Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty-Five

We arrived at the front of the school quickly as a few men came to our cars.

“Sam, this is two of Hayden’s guys, they stayed back to help keep an eye on things” Luka introduced us.

“Ma’am, I’m Zane and this is Liam, we’ve had eyes on Bryant all evening, he hasn’t left the little girl and he’s in the dorms with the other girls, we managed to get word to some of the older girls in there and they are keeping us updated but we think he’s armed” Zane said.

“He knows we’re coming” I said.

“How many girls have we got in there?” Savannah asked.

“We don’t know, twenty maybe?” Liam answered.

“Who the hell is this guy and how did he get in my school?” I said as we headed towards the dorms.

“He’s a low-level gang, Hayden knows of him, the guy turned up the day Hayden left. We figured he might be the thief. The only person who would recognise him would be Hayden”

“Well, this might just begin a beautiful friendship with Hayden for us, I plan to take this fucker down and then Hayden can have what ever he finds from his gang” I said.

“How many men has Bryant got here and are they with him?” Shaun asked.

“We think he has at least ten, they are spread across the whole place, I’ve got people watching them all” Zane said.

“Right, I want you all to split, at least two to each man, get them down and tie them up in the basement, when your done one of you stays with them and the other can join the rest of us, I don’t care who goes with who. But I want a man per person in the basement just in case” I ordered as everyone agreed and split off.

Zane and Liam stuck with me and Savannah as she argued with Luka but managed to get him to let her go with me.

We snuck round to the dorm where Bryant was holding the kids as Damien sent me a video link to the CCTV inside the dorms.

“He’s got Paisley in his arms and his gun out we can’t let the kids get hurt” I groaned trying to think of a plan.

“Set off the fire alarm, that might get most of them out” Liam suggested.

“It could also spook Bryant. No smoke, no fire, he’ll sniff it out” I answered.

“So we set one, he’s on the top floor, we sneak in, use a bin to set a fire, the smoke will activate the alarm, we’ll keep the fire contained but the smoke will still fill the air. Hopefully the girls will get out while the alarm distracts him, then we take him down” Zane says.

I think about it, but I was still worried that we wouldn’t do this without casualty. But we had no other choice.

“Five in the basement” Luka said through the coms.

“So it begins” Savannah said as we crept quietly into the house, making as little noise as possible, there were a few girls hiding in the kitchen as we signalled for them to be quiet and Liam showed them out and took them to another dorm.

He soon came back in as Zane lit the fire, he fanned it making as much smoke as possible as we tried not to inhale too much.

The fire alarm went, and girls began to scream as some flooded down the stairs.

I watched my phone as Bryant began to pace with Paisley unconscious in his arms.

“Is she alive?” Savannah looked at my phone.

“I don’t know. He’s got her and two of the older girls up there” I said as Zane looked at my phone.

“That’s my sister Zara and her friend Tina.” He said as I saw the worry in his eyes.

“We’ll get them out” I said as I crept to the stairs and slowly made my way up as they followed.

A shot went into the wall just above my head as I ducked, and Savannah held me back from getting shot.

“You should have left me alone kid! Don’t come any closer” Bryant shouted.

“Let the kids go and I won’t come near you” I shouted back, gun poised and ready.

“So you can kill me? I don’t think so” He stammered as I peeked up he shot again as I saw he had both girls in front of him and Paisley in his arms.

“That’s your god daughter in your arms Bryant, how could you do it to her?” I called out.

“Easy money baby” He laughed.

“You’d sell the kids to be abused for money! Why?” I ask my anger rising.

“You have to start somewhere! And you have no idea how much money I get for each kid, it’s crazy man!” He said, he disgusted me, and I felt Savannah’s hand tighten in a ball.

“Did you attack Hayden’s place too? Was that easy money?” I ask as I saw the bathroom in front of me was open and would give me a better shot.

“That was just a bonus, I couldn’t let the only man who knew of me but couldn’t find me tattle me out, he’s been looking for me for years!” He laughed.

“Why would he want you? What else did you do?” I ask.

“His daughter is a pretty girl isn’t she?” Bryant said as Savannah gasped.

“You hurt my girl” I growled.

“Oh I did more than hurt her sweetheart, I’ll show you the tapes if you like” he said.

“Cover me” I said as Savannah nodded and raised her gun as she shot into the room, Bryant avoided the shots as I ran to the bathroom as Zane’s sister ran out and I grabbed her and dragged her in with me before she got shot.

She looked down the stairs as her brother put a finger to his lips and mouthed that he would get her soon.

“Stupid! You’re stupid! I’ll kill them! I will!” Bryant shouted angrily as I told Zara to stay put and away from the door as I skirted around the walls out of Bryant’s sight.

“Talk to him” I mouthed to Savannah.

“Is Paisley alive Bryant?” Savannah called out.

“She’s sleeping, like an angel, I gave her a few medications and she sleeps” He says as I have to stop myself from shouting out.

“I bet you’re loving the control right now aren’t you, we can’t get to you, you have two girls with you, they’re very pretty girls aren’t they.” Savannah said.

“Pretty girls, they will earn a pretty penny, yes. Now get out, all of you!” He shouted as I heard him grab Tina and have them shuffle towards the door as Savannah backed up as he was aiming at her.

“Where are you taking them?” Savannah asked as I ducked down, if he was to shoot it would be for eye level first.

“Shipment, I have an order to fulfil and if you don’t get out of my way I’ll let you watch the blood drain from them!” He shouted as Tina slid out the room and I put a finger to my lips as her eyes flicked to me.

A gun pressed to the back of her head.

“Back down the stairs now!” Bryant shouts.

“Ok, we’re going down now” Savannah said.

“Where’s the other girl? Where’s Zara and that bitch Samantha?” He asked as he came out a little further.

I smacked his wrist that was holding the gun as his gun shot rang and Tina ran before Paisley fell to the ground with a thud and I grabbed him by the throat as one hand tried to pry the gun from his hand.

“Get them out now!” I shouted as Zane, Liam and Savannah rushed in and grabbed the kids as I fought with Bryant.

I kicked him into the bedroom as he slammed into a wardrobe before he came at me once more as I avoided Savannah grabbing Paisley.

He tried to shoot me once more as I punched his throat and he let go of the gun as I kicked it away towards the stairs.

He swiped a leg under me as I went down while he put his hand to my throat.

I was choking as I tried to get him off me.

I brought up a knee as it made contact with his nuts and he went down to the side as I punched him repeatedly in the face until he was unconscious.

I coughed trying to gain my breath back as Savannah and the boys ran back up the stairs as I tied his wrists together tightly.

“Rueben!” Savannah shouted as she got to me as he ran up the stairs.

“Why is it always you?” He said as he checked my throat and bandaged my wounds quickly.

“I can’t help it, danger finds me” I cough through a laugh.

“Thank you, you saved my sister, I owe you a huge debt” Zane said as Zara hugged into his side.

“No need. You okay Zara?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you, I hope I’m just like you one day” She smiled.

“Don’t be me, be better” I smiled.

“I don’t think that’s possible” She smiled.

“If you stick around, I’ll help you, all I can do is make sure you are so much more” I said, and she nodded as Zane and Liam took a side of Bryant dragging him down the stairs as Savannah helped me up.

“Your throat is going to bruise I might need to give you a few stitches once again, but you’ll heal. Please rest this week Samantha” Rueben told me as we made our way down.

“Sammy, bloody hell woman, why do you always get hurt? You still amaze me to this day!” Rob shouted.

“Luka’s down in the basement, he told me to let you know that Hayden and Lizzy are on their way back” Taylor said.

“Ok, Taylor, Lizzy was one of the girls Bryant messed with…” I whispered.

“Oh shit” He looked at me wide-eyed.

“No one touches Bryant, he’s for Hayden and Lizzy to deal with” I call out the order and people nod in understanding.

We begin walking back to the main school as I begin to feel a little dizzy as I sway.

“Woah! Samantha? How are you feeling right now?” Rueben asks as he catches me.

“Little dizzy to be honest” I laugh as he carries me the rest of the way.

“It’s from the lack of oxygen when he choked you, give it time and you’ll be fine” He said as he sat me down on a desk indoors.

“Is she ok?” Jayden walked up to us.

“Little banged up but no different to normal” Savannah said.

“I want this whole place searched for anything they might have left and people who are involved at all with Bryant, I want all information to me as soon as possible!” I heard Luka yell from the corridor.

“Well hi big brother” I said as he looked at my wounds while Rueben was patching me up better.

“I’m going to kill him” Luka growled.

“Oh no you’re not, he’s for Hayden and Lizzy to deal with” I shook my head.

“He hurt you!” Luka shouted.

“He hurt others more, especially Lizzy” I said quietly as he looked at me wide-eyed.

“You’re joking”

“No, leave him to them” I said, and he nodded.

“She’s more like you than I thought” He said.

“That’s why she needs to be a part of it, to say goodbye to that part of her life” I said as Rueben finished stitching me up.

Jayden and Luka helped me back onto my feet as I winced.

“You’re resting” They said in unison.

“When we’re done here I promise I will rest, you can all be me for a change” I said, and they laughed.

“Easy” Luka smirked.

“What about being me is easy? How many times have people tried to kill me or sell me? How many people have I lost? How much shit do I have to deal with in my head on a daily basis. You’d cower if you knew what went on in my head” I said.

“Sorry” He frowned.

“No feel free to be me, I will enjoy the rest” I smirked as we walked down to the basement.

“Pretty girls coming down the stairs, pretty girls for a pretty penny!” I heard Bryant singing.

“How hard did you hit him?” Taylor asked.

“He was already talking like that… the singing is new”

“Pretty girl with a pretty punch, pretty girl will die by my hand” He said eyeing me.

I crouched in front of him.

“If anyone will die, it won’t be me. Hayden’s coming for you” I smirk as his eyes fill with fear.

“No, pretty girls dad, he found me…No!” He wriggled in his binds.

“Did I strike a nerve? I’m going to watch as they destroy you piece by piece, I’m going to close down your child sex ring and destroy every customer, every driver and anyone you’ve ever dealt with. Are you excited? Because I am. I’ll enjoy watching your whole world be brought down. Pretty girls are dangerous too” I slapped his cheek and stood up and looked at his men in a row.

“Who wants to die quickly?” I call out.

“Answer her!” Tobias boomed.

“You will all die, I can promise you that, but how you die is up to you. Give my men information, everything you know and when we confirm it we will kill you quickly. If we have to torture it out of you for it or you do not answer then it will be dragged out, very, very slowly.” I say.

“I’ll talk!” One said as I smirked.

“Shut up!” The other growled.

I knelt in front of the man who said he would talk first.

“Good boy, I want him talked to away from here” I told the boys as Shaun grabbed him and dragged him away for a little chat.

“Now you” I knelt in front of the man who had shouted at the other. “You will find yourself in a lot of pain. Would you like to give me information and stop telling your men to be quiet?” I asked as I twirled a knife in my hand.

“Fuck you, you little bitch” He spat in my face.

“Has anyone got a lighter?” I ask.

“I have” Zane replied as he passes the one he had from earlier to set the fire.

“You see, my grandfather, the original leader of Midnight Rose, Jon Jones taught me a lot when I was younger, he taught me torture methods that I’ve never spoken to anyone about. Especially ones that will hurt, a lot and still have you survive” I smirk flicking on the lighter.

“Need some help?” Zane asked as I stood and nodded.

“Put him on the table, take of his trousers and boxers” I said as they looked at me before he, Liam and Tobias dragged him kicking and screaming to the table.

“What are you doing Sam?” Taylor asks.

“Have you ever seen skin melt slowly?” I play with the lighter.

“You’re going to…Oh god, I don’t think I can watch…But I will…” Taylor grumbles a hand over his on lower region.

“Hold him down” I said before finding some paper and a cup while lighting it on fire, I would keep adding slowly to keep it going.

I placed the cup under his penis as the cup slowly got hotter and hotter, his cries getting louder as they had to hold him tighter.

“I’ll talk! Just stop!” He screamed as I grabbed the cup with a jacket that was laid on a chair.

“Ouch, I bet that hurts” Rueben took a quick look as he saw the burns.

“Would have been better if he hadn’t screamed. Now you’ll get a chance to talk, you give any wrong information or cause problems and it will get worse. Understood? I can do this all night” I slapped his cheek.

“Anyone else?” I smirked at the others who all piped up that they would tell what they could.

“That was too easy” I whined I was enjoying it a little too much.

“You’re crazy…I love it” Zane laughed.

The boys got to questioning the men, it would be a long night.

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