Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Thirty

One Year Later

“I can’t believe he’s one and a half now” I smile as I watch my baby boy play with blocks on the floor while Louisa helps him, and they giggle together.

“Me too, they grow so quickly” Savannah smiles sitting next to me.

“So, it’s nearly Louisa’s fourth birthday, what are we doing?” I ask with a smirk.
“Hey, it’s your twenty-fifth too” She smirks.

“Don’t remind me” I groan as she laughs.

“I’m not allowed to sort anything apparently. It’s being sorted out by the boys. They have plans apparently” Savannah says, and I raise a brow.

“Well that’s never good. The boys are terrible with plans” I laugh and take a sip of my drink.

“Where’s my beautiful girls?” Luka’s voice calls out.

“In here!” I shout.

“Ah, hello beautiful wife. Hi baby girl, and hello to the two troubles in my life” Luka smirks.

“Well that’s nice…” I roll my eyes playfully as he laughs.

“You know I love the pair of you, so don’t start baby sister” He smirks.

“Busy day?” Savannah asks.

“Very busy. How was the school today sis?” He asks.

“It was a good day, Zane’s sister Zara graduated today but decided she wanted to stay, so she’s going to stay in Dorm Paisley with the other girls and help take care of the little ones. A few others have decided to get themselves jobs outside gang life and live for themselves and a couple have joined either mafia families with a kick start to the right side of it.” I said. We had named one of the dorms after Paisley, in her memory after the incident with Bryant and everyone loved it and cherished her memory.

“Has Zane heard anything on Lizzy?” Savannah grimaced when Luka asked, already knowing I knew the answer.

“She killed herself last week” I said sipping my wine.

When I first found out earlier I had been a wreck, she had been put into a facility, but the depression had hold of her too deep. She had been found in a bath tub having slit her wrists. She couldn’t take it. She’d left a note, telling everyone how much she was sorry for what she had done but couldn’t take it anymore.

I wish I could say I hadn’t seen it coming, but we all had. No one and nothing could fix her, even with support, we tried, but the pull was so strong that she made her decision. I just hoped she was resting in peace now that she was rid of the evil inside her.

“Sam, I’m sorry” Luka said.

“She was a messed up girl…” I said. I felt the pang in my heart but there was nothing left to do, she was gone.

We sat there playing with the kids for a few more hours until people started turning up one by one.

Shaun and Elise had had their baby, he was now five months old and looked like Shaun completely, but cuter.

They, however, seemed to be going through a rough patch, arguing over every little thing and it hurt to know that they had been perfect together and now they were always arguing. I just hoped they got through it.

“What’s up kid?” Shaun jumped onto the sofa next to me.

“Nothing” I smiled.

“So, Elise is out with Tammy, Layla and Bradley. So, what shall we do tonight?” He asked. They had named their little boy after Bradley after asking me if I would be ok with it, I was, it was a gorgeous gesture.

“I’m going out tonight I’m afraid” I said sipping my wine again.

“Where?” His eyes narrowed. I hadn’t been out much over the last year, focusing on the school and the kids.

“On a date” I smirk as he looked at me wide-eyed.

“With who?” He asked.

“Take a guess…” Savannah laughed rolling her eyes. She knew, it wasn’t difficult. They guy never left my side.

“You’re going on a date with Jayden? After all this time? I thought you two had cooled off and were just friends?” Shaun asked.

“I told him I needed a break from love, but he never left my side. He’s helped me with Cody for the past year, he’s helped me with so much and I feel like I’m finally ready to start again. I never stopped liking him” I said as Shaun sighed and nodded.

“Just be careful” He said.

“With Jayden…He couldn’t be a safer option for her if he tried! The guy protects both of them with his life! Would you rather her date Zane? He has the hots for her too” Luka smirks.

“Zane can kiss my ass if he thinks he’s dating Samantha” Shaun growled. He wasn’t keen on Zane, although he had proven himself time and time again a good man. Zane was a flirt and Shaun didn’t like it, so they butted heads all the time.

“Zane’s not that bad” I laugh.

“How many times has he tried to get in your trousers?” Shaun raised a brow as I laughed. Zane had tried, many times, he was a flirt and he was good at it. I had slipped up once, having had one too many drinks and had a one-night stand with him. No one knew. But we talked it out and agreed that it would never happen again.

I sipped my drink saying nothing as Shaun’s eyes narrowed in on me. Oops, should have answered…

“He didn’t…” Shaun growled.

“Shaun, I’m perfectly capable of dealing with who I sleep with or not” I say as Savannah slaps my arm.

“You never told me!” She says in surprise.

“Because you would have told Elise and then she would tell Shaun, then the whole world would know. Plus, it was one night. Nothing else” I said.

“Does Jayden know?” Luka asked grimly.

“No, and you won’t need to tell him either. I told him he could see who he likes, I never told him to wait for me” I snapped.

“You know he fucking loves you and would wait an eternity for you Sam. What the hell were you thinking!” Savannah said.

“Will you get off my back, it was one night! I wasn’t in a relationship I never said that me and Jayden were in a commitment. I was taking a break! It was one night of drunken sex!” I shouted.

“Sex!” Cody copied as I groaned.

“No baby, don’t say that, mummy said a naughty word!” I said picking him up.

“Hehehehe, sex” Louisa copied.

“Louisa! I better not hear that come out your mouth again” Luka said sternly glaring at me.

“Sowwi daddy” She replied.

“Mum, mum, mum, naughty word” Cody babbled with a giggle.

“Who’s looking after Cody tonight?” Savannah asks.

“Lindsey and Grandpa” I answered as I tickled Cody as he giggled more.

“So, I have nothing to do tonight. Any suggestions?” Shaun said grimly.

“Go be with your girl, kiss and make up. I’m fed up with you moping around” I said.
“She doesn’t want me right now” He mumbles.

“Why?” Luka asks.

“She doesn’t think I love her anymore” He grumbles.

“Are you serious? You love her to pieces.” Savannah gasps.

“I know, but ever since having Bradley, she’s decided I don’t love her” He sighs putting his head against the sofa.

“So show her you do” I said.

“How? I try and spend time with her, and we end up having to stop and sort out Bradley. Or someone else interrupts. We never get any peace”

“Ok. You choose a night, I’ll baby sit Bradley for the night, you wine and dine her, take her home and we’ll warn anyone that if they interrupt your night they will face my wrath. You have to fix this Shaun, you two are just too perfect together” I said.

“Are you sure? You’re always busy, I don’t want to burden you with my child” He says.

“How many times have all of you babysat Cody, Layla or Louisa? We are a family, it’s what we do” Savannah smiled.

“Ok, thank you guys” He smiled.

“Now, I have to go get ready for my date, do you guys mind keeping an eye on this one while I get changed?” I ask as they nod, and Luka takes Cody as he causes him to giggle by flying him around the room.

“Super Cody to the rescue!” Luka shouts as Louisa laughs at her cousin in her dads arms.

“Crazy Uncle Luka” I smile as he grins at me.

I make my way upstairs and have a quick shower. I curl my hair and fix my make-up, not having dressed up in quite some time it made me feel like a girl again, I was excited and couldn’t wait for the date. Jayden had stuck by our side every day, except when he went to work with Tobias. He was great with Cody and Cody had even called him dad to me sometimes, but he’d never said it in front of anyone else.

I had regretted sleeping with Zane that once but there was nothing I could do about it now and there was no point in telling Jayden…Was there?

I loved Jayden with all my heart, I think I had always loved him, but he was now firm in my heart and just seeing him made my heart flutter.

We’d have the occasional brief kiss and cuddle up on the sofa but other than that we’d not done a thing. We just spent time together and we enjoyed it.

But now, I was ready, I couldn’t live without him, so I’d told him, and he’d asked me out on a date with the biggest smile on his face ever as he kissed me hard before declaring I dress up for him and he’d see me at 7pm.

I put on a mid-length halter neck dress it was a beautiful shade of red which clung to my curves perfectly.

I heard the door downstairs open and close a few times, more people had come home.

“Hey, Sammy, your date’s home” Savannah knocked and came into the room as she stood gaping at me in the doorway.

“What? Does it not look good?” I said in a panic.

“Sammy, you look beautiful” She smiled as I calmed down.

I put on some perfume and a little gold jewellery to finish it off as she helped me choose the perfect ones.

“Is he ready?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, he’s ready, looking smoking hot” She smirks.

“Why am I nervous? It’s Jayden” I mumble as she giggles.

“You two have had this coming for a long time. It’s your first real date. You’re going into a new adventure you’re allowed to be nervous Sammy” She smiled and hugged me.

“Ok, oh god, I can do this. Are Lindsey and Grandpa here to take Cody?” I ask.
“Yes, they are downstairs, they wanted to see you before you left…Everyone does, they saw Jayden all dressed up and now they’re curious” She smirks.


“Yep, everyone’s home. Now get your gorgeous bum downstairs” She smiles and takes my shaky hand.

“I can take down a bunch of guys in a fight, but one date and I’m a wreck” I mumble as she laughs as we slowly descend the stairs, so I don’t fall in my heels. We get to the bottom and I hear everyone in the lounge.

“Ready?” She asks and I nod as she drags me in.

Jayden stood facing away from me as he stood in a suit, he looked smoking from the back, I bet he looked even better from the front.

James wolf whistled as I came in as Jayden slowly turned and looked at me as his eyes took all of me in.

“Looking good girl!” Rob hollered and I blushed.

“My god, you look like your mother” Grandpa said, and I smiled.

“You look beautiful Kitten” Jayden walks up to me and takes my hand as I blush.

“You’re looking handsome there yourself” I smile.

“Have a good night kids” Lindsey smiles as I give Cody a kiss.

“Mummy! No leave!” He cries and it pulls at my heart.

“Mummy will be back soon, I promise” I kiss him as he hugs me tight.

“Hey, little man, I’m just taking mummy out for a little while, she’ll come give you a kiss night, night, when she’s home, you be a good boy, yeah?” Jayden knelt to his level.

“Mummy out with daddy” Cody smiled, and my heart leapt, and eyes darted to Jayden as he sat in shock, as did everyone else.

“Did you just call me daddy?” Jayden asked.

“That mummy” He pointed to me.

“That daddy” Cody pointed to Jayden.

Jayden looked to me as if looking for approval. I smiled at him as he stood and swung me around before kissing me quickly, his forehead on mine.

“I…I…don’t know what to say” He stammers.

“Cody, mummy and daddy will be home in a little while ok?” I smile and kiss him as Cody beams and jumps onto Grandpa’s lap with a giggle.

“OK!” He beams as I say goodbye to the others as Jayden is still in shock as they laugh as I drag him with me.

We get outside and he stops me.

“He called me daddy…That’s big kitten…” He says as I take a step to him and put my arms around his neck.

“He loves you. You have been a father to him, you’ve helped dress him, feed him, bath him, teach him, you’ve spent as much time with him as you have with me, what do you expect?” I smile.

“I think I’m just in shock. But, what about you? How do you feel about it?” He asks.

“I think… That my boy deserves two parents and he loves me, and you. But he also recognises how we act with each other kids have great senses. He knows how we feel about each other” I replied.

“How do you feel about me Kitten?” Jayden asks, his hand on my face.

“I love you Jayden” I smile and blush as he swings me around once more and plants a huge kiss on my lips.

“I love you too Kitten, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that and truly mean it” He grins.

“So, does that mean I’m yours?” I smirk.

“You were mine the day we met” He smirks cockily.

“Pretty sure I wasn’t, we hated each other remember” I smirk as he leads me to the car.

“Is that how you remember it? I’m pretty sure we were just, sorting out the tension” He said, and I burst into a fit of laughter as he looked at me with a look I’d seen a few times before. Love, his eyes were filled with pure and undying love.

“Believe what you want to believe. Just know, I love you Jayden” I smile and kiss him as he kisses back.

“I love you so much Kitten” He smiles and drives us to a fancy restaurant.

The date was amazing, we could talk so easily, and our eyes never left each other as we sat eating and drinking at a candle-lit dinner.

It was a gorgeous night and it was nearly perfect.

As we arrived home, full of each other, we walked arm in arm towards the house I spotted a person lurking in the dark.

“Jay” I pointed, and he stood in front of me, protective as always.

“Have a nice night?” Zane came out of the shadows.

“Perfect. What are you doing here Zane?” I ask.

“Just come to let you know I’m going home I didn’t want what we had before to be left up in the air” Zane smirks as Jayden looks confused.

“We haven’t got anything” I snarl.

“What’s the matter? Does your man not know we slept together?” He says as Jayden takes a step towards him.

“Jay, don’t, he’s doing it on purpose, trying to get a reaction. He’s drunk, I can smell it” I say, and I could, the alcohol was clear on his breath.

“You come near me or my girl and I’ll rip you apart” Jayden growled.

“What’s going on?” Shaun opened the front door suddenly as I groaned.

“Great, this WAS going perfectly…” I sighed.

“Come on sweetheart, tell him that we slept together, it can’t have disappeared from your thoughts that quick…It was only a month ago” Zane stumbles.

“Zane, I swear to god” I growl.

“A month ago!” Shaun shouted at me as I winced.

“Tell me he’s lying” Jayden said facing me.

“I…I…I was drunk…I didn’t know how I was feeling and he…he was just there and…that’s when I realised how much I loved you Jayden, I regret everything I did with him” I said as Jayden’s face went red with anger.

“She fucking loved every minute of my cock inside her” Zane smirked.

“If you don’t leave I’m going to shove my gun down your throat” Shaun growled as I saw my family all beginning to peer either through the window or in the corridor.

“Enough! Zane leave! Don’t come back, I feel nothing for you!” I shouted angrily as Jayden stood quietly, his fists tight and going white.

“You want this” Zane gestured his crotch as I walked up to him and kicked him hard between his legs.

“I want nothing to do with you” I growled and shoved him away from the house.

“You touched my girl…” Jayden said staring at Zane who groaned and got up near Jayden.

“Oh yeah, and she loved it” Zane spat.

Suddenly Jayden’s fists flew to his face as he pummelled Zane to the ground. He was going to kill him if he kept going. I ran up and tried to stop him as he shoved me off as I fell to the floor and scraped my arm on the gravel.

“Fuck!” I swore, hissing at the pain as his eyes turned quickly to me.

“Oh shit!” He stood quickly and tried to get me up, but I smacked his hands away.

“Shaun, get rid of Zane send him packing. Jayden, I’m going to go clean up. What was a nice night just went to shit” I said as I walked inside.

“Come on dear, let’s get that all cleaned up” Lindsey led me to the bathroom.

“I can do it” I said as I took the kit from her. But she snatched it back and stopped me.

“Stop, I know you can do it, but I want to help” She said and continued as I sat against the sink and she cleaned the grazes as I hissed out.

“I’ve screwed everything up again” I sighed.

“He’ll get over it, he loves you. Everyone can see it.” She said as she bandaged my arm.

“It was such a beautiful night and then Zane turns up and ruins everything” I groan.

“Never a dull moment” Lindsey laughs.

“It’s not funny Lindsey, I love Jayden, he’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, marry him, love him, bring up my boy with him, maybe have our own child together.” I say and she places a hand on my cheek and looks to the side where Jayden stood in the doorway.

“Can I have a minute Lindsey?” Jayden asks as she nods and leaves the room. He shuts the door behind her.

“I’m sorry. I regret that night, I never intended to sleep with him, I was drunk and was scared of how I was feeling, I was scared that you wouldn’t love me the same way and I stupidly wanted to check I loved you as much as I did and I did it the wrong way and I’m so sorry” I cried as I talked quickly.

“Samantha, I won’t lie, I’m hurt. You should have just talked to me about it. I love you so much it hurts. I will never leave you. You’re mine and you have my whole heart.” He says standing in front of me, wiping away a tear from my cheek.

“I’m so sorry” I said as he takes me in his arms tightly.

“You’re such a fucking idiot kitten” He laughs as he kisses my head.

“I know” I say my head bowed down.

“You’ll always be my girl Kitten, and I will always be yours. Just promise me, that you will talk to me about things. However, I have got to say, no other man or woman will get you in their bed again. You’re mine and mine alone” He says.

“I promise, I will talk to you. I don’t want any other man or woman. Just you” I said as he smiles and kisses me hard while lifting me onto the counter and standing between my legs.

“My girl, my kitten. Forever. I heard what you said to Lindsey too. I want it all, you married to me, our little boy Cody and maybe our own, but if we can’t Cody is already mine in my heart” He says through the kisses. It was perfect as we kissed passionately. I was happy. Finally. My perfect family.

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