Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Nineteen


“She’s moving! Lindsey!” Shaun shouted through the door.

“Oh my! Thank god!” Lindsey said as she rushed to get a doctor to help take the tube out of my mouth as my eyes began to slowly open as I looked at the bright room around me.

I gagged as they pulled the tube from my throat.

“I’m sorry, just a few more seconds” Lindsey said as tears fell from my eyes.

When they were done I tried to talk, my voice was hoarse and hurt as she gave me a sip of water before giving myself a moment.

“You’ve been through a hell of a time young lady” Lindsey motioned for me to give it a minute.

I looked to Shaun and I saw the pain and happiness in his eyes as he came beside me and took my hand as I squeezed it tightly.

“You’re going to be ok. I’ve got you” He said kissing my head.

“Co…Cod...Cody…” I murmured.

“He’s fine, misses his mother but Savannah’s got him” He said as I sighed in relief.

“I’m just going to check you over quickly Samantha, you’ve flatlined on us at least four times so I need to make sure everything is working” The doctor said as he began running tests on my body as I looked on at him in shock.

“I died…Four…times”

“That doesn’t matter right now, all that matters is that you’re here right now” Lindsey smiled.

I was in shock, four times I had been flatline and nearly died, taken from my family. I couldn’t bare to think of how everyone else would be feeling as they would have watched it all.

“How long have I been out?” I asked after taking another sip of drink.

“A month…” Shaun answered.

“You’re joking…”

“It’s been a hell of a month…I need to go let the others know you’re awake, I’ll be right back ok?” Shaun said but I didn’t let his hand go, I didn’t want to be alone.

“Don’t go” I murmured.

“I’m just going outside while the doctor checks you over, I’ll be right back I promise” Shaun kissed my head.

“I’m staying right here Samantha” Lindsey said as I let go of Shaun’s hand and took hers.

“Strong grip, muscles are working well” Lindsey told the doctor with a smile.

“You’re doing well Samantha. Your body is well on its way to recovery” The doctor smiled as he organised me some pain medications before leaving.

“You sure scared everyone Samantha” Lindsey sat beside me.

“I was scared myself, I… I wanted to die at one point, just let go… But I couldn’t, I couldn’t leave them…” I cried as she cooed and stroked my head to calm me.

“They told me everything, I know what you’ve been through and no one should have to go through what you have. You are so strong Samantha, and everyone loves you” She said.

“Who told you? Why did they tell you?”

“Your grandpa and I, we are…kind of a thing right now…But I forced it out of them, I knew something was up, you don’t come in here with wounds like you had for no reason, I’ve seen the scars, I wanted to know everything. I hope that’s ok” She said.

“You and Grandpa…I’m happy for you. It’s fine, we could always do with another woman around the house” I smiled. Lindsey was so caring, she was a little younger than Grandpa, but only by a couple of years, she had taken care of us plenty and she was a lovely woman who we would take with open arms.

“Little sis…” Luka’s voice said faintly from the door as my eyes shot to him as he raced in and hugged me as he sobbed into my shoulder.

“I’m here Luka, I’m not going anywhere” I said as I hugged him to me, ignoring the pain.

“You nearly left us” He whimpered.

“But I didn’t. I’m here” I said as I put a hand on his face and wiped a tear.

“I love you little sis, don’t ever scare me like that again” He said as he held onto me tightly.

“Hey, look Cody, it’s mummy” Savannah came to the door struggling with Cody in her arms, he was obviously in stress.

“Cody” I said as she brought him straight to me as he stopped wriggling, his eyes searching for me as I took him in my arms and just began to sob as he settled in my chest.

“I’m so happy you’re awake Sammy, we missed you” Savannah placed a hand on my cheek and kissed my head.

“Lindsey, you better ready up, everyone is on their way” Shaun came in the door as Lindsey sighed.

“Why do you all have to pile in at once…What have I said before?!” She hissed but I could see the smiled behind her eyes.

“Lindsey, I can’t thank you enough for helping me here” I said as she smiled and left the room going back to work as she left me with the others.

“Jayden slow down! You’re going to fall on that leg if you don’t be careful!” Brian shouted as I heard the clink of crutches come down the hall quickly.

“Fuck the leg, I want to see my kitten” He said as they both stood in the doorway.

“Boys, how about we tone it down a little” Shaun said as they looked at me.

“Kitten, how you feeling?” Jayden said as they both slowly crept in the room, as if waiting for me to shout at them.

“Like you two deserve a broken nose each right now…” I said as I kissed Cody’s head.

“We deserve that” Brian sighed.

I handed Cody back to Savannah.

“Give me a minute with them both” I told the others as they eyed me warily before leaving the room and shutting the door.

“Even from that bed I think we’re about to get our arses handed to us” Jayden grumbled.

“Come here” I ordered pointing beside me as they looked at each other and both took a side each.

“We’re sorry kitten, for everything” Jayden started but I shushed him.

“You’re both fucking idiots, you should never have done what you did.” I started.

“Sam, we really are sorry, if you don’t want us anymore…” Brian started as I held up a finger once more stopping him.

“However…I understand why you were doing it…You’re idiots and I hope you never do something like that again because, against my better judgement, I love you both and don’t want to lose either of you” I said as I took their hands in mine and held them.

“God damn it kitten. I was so scared we lost you” He said sitting on one side of the bed, placing a kiss on my head as Brian did after.

“I thought you’d never want to see us again” Brian mumbled.

“I could never lose you, any of you. You all mean so much to me” I put a hand to his face as he leant into it.

“You can’t leave either, no more flatlining, no more leaving.” Jayden added.

“I’m not going anywhere” I said as the door flung open.

“Samantha!” Grandpa ran into the room, shoving Brian off the bed as I laughed.

“Hey Grandpa” I said as he hugged me tightly.

“I thought I lost you, I watched them, I couldn’t get to you!” He said.

“I’m here Grandpa”

“I can’t lose another family member. Not you” He sobbed.

“And you won’t. I’m here, I’m too stubborn to leave” I smirked as Jayden sniggered.

“Stubborn to the end” He sniggered.

“Watch it, you’re still in trouble” I growled playfully as he backed up.

One by one people began to turn up, the room getting fuller each time, I held Cody to my chest, beginning to feel overwhelmed as they swamped me.

“Ok, that’s enough! Everyone go home!” Lindsey shouted from the door as she noticed my discomfort.

“But…” James began as she gave him a powerful look and he bent his head and left quickly saying goodbye.

“Thank you” I mouthed to her as she nodded smiling.

“Come on Cody, time to give mummy some rest” Savannah went to take him.

“No, I want him with me” I held him tighter.

“Savannah, let her keep him, I’ll find a cot for him” Lindsey said as Savannah nodded and kissed my head leaving the changing bag.

“Mummy’s not going anywhere little one, not anymore” I whispered into his sleeping head.

Nightmares plagued my dreams as I slept, blood everywhere, monsters in the dark, people who’d hurt me over the long years behind me.

“No! Don’t hurt me!” I screamed as I woke up suddenly as Lindsey ran into the room.

“Samantha, you’re ok, you’re safe hunny” She soothed me as I shook.

“It felt so real” I cried.

“I know, but no ones’ going to hurt you, I’ve got you” She said as she held me tightly.

It was a few days later and I was going to be discharged from hospital, I was happy to be going home but nightmares still flooded my dreams as Lindsey kept rushing in to save the day.

I only told her though and she agreed to keep it a secret for the time being, but I had to tell her if they got worse.

“Auntie Sammy!” Layla shouted as she bound up to my bed and hugged me tight. I hadn’t seen her the whole time I was here, and I missed her.

“Hi little princess. Oh no! I missed your birthday! I’m so sorry Layla” I said wide-eyed.

“I don’t care, as long as you come home” She murmured into my chest.

“I’m coming home, I promise” I kissed her head.

“Your taxi service has arrived my lady” Rob came into the room and I laughed as he bowed.

“Silly Uncle Rob” Layla giggled.

“You ready to go home?” Rob asked as I nodded, having already gotten changed into a new set of clothes and my discharge sorted, I wanted to go home. I tucked Cody into my arms as we walked slowly out of the hospital as I was still sore.

“We really should have wheeled you out” Rob sighed as he helped me.

“I’ve been stuck in that bed I’m not going to sit around anymore” I said as he helped me into the car before putting Cody into his car seat for me.

Layla didn’t stop talking the whole way home and it was a relief as I felt so nervous going home. I couldn’t believe I’d missed her birthday, but she seemed so happy that I was just alive.

“Rob, this isn’t the way home” I said as I noticed we were going the completely wrong way.

“Just a little detour first” He smiled.

“Rob…” I said as he saw the fear flash in my eyes.

“You have nothing to fear of Sam, I promise, no one will harm you, it will be good” He said.

I began recognising where we were going, we were heading to the school and I wondered why.

Before I knew it I saw it in front of me, the building had been refurbished on the outside and a huge banner hung out the front which read Welcome Home.

“Oh my god” I gasped as I saw the grounds were busy with people, kids playing and shouting around.

“You took your time” Taylor opened the car door as I hugged him, tears in my eyes.

“Did you do this?” I asked in awe.

“We all helped” He smiled.

“Who are all these people?” I asked as we walked slowly towards the front door as I was greeted with cheers as we went past more and more people.

“Your admirers. Leaders of other mafia’s who have dedicated themselves to the Midnight Rose, you and this school” Taylor answered as I stared at him wide-eyed.

“This is…unbelievable” I gasped as he opened the front door to reveal my whole family, the inside of the building had been refurbished too, it looked amazing.

“Welcome home!” They shouted.

My hands began shaking, this was all so amazing but so overwhelming as I saw Lindsey look at me with worry as she ran over.

“Breathe, big deep breaths, these people love you, no one will hurt you” She said calming me as Taylor looked in shock.

“Sammy?” He murmured.

“She’s been having nightmares and panic attacks since she recovered, give her a moment Taylor” Lindsey ordered.

“I was scared this would happen one day” He sighed and embraced me, I felt safe in his arms, being the one who had been there for me the longest.

“Samantha? Is she ok Lindsey?” Grandpa walked up hesitantly.

“She’ll be fine in a moment” Lindsey nodded as I began to calm.

“This was a little too much too quick wasn’t it” Grandpa sighed.

“I’m just overwhelmed” I mumbled into Taylor’s chest as he stroked my arms to calm me.

Grandpa put an arm around Lindsey as he watched me carefully.

“Do you want to go home?” Taylor asked.

“No, I want to see what you all did” I replied as he grinned.

“Everyone’s been hard at work, Luka managed to get the Midnight Rose sorted back home, sorted a new leader too” Taylor said.

“What? How? Who?” I stammered.

“A lot has happened since the incident. Mafia’s came down hard on Wyat’s. Beck, the old medic we had, he came up in rank and we all talked and he’s going to help run things over there, he’ll keep in close contact so we can discuss everything still though. Midnight Rose is still yours” Grandpa said.

“Beck? Seriously…That’s great, he’s amazing” I smiled.

“Welcome to The Academy of the Rose!” Tobias boomed coming closer with open arms as he hugged me.

“The academy of the rose… that’s perfect” I said.

They began to walk me around, some rooms needed a little work still, but it was looking amazing.

“This is your office” Grandpa said as he opened a huge door into a beautiful room filled with mahogany furniture, bookcases flooded the walls, a stereo system, even a small play area for Cody. There was a photo wall too, it had photos of my whole family, even some of me and Cody that I didn’t know existed. We all looked so happy.

Photos’ of Tom and Bradley caught my eye and it made me tear up.

“It’s beautiful” I said as he put an arm around me.

“We thought you could do with a reminder that we are all here for you, that you have a family who will support you forever” Grandpa said, and I put my arms around his neck tightly and embraced him.

“Thank you” I cried.

“Anything for you” He said kissing my head.

“May I come in” someone said with a knock as I turned.

“Beck!” I smiled and hugged him quickly, wincing as I moved too quick.

“Be careful you’ll hurt yourself Samantha.” He said.

“I missed you” I smiled.

“Well, you’ll be hearing off me a lot more from now on, I assume you’ve been told I’m working for you back home” He said as I nodded.

“Yeah, it’s perfect, I can’t believe you’re doing it for me” I smile.

“Of course I am, you have a lot of people supporting you right now, there are a lot of leaders downstairs that want to bow at your feet for your bravery. They want your help not only with the school but their own mafia’s. You may have made the most famous mafia leader we’ve ever known. Everyone knows your story now” He said.

“Let’s not go too much into work right now, she’s had quite enough today. It’s time we all went home. We have a meeting set for in a couple days, we are still waiting on a couple more people, so those that are here will stay in the dorms. We have kids here already and Tobias has managed to sort out some teachers from the different mafias and we’ve talked about how we want to teach, but we want to finalise everything with Samantha first, but she needs time.” Grandpa said.

“I’ll be at the meeting I want the kids safe” I nodded.

“Oh they are safer than you could ever imagine, we have members of other mafia’s taking turns in protecting the school, everyone wants to save the kids, we are making your dream a reality” Beck said with a smile as we walked back to the main hall as I yawned, exhausted from all the walking.

“Rob told me you wouldn’t take the chair…You look exhausted Sammy will you please just sit down” Brian came up with a wheelchair as I sighed annoyed at my exhausted body but sat anyway.

“Thank you” I sighed.

He placed a hand on my shoulder, the shoulder I hadn’t been shot in but screeched and surprised him as he looked at me in surprise as I giggled as he realised I was playing with him.

“Sammy! Don’t do that! I thought I hurt you!” He said but began laughing.

“I’m sorry, but it was so funny” I laughed.

Brian wheeled me around the building showing me quickly the surroundings that had been fixed and I was still in awe.

Kids ran up to me and introduced themselves and some even thanked me for giving them a new home. I felt the tears in my eyes as one young girl ran up to me and placed a teddy in my lap.

“Thank you Miss Rose” She said giggling and running off.

“Miss Rose?” I raised a brow.

“The kids started that they all call you it” Taylor said at the car.

“I kind of like it” I smiled.

“Well Miss Rose, let’s go home” Brian smiled helping me into the car.

We all set off home and I was happy that the school was now a reality, and everything seemed to be coming into place.

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