Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Two

As it had been so quiet in the diner with only the biker boys coming in, Grandpa decided to shut the diner for the day and have them over to the house. They didn’t want to leave me alone, just in case Tom was home and started again.

“Can I ride your bike? She’s a beaut. You can ride mine if you like?” Jayden asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t let just anyone ride it…” I said, I was telling the truth, I hardly let anyone else ride it, but for some reason, I trusted him with it as I tossed him the keys and he beamed.

“Here, it’s that one” He smiled as his eyes scoured my bike as he tossed me his own keys.

“You scratch or harm it in any way and you won’t have a dick left in your pants, understood?” I warned as his hand hovered over his trousers as he nodded, Grandpa and Tobias laughed.

“He might be a little demon, but he’s good with the bikes, really handy” Tobias smiled as I began revving Jayden’s bike. It sounded amazing as we all set off towards the house, Elise on the back of the bike I was on.

“What’s with all the leather clad men on our doorstep?...” Savannah came out the front door with Louisa cuddled against her chest.

“Grandpa’s old biker gang, long story…Umm, where’s Tom?” I asked as she grimaced.

“He stormed in, packed a bag and left…What happened?” She said as I stood in shock. The guys all filtered into the house.

“Sam?” Grandpa murmured.

“Tom left” I uttered.

“I’m sorry kid” He sighed as he brought me to his side.

“Jayden! Where are my keys?” I shout as he threw them to me with a questioning look as I threw his back to him.

“Don’t you dare” Grandpa warned.

“I need to find him” I said mounting my bike.

“He doesn’t deserve you Samantha! He’ll come running back, just come indoors” he said as I ignored him and took off on my bike.

I saw Jayden and Tobias rush to Harvey, probably trying to find out what was going on.

I drove for over an hour and I hadn’t seen Tom’s car anywhere.

“Where the fuck has he gone?” I muttered to myself as my phone rang and I answered my Bluetooth.

“What do you think you are doing Sam?” Shaun’s voice growled in my ear.

“I’m trying to find my bastard of a boyfriend” I snapped back.

“Come home Sam, you need to rest, you will just stress yourself out and harm the baby” He sighed.

“I’m already on my way home” I said as I turned around in a lane as I noticed a large black car with tinted windows that still hadn’t left my sight as I turned, so did the car.

“What the fuck…” I murmured.

“Sam? You ok?” Shaun asked.

“I think I’ve got a tail…”

“I’ll call Luka” He answered.

“No, Tobias, get them” I say as I over take the cars in front, but the car does the same.

I speed up, it does too.

“Shaun” I groan as I begin to take random roads, all the while it was still following me.

“They are coming Sam, where are you?” Shaun asked.

“Trying to lose them on Petra Street” I said.

“Get on to the main road, they’ll meet you there” He answered as I swerved to avoid the car who had caught up to me.

“Shaun!” I screamed as it hit my rear tire sending me flying into the road as I caught myself and carried on as cars honked their horns at us as we flew through the streets.

“Sam? Are you ok?!” Shaun’s panicked voice rang through.

“They’re trying run me off the road!” I shout as I keep looking back, they were hot on my tail.

I heard the grumble of bikes ahead as I began to calm down a little, but I calmed too soon as the car hit my tire again, sending me flying out towards the cliff edge which the main road was adjacent to.

I flew off my bike as it tumbled over the edge, putting my arms around my stomach in hope to protect my pregnant stomach from being hurt as I hurtled towards the edge, grabbing onto the ledge before I would have fallen to my death towards the rocks beneath.

The car stopped beside me as I figure stood beside my hands, gripping the ledge I found my footing on a smaller ledge beneath, swinging myself away from the figure as a gun let off a shot, as I ducked and flattened myself painfully against the rocks.

More gunshots sounded as the rumble of the bikes grew closer, before I could hear them beside me, as others went off towards the squealing of tires that I could guess belonged to the person in the car.

“Sam!” Tobias’ voice boomed out with worry.

“Help me!” I cried out.

Jayden’s head peaked over the edge of the ledge as he held his hand out towards me.

“Hold on to me kitten, get some rope or something!” He shouted as I gripped his hand and arm, but my strength was failing as the cuts on my arms bled out.

“I’m going to slip!” I cried out panicking as the sound of the water against the rocks scared me.

“Rueben! Come help me get her up! We don’t have time!” Jayden shouted as another pair of arms wrapped themselves around my arms as they tried to lift me up as they slowly dragged me up Tobias helping with the final pull as I laid on the ground as Jayden didn’t let go.

“Thank you” I cried.

“We need to get her to the hospital” Tobias looked me over quickly as Jayden helped me stand, I could barely walk from the bike scraping against my leg on the way down.

“My baby…”

“Ambulance is on its way” Rueben, the other guy who lifted me up said.

It wasn’t long before the ambulance turned up and took me straight to the hospital, but I passed out.

“We’ve got to stop ending up in here…” James’ voice muttered beside me as I began to wake up in a bright room on a hospital bed.

“No kidding… Sam? You awake?!” Shaun called out as he rushed to me as my eyes opened.

“The baby…” I murmured.

“The baby is fine, you protected it with your arms, you’re all cut up, but you’ll be ok” Shaun moved my hair from my face as I sighed in relief.

“You all need to stop getting yourself hurt. As much as I love you all dearly, I wish you didn’t end up in my hospital” The nurse rushed in as she noticed I was awake. The same one from before when James had dived into the ocean.

“It’s not like I planned it” I grumbled.

“I know. I’m just going to check you over and then let the doctor know and go from there” She smiled taking my observations.

“Did they get the person who did it?” I asked as Shaun wouldn’t face me.

“No, the guys are still out looking, they lost the car, no one saw the guys face either, we have no idea where they went” James sighed.

“Samantha Jones! Will you stop trying to get yourself killed!” Taylor and Damien came running into the room as they hugged me tightly.

“Seriously…do you all think I ask for this?” I say but I know they are playing with me.

“You’re never going out on your own anymore. Your dad is furious” Taylor answered.

“Great…I need a bodyguard…” I roll my eyes.

“You look good Sam, strict bed rest for a few weeks. I mean it” The nurse said she left the room.

“Tom will love that…” I smirk before frowning.

“We can’t get hold of him…” Shaun sighed knowing that I would ask about him.

“Miss Jones, good to see you’ve woken up. Now, we’ve bandaged you up and I just want to take a look at the baby before we let you home, so just a quick ultrasound to check, then as long as you’ve got people to watch over you for a while, I’m happy for you to head home” The doctor said as I smiled and nodded.

“Thanks doc” I said.

“Now, which of you is the dad? Everyone else, out” He said as I laughed.

“None of them, the dad is kind of missing right now…” I sighed as he nodded.

“Want me to stay?” Shaun asked as I nodded.

James, Taylor and Damien left the room as Shaun came up beside me.

“This will be a little cold” The doctor said before putting the cold, gelled probe on my belly as he looked at the ultrasound.

“How does the baby look?” I ask.

“They look great” He smiled.

“They?!” I said in shock.

“You’re expecting twins” He smiled.

“Wow, double the trouble.” Shaun smirked at me.

“Tom should be here” I sigh as the doctor shows me the tiny bean shapes of my babies.

“We’ll find him. But I’ll be giving him a piece of my mind before he goes near you or those babies” Shaun growled out.

“Wipe yourself clean and then I’ll let the others know they can come back if you like? I’ll sort out your paperwork and get you a couple of copies of your ultrasound” The doctor smiled.

“Thanks. That would be great” I say as he left, and Shaun turns so I can wipe myself clean properly. The gel was sticky and clung to my skin.

“All set” I said as Shaun turns back and places a kiss on my head.

“Congrats little Sam, twins huh?” He smirked.

“Two versions of me and Tom…We’re all screwed” I laugh as the boys head back in, this time with a few extra people tagging along.

“Savannah!” I shouted as she barrelled into the room with Elise in tow.

“You had me worried sick!” She cried.

“I’m ok. WE are ok” I mutter in her shoulder.

“There are too many people in this room! What have I told you lot before!” Nurse Lindsey shouts as she orders some of them to leave.

“We’ll be in the waiting room, Shaun, someone wants to see her, so come on” Elise said as they all left, and I looked at them confused as to who wanted to come in.

“You scared us there, kitten” Jayden walked into the room.

“Thank you, for getting me” I said as he sat beside me.

“I promise no one’s going to touch you like that again. I’m afraid until further notice, Tobias has me on guard duty” He smirked.

“Oh great, I have to put up with you all the time, how will I survive” I said playfully.

“I know. I’ve got to watch over some pretty, very much pregnant, girl who nearly broke my nose”

“Wouldn’t be the first one…Certainly won’t be the last” I smile.

“How many noses have you broken?” He gasped.

“Too many” I laughed.

“I better watch you like a hawk and not get on your bad side”

“It’s not just people on my bad side that have gotten their noses broken” I sigh thinking of Bradley.

“Rough history?” He frowns.


“Want to talk about it?” He asks.

“Not right now” I say as my hand goes to my stomach it cheers me up knowing my babies were safe.

“It’s people like you that make pregnancy look beautiful” He smiles as I blush.

“I’m only two months in, just you wait until I’m the size of a whale with these two”

“Two? Twins?”

“Yeah, just found out” I smiled, and he nods.

“So, any news on who tried to kill me?” I ask.

“Not yet. They’ll pay for it when we find out though” He growls under his breath.

“Okay! Paperwork is all done, you’re good to go! Now I don’t want to see you here unless it’s for check-ups, on those tiny babies of yours. Understood?” Nurse Lindsey smiled at me as she hugged me tight.

“Understood. Thank you” I smile as she leaves.

“Let’s get you home shall we” Jayden helped me up as my leg was still sore.

It didn’t take long to get home in Shaun’s car, but they sure made a thing of it, we were surrounded by bikes as they kept an eye out for the car that hit me.

Protecting me, looking after me, and I loved them all for it.

“You are going to bed and I won’t hear a squeak out of you until tomorrow. Sleep, you need to rest. We will deal with the rest tomorrow. Understood?” Savannah ordered as I smiled and did as I was told, hobbling up the stairs to my room.

I laid there for ages, unable to sleep as my door crept open.

“I didn’t think you would fall asleep” Taylor sighed and came in.

“Lay with me for a bit, I don’t want to be on my own” I cry as the tears began to fall.

“Of course. Do you want Damien to come in too? He’s out here with me” He said from the door as I notice Damien peak out from behind him.

“Both of you” I answer as they both get in bed with me, one either side as they hug me gently as I drift off to sleep, finally feeling safe.

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