Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty

“You, young lady are going to bed” Lindsey pointed at me as I nearly fell asleep in the wheelchair.

“No, I want to spend time with you guys” I moaned as the boys all laughed.

“Come on kitten, you need rest” Jayden used my chair to lean on as he and Brian helped me up to my room while I held my baby boy in my arms, placing him in the cot when we got inside.

“Sweet dreams get us if you need us” Brian kissed my head and then Cody’s before leaving the room.

“It’s good to have you home kitten” Jayden kissed my head, but I moved, and he caught my lips as I gasped.

“It’s good to be home, love you Jayden, good night” I said as he smiled sweetly, kissed me on the head and on Cody’s before leaving the room.

I still loved the pair of them but still had no clue as to what to do with them.

I fell asleep quickly, completely exhausted.

However, the nightmares returned as I woke up sweating and crying, rocking back and forth as I sat up.

“It’s not real, it’s just a dream” I muttered to myself.

I got my phone quickly, not able to move from my bed as I messaged Taylor.

Help me, nightmare.

I sent it and not a moment later he rushed into the room and bounced onto the bed as he took me in his arms as I shook.

“It’s ok Sammy, it’s ok, I’ve got you” He repeated as Damien came into the room and joined me on the other side.

“Want us to sleep with you?” Damien asked as I nodded and we got under the covers as I saw them look at each other, clearly worried about me.

“I’m sorry” I sobbed.

“You have nothing to apologise about Sammy, we will always be by your side if you need us” Taylor kissed my head and they held me tightly against them.

I fell asleep in their arms and the nightmares didn’t plague me. I woke once again in the night as I heard the door creak open.

“What happened kitten?” Jayden asked as he saw us all curled up as I slid out the bed without waking them.

“I’ve been having nightmares…I couldn’t sleep alone” I murmured.

“You may have just lost your space” He smirked pointing behind me to see Taylor and Damien embracing each other.

I smiled.

“Got space for me in your room?” I asked looking to the ground.

“Always” He smirked as I followed him.

“I hope I don’t hurt your leg” I said as I slid in beside him as I cuddled into his side.

“Don’t worry about me kitten” He said kissing my head as we fell asleep together.

“Samantha! Fuck! Where is she?!” Taylor’s voice cried out in worry.

I got up quickly and crept out of Jayden’s room and bumped into Brian and Taylor who looked at me with confusion as they saw where I came from.

“Why were you with Jayden?” Brian asked.

“He checked on me last night, I slid out the bed and Taylor and Damien decided the bed was theirs. He offered me a space with him. Nothing happened” I said.

“You should have come to me” Brian sighed.

“Maybe next time” I smirked.

“You are going to be the death of us Sam” Taylor smirked playfully his eyes darting to Brian who looked at Jayden’s door angrily.

“Brian, will you chill out, nothing happened” I said.

“There a problem?” Jayden hobbled out as I sighed.

“You slept with her?” Brian said.

“I slept in the same bed as her, yes, nothing happened” He said as Brian sighed.

“Fine” Brian said.

“Are you serious! You didn’t believe me did you?” I said angrily.

“I…Just…I get a little jealous ok? Is that what you want to hear?” Brian said as he walked off.

“Well that went well” Taylor chuckled to himself.

“Fuck you Taylor” I growled.

“I’m gay, remember” he smirked as I flipped him off and he went off laughing.

“Why do I feel like a teenager again when around you? It’s like I’m fighting for the attention of the hottest girl in school” Jayden whispered in my ear.

“I bet you were the bad boy at school right? The one girls wanted and yet got dumped by all the time” I smirked.

“Actually I wasn’t” He said as I turned in surprise.

“So what were you?” I asked.

“I was a nerd, one of the ones that joked around and pretended to be thick, but I got all straight A’s” He smiled.

“Wow, really? Nerd gone bad boy” I winked as he groaned.

“Only bad for you little kitten” He groaned in my ear as I bit my lip.

“You’re playing with fire Jayden” I said lustfully.

“Then I want to get burned” He said as he kissed me passionately, moaning into the kiss.

“Woah! Didn’t expect to see this coming out of my room! Mind moving from the doorway love birds?” Savannah smirked as Luka stared in shock behind her.

“Dude, that’s my sister” He growled at Jayden.

“Sorry Luka” Jayden smirked at me as we moved out their way, Savannah took my hand and dragged me with her to my room with a wink.

“What was that? You two are so lusting over each other. Have you decided on which guy now? Did you choose Jayden?” She asked.

“I haven’t chosen anyone, I, just, got caught in the moment. I slept in his bed half the night after I had a nightmare, Taylor and Damien came in and comforted me for a while, I fell to sleep and then I woke up when he came and checked on me, got up and the boys took over my bed and Jayden offered his up. Then I woke up this morning as Taylor was in a panic as to where I was to find him and Brian outside the door. Brian was pissed off and Jayden seemed…smug…” I explained.

“It’s like high school never ended with you sometimes” She laughed.

“What do I do?” I ask as I get dressed and change Cody too.

“You’ve got to figure out who you like more, but right now, it looks like you’ve already decided…” She raised a brow and smiled.

“I have to give them an equal chance don’t I?” I asked.

“Unless your heart knows what it wants?” Savannah said.

“My head doesn’t know what it wants, let alone my heart” I smirk.

“Then date them, but I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in their beds anymore, not until you’ve chosen, you’ll only rile things up and make them worse” She suggested.

“You’re right, it was a stupid thing to do” I nodded as I grabbed Cody and we went downstairs.

I could hear someone humming in the kitchen happily, a motherly voice that filled the kitchen as I slowly walked in to find Lindsey cooking up a breakfast for kings.

I smiled at the sight I’d never had anything like it before.

“Stop staring and either help me or feed the little one Sam” She turned smiling.

“Yes mum… Oh ummm, ma’am” I stammered as she smirked.

I busied myself as I fed Cody in my arms, cursing myself that I’d called her mum, why had I done that?

“You can call me mum if you want, it’s not an issue” She smiled kissing my head as she made up the plates of food.

“I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out. I’ve never really had a mum it was just nice to come into a kitchen and there being a womanly presence that wasn’t Elise or Savannah…You know?” I said.

“I understand dear. But, still, you may call me what you like, although being called mum when I’m with your grandpa, might be a little odd…” She smirked.

“Are you two serious?” I asked.

“Very dear, I love your grandpa dearly and I do hope you’ll accept me into the family too. I care about all of you”

“Then, can I call you grandma?” I asked as she beamed.

“Perfect” She smiled and hugged me.

“Linnnnndddsssseeeeyyyy do I smell food my gorgeous woman?” Grandpa came into the kitchen, kissed mine and Cody’s head before placing a kiss on his woman’s lips.

“Sam, do you mind calling the others down for food?” Lindsey asked as I nodded.

I covered my boys’ ears, one ear to my chest and a hand flat against the other before placing my fingers to my mouth.

“Not like that!” Grandpa shouted but it was too late, I whistled loudly and then suddenly footsteps ran down the hall.

“What happened? Why did you whistle? Are you ok?” The boys said in a panic as I laughed.

“Food’s ready” I smirked as they groaned at me.

“Seriously… You used your whistle to summon us like dogs…You haven’t done that since…” Shaun began.

“Since Bradley” I finished for him, forgetting that I’d used my whistle to play with the boys before, they would come running to the sound, expecting me to need their help but surprising them with something else.

“That was your help me whistle…why’d you do that?” Brian asked as they began to sit down, the last few people settling down into the room.

“Sorry, I forgot for a moment” I shrugged and began to eat quietly, pushing my food around.

“It’s ok Sammy” Shaun said laying a hand on my thigh with a reassuring squeeze.

“So, what’s everyone doing today?” Lindsey said trying to bring up conversation in the quiet.

“Tobias, Taylor, Damien and I are going to the school finishing up some things” Grandpa answered.

“Rob, Wayne and me, are talking to Beck today” Luka said.

“Me, Elise, Shaun and Louisa are going to Tammy’s” Savannah answered.

“I’m staying home” Jayden and Brian said at the same time.

“I…Have no idea” I answered.

“Well I have work so how about you keep those two knuckleheads company, make sure they don’t get into any more trouble” Lindsey smirked at me.

“Will Cody be staying?” Savannah asked.

“Yes, I need him with me” I answered, and she nodded understanding that I had missed my little boy and needed to bond with him once more.

“Movie day with Sammy” Jayden smirked.

“Hands to yourself” Brian grumbled as Jayden placed a hand on mine.

“Jealousy will get you nowhere Brian” Elise smirks.

“Shut it Elise” He growled.

“Don’t talk to my girl that way” Shaun growled back.

“Boys” I warned.

“Sorry Elise” Brian huffed and left the room as I got up and passed Cody over to Shaun quickly and went after him.

“What is the matter with you? Seriously, this jealousy is making you go crazy. You said that we’d do dates and it was my decision to make when I came to who I liked. Right now you’re doing a god damn good job of making me dislike you” I snapped as he turned to me.

“I’m sorry, I just hate knowing he has you, I know you like him more Sammy, I can see it. My heart just can’t deal with it” He sighs as I put a hand on his cheek and drag him forward.

“I haven’t chosen anyone yet. I should never have gone to sleep in his bed last night, but that was all it was I promise. You’ve never had a problem with guys touching me before, don’t start now. This is my decision” I said as I kissed his lips and he grabbed me, pulling me closer, deepening the kiss before placing his forehead on mine.

My heart fluttered just like it did with Jayden, and I groaned internally, this was not going to be easy.

“No more sleeping with boys…Unless it’s Taylor and Damien…” He said.

“Ok, that’s fine. Now stop with the snapping at people, we’re all a family here” I said and kissed his cheek and went back into the kitchen.

“Everything ok?” Savannah asked as I looked at her, she smirked, looking to my slightly swollen lips from the kiss, eyes wide.

“Don’t start” I said as the boys looked confused.

“Do we need another talk?” She asked.

“No, I will sort this out…Somehow” I groaned.

“Is there something you need help with kitten?” Jayden.

Savannah and Elise laughed.

“Boys really have no idea…” Lindsey mumbled as she joined in.

“Not all boys…Choose carefully Sammy. Thanks for the food Lindsey. Girl’s shall we head off?. Oh by the way James is at work if you need him guys” Shaun said, as the girls followed him saying goodbye. Savannah winked at me as she left.

“I will never understand you women” Luka grumbled.

“That’s exactly why being gay is so much easier” Taylor said as I burst into laughter.

“Not an option for me, I love my wife” Luka smirked.

“As I love my husband” Taylor smiled and kissed Damien.

“Okay guys, time to go, we have lots to do. Samantha make sure you rest. Jayden behave and be careful of that leg and someone tell Brian to behave himself too. Now take back your baby boy as I have work to go to” Lindsey said as she handed Cody to me, placing a kiss on my head and kissing my grandpa on the mouth as they said goodbye.

“Have a good day at work grandma” I called out as grandpa looked at me in shock.

“Grandma? Really?” He asked and I nodded while he beamed with delight.

“You really are such a special girl Sam” he kissed my head and took the boys with him so all that were left were me and Jayden in the kitchen.

“Do you know if the spare cot is still in the lounge, I don’t want to keep going up and down the stairs all day?” I asked.

“Yeah, we can pop it in the office if you like, so he can sleep without being annoyed” Jayden answered as he got up, hobbling towards the lounge.

He struggled moving the cot by himself as Brian came into the room smirking.

“Do you need a real man to move that?” He smirked.

“I don’t see any other real man but me in here” Jayden smirked back.

“You’re going to hurt your leg, move” Brian said as he took over, moving the cot with ease.

“In the office please” I said as he nodded while I held my sleep boy.

“I swear all he ever does is sleep” Jayden smiles as he watches me place Cody in the cot as Brian sets up the baby monitor to keep an eye on him.

“He’s still a baby, of course he will, he’s growing” I whisper as we quietly leave the room.

I sat on the sofa as Brian and Jayden joined me, each on one side.

“We have three sofa’s and you both want to sit next to me?” I smirk.

“Best seats to watch the tv” Brian mumbles.

“I just want to sit next to you kitten” Jayden answers and I hear Brian huff.

“The tension in here is immense, should I leave you two in here alone for you to kiss…” I laugh.

“Bitch” Brian grumbles.

“But a loveable bitch right?” I laugh.

Brian laughed and then put the tv on as he put on a scary movie. I used to love scary movies, couldn’t get enough of them, but this one, it started something wrong in my brain as I began to have a panic attack.

“Sammy? Oh shit…Are you having an attack again?” Brian knelt in front of me, trying to get me to calm down.

“Kitten, breathe, take a big breath and let it all out. I fell asleep what did you put on?” Jayden said looking at the film which was paused.

“Some horror, girl got kidnapped… Oh shit, did I do this?” Brian looked worried.

“Way to ruin it Brian, after everything you choose that sort of film” Jayden said angrily.

They kept bickering as I just sat there, I couldn’t get my breath back and cried as they just kept bickering.

“Get out!” I shouted finally as they suddenly stopped, looking at me with shock.

“Kitten…” Jayden started.

“If you two are going to continue bickering like children then get the fuck out now” I growled, trying to slow my breath.

“Sorry” Brian mumbled.

“Just leave, both of you” I said as they sighed, getting up and leaving, but I could hear them both bickering again in the corridor.

“If either of you wake my child I will kill you” I called out as I heard them take it outside.

I turned off the tv as I slowly regained my mind and turned on some music to help clear my head.

I laid on the sofa just letting the music soothe my head and I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew a blanket covered me and Brian and Jayden sat on opposite sofa’s as Jayden held Cody in his arms, playing with his little fingers.

“Have you two finished bickering like children?” I asked sitting up slowly.

“Yes” They replied in unison.

“If you two aren’t careful I won’t be choosing either of you. You’re making it really hard right now for me to like either of you” I sighed.

“Maybe that would be better” Brian sighed.

“You giving up on our girl?” Jayden asked.

“I never had a chance in the first place, no point denying it” Brian tilted his head back on the sofa.

“If anything you had more chance, you know her better than me, if it was down to who did the perfect date, you’ve known her years dude, I haven’t. You’d win hands down” Jayden answered as I just watched.

“Nah, I’ve always been like a brother to her, no point changing it now” Brian said sadly.

“Will you stop talking like I’m not in the room. I wouldn’t kiss my brother would I? You don’t see me kissing Luka how we’ve kissed do you?” I shivered at the thought, it was gross.

“I can’t do this Sam, I can’t, I’m sorry. Choose him. I…I…need to go for a walk” Brian said kissing my head like he was saying goodbye forever as I watched him walk out the door.

“What did I do?” I asked in shock.

“I’ll go talk to him” He said passing Cody over and hobbling quickly out the room.

I heard the door closed and then they were gone, again…

I waited an hour and they still didn’t come back.

“I’m home!” James shouted as he came bustling through the door.

“Hey” I said as I hugged Cody tight to me.

“Where are the boys? Shaun said they were having a movie day with you” He looked around.

“It’s complicated” I said as I told him what had happened.

“I swear, those two need their heads bashing together, I might actually do it when they get back” James grumbled sitting next to me as he played with Cody’s little hand with a smile.

“I don’t think I can choose either of them anymore, they’re so…confusing and like children that are fighting for my attention. I need a man not a child” I say.

“That’s a very valid point. Maybe, after everything, you should just take a break. No commitments, go date someone out of the circle we have.” James said as I nodded.

“Maybe that would be better” I sighed resting my head on his shoulder.

“But, we get to check them out first, we can’t have no random weirdos going out with you” He smirks.

“Deal” I smile.

“How about we go to the diner, Elise is up there working” He says as I nod.

We drove to the diner and Elise looked up in surprise. Grandpa had made her manager of the diner and she loved every minute of it.

“Why are you here? James? What happened?” She asked as we ordered some food.

I explained everything that had happened to her and she frowned.

“I agree with James, we are bashing their heads together” She said.

I smiled and looked around the diner, it was busy and still looked great.

“Scoot over Sammy” Taylor walked up to the table suddenly as our meals were brought over by Elise as Taylor stole a chip.

“Are you serious, this is my food!” I laughed.

“You used to be nice and share food” He smirked.

“Yeah and then I learnt that if you share once, your whole meal will be gone when surrounded by males” I groaned as I slapped his hand away.

“Why are you here anyway?” I asked.

“Jayden couldn’t find you, so he sent me a text all frantic. I sent a message to everyone and Elise replied that you were here”

“How annoyed is Shaun with me right now?” I ask as I knew he would be worried that I had just left.

“He’s fine, Elise told him what was going on, he’s happy that James got you out the house” He nodded at James who smiled while stuffing his face.

I noticed Elise making a few signs and putting them in the window as I read it.

“Hey, Elise, why are you closing early?” I ask as she smiles.

“We are having a family dinner, everyone’s coming here” She smiled.

“Family dinner…A piece of normality” Taylor smiles.

“At last” I said as he tried to take another chip I slapped him again.

“Play nicely!” He said before holding my hands in one of his and taking several before stuffing them in his mouth.

“Big gob” I growled as he smirked.

“Good thing really” He winked.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt but are you Samantha?” A girl came up to the table, she was super pretty in skinny jeans and a crop top with a small leather jacket.

“That would be me yes” I answered.

“Wow, hi, I’m Lizzy, from the Ravens, my dad’s the head of the mafia in California” She said holding out a hand as I shook it.

“Nice to meet you Lizzy” I smiled.

“So, uhh, I’m going to be sticking around for a while, would you, like, would you like to hang out sometime?” She asked with a blush.

“Yeah, that would be cool. Here take my phone and put your number in. I’ll message you” I smiled and handed over my phone as she quickly put her number in.

“Thanks, we’ll talk soon then” She smiled and walked back off to her crowd of people.

“She totally has the hots for you” Taylor whispered in my ear.

“No, I’m sure it’s because there are so few women in our position, she just needs a friend” I said as I kept looking up at her, she was gorgeous.

“My gaydar is going crazy, she won’t stop looking over here” Taylor smirked.

“I have enough problems in my love life to add another” I groaned.

“A date with someone out of the circle” James said with a wink.

“God damn it” I said.

Hey Lizzy, it’s Samantha, can I ask you something, this might be a little odd but my buddy beside me wants to know what you’re into, girls? Guys? Both? Sorry to be rude. Sam x

I sent the text as Taylor looked over my shoulder, shoving me playfully as it sent as he ducked down as I had used him as an excuse.

I looked up as a ding could be heard at their table as I looked at her smirk and look over.

Ding went my phone with a reply as James and Taylor read it over my shoulder.

Hey, it’s ok I like both, is that a problem? I have no problems with people asking me. How about you? What are you into? Lizzy x

“I told you! She’s into you!” Taylor smirked.

“Why helllooooo guys and girl, may I sit?” Damien said as he suddenly sat on Taylor’s lap.

“Sammy’s got another admirer” Taylor said as Damien looked around the diner.

“Which guy?” He asked as James sniggered.

“Not a guy” Taylor said.

I like people…I don’t care who they are. Sam x

“What about Jayden and Brian?” Damien asked.

“Ohhhh, don’t ask, they are in the dog house right now” James grumbled.

“Explain” Damien said as James explained what happened as I continued to text Lizzy.

Lizzy: So, are you single? L x

Sam: Yes, but it’s a little complicated. S x

Lizzy: I know the kid is yours, he’s cute by the way. How much more complicated could it be L x

I laughed and looked at my baby boy asleep in his pram.

Sam: Thanks, he is pretty cute, just like his dad was… pretty complicated. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of rumours about me S x

Lizzy: I’ve heard rumours but never listen to them. I find out the truth from the source. My dad does too, he’s looking forward to meeting you this week L x

Sam: Will you be at the meeting? S x

Lizzy: Of course, I’ll see you there beautiful. Gotta go ; ) L x

Sam: See you there, S x

“You’re blushing, give me the phone!” Taylor stole my phone as he read my messages.

I watched as Lizzy and her men all got up and walked past us as she winked at me and waved.

“Damn…the boys have competition!” Damien smirked.

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