Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Thirty-One

“Come on Cody! We’re going on a plane to see Uncle Brian. Don’t you want to see your uncle?” I groan as Cody stomps around.

“No! Don’t want to” He stomps a very Layla-like stomp.

“Cody please, we have to leave in like twenty minutes” I beg.

“I no wanna go!” He screams having a tantrum on the floor.

“Please baby boy. Why don’t you want to go?” I kneel on the floor to his height as he looks at me with his angry face.

“Don’t like bwian. He stinky” He says, and it makes me laugh.

“Well Uncle Brian misses his buddy and I need to go sort some stuff out with him at work. So please baby boy, just come get your shoes on” I say with a sigh as he huffs and turns from me.

“No going. Stay wit daddy” He huffs.

“Daddy’s working”

“Go work wit daddy” He says.

“No baby, he can’t look after you and work in a garage, you could get hurt, you know he works on big boy bikes and cars, he can’t watch you too. But you can come to work with me and Uncle Brian” I said trying to coax him.

“NO!” He screams and screams and screams.

“Enough Cody!” I shout sternly as he throws his teddy at me.

“Having trouble kid?” Tobias enters the house as I gesture to my child having a tantrum.

“He doesn’t want to go see Uncle Brian because he’s stinky…” I said as Tobias raises a brow and chuckles.

“Why does Uncle Brian stink Cody?” He says picking up the sniffling boy and places him in his lap.

“Uncle Bwian stinky, he leave, leave Cody behind” He sniffles, and I gasp.

“You miss him” I sigh as he nods.

“But then why won’t you come and see him baby?” I ask.

“Cos he no come home, he bad, he make me mad” He says as I throw a look to Tobias as if asking what the hell do I do?

“So, how about you go and see Uncle Brian, he misses you, but he has to work for mummy in her old house. Where you would be going is where mummy grew up. You could play in the parks that she used to as well. Plus, I think Uncle Brian might get you some sweeties” Tobias says as it peeks Cody’s interests as he nods slowly.

“Ok, I go” Cody says as he hugs Tobias and moves off his lap before sitting in front of me.

“Thank you” I say to both of them with a sigh of relief.

“But Bwian still stinky” Cody says as we laugh.

“Are you taking us to the airport?” I ask Tobias.

“Yes, Luka’s still not happy you won’t take the jet” He says.

“It’s too much. We don’t have to travel like snobs, I’m completely capable of traveling like a normal human being” I say as I put Cody in his jacket, buttoning it and grabbing his hand while Tobias takes our bags.

Jayden: Take care on your flight, let me know when you land. I love you. Be safe and give little man a hug from me. Love you both xx

Sam: We love you too, will talk when flight lands. Xx

I had forgotten what flying a plane with over a hundred people was like, it stunk and was so uncomfortable. Cody was crying most of the way and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being watched as I turned looking around me I thought I saw someone I once knew, but that wasn’t possible. She’s dead… This girls hood was up, and she had sunglasses on her eyes, but something seemed familiar to me, but Cody caught my attention once more as he screamed because his ears were popping, and he didn’t like it.

We were never flying in anything but that jet again, I was so embarrassed about the noise he was making, apologising to everyone as he cried.

When we landed I struggled to get him to stand still as he tried to run from me giggling as I grabbed him and flung him into my arms, while he hit me wanting to get down.

“Enough Cody don’t hit mummy” I say sternly but he doesn’t care, he just wants to get down and he’s wearing me down piece by piece.

“Down! Wanna get down!” He screams in my ear.

“Cody enough! You’ll get no sweets and I will give you to stinky Uncle Brian for the whole trip if you don’t behave” I growl as he huffs and cries.

“Mummy mean” He pulls out his bottom lip.

“Mummy is not mean. Mummy is in charge and trying to keep you safe” I sigh.

He just huffs at me as we arrive to get our bags.

“Sammy! Cody!” I hear Brian coming towards us and smile as he hugs us both tight, but he notices Cody’s grumpy face.

“Uh oh, someone’s not happy” Brian says.

“Oh, you think?. Hey Cody, why didn’t you want to come today?” I say to my boy as he huffs.

“Bwian stinky, no come home, make me mad” Cody pouts and Brian looks at him in surprise.

“He misses his Uncle Brian but didn’t want to come because you won’t come home” I sigh as he takes our bags.

“Oh I’m sorry buddy, but I miss you too. I’ll make more time to video call more often I’ll try and come home to visit more, how about that?” He says as we look to Cody.

“Bwian call more and viswit” Cody mumbles with a nod.

I focus on the girl from the plane rush by us with a guy by her side as I try and work her out once more. Brian notices and frowns.

“You know her?” He asks.

“Something familiar about her, I can’t put my finger on it, she’s hiding in a hoody and sunglasses too, like she’s hiding. So’s the guy” I frown, and he leads us to the car, our eyes watching as they get in a taxi and leave.

“Don’t worry about it” Brian says as we buckle Cody in and head off. I message the boys at home and let them all know we arrived.

“Woah! Big shiny building” Cody gasps at the office where we once ran our security firm before it became Midnight Rose headquarters.

“That’s my building baby” I say as his eyes are wide as he head in. He has a fascination of shiny things, like a magpie.

We head up to my old office and find Beck smiling in a huge chair as I nod in appreciation.

“Big chair…Overcompensating for something?” I smirk as he flips me off laughing.

Cody begins to imitate as Beck’s eyes widen.

“No Cody, that’s naughty, Uncle Beck was being very rude, don’t do that” I say as he continues to do it.

“Well done…” Brian grumbles and tries to distract Cody who was still in a huff with him.

“Cody, why don’t you see if Uncle Brian has any sweeties?” I smirk as Brian smiles as if he was ready.

“Sweeties!” Cody shrills as Brian takes his hand over to the second desk and opens a draw to find a whole stash of sweets.

“That’s a diabetics worst nightmare, not too many, please, he’ll never sleep again” I say before going over to Beck.

“It’s good to have you home again Sam” Beck smiles as I give him a brief hug.

“It certainly feels different coming home…” I answer, these walls had so many difficult memories.

I look around the room and notice the photos, filled with pictures of all of us, including Bradley and Tom, it was gorgeous.

“Who did this?” I ask pointing to the wall.

“I did” Brian smiles with Cody on his hip as he’s sucking on a lollypop.

“Cody, make sure you don’t crunch that, no eating the stick either” I warn as he nods.

“Who he?” He points to a picture with Bradley and Tom, a copy of a photo Tom once showed me.

“That’s Bradley and that…That’s…” I start and realise I’d never told him who his daddy really was. In his head his daddy was Jayden. How could I have done this?

“That’s your daddy buddy” Brian smiles as I grimace and wait for the fall out.

“NO! He not daddy! HE daddy!” He points to a photo of me, Jayden and Cody that I had sent recently.

“Sam, you haven’t told him…” Brian mumbles.

“He’s one and a half…I didn’t think…” I said.

“He should know who his father is” Brian says.

“He’s one and a half, he won’t understand” I sigh.

“Mummy sad. Why sad?” Cody tries to get in my arms as I take him and sigh.

“That man is your real daddy. He made you” I point to Tom’s photo.

“He make Cody?” Cody’s face crinkles in a frown.

“Yes, with mummy. He’s your daddy. But Jayden daddy too.” I say.
“Daddy make me too?” He points to Jayden.

“No…You see Tom’s eyes? His are bright blue just like yours. He made you with mummy.” Cody looks confused.

“Where he?” He asks as I look to Brian in a panic.

“Your real daddy had a very nasty owwie. He died little man. He’s in heaven” Brian says.

“Mummy gets bad owwies! No leave mummy!” Cody screams as he hugs me tight.

“Well done Brian” I sigh as I hug my boy tightly.

“Mummy no go!” Cody cries.

“Cody, listen to me. Listen to Uncle Beck. Mummy is not leaving. Your daddy is gone because of a nasty man who took his life. He’s up in the sky watching you. But your mummy won’t be going anywhere, I promise buddy. It’s a different sort of owwie” Beck kneels beside us.

Cody looks confused.

“Mummy not go…Daddy in sky…Have two daddy’s” He says

“Yes, I’m not going anywhere baby, Daddy Tom will always be looking after you from the sky watching over you to keep you safe and Daddy Jayden will always love you” I say as I cup his cheek.

“Two daddy’s…Hehe, I get two daddy’s. I gweedy” He laughs as I sigh with relief.

“Well that went better than I thought it would” Brian sighs with a smile.

“How to confuse a child” I roll my eyes as Cody begins to run around.

“No running!” Brian and I say in unison as Beck’s phone rings.

“Beck…Are you sure?...Yes she’s here…Who held this back?...Send me the photo’s…I don’t care…Get it on my desk now!” Beck slams the phone down angrily as Cody runs to my side.

“Beck? Everything ok?” I ask as I hug Cody tightly as he grumbles and whines in my shoulder.

“I’m not sure, give me until the end of the day and I’ll let you know. Sorry I scared you Cody” He smiles at Cody and Cody just grumbles.

“Let’s take you to mine and get you settled.” Brian says as we say goodbye to Beck and head to Brian’s new house.

“You’re in my old neighbourhood” I say as I pass the park I once went running through.

“Yep, I have a surprise” He says as I frown.

“What have you done?” I said as he just smiles and keeps driving as Cody has fallen asleep in the car.

I notice the turns he takes and he’s taking the exact route to my old house as we arrive I find us out the front of an old house.

“Brian, what have you done?” I gasp as I get out the car as a tear falls down my face.

“I had it rebuilt, an exact replica of your home, in the place it was.” He smiles and hugs me to his side.

“It’s amazing” I stare at it wide-eyed. It was like it had never been burnt down, every detail was there, Brian must have had Taylor’s help with this too as no way could he have done this on his own. I grab Cody and cuddle him to my chest as we go in and the layout is the same inside too. The furniture more modern and decorated completely different, but it was shocking to see everything in this house.

“So, why did you come alone?” Brian asks as he gets me a drink.

“Everyone said they were busy” I shrug, and he raises a brow.

“And you believed that?” He asks.

“There’s been a lot going on. Everyone has their own life, the school, the diner, the mafia. It’s not easy, especially with adding more family in the mix with all the kids” I shrug and sip my drink.

Brian seems to dismiss it and shrugs as we talk endlessly about everything going on back here at home and everything seemed to be calming down, the occasional hiccup but that was nothing new.

He was casually dating but hadn’t found someone who he felt a real spark with yet.

I missed him, the way we could talk so easily, and it was like I’d never left.

Brian’s phone rang.

“Hey Beck, what can I do for you?...What?...How?...That’s not possible…When?...Send it to me” He says as he hangs up his eyes frown in frustration.

“I’m going to put Cody to bed and then I think we need a chat” I said as he nods as I rush into the spare room and set up the monitor so I could still hear him before rushing downstairs.

Brian’s at the computer as I come down and he’s looking through some files on the screen as I notice photos.

“That’s me? What’s going on?” I ask as I notice photo’s from on the way out from the plane.

“The blonde…You said you recognised her…Something familiar…How familiar is this one?” He says as he moves to the next image and I gasp in shock.

“No way!” I gasp and have to keep looking.

“She doesn’t look so dead to me” He growls.

Then clicks to the next image, the guy standing with her.

“Is that…” Brian starts as he zooms in.

“Craig…What the fuck…” I sigh.

“I knew this last year was too good to be fucking true” I sighed and cursed into the air.

My life would never be boring I guess…

So once again its over! What do you all think?
Who is with Craig?
What's going to happen?
Who's your favourite character?
Did Sam choose right in Jayden?

Let me know what you all think I love hearing off you all!

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