Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

I wake up with a startle as I hear a bang in the room as I notice Cody still on my chest.

Had that all been a dream?

He was still on my chest, getting warmer, he was alive!

He hadn’t died, I’d fallen asleep and fallen into a horrible nightmare as I shook slightly.

“Sammy? You awake?” A voice grumbled sleepily nearby as I saw Jayden the other side of the room in a chair.

“Tell me this is real, and my baby is alive” I murmur.

“It’s real, your baby is alive, he’s going to make it, he’s pulling through. Now what has you all pent up?” He walks over and moves my hair from my face.

“Nightmare” I said, and I explained the whole thing.

“You feel him on your chest? He’s warm and breathing, he’s a fighter like his mother. He’s going to make it” Jayden kissed my forehead as a tear escapes my eyes.

“Sam? How are you holding up?” Lindsey walks in as Jayden was kissing my head.

I tell her in detail about the dream as she looks at me with concern.

“What are you going to do about Lizzy?” She asks.

“I don’t know. She’s not in her right mind, I know, but she can’t do this to anyone else. But, in my heart, I still care for her, even if she tried to take him, if she had just told me, I could have helped her. But, now, I couldn’t face her, she’ll never come near us again if I can help it.” I said.

“So, you’ll let her live?” Jayden asks.

“With conditions” I say as he nods.

“Hayden’s in the waiting area…” Lindsey sighs.

“Lindsey, will you take Cody a moment, I don’t want him alone, but I need to do this” I said, and she nods and takes him, sitting in my seat with him as I kiss his head.

“Mummy will be back in a minute” I say as Jayden follows me closely.

“Wait” Jayden says as he stops me and kisses my lips hard.

“What was that for?” I ask.

“You needed it, you might not realise, but you needed something real.” He said as I cry, and he holds me tightly.

“I’m not dreaming am I? He’s alive” I sob as he holds me tight.

“No…” Shaun comes out into the corridor and finds me in Jayden’s embrace, sobbing, he must have thought the worst as I could see the pain in his eyes.

“Shaun, he’s fine, he’s alive” I cry as I see him relax and run up to me, holding me tight.

“Just like his mum, strong. There’s a lot of people in there waiting for this. Let’s go tell them that the little prince is doing well” He says as I smile. My little prince was alive.

“Sammy!” Taylor shouts as he barrels into me.

“How’s Cody?” most of them call out.

“He’s doing well, he’s going to make it” I smile as a tear escapes me and the tension drops in the room as it becomes a room hollering in thanks to gods they were praying to.

“I’m glad the boy will make it Samantha” Hayden walks up to me and the room goes quiet once more.

“She leaves and never comes back Hayden.” I state and he looks at me, nodding grimly.

“I understand” He nods and begins to leave.

“That’s not everything” I stop him leaving.

“What else?” He asks.

“She leaves here, never comes back. But, you get her treated. She needs to heal, she needs fixing, I can’t do it, neither can you. She needs watching properly. She’s dangerous. You get her seen too” I said.

“Done. I know it needs to happen. Thank you Samantha. I look forward to working with you. But, I truly am sorry for this” He says.
“I want to know how she’s doing from time to time. Updates. I don’t like her like I did anymore. But, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about her…don’t let her fall down the rabbit hole of blaming herself” I said.

“I will be in contact. Thank you once again. You truly are an amazing woman Samantha” He says with a nod and leaves.

“Can we just have a normal fucking year” Shaun says as I laugh.

“When have we ever had a normal year?” James grumbles.

“Ok guys, I think we should all head home and rest, let Samantha and Cody get some rest and spend some time together” Tobias booms as he commands the room.

“Brian are you staying home?” I ask.

“For a while” He nods and kisses my head as he follows Tobias out the room as they take it in turns to say goodbye.

“Take care of yourself tonight Sam, take care of that kid” Shaun hugs me tightly.

“I will.” I smile as he begins to leave.

“Shaun!” I call out as he backs up into my sight.

“Yeah?” He says.

“I owe you. You helped him breathe, he’s alive because you took charge and did CPR, I don’t know where I’d be without you” I say as he rushes back up to me and takes me in his arms as Elise and Jayden watch.

“I will always be here for you and that boy, you’re basically my sister. We’re family Sammy and I would do anything for you both. I love you both and don’t ever forget it” He says cupping my face and kissing my forehead.

“Love you too Shaun” I cry with a smile.

“See you tomorrow Sam” Elise says as she leaves with Shaun arm in arm.

“Aren’t you going too?” I ask Jayden as it’s just me and him left.

“No, I’m never leaving your side again, or Cody’s. You’re stuck with me” He smirks as he takes my hand and we go back to Cody’s room as I take him from Lindsey as she kisses all three of us and goes back to work.

For the rest of the night we sat together, watching Cody’s little chest moving with every breath, and each breath was like a breath of fresh air to us both.

My baby boy was alive.

Author's note: Are we feeling a little better now we know he's alive?
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