Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Cody’s cries woke me up as I gently got out of bed and took him out of his cot as he babbled happily in my arms getting back into bed next to Lizzy.

“Morning” She yawns as I accidently wake her.

“Morning Babe” I smile.

“He’s so freakin’ cute” She sits up and stares at him as her head lays against my shoulder.

“He’s my beautiful baby boy” I smile as I kiss her head and then his.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked.

“Best sleep I’ve had in a long time” I smile as her arms wrap around me.

“Me too” She smiles.

Cody begins to whine in my arms and gets fidgety.

“I think someone needs some milk. Sorry but I need to get up babe” I said kissing Lizzy quickly.

“It’s fine, baby has to eat” She smiles as we get up, washed and dressed, Lizzy borrows some clothes to get changed into and she looked hot in my clothes.

“You look edible” I moaned.

“So do you” She winks and kisses me hard before we leave the room.

“Aunty Sammy!” Layla squeals before stopping suddenly at the sight of Lizzy.

“Hey Layla, you been helping with Cody?” I smile

“Yeah, who’s she?” She points to Lizzy.

“That is a very beautiful princess named Lizzy” I smile.

Her eyes brighten.

“Can a princess marry another princess?” She asks.

“Of course they can” I say.

“Is she your princess?” She asks.

“She might be, if she agrees to be my girl” I smile as I look up to Lizzy with a grin.

“You mean a girlfriend?” She asks blushing.

“No, a dance partner. Yes, girlfriend” I say sarcastically with a smirk.

“You know you’ll be stuck with me right?” She says.

“Couldn’t think of anyone better” I smile as she squeals and kisses me.

“Yes” She grins as I kiss her lips once more.

“Mummy! Aunt Sammy got a girlfriend!” Layla laughs in the kitchen.

“Welcome to the mad house” I smile as I take her hand and enter the kitchen where Elise, Tammy, Wayne and Rob stand with Louisa in the highchair and Layla giggling by her mother’s side.

The front door bursts open, the boys and Savannah all burst in looking knackered.

“Morning guys” I call out as I get a few grunts and groans.

“Did any of you get any sleep?” Elise called out.

“A little” Grandpa answered.

“Go to bed guys” I shout as they groan at me and most of them disappear upstairs.

“Can I feed Cody?” Lizzy asks and I nod and put him in her arms and give her the bottle that I had sorted for him as I watched her stare at him in wonder.

“Aunty Sav! Sammy got a girlfriend!” Layla bellowed out as Savannah, Grandpa, Shaun and Jayden enter the kitchen.

“Stop shouting Layla” Tammy hissed.

“Sorry” She said and went back to eating breakfast.

“You…Lizzy…Girlfriends?” Savannah said in shock as I laughed and nodded.

“Welcome to the family Lizzy” Shaun smiled and kissed my head before grabbing a strong coffee.

“Me and you need to have a little chat Sam” Savannah smirked.

“We will, later.” I smile.

“Where are you staying Lizzy?” Grandpa asks with a smile.

“I’m not sure yet, probably at the school” She answers.

“No you’re not” I say as I plate us up some breakfast.

“So where is she staying then?” Grandpa smirks.

“With me” I answer as I turn to Lizzy and take Cody from her arms so she can eat but not before placing a kiss on her lips.

“You’re serious?” She says quietly.

“If you want to of course” I say as I take a bite of my breakfast trying to wind Cody at the same time.

“I’d love to” She smiles brightly.

“Good, now we have that settled, I’m going to bed to go cuddle my woman before she comes down here” Grandpa says as he ruffles my hair and kisses my head with a smile.

“Sam, we really need to talk” Savannah says with a knowing glance as I huff and stuff my face with the last of my food, hauling Cody in my arms.

“I can watch him for you if you like, while you guys talk” Lizzy says as she takes him from me.

“Thanks Lizzy” I smile as I notice her eyes stick to him.

Savannah grabs my hand and drags me out the kitchen and upstairs to her and Luka’s room.

“What’s up Savannah?” I ask as she paces.

“I don’t think she should stay here” She says.

“What? Why?” I ask, confused as hell.

“I…Just…Something feels off about her. I know you like her, but you barely know her” She says.

“Are you serious right now Savannah? I’m actually happy right now and you want to tear that down?” I growl as she turns to me and glares.

“You know I want the best for you. I know you’re happy but just remember what she’s been through and how it can mess you up. Something inside me feels off about her. You know that feeling Sam, just please be careful”

“I will. I get it, our family has enough mess, but I like her Savannah. Trust me, I can do this” I say and she just sighs.
“Just make sure she isn’t left alone with Cody. If anything promise me that” She says.
“She’s smitten with Cody, I’m sure she won’t hurt him” I raise a brow in question.

“As I said, I have a feeling. Just please be careful” She says, and I nod as she leaves the room.

What the hell? Why would she feel so weirdly about Lizzy? She’s been nothing but nice, she seems to like my son and I really like her. Savannah’s going crazy.

For a whole month I stayed home as much as possible, they were adamant about me resting but I was bored.

I spent most of my time with Lizzy and the kids while everyone else was busy working.

The academy was almost complete, even though we already had people there and I was excited to open it officially.

Hayden had stuck around for the whole month and worked with us a lot. He knew a whole lot and had many allies of his own. He’d make a great business partner and it helped that I was falling for his daughter.

Lizzy and I never seemed to leave each other, we slept, ate and looked after Cody together, she loved him, and I was pretty sure he loved her just as much. He had begun to babble a lot more, not saying words yet though.

Every night ended the same way, us hot and heavy in the sheets. I never told her about what me and Brian did before he left and Jayden seemed to understand that he was no longer in the running, although I would see his eyes flick to mine every so often with a wink.

Savannah still didn’t seem to like Lizzy much, but she made an effort, I appreciated that she made an effort, you can’t get along with everyone.

“Hey baby, how about I take Cody for a walk, he keeps getting restless” Lizzy says as I’m sorting out some of the housework while everyone else was busy working.

“I can come with you” I smile as I see her with Cody in her arms.

“No, you’re busy, we won’t be long will we little man” She smiles and kisses his head.

“Are you sure?” I ask as I’m folding clothes.

“Of course baby, we’ll be back soon” She smiles and kisses my cheek and takes off with the buggy and Cody.

An hour later and I was getting antsy, they still hadn’t come back.

“I’m sure they are just having fun on their walk” I say to myself as I heard a knock on the door.

“Hayden? What brings you here?” I ask as I gesture him to come in.

“I came to see my daughter and you as I go home tomorrow” He smiles and looks around.

“She took Cody on a walk” I smile as I lead him to the kitchen to grab him a drink.

“Really? Samantha can I ask you something?” He says as I turn to him and nod.

“Did she tell you what Bryant did to her?” He asks.

“No, I didn’t ask either, I figured she’d say when she was ready…” I answered.

“He ripped apart her insides, she can’t have children. He destroyed her mentally. She’s been on medications since she was little and had counselling every week since. But since coming here, she hasn’t gone to a single session. I’m worried Samantha, she’s not…Stable. She’s my daughter and I love her, but she has demons that lie deep within her” He says.

“What happens if she hasn’t taken her medication?” I ask, I knew she never took anything here and now I was worried. Savannah might be right, and my heart began to bleed at the thought.

“She loses control, depression, possessive nature, paranoid, Samantha, if she hasn’t taken her medications or gone to her counselling, we need to find her and your boy. She’s always taken to kids because she couldn’t have her own. But when off her meds, which she did once before I took over, she stole a child and nearly jumped off a bridge with him” He said, and I began to panic.

“Why didn’t you tell me any of this before?” I shout shaking.

“I meant to, but I thought she was fine, I thought you had helped fixed her inside, especially with Bryant dead. I’m sorry Samantha and I promise no matter what happens between my daughter and you, I will always be an ally too, whether it goes wrong. I owe you a debt. But we need to find them now” He said.

“Business is business, this is nothing to do with it. Allies in business but I am not impressed with you and Lizzy not sharing this to me! I could have helped her. Get your men on it and I’ll get mine. She’s been gone an hour!” I cry out as he nods and gets his phone out.

I get mine out and ring Savannah straight away, an apology on my lips and fear in my heart.

“Sammy? What’s up?” She says

“We have a huge problem, I need everyone looking for Lizzy and Cody, you were right. Hayden just came here and told me some things. I’m sorry, I should have listened to you. They’ve been gone an hour… I can’t lose my baby” I cry as she coos me.

“I’ll be there in five. I’ll call Luka and he can get everyone on it. Is Hayden looking too?” She asks as I sob.

“He’s on the phone with his guys now” I sob.

“Keep calm, we’ll find them, see you in a minute” She says before hanging up.

“We’ll find them Samantha. But, I do ask you end it with my daughter. Knowing she hasn’t told you a thing and hasn’t taken her medication or seen her counsellor, I should take her home. I know you like each other, I know, but I’m scared for both of you. I won’t have my daughter hurt you or your child. You have too big of a heart” Hayden pats my shoulder as I cry.

“Sam!” Savannah rushes in and grabs me and takes me in her arms and demands Hayden tell her everything.

Soon enough my whole family were here, and they were all told what was going on. Hayden’s men were already out looking, and it had been two hours.

I had gone through Lizzy’s bag and found her packets of medications, still unopened and slammed them on the counter in front of Hayden.

“If she hurts my baby, I’ll kill her myself” I cried in anger.

“I understand” He sighs.

“Boys roll out! We’re going hunting! Let’s get my boy back” I growled.

“I’ll stay here just in case” Tammy said as she held onto Layla and Louisa who looked sad, they knew their best friend Cody was missing.

“Ok, Wayne stay with her, just in case” I say, and he nods.

“Jayden, ride with me?” I say as he nods and holds my hand tightly as we go out.

“Samantha, I won’t blame you, not if it ends badly, our position won’t change. My daughter has been unstable, and I understand. I should never have let her stay here with you” He said.

“As we said business is business.” I nod and me and Jayden run to our bikes as we ride side by side. The whole family was searching.

We all had com links in our ears so we could talk, but I talked to Jayden via our Bluetooth, so we had a private conversation.

“Was I stupid to trust her?” I asked as we looked all over town.

“No, we all trusted her. How were we to know she was a crazy bitch?” He growled.

“I brought her home with me…She has my boy” I said trying not to cry.

“We’ll find them” He urges.

We pull over in a few places in town and show an image of Lizzy and Cody asking if anyone had seen them, most of the time we got a no.

“Has anyone had any leads?” I said through the coms as my heart deflated further.

“I’m sorry Sam, we haven’t” Luka said.

“Some one find my fucking child!” I shouted as I revved my bike once more as Jayden kept up with me.

My phone rang and I pulled over and answered it as Jayden pulled along side me.

“Lizzy? Where the fuck are you?” I said as I heard her sob in my ear.

“He’s just so precious, I just wanted him to myself” She sobs.

“That’s my child Lizzy, MY child. Where are you?” I shout as Jayden begins talking to Damien through the coms for him to trace the call.

“I just wanted to help him sleep. He was just so tired but wouldn’t sleep” She said.
“Lizzy! What have you done?” I gasped.

“He’s asleep, just sleeping.” She said growing quiet.

“Lizzy, please, if you love me, tell me where you are so I can come get him and you” I ask as Jayden signals for me not to end the call, talk as long as possible.

“He’s mine Samantha, my baby, not yours. Mine and Bryant’s. We made a beautiful baby” She says, and I see red.

“Lizzy, if you hurt a hair on his head!” I shout as she begins humming.

Jayden signalled they knew where she was as I transferred the call to my Bluetooth and followed him as we zoomed down the road.

“Lizzy, what are you doing?” I ask as she just hums.

“He stays with me, I’m dead inside Samantha. My baby needs to come with me” She says as my eyes go wide.

“Lizzy, don’t you dare leave me behind, not with Cody” I say

“The water looks so nice. It will be quick I promise. He’ll be happy with me” She says as I speed ahead of Jayden as he quickly says over the coms where to go.

A bridge, she’s on a fucking bridge with my baby above the river which led to the wild ocean.

“Lizzy wait for me, please, don’t do anything stupid, I can help you” I beg.

“I’m sorry it had to be like this Samantha, I really do love you. I’m sorry” She says as I race along the road I notice some of our other vehicles catch up to us as I skid to a halt by the bridge seeing her as I skid to a stop and run towards her as I see her with Cody in her arms on the wrong side of the rails.

“Lizzy! No!” I scream as she looks towards me.

“He’ll be safe with me” She says and then she does the unthinkable. She jumps.

“No!” I scream.

I see her jump and then Zane rushes towards us as he dives in after her.

I run to the edge of the bridge as I wait for a sign. Screaming as Jayden catches up with me and stops me from jumping after them too.

More of Hayden’s men turn up and they jump in too. Shaun following close behind, I could see the fear in his eyes as he looks at me.

Fear riddled my heart as heads popped back up but not the ones I was looking for. Lizzy was gone, Cody was gone, and Zane had even disappeared.

“Cody!” I screamed in tears on the ground as I felt like the world would swallow me up.

A car breaks quickly as Hayden comes rushing out of it and races up to me.

“Please tell me she didn’t?” He says in a panic and looks to Jayden.

“She jumped” Jayden says.

I scream again as he tries to hold me.

“Hey! Down there!” James shouts from behind me as I rush to where he’s pointing towards the beach a little further off. In the distance I see someone dragging a body.

I run to my bike and take off quicker than anyone here as I get there first to see Zane coughing up water as he drags Lizzy to the beach.

“Where is he? Zane? Where’s Cody?” I ask as he looks at me.

“I couldn’t find him” He looks out to the water.

I dump my stuff as I dive into the water looking everywhere until I can barely breathe and come up for needed air as I notice several others in the water.

“Cody!” I scream.

I dive under again as my fingers touch something soft, a piece of clothing as I drag it up.

Cody was in my hands, pale and not breathing.

“Shaun!” I scream as I see him close by as he looks at me, fear flooding his face as he sees Cody in my hands, he swims up to me, takes him and me to the shore.

“Get a fucking ambulance!” He shouts as I sit next to him, barely able to breathe as he does CPR on my baby boy.

“Not you too baby boy, breathe, please” Shaun says.

“Shaun…” I sob as he looks at me with a tear, but he doesn’t stop.

I hear coughing come from further up the beach as Lizzy begins breathing.

“Shaun, I can’t lose him too” I cry as Jayden and the others rush up, a siren heard close by.

“Samantha…” Lizzy’s voice calls.

“Keep her away from me” I say to Zane as he nods holding her still.

“Not the boy, Lizzy what have you done?” Hayden says angrily to his daughter.

“Come on kid!” Shaun shouts still doing CPR.

My whole world is crashing down and I’m shaking as I watch him try to get my boy to breathe.

“Please, breathe baby boy” Savannah begs kneeling in the sand.

The ambulance arrives and they move Shaun away as he comes to my side, while Jayden has one of my hands in his.

“Please, don’t take my baby” I beg to the sky.

Shaun and Jayden hug me tightly.

“We’ve got him!” The paramedic shouts as I hear a tiny cough as I scramble up to his pale frail body.

“Cody!” I cry as they tell me to get in the ambulance with them.

“We’ll follow you Sam!” Shaun shouts as the door on the ambulance closes quickly.

When we get to the hospital they stop me going with him, he was struggling to breathe and I was still so scared to lose him as I went to my knees in the waiting room, alone.

My whole world was spinning as I sat rocking back and forth on the floor.

“Samantha! Harvey called me, I got down here as quick as I could!” Lindsey runs in in her nurses uniform.

“They took him, I don’t know if he’s ok. Lindsey, help me” I cry as she nods and runs off after placing a kiss on my head.

Not long after Jayden rushes into the room as he grabs me and puts me in his lap, holding me protectively as people filter quickly in the room.

A whole family waiting on the future of my little boy, everyone’s faces looked grim.

Hayden steps in as his eyes show hurt.

“I’m so sorry Samantha” He says, he’s crying.

“I’m going to kill her.” I snap.

“That’s my daughter, I’ll take her away, anything” He begs.

“If he dies, I will find her, I will kill her, and I will watch her burn” I growl as he nods.

“I understand” He nods and leaves the room, telling his men to follow him but Zane denies him.

“I won’t leave, you should never have let Lizzy do this. I warned you she was out of control, you knew this. I’m staying” Zane says.

“Fine, stay. Samantha will take you in I’m sure.” Hayden huffs and leaves.

“Would you take me?” Zane faces us.

“Yes” I say. Zane had more than proved himself lately. His eyes had showed true fear when he couldn’t find Cody, he’d jumped in first after Lizzy and showed no fear in doing so. He’d helped at the school and I couldn’t fault his work.

Lindsey still hadn’t returned and now I was in my grandfather’s lap as Jayden paced in the room.

“Sam!” Brian came bursting through the doors a couple of hours later.

“What are you doing here?” I ask as he hugs me tight.

“Shaun called me, I got on a jet straight away” He said kissing my head.

The doors opened once more and there stood Lindsey as I stood up quickly and ran to her.

“How is he?” I asked as she wouldn’t look me in the eyes.

“He’s not doing well Sam, we don’t know…We don’t know if he’s going to make it” She said looking me in the eyes as I fall to the ground.

“No!” Shaun shouted and threw a magazine flying across the room as Elise sobbed into his chest.

“He has to make it” I sob.

“Come on, I’ll take you to him” She drags me up and takes my hand as I walk slowly with her as I peer into the room she takes me to.

He’s laying in a cot, pale, with wires and tubes all over his body.

“No, you can’t leave me little one, mummy needs you. Don’t leave me” I sob as I stroke his face with a finger.

“I can put him on your chest to lay if you like” Lindsey asks as I sit and nod.

She carefully moves him, telling me to make sure its skin to skin contact as I cradle him in my arms, kissing his freezing body.

“Don’t you leave me mummy needs you little man” I cry.

She leaves him with me as I cradle him, saying little prayers and begging the gods they don’t take my baby.

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