Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Four

I felt a small series of kicks as I placed my hand on my stomach.

“I’m so sorry little ones, he’s gone” I cried.

I felt them move inside me as I smiled, it felt oddly comforting to think that these two babies would hold a certain amount of their own father in them, we would never forget him, or Bradley, they would be linked to him too.

I leant my head against the door breathing in the sea air when suddenly the door opened, and I fell backwards.

“Sam! Oh shit, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise you were there!” Brian said as he helped me up.

“It’s fine, I’m ok” I laughed, wiping away the tears from my face.

“Mind if I sit by you, I needed a break too” He asked as I nodded and we both sat on the garden sofa.

“I can’t believe he’s gone” I murmur as I lean into Brian as he hugs me close to him.

“None of us can. Layla’s beside herself right now, Tammy had to explain death to her, she’s not taking it well, she’s lost her fairy tale too” he sighed.

“Oh no! Layla!” I cried out as I got up quickly, rushing into the house.

“What are you doing running about?” Dad asked.

“Where’s Layla?” I ask as he points upstairs.

I go upstairs as quick as I can as Brian follows me closely, as I trip he catches me.

“She’s not going anywhere, slow down” He says steadying me as we continue up.

I could hear her sobs before I opened her bedroom door, her arms wrapped tightly around Tammy, Rob and Wayne sitting close by.

“Layla? I need my princess cuddle too” I sob as her eyes are red and puffy, she jumps off the bed and wraps herself around me as I go down to my knees and hug her tightly. She was so close to Tom too.

“Why did he have to go to heaven? You were supposed to live happily ever after” She sobs.

“I know Layla, I know. But sometimes, happily ever after is difficult, not everything goes to plan, and bad things happen. But, we will always have him in our hearts, we can tell our stories and work on a better future” I reply.

“Love you auntie Sammy” She murmured into my hair.

“Love you too little one”

“When are we holding the funeral?” I ask as we all flooded the diner the next day.

“I’m afraid we have dealt with his body already, but we will hold a funeral in his memory when you like” Rueben said.

“Dealt with his body…What did you do?” My eyes snapped to him.

“We…uh…” He stammered.

“Rueben” I growled.

“I put him on his uncles doorstep with a little note of my own” Dad said as I snapped round to him.

“You did what… How could you?! He was ours! He deserves a better send off!” I scream at him.

“Samantha, watch your mouth” Dad snapped back.

“Or what?” I took a step towards him.

“You will do as you are told daughter, I brought you into this world and I can certainly take you back out” He growled.

“Trent, that’s enough, the same applies to you boy” Grandpa warned glaring daggers at his own son.

“This is not helping. Sam, when would you like to hold a funeral?” Tobias piped up.

“Tomorrow” I answered glaring at my father.

“Come sit down with me Sammy” Brian took my hand and led me to the seat beside me, holding my hand in his.

“I won’t be here tomorrow” Dad added.

“Are you serious right now?” I looked at him in shock.

“Sam” Luka grumbled under his breath.

“No, I get that he’s in charge of the Midnight Rose for me now, but the least he could do is stay for more than two days!”

“Still a child” Dad shook his head.

“Trent! Out now!” Grandpa shouted and pointed out the door as he followed him. I could see them shouting at each other, grandpa was furious with his own son.

“How do you want to do the funeral?” Wayne asked.

“Party on the beach?” James asked.

“How is a party on the beach a funeral?” Tobias raised a brow.

“It’s our own funeral, celebrate the life, not the death” Rob answered.

“It’s perfect” I answered.

“Ok, well we’ll see it done” Tobias nodded and began to text on his phone, I was guessing he was sorting things with the rest of his gang as they roamed the roads in turn, keeping an eye out for Tom’s uncle.

“Have you seen Jayden this morning? He wasn’t home” I asked.

“Your dad sent him with Tom’s body…He isn’t back yet” Tobias looked towards my father angrily.

“What!?” I jumped up and stormed outside.

“So where is the boy? You sent him into enemy territory and he’s not your man!” Grandpa shouted as I came out.

“You better not be talking about Jayden…” I grumbled angrily.

“Listen Samantha, I needed a job done and he seemed perfectly capable, I’m sure he’ll be home soon” Dad said as I looked at him in disbelief.

“Leave, never come back. I never want to see you here again” I uttered.

“I told you it would make you lose your daughter, now look what you’ve done son” Grandpa came to my side.

“Fine, I’ll leave, but what of the Midnight Rose?” He sighed in annoyance.

“All yours. But, we still get access, I will need it for the school” I muttered.

“Fine, I’ll be taking Luka with me though” He went to go back in the diner as I grabbed his arm.

“You will not go near them, Luka has a family now, he doesn’t need you anymore, he’s safer here than by your side, if you take him I will take you down and I don’t care who the fuck you are to me” I growled as he looked at me wide-eyed.

“I agree, they all stay here with us. Go home alone Trent” Grandpa added.

“Fine. Good luck in life” Dad said before getting in his car and racing off into the distance.

“I just lost another parent…Grandpa, where’s Jayden?” I sobbed.

“I will always be here for you, you still have a whole family, right here. Now, let’s go get the team and find him” He ushered me inside.

“What happened? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” Shaun looked at me in horror.

“Dad’s left, he’s never coming back, and he did send Jayden off with Tom’s body, but no ones’ heard from him since, we need to find him” I uttered.

“Fucking coward” Luka grumbled under his breath.

“Are you ok Sam?” Savannah approached me as I nodded, trying not to let the tears flow.

“Yes, we need to find Jayden” I said.

“You are staying home, and WE are going to find him” Shaun ordered.

“Don’t start Shaun, I’m helping” I snapped.

“Fine, help Damien with camera footage” He smirked.

“Fine” I grumbled.

A few hours later and I was sat next to Damien as we looked through an abundance of footage, trying to follow Jayden’s car, but then suddenly it was all gone, the screens went black and so did the power.

We were the only ones home.

“Damien, give me the gun under the table” I said as he grabbed it and passed it over to me and he brought out his own.

“Stay behind me” He said, but I was too stubborn and went up ahead of him, trying to find a torch.

I found one and passed Damien the second as I saw his face, he was angry that I went ahead of him.

“You’re going to get yourself killed” He whispered as I cleared the house with him one room at a time.

“I know what I’m doing Damien” I muttered back.

“You’re pregnant Sam!” he whisper shouted at me as I signalled him to be quiet as I heard footsteps up ahead.

“Find the bitch but don’t kill her, we need her alive for now until the babies are big enough” a rough voice growled out.

Four sets of footsteps sounded in the first floor of the house as we backed up and I signalled Damien for us to go into my room.

I pushed a few buttons beside my wardrobe as a door opened and I dragged Damien inside.

“Do all your houses have a panic room?” Damien asked.

“Of course, I’m not stupid” I said as I turned on the small generator on and the computer in the room came to life, it powered both the computer and the few cameras inside the house.

“Oh shit, they brought Jayden” Damien uttered as he began to make a call, I watched the screen as the man, that looked uncannily like Tom and Bradley, stood next to his bound form, a gun to his head.

Two guys had started to search our floor and one was now in my own room.

“I’m sorry for this Damien” I said before he could realise what I was doing I left the room quickly as the door bolted behind me and I shot at the man peeking under the bed.

“Looking for me?” I smirked as I shot him in the head.

I rushed to the door, hiding slightly behind it as the second guy came into the room, I quickly shot him in the back as he crashed down on the ground by the door of the panic room.

I peeked outside trying to listen for the third man but heard nothing as I snuck down the corridor.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are” They called out as I grabbed a rock that Layla had collected from the beach and threw it down the stairs as two shots rang loudly through the air towards it.

A huge man came running up the stairs at me and I shot, but he dodged it as he grabbed my hand and flung the gun from my grip as he twisted my arm and got me on the ground.

“Stupid bitch” He laughed as he lifted me as I struggled against him.

He dragged me down the stairs as we came face to face with the man and Jayden.

“Jayden!” I cried out as he lifted his head, his face was black and blue with bruises.

“No!” He shouted as he struggled against the ropes.

“Nice to finally meet the mother of my nephews children, the woman who fell for both my nephews, my name is Paul” He smirked.

“You killed your own nephew!” I spat at him and struggled against the man holding me.

“He realised what I really wanted, an unfortunate casualty” He smirked.

“You’re a monster” I growled.

“I want what I’m owed! Gregory promised me the Midnight Rose, he promised me Trent’s head! Your grandfather Jon, was going to have me by his side, but they all betrayed me!” He shouted.

“They betrayed me too! They were scum! The Midnight Rose isn’t mine anymore!” I said back.

“Your father won’t have his child in trouble, no, nor his grandchildren, I will get what I’m owed! My family are all dead because of you and your pathetic families! All of them!” He pointed the gun at me.

Out the corner of my eye I spotted movement as Shaun was at the back door, gun at the ready.

A knock at the door sounded as Paul’s eyes looked towards it.

“Put the girl down, she won’t move, I’ll kill the boy if she does” He smirked as I was let go, falling to my knees.

“Please don’t hurt Jayden, let him go, you have me, let him go out the back door, he has nothing to do with this!”

Jayden’s eyes flickered to the back door as his eyes widened.

“No, he will stay right here where I want him.” Paul began to tap his other hand against his leg, his eyes flickering to the door where his man had gone and disappeared.

“You can have the Midnight Rose I’m not stopping you. My father, he abandoned me this morning, I’m not involved”

I saw Shaun, James and Tobias come through the back door slowly and quietly, I had no idea how such a big man as Tobias could barely make a sound.

“No, no, no, no, you, will die, babies will be mine, Midnight Rose will be mine, it’s all MINE!” He screamed out as he kept hitting the gun to his head, was this guy psycho?

“Ok, you can have that, all of it. Now let Jayden go, he has no part in this, you can have me, I promise, you can have it all” I said slowly raising myself up with my hands up.

“Stay there!” He screamed out pointing the gun at me.

“Put the gun down, I’m not the threat, you need me” I said calmly.

He began to slowly lower the gun as Shaun crept behind him and placed his own gun to Paul’s head.

“Drop it” He growled.

Paul dropped the gun in defeat and panic.

James and Tobias grabbed him and pinned him roughly to the ground.

I rushed up to Jayden and undid the rope binding him.

“We’re clear!” Shaun shouted as a rush of footsteps flooded the house as the power switched back on.

“Sam! I’m going to be having words with you when I get Damien out!” Taylor shouted at me as he ran up the stairs and I grimaced.

“He’s not the only one having words with you” Shaun looked at me with pure disappointment.

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