filled eyes, and had hatched a plan to deal with this guy themselves so she wouldn’t get hurt anymore. They were trying to help her, but it hadn’t gone to plan at all. They’d made a promise to each other that they would date her and let her choose who she wanted, they wouldn’t force it, they would just be themselves and not push her.

It was hours and they still hadn’t heard anything else about Samantha, Jayden had come back with a cast as he sat next to Brian, his hand on his shoulder.

“I’m going to find Lindsey” James suddenly stood and walked away.

“For god sake James go and sit down before you pass out!” Lindsey could be heard from around the corner as James came through shakily.

“Lindsey! What’s happening with my granddaughter?” Harvey asked.

“Sit down, all of you” She murmured.

“She’s not dead…Don’t tell me she’s dead” Luka said with tears in his eyes.

“She’s in surgery still…She’s flatlined twice…We don’t know how much longer they’ll be; they are doing their best. But, she’s in a bad state, just…just be ready for anything” She said sadly as she put a hand on Harvey’s shoulder as he sobbed.

“She’ll make it, she has to make it” Shaun said as Elise hugged him tightly.

The kids had been left with Tammy and after hours of waiting in the waiting room Wayne and Rob went to go see her, knowing she was scared and alone too with the kids.

Nine hours they all sat waiting for Samantha, nine long hours of pain, waiting to hear if she made it.

“Whether she makes it or not, we keep the school going” Taylor sighed, trying to make conversation.

“Of course we will” Tobias nodded.

“She’s going to make it” Shaun said once more.

“Guys?” Lindsey came out to the waiting room.

“How is she?” Harvey asked.

“She’s out of surgery, her wounds were extensive, they did a lot of damage. She flatlined again, but they got her back, she’s a fighter. But she’s not out of the woods yet, it’s going to be touch and go for a while” She said.

“But she’s alive…” Luka looked up hopefully

“Yes she’s alive” Lindsey nodded as Harvey rushed up to her and hugged her tight with a kiss on her lips.

“Thank you!” He said as she blushed.

“Not the time” She laughed quietly.

“If there was ever a time for me to tell them we’re together it’s now, our life isn’t one we can take for granted, Samantha is alive and you’re a part of the reason why Lindsey” Harvey answered as everyone sat in shock.

“I knew there was more to you two” Elise mumbled.

“Can I see her?” Harvey smiled lightly at them before becoming serious once more.

“Yes, come with me” She said as she led Harvey to the room where Samantha lay, tubes attached to her as machines helped her breathe, IV’s helped medicate her and she laid as pale as a ghost.

“Oh my” Harvey whispered as he sat beside her, taking her hand in his.

“She’s a fighter Harvey” Lindsey said as the others began to filter through a couple at a time to see her.

For days she laid there, unable to move, not waking as they all visited daily waiting for the day she woke up.

“You’ve got to wake up now kitten, Cody needs his mum” Jayden said as he wheeled his chair beside her taking her hand in his and kissing it.

“She’ll wake up when she’s ready” Brian sighed from the other side; they barely left her side.

“We did this, this is our fault” Jayden murmured.

“And when she wakes we will let her scream at us, hit us and do whatever she wants for her to get better and to take our punishments like men” Brian said.

“What if that means we lose her, that she no longer wants us?” Jayden replied.

“Then that’s her decision to make. But this girl, no matter how angry she gets is a golden hearted woman. I trust her to make the right decision and if that is that she wants me to leave, then so be it”

Jayden nodded.

A couple weeks later and she still hadn’t woken, Taylor, Damien and Tobias had begun working on the school that in hope she would wake to a better future, the building work had begun, and it was already looking better for it.

Luka, Shaun, Rob and Harvey began working on the mafia Midnight Rose as they sent word to another local ally who they trusted to help take care of things over there. Luckily for them, it had been someone they knew, Beck, the medic that they’d known for years, he’d grown in rank and had agreed to help out. He wished nothing but good will to Samantha and had been hurt about hearing what had happened.

Word spread in the mafia world and more and more tributes were sent their way, making more allies they could ever know than before. People were excited at the thought of her school, protecting the children was paramount.

A whole month of Samantha still in that bed had everyone nervous, no one knew if she would wake, they all were scared for her and scared that they could still lose someone so precious.

“Samantha! Come on! No more flatlining!” Lindsey shouted as the monitors beeped continuously once more, doctors flooded in as they tried to revive her.

James had been shut out the room as he was there visiting her at the time.

“What happened?!” Harvey shouted as he ran to the room.

“She went again…” James sobbed as they watched the doctors work once more.

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