Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty-Four

It wasn’t long before a car arrived with a trailer on the back, we put my bike in the trailer and tied the man up in the boot as the little girl, Paisley, curled up in my lap and wouldn’t leave my side as we made our way to the school.

“Paisley!” A man shouted as we turned up and he took her in his arms as she cried.

“Samantha, this is Bryant, he’s her godfather, her only family left. Part of the Locke Mafia.” Tobias said as his boys grabbed the truck driver from the boot.

“Nice to meet you Bryant, I wish it was under better circumstances, I’d like Rueben to take a look at Paisley, if you don’t mind” I said as she wriggled in his arms and ran back to me.

“Bad man!” She screamed and pointed at the driver.

“Bad man will pay for what he did, now, my big friend over here, he’s super nice, he helped keep me alive once, he’s like a big doctor, can he take a look at you. I promise he won’t hurt you” I said as Rueben gave her a smile and wave.

“Ok, he a nice man?” She said.

“The nicest” I smiled.

“I’ll find you a lollypop when we’re done kid” Rueben said and she giggled, walking off with him.

I waited until she was out of view before grabbing the truck driver by the hair and pulling him screaming to kneel in front of Bryant.

“You harmed that little girl, meet her god father. I’m sure he would love to help you in telling us who, when and where you hurt girls like little Paisley, and I promise that it will be slow and painful if you don’t answer” I growled in his ear.

“I’ll tell you! Don’t hurt me!” He whined.

“The honours are all yours Bryant” I waved a hand to the driver as Bryant sent a swift kick to the mans’ nuts as he screamed.

“I’ll deal with him and let you know what I find out. Thank you Samantha” Bryant said dragging him behind him as he screamed in pain. Some of Tobias’ boys followed him to help and keep things controlled.

I sat on the wet ground leaning against the truck as my breathing became erratic.

“How many kids have you found like that Tobias?” I asked, I knew they’d saved a few.

“At least eighty” He sighed kneeling in front of me.

“Sam, you’re hurt, show me” Jayden said wincing on his own leg, he’d done too much riding his bike himself.

“Just bruises, I’ll be ok. I’m worried about Paisley” I said.

“I want Rueben to check you over quickly before we leave, plus I want to have a go at that man myself” Jayden growled.

“Ok.” I said as Tobias helped me up and led me into the school where I found Paisley and Rueben in the small nurses office we had.

“How’s she doing?” I whispered as he went to grab a lollypop from the draw. He looked at me sadly.

“He de-flowered her…Sick bastard” He said as I growled and stormed out the room.

“Where is he?” I growled out as Tobias led me to the basement as I heard the man scream out as punch after punch was blown to his face.

“Samantha?” Jayden questioned seeing me come down.

“Have you got information out of him?” I asked.

“He squealed like a pig we have plenty on him” Bryant growled.

“Bryant, go see your god daughter” I said.

“What did he do?” He asked angrily.

“Bryant, go” I ordered, and his eyes widened.
“Tell me she’s still innocent?” His eyes held anger and tears as I shook my head.

“Trust me, he’ll pay, but she needs you” I said as he kicked the guy hard in the nuts again before running off.

I grabbed a knife off of the side as Jayden watched me with wonder, he’d never seen me so angry before.

“You de-flowered my girl up there, do you know she is EIGHT years-old!” I put on some brass knuckles and punched his face hard as he screamed out, spitting blood.

“I’ve done worse” They guy laughed sadistically.

“You enjoy it don’t you, taking a little girl, touching her, don’t you?” I said as I took my knife and dragged it lightly across his skin watching his eyes light up at my words.

“Mmm” He moaned, the rage built in me as I swung my knife down, splitting his shorts to reveal his penis.

“You’ll never touch another child again” I said as his eyes turned to panic as I grabbed his penis and sliced it clean off as he screamed in agony before shoving it in his own mouth, blood spurting everywhere before smashing his face with the brass knuckles.

“Stop, he’s done, he’s dead” Jayden held my arms as he pulled me back, blood soaked the floor and my clothes as I breathed heavily.

Tobias, Bryant and a mix of both their guys came down and stopped suddenly at the bottom of the stairs.

“Have you got cameras in here?” Bryant asked.

“Yes, why?” Lesley one of Tobias’ men answered.

“Because I want to watch what she did.” He said in awe as I stood in Jayden’s arms.

“Jayden, is she ok?” Tobias asked as he came in front of me assessing me.

“I’m better now he’s dead” I answered shrugging off my leather jacket that was covered in thick sticky blood.

Bryant and his men began to clap as I walked out the room and back upstairs.

“Now I understand why people want her by her side, she’s a powerful girl, that one” One of them murmured.

“Tobias! I want all his victims found and checked up on!” I shouted down the stairs.

“We’re already on it” he called up.

“I’m going home, I need to change” I called back.

“Wait for me” Jayden called out as he limped up the stairs and then followed me out of the building.

I could hear the murmurs from people around me as they clapped at me.

Everyone was happy that I’d killed the man that had hurt children.

“You’re still soaked in blood, you’re going to end up with police on you if you go out like this” Jayden said by my side as he chucked a towel at me quickly as I blotted my leathers so they didn’t look so bad, but I could still feel the sticky blood.

I dumped the towel in a bin as we went out to the bike.

“You didn’t get checked out did you?” Jayden sighed as he looked at my knuckles that were covered in grazes from beating the guy to death.

“I’ll get Lindsey to check me at home, I need to go home” I said and mounted my bike while he got on his and we rode home together.

“Great, everyone’s home” I sighed noticing the amount, of cars on the drive.

“Tammy’s car is here” He said, and I stopped.

“The kids can’t see me like this” I said as he nodded.

“Stay here, I’ll get the girls to keep them busy, go straight up” He said before going in. I waited and not a minute he came out with Shaun as they came up to me and rushed me inside and up the stairs as I heard Layla shout she wanted to see me.

“Get in the shower, I’ll put your gear in the wash. Lindsey will be home any minute now to check you over” Shaun said.

“I…I…I’m going to throw up” I said as I rushed to the toilet and puked. I had never been this worked up before, that angry. I’d killed a man, slowly and painfully.

Shaun held my hair up and out the way.

“Jayden, go downstairs, you don’t need to see this” Shaun said as Jayden tried to argue but he wasn’t having any of it as Jayden sighed and left.

“Thank you” I murmured as he helped me back up.

“You did good kid” He said hugging me.

“Samantha?” Lindsey came into the room and gasped as she shooed Shaun out the room.

She looked over my wounds, bandaged my hands and cleaned me up once I had a quick shower.

She checked my old scars which were a little sore from doing so much.

“You need to be careful your muscles aren’t built like they used to be anymore. You need to build them back up slowly. You’ve got a lot of bruising, you’ll be sore for a week or so, no big damage except for your knuckles, but you’ll heal soon enough” She said wiping the hair from my eyes as she brushed my hair.

“He hurt her, de-flowered her, she was in the cab when he tried to get me in. I couldn’t let a man like that live. But why do I feel so sick?” I said.

“It’s the adrenaline, your body is still calming down, you did well, he deserved what he got” She helped me calm down as she continued to brush my hair, just like my mother would when she had been alive.

“Thank you Grandma” I said, and she smiled and kissed my head.

“Layla’s waiting for you, so are Louisa and Cody. Let’s go downstairs, the boys are worried about you. Tobias and the others will be back soon” She said as she led me out of the room by my hand as I just followed her.

“Aunty Sammy!” Layla shouted excitedly

“Aunt Sam sam” Louisa shouted too as I looked at her in shock.

“Who taught her that?” I said, I hadn’t heard much of Louisa talking but I knew she liked to babble a lot.

“Luka did” Savannah smiled as Layla went to barrel into me, but Lindsey stopped her.

“Aunty Sammy has a boo boo, you need to be careful ok?” She said and Layla nodded and hugged me gently.

I sat on the sofa as Layla and Louisa sat beside me, Cody was popped into my arms as they all began chatting when Savannah received a video message.

“What the?” She gasped and looked at me before turning the volume down.

“Who sent you the CCTV?” I asked.

“It’s being sent everywhere, everyone has it. Looks like Bryant sent it first and its spreading like wild fire. You’re a hero to everyone right now.” She answered but had to hide her phone as Layla tried to look.

“Not for small eyes to see little one” Tammy said sternly as Layla huffed and took Louisa’s hand before storming upstairs to play.

“Do you think she’ll come back down any minute now?” Elise asked.

“Not a chance in her mood” Tammy shook her head as Elise connected her phone to the tv as the others all turned up.

“Ohhh movie time? What are we watching?” James jumped on the sofa before he noticed the state of my hands.

“Long story” I grumbled as Tobias boomed in.

“Not you lot too, that video is spreading from gang to gang” He huffed.

“I haven’t seen it yet” Elise huffed.

“Most of us haven’t” Shaun said as they all bundled into the lounge and I sighed as I watched the scene unfold, including what Bryant had done before I had got there.

I watched as I beat the man to death as the guys winced after watching what I did to his genitalia.

I passed Cody over to Lindsey when I couldn’t take watching it anymore, my hands shaking.

Arms wrapped around me as I stood shaking in the kitchen.

“He deserved it. Sammy, I haven’t seen you this shaken in years” Taylor murmured.

“I was so angry, I just, couldn’t think, I just did it” I whimpered.

“He deserved every single bit of that. If you didn’t do it, someone else would have. You’ve just showed every single gang out there that you will do anything to protect those kids. This could be the biggest show of power you’ve ever made” Taylor held my shoulders as I began to stop shaking.

“Samantha, I need to tell you something” Tobias walked in.

“What now?” I sighed.

“That man, we found out there were more victims, all over the world, he’s a wanted man for the child sex trade. We’re going to be working with gangs all over the world that have seen this and heard about it to take down the traders involved. Every single one” Tobias said as my eyes widened.

“I want to know when they are found, they will all pay, the same way” I said as he nodded.

“We’ll be working closely on it. I’ll update you when we have some more information” He said.

“How is Paisley?” I asked.

“She’s with Bryant, we’re going to find a counsellor for her, we could do with one in the school anyway” Tobias answered.

“Yes we do, that’s a great idea, I didn’t think of that” I said.

“You saved her life, she’s absolutely in love with you right now, you’re her hero” He smiled.

“I’m just happy we found her. If I hadn’t of stopped in that rain, we might never have found her…Hold on…The school is surrounded by mafia families…How the hell did she get taken?” I whizzed to Tobias.

“You don’t think someone there is involved do you?” Taylor asked.

“Get someone to check CCTV, one of our guys only. Get Damien on it” I said as Taylor rushed off.

I saw Damien and Taylor shoot out the lounge as they ran to the office.

I followed as he worked furiously on the computer as he pulled up the schools CCTV.

“The schools tapes have been tampered with, but luckily for us, I made sure there was a back up to everything, straight to my servers” He said as he searched the videos as I watched them one by one.

“Stop, look” I said noticing the truck roll up to the school.

“God damn it, it’s Paisley’s godfather, Bryant!” I shouted as I ran out the room to grab my gun from the locked cabinet.

“Boys! Lock and load, we’re going on a hunt” I shouted.

“Who was it?” Tobias came out.

“Bryant” I said as he looked on in shock.

He picked up his phone as the boys all geared up.

“I’m coming too” Savannah said as she grabbed her own gun.

“Who has the kids?” I asked.

“Elise, Tammy and Lindsey have it” She answered.

“Well get ready then” I smiled as we all got outside and jumped in our vehicles as Tobias called his men.

“I want leaders on their phones right now, this scumbag was in our territory hurting our kids, his own family, who knows who else he’s got involved. I want everything and everyone on this. No stone untouched!” I said through our com links that the boys had chucked at me.

“I’m getting calls already, people are slamming Bryant, no one likes him, we’ve got guys watching him at the school already” Luka answered.

“No one touches him before we get there, he’s mine” I growl.

The rage was building once again.

“When did he get here anyway? He wasn’t at the meeting” Grandpa asked.

“He came the other day said he was running late due to a few issues.” Luka replied.

“Yeah, running a child sex trade” Rob said angrily.

“Keep a steady head guys” Savannah said.

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