Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Six

“Samantha! Shit where are you!” Shaun’s voice shouted out.

“Sam!” Luka called out as I woke up slowly.

“You better go before they send out a search party” He mumbled from the pillow, letting me go from his arms.

“They probably have already” I smirk.

“Brian! Sam’s missing!” Savannah burst through the door.

“Hey Savannah” I mumbled as her eyes went wide.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” She asked.

“I couldn’t sleep, not alone” I shrug.

“Boys! I’ve found her!” She shouted as Shaun and Luka came running.

“What the fuck dude!? That’s my sister!” Luka growled.

“Nothing happened, what do you think of me. She couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to be alone, she just slept here, we didn’t do anything” Brian said angrily.

“Might want to tell your little friend in the sheets that” Savannah giggled as she ran off, my eyes went to the sheets, an obvious tent showing.

“I’m out!” I said as I climbed across him quickly and left the room.

“It’s morning! What do you expect? I’m a man!” Brian called out as the boys laughed.

A few hours later and the party was all set up on the beach, everyone was already down there while I waited for Layla to get ready.

“Can we do something for Tom?” She said as she came out with crayons and a wad of paper.

“What do you want to do?” I ask getting down to her level.

“Can we write a message to him, then put it in the fire so he can get mail in heaven?” she asked.

It was a beautiful idea as a tear escape my eye.

“That sounds perfect, let’s go down there and we’ll get everyone to write one, when we talk about him later we can put our messages in the fire” I kissed her head and took her hand in mine as we slowly made our way down to the beach.

“There they are” Grandpa said as he noticed us.

“Saaammmm, they won’t let me in the water” James groaned.

“I won’t either, I can’t save your ass this time” I smirk as he groans and storms off playfully.

“He should be here, partying with us” I sigh as I notice the photo of Tom on the table surrounded by food.

“He’s watching over you” Tobias nodded.

“Layla had an idea, she wants us to all write a message to them up in heaven, so they get mail, we put our messages in the fire and it gets delivered” I smile.

“Oh Layla baby, that’s brilliant baby” Tammy cooed.

“We didn’t really know him do you mind if we do messages to some of our own loved ones little Layla?” Tobias knelt next to her.

“That’s ok” She said before skipping off to play with some of the guys leaving the paper and crayons behind on the table.

The party went into full swing, music played while everyone chatted.

After a while I began to get tired as the hours went by and began to feel sick as I went back up the stairs and rushed to the toilet, puking my guts up…oh the joys of being pregnant.

“Oh hunny” Savannah followed me as she began to hold my hair out of the way, rubbing my back soothingly.

“I can’t do this Savannah” I cry as I heave.

“Yes you can, you are so much more than you think. But we are all here to help, you and those babies will never go without. Plus Louisa and Layla need playmates” She smiled as she helped me up.

“I have an appointment in two weeks, we were supposed to find out the sexes, will you go with me?” I ask as she beams.

“Of course I will” she smiles and helps me clean up before we go back outside arm in arm.

“Are you ok?” Brian runs up to us concern flooding his face.

“Morning sickness, they should call it all day sickness” I groan.

I look out onto the beach and see Layla quietly playing in the sand, all on her own.

“Is Layla ok?” I question nodding towards her.

“It’s hitting her hard too, she misses Tom, he was the prince of her dreams” Brian sighs.

I walked up to James and tapped him on the shoulder.

“I need your help we have a little lady to cheer up” I said as I pointed to Layla.

“Oh, jeez, I didn’t realise she was on her own, let’s go” He nodded as we headed over to her.

“Hey Layla, what you doing over here?” I ask as she just keeps playing and sighing.

“Nothing” she sighs.

“Want to dance?” James asks.

“Not really” She murmurs.

“Layla, he still loves you, he might be gone, but he’s still watching you, we all miss him.” I sit beside her and hold her hand in mine as she just begins to sob.

“Come here munchkin” James picks her up and she cuddles into him, he was her other favourite, the fun uncle type.

“I think we need to write our messages, say goodbye” I say as I tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear as she nods, still crying.

“You go get everyone ready, I’ll sit with her a minute” James said.

“Layla, you make sure uncle James doesn’t go jumping into the water ok?. He’s a naughty boy on the beach” I say as she lets a little smile out.

When I get up to the table I put my fingers to my lips and let out a loud whistle which gets everyone’s attention.

“Time to write our notes to heaven guys and girls” I shout as people come up and grab a piece of paper and a crayon.

I was struggling with what to write on mine as everyone was jotting theirs down quickly.

To my men in the sky, do not fret, I may cry, but you both did die. You’re both in my heart, although we’re far apart, I will always love you both. Our babies will know of your sacrifices and I will watch over them forever. I’ll see you in my dreams my loves, I will never forget either of you. Love your Peach/Princess x

We all surrounded the campfire as one by one the messages were put into it, turning into sparks flying into the air.

“Bye, bye prince” Layla murmured and that set me off as I ran up the stairs.

“Sammy!” Brian and Shaun shout as they chase after me.

“Stop, Sammy, stop” Shaun catches up to me as he curls his arms around me as I break down.

“I can’t do this, I can’t. Every time I fall in love or love anyone, someone always dies!” I cry.

“Listen to me Sam, we are here, we will always be here, your babies will be safe, no one will touch either of you again. Paul’s locked up…” Brian started.

“What do you mean he’s locked up? Why isn’t he dead?” My eyes flick between them.

“Your dad ordered him not to be touched…” Shaun mumbled.

“He did what…Why?”

“I don’t know, says he has to do something first” Brian answered.

“I will never be safe while that man is still alive” I cry.

“He will never hurt you while we are here” Brian said.

“Where is he?” I ask.

“We can’t tell you that” Shaun answered.

I stormed back down the stairs pushing past them and walked up to my Grandpa and Tobias who looked at me with concern.

“Everything alright there?” Tobias asked.

“Where’s Paul being held?” I asked as Tobias and grandpa looked at me shocked.

“We thought he was dead…” Grandpa looked up at Tobias, anger in his eyes.

“Dad’s up to something” I murmur.

“Kitten? What’s going on?” Jayden walked up to us as more of the others watched the anger flooding our faces.

“Dad’s got Paul hidden up somewhere, Shaun and Brian knew, but won’t tell me why or where…How can I move on if the man that killed his nephew and was planning of killing me is still alive?”

“Please tell me what you just said is a joke” Luka walked up to us, Louisa in his arms.

“Ask Shaun and Brian, I’m sure they will tell you. Or better yet, ask our father” I growl.

“Hey, Sam, me, Wayne and Rob are going to take Layla out for a while, cheer her up, she needs a break from all this.” Tammy sighed.

“Good, take James too, she needs her favourite people around her, and I want you both safe, tell the boys to take their guns” I said as she looked at me in shock.

“Why?” She muttered.

“Paul’s still out there somewhere and my dad is planning something, until that man is dead I want everyone safe” I said.

She nodded, kissed my cheek and went to tell the boys what was going on as they all looked to me and nodded. I was still the head of the team they would protect the girls.

“I’ll have my boys stationed throughout nearby, until this is all settled” Tobias said before walking off to his group of men.

“I don’t care what you think Dad! That man tried to kill Sam! He killed his own nephew!... No I will not stand by while you play with fire…He dies!...Then I’ll find him myself and do it old man!” Luka screamed in the phone after handing Louisa to Savannah.

“Luka, what’s going on?” I ask.

“He wants to use him as leverage, apparently he’s helping whoever is going against them back at home, I have no idea where he’s being held, all I know is that he’s been moved from wherever Shaun and Brian put him” Luka growled angrily.

“We’ll find him, I know my son, I know a lot of his hiding spots” Grandpa said.

“Paul dies, end of story” I said as everyone nodded in agreement. This man could be dangerous if he got away and we all knew it.

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