Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

I was left alone with Cody on my chest for hours, people popped in every now and again, but I refused to leave as they kissed my head and went back to the waiting room, refusing to leave too.

I fell asleep with him on my chest, he was fine, breathing, but cold as I fell asleep.

When I awoke I noticed he was freezing as I felt his little chest my heart fell and shattered.

“No…No!” I screamed as a nurse came in so quickly as she took him and pushed the emergency button while having someone escort me out as I shouted and screamed.

“Stop fighting me” Jayden said in my ears as I bashed against his chest and fell to the floor with him as we watched painfully.

“They took him from me” I cried.

The nurse came out slowly, shaking her head with an apology as I screamed, I’d lost my baby boy. Cody was dead.

“No” Jayden cried as he held me to him.

Silence, that’s all I heard as I ignored everything around me. Pain flooded my whole body as I screamed out. But then, the need for payback came creeping in like a devil on my shoulder.

My heart closed off in heartbreak as it turned to a need for revenge. I stood saying goodbye to my baby as Jayden called out for me.

“Where are you going?” He pulled me back as I grabbed the gun from the back of his trousers as he looked at me wide-eyed.

“She killed my baby and survived…I’m going to kill her” I said as I stormed to the waiting room, I knew at least one person who would go with me.

“Sammy? What’s happened?” Shaun said as all eyes fixed on me.

“He’s dead” I sobbed as I checked the gun was loaded as Shaun cried out before getting himself together and standing in front of me.

“I’m coming with you” He said as I saw the pain in his eyes too.

“What the fuck do you two think you are doing?” Grandpa asked angrily, pain and confusion in his face.

“She killed him…It’s her turn” I said as I shut off every emotion in my heart except for the side that craved blood. She’d done it, turned me to the person I’d never wanted to become.

“Don’t let this turn you into something you’re not” Grandpa said in front of me.

“He was my CHILD, she took my child from me! What do you want me to feel?”

“Feel the pain, cry, scream, but don’t let revenge fire you” He said.

“I will, when I get the bitch” I said.

“Shaun, don’t you dare do something stupid either” Elise warns as he looks at her.

“I have to” He said as we walked out leaving everyone behind in shock.

“Let’s get this bitch” I said as he nodded and got into his car as I sat beside him.

“You sure about this?” He says as we sit outside of where we knew Hayden was right now.

“What else is there?” I ask as I see a car turn in behind us.

“What’s Zane doing here?” Shaun says as we get out the car.

“Before you both say anything, I know she deserves it. And I know it has to be done, but you can’t do this Samantha, you know you loved her. She was still that girl you loved, she just, didn’t continue her medication. Hayden might have her back on it now and could you kill her if she’s the way she was with you before? Could you do it?” He asks as I step in front of him.

“You’ve seen what I can do…Do you really think I can’t?” I say cocking my gun as he swallows.

“Just know, I’m here, I’ll do it for you” he said.

“Stop trying to save my soul” I growled

“You’re not a cruel person Samantha” He says.

“Things change” I say as I storm up to the door, while Shaun and I kick it down with a hard kick. Gun raised as Hayden looks at me in shock as he’s sat there with Lizzy in his lap, stroking her hair as she shakes.

“Samantha? What? Oh no…” Hayden looks at me in fear as he sees that there is no longer any light behind my eyes.

“Sam? I’m so sorry, please, I didn’t want to, I didn’t know what I was doing! Cody? Is he ok?” Lizzy stammers as I point the gun at her head her eyes widen.

“My baby is DEAD” I shout.

“Oh no!” She sobs as she gets on her knees in front of me.

“You did this” I shake.

“I’m sorry, I loved him too, I loved you, I didn’t mean it. I should have told you the truth!” She sobs.

“Too late. He’s dead because of you!” I put the gun to her head.

“Please, I’ll take her away, you’ll never see her again, not my baby girl, listen to your heart!” Hayden begs as Shaun holds up his own gun to stop him moving.

“I love you Sam, do it, I don’t deserve to live” Lizzy says, my hand shakes as I pull the trigger, her body falling to the ground as Hayden cries out and takes her into his body.

The world crashes down on me as we pile into the car.

My chest tightens as I sob and scream, just like Grandpa told me to do.

Author's Note:
I'm so sorry guys! I cried writing this chapter!
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