Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty-One

The diner was closed and one by one everyone turned up as we made the table into one long line to fit everyone on.

Taylor and Damien sat either side of me, so Jayden and Brian didn’t get too close, but so far they hadn’t turned up.

“YOU! Spill it! Taylor text me you little minx” Savannah pointed at me with a smirk as I groaned and hit Taylor.

“Why don’t you just tell the world” I growl.

“Sam’s got the hots for a girl!” He shouted as everyone went quiet as I leant my head against the table groaning.

“I hate you…” I said as the door of the diner opened at the same time and the last of our group arrived, with Jayden and Brian in tow.

“What was you just shouting?” Tobias said as he came in.

“Sammy got a girls number today” Taylor said with a wink as Brian and Jayden looked at me.

“I warned you boys, play with her heart and you’d both lose” Shaun said.

“We didn’t play with her heart!” Brian shouted.

“No you just bicker like children, cause her a panic attack and then run off again.” Shaun growled as they sat down.

“Can we not argue and just have a nice dinner together for once?” I mumble.

“Nothing like good old family dinner arguments” Taylor smirked.

“You know it’s complicated enough for her and you two have to be dicks about it. You could have just got along and given her time, but you push and push. Now look what you’re doing, she will go on dates with other people and neither of you will get her. But you know what, maybe that’s the best thing she could do right now” Shaun tried to whisper but I heard it all.

“Right here Shaun, no need to whisper, I can hear you anyway. Savannah can you take care of Cody for a bit, I need a walk” I said as she nodded and I got up, walking outside taking a breath of fresh air.

“Well, well, well, look who it is, it’s pretty girl from the beach and the diner” I turned to the voice and there stood Craig, I thought he was still in prison.

“What do you want Craig?” I groaned.

“A piece of you” He smirked back me up against a wall.

“Touch her and you’ll die” Lizzy came up behind him with a knife to his throat.

“I could do with a threesome, two pretty girls all to myself, want to join in sweetheart?” Craig grinned as I kicked him in the nuts and he went down, his cheek cut a little from Lizzy’s knife.

“Come after me again and next time you won’t be able to walk away” I growl in his ear.

“Who the hell is he?” Lizzy said as she took my arm as he struggled to run away from us.

“An old problem that I thought was in jail” I said.

“I’m glad I turned up when I did then, he was following you for a little while back there, pretty much from the diner, I was on my bike and saw him in the mirror as I was heading to the hotel” She said as we began to walk to her bike.

“Thanks for the help Lizzy, I can take care of myself though, he’s a pussy. I’ve dealt with him a few times.” I said.

“Hey, I’ve got your back. People like that can snap and become the men that we despise.” She said as she leaned on her bike.

“Thanks. Your bike is nice” I said as I took a look at her bike, it was beautiful, just like her, it was sleek and shiny in a bright red which matched her nails and lips.

“Want a ride back to the diner?” She asked.

“That would be good” I smiled as we mounted her bike, my hands on her hips as she revved the hell out of the bike.

She moved my hands round her tighter and then took off quickly as I loved the feeling of the wind through my hair.

It didn’t take long until we got to the diner, but I loved every second.

“So, uhh, I’ll see you at the meeting Samantha” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, thank you again for the help Lizzy, bye” I said as I placed a kiss on her cheek and went into the diner.

“I saw that” Taylor smirked as I got back in.

“Shut up” I blushed.

“Grandpa, did you know that Craig is back out?” I asked as the boys looked at me.

“No, why? Did you see him?” He asked.

“Yeah, he followed me, backed me into a wall, Lizzy drove past and gave him a fright.” I said.

“Who is Craig?” Tobias asked as Grandpa gave him a full account of what had happened with Craig as he found an old image of him from the CCTV.

“We’ll keep an eye out for him, he won’t go unnoticed” Rueben nodded and passed the image around to the biker guys.

“So, are we completely out of the running now that SHE is talking to you” Brian asked coming up behind me.

“I’m not committing to anything Brian. Can’t I just have a little fun for a change?” I ask

“Fine, you want to be a whore, go right ahead” He growled as I stood and went to punch him, but Taylor stopped me, and Shaun grabbed him by the collar instead throwing him across the room.

“Shaun! Don’t!” I called out.

“What the fuck Brian! You realise who you are talking to?! That’s our girl, remember that! She has been with all of us through everything! She’s not a whore, she’s a caring woman without a cruel bone in her body and she’s trying to find her place in the world again. She’s still young and still able to choose what she wants to do. If she wants to have fun and go on dates and mess around that is HER choice. If you don’t like it, don’t be around anymore” Shaun shouted as we all sat quietly.

“Fine, I’m going back home with Beck anyway…” Brian said as I felt a stab in my heart.

“You’re leaving…” I murmured.

“One less choice for you to make.” He said getting up and groaning.

“Mate think about this” Rob said.

“I have thought about it. I can’t sit by and watch as she falls for more people and gets hurt. I love you Sam, but I won’t watch people tear your heart apart” He said.

“No, you’ve just done it yourself” I said as I cried and shoved Taylor off of me before walking up to Brian.

“I’ll be gone by the end of the week” He said as he went to walk away, but I turned him and slapped him.

“Fuck you Brian, we’re family. Family don’t abandon each other” I cried.

“The best way I can protect both our hearts is to leave. I’m sorry Sammy” He said as he walked out the diner.

My hands shook as someone laced their fingers with mine and led me back to the table and sat me on their lap.

“I’ve got you kitten” Jayden cooed.

“Are you going to leave too?” I asked.

“Never, you are able to date whoever you like. That has nothing to do with me. I don’t care as long as you’re happy” He said as I snuggled into him.

“He’ll come back one day Sammy he won’t leave forever” Shaun sighed placing a hand on my shoulder.

For a while we just sat like that as we ate and drank, going back to talking happily.

I sat back with Taylor and Damien as we ate.

“So…Are you going to ask her out?” Damien smirked.

“I don’t know, she’s gorgeous and seems cool but I don’t really know a lot about her” I said.

“That’s what a date is for” Taylor rolled his eyes.

“We’ll see” I said.

“You’ve got nothing to lose Sam” James said.

“I have everything to lose. I have a child I have to think about, I have the mafia, the family, my own wellbeing” I said.

“A date is not going to affect that Sammy” He replied

“I…I just want to sort this meeting out first, get on top of everything” I said

“Get on top of her more likely” Taylor sniggered as I whacked his arm.

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