Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Seven

“Sam put the gun down, you’re not going anywhere!” Shaun stood in front of me as I tried to get out of the house, Grandpa had found out where Paul had been hidden by Shaun and Brian in the first place and we were going to go scout it out.

“Move or I will shoot you Shaun” I shout.

“I won’t let you go when you’re so angry like this!” He shouted back.

“Well I wouldn’t be angry if you had been honest in the first place, I trusted you and Brian! You both hid that Paul was still alive and you’d hidden him for my father! He deserves to die!”

“You’re safe here Sam, I won’t let anyone hurt you” He said, and I laughed.

“Safe… When have I ever been safe? Bradley died, Tom died, Jayden was dragged in here by Paul, beaten and bruised, someone is always getting hurt! I can’t sit back and watch, even if I am pregnant, my family needs to be safe and Paul being alive is nothing but dangerous. Now let me go” I place my gun back in its sheath as he lets me past with a sigh.

“I’m trying to protect you” He sighs.

“I can protect myself” I storm off and join Tobias, Grandpa, Jayden and Tobias’ men out the front.

“Ready to go?” Grandpa asked as I nodded and got on the back of Jayden’s bike.

It took us an hour to arrive at the bungalow, it was surrounded by fields, nothing for miles.

“Why would he bring him here?” I ask as I grab my gun, Tobias’ men surround the bungalow as Tobias, Grandpa and Jayden surround me, watching my back.

The door was locked, the shutters closed on the windows.

“Stand back” Tobias said as we moved, and he kicked the door open with a loud bang and we flooded in.

What we saw next I would never be forgotten, the floors and walls covered in thick sticky blood, the smell of rotting flesh flooded out noses as we gagged and put our tops over our mouths.

“I found the head…I have no idea who this is…It’s not Paul” Grandpa said as I walked up to him and gasped.

“NO!” I cried and ran outside to puke my guts up.

“Who was that? You knew him?” Jayden rushed up behind me, holding my hair.

“Ben…From home…He’s Shaun’s cousin…” I cried as I remembered the man who sat at the desk of my old company building.

“I’m so sorry” He said.

I grabbed my phone and dialled Luka.

“Sam? Everything ok?” He answered.

“No, not really, we found the bungalow, there…there was a body…” I stammered.


“No…He’s nowhere to be seen, there’s blood everywhere, body parts everywhere, it’s like he was ripped to pieces…” I cried.

“Hold up the boys want to listen” Luka said, and my eyes widened.

“Luka no” I said but it was too late, I was on loud speaker.

“Who did you find Sam?” He asked.

“Is Shaun there?” I murmured.

“I’m here” Shaun answered.

“When…when did you last speak to your cousin?” I ask.

“Oh no…” I heard Elise cry.

“Sam, please tell me my cousin is not dead in that bungalow…” Shaun’s voice broke.

“I’m so sorry Shaun” I cried as I heard the door crash.

“Ben’s dead?” Brian whispered in shock.

“Yes, Luka, you have to find out what dad did. Where is Paul?” I asked.

“I’m on it. Be careful Sam, I’ll call you when I find something” He answered and then hung up.

I couldn’t handle going back into the bungalow as the others did a sweep of the place, they couldn’t find anything else, no sign of Paul and no sign of what had happened. Ben had literally been torn to pieces, there were no burns from a grenade, nothing. This was sick and twisted.

I heard a car racing up the road as we held our guns out, ready for anything when it skidded to a halt and Shaun burst out the car, racing to the bungalow.

“Stop him!” I cried out as Tobias grabbed him and struggled against him as Shaun tried to fight him off as I ran to him.

“Shaun, you can’t, you don’t want to see it” I put my hand on his face as he looked at me.

“It’s my cousin Sam…Your dad promised me his safety, he wasn’t supposed to be part of this” He stammered and collapsed to the ground.

“I know, I know, and I promise he will pay for this, he might be my father, but I do not condone this. But please, don’t look” I saw a tear fall from his eyes as he nodded, and I told Tobias to let him go.

I took him in my arms as he had done for me so many times as he broke down in my arms.

Suddenly, the whizz of a bullet flew past our heads.

“Sniper!” I shouted as everyone took cover.

“Where the hell did that come from?” Grandpa shouted as we looked around.

“Please tell me you have your sniper in the boot?” I said to Shaun as he wiped his eyes with a nod as we crept around the car. Another shot shooting beside the boot.

“Shit!” I cried out as I pulled Shaun back before he got shot, missing by millimetres. Shaun landed on me hard as we went down and he fell against my stomach.

“Sammy! No! I’m sorry!” He looked at me panic-struck.

“I’m ok” I whimpered as we got up again, ignoring the pain in my stomach and back, if we weren’t careful we’d die by the gun, I would check the babies when we got out of here.

I turned back to the bungalow where the other stood hidden from the shooter as I saw Grandpa and Jayden looking at us, fear flooding their faces.

“How the hell do we get out of this?” I grumbled.

“Stay low, I’m going to start the car and get it rolling forward towards the house” Shaun said as I nodded, he opened the door and leant over the seat.

Another shot flew through the window and hit him on the shoulder as he fell backwards onto the ground.

“No!” I screamed as my hands pressed onto his wound to help stop the bleeding.

“Jayden no!” Tobias boomed as I heard the sound of a bike rev and shots fired as he rode up to us, narrowly missing being shot as he skidded to our sides.

“Shooter’s moving!” Rueben boomed out.

“Jayden get her out of here!” Shaun grimaced at the pain.

“Not a chance, you helped bind me up before, it’s my turn” I said as I ripped my jacket with my knife, tying it tightly over the bullet holes, it had gone straight through.

“Kitten, we have to go” Jayden said.

“How? Shaun was then working on something and got shot, you got lucky. What do you suggest?” I said angrily.

“I…I…” He stammered and shook his head.

My phone rang.

“Are you coming to play?” The voice rang out on the phone as I recognised Paul’s voice I grimaced.

“Let the others go and I’ll play” I answered as Jayden and Shaun looked at me with fear.

“You think I’m stupid? I caught your boy over there didn’t I? Come out now or I’ll just wait it out and he’ll die. I will pick off each and every one of them” He laughed manically.

“Fine” I said and hung up.

I kissed Shaun on the head and glanced up at Jayden.

“Take care of my boys” I said as I placed a kiss on his too.

He held my wrist in his stopping me from standing.

“What are you doing? Don’t be stupid.” He growled.

“He won’t kill me. He wants the kids, without me, they’re dead too” I answered, and I took my wrist from him.

“Samantha! No!” Grandpa shouted as I got up and flung my gun to the ground in Paul’s sight.

“You want me! You got me!” I shouted as I came out and saw his smug smirk.

His eyes stayed on me as I heard the boot of the car slowly open, what were they doing.

Paul’s gun was trained on me with his eyes never leaving mine.

“I knew I’d get you. Did you like my little present? He just wouldn’t stop screaming when I tore him apart, so much fun” His eyes glinted.

“That man was my best friend’s cousin he was a good man” I growled as I walked towards him.

“Your father shouldn’t have sent a child to do adult’s work, he wasn’t trained, he wasn’t one of us! You know how we live, the thrill of the kill, the pain we inflict on others, don’t you? You love to watch as the people you hate most die slowly by your hand. We would be good together! I’d raise the babies as my own, we could rule!” He said and I felt sick as his eyes roamed my body.

Behind him I saw a couple of cars turn down the road as his eyes left mine and looked behind him.

“The cavalry have arrived” He smirked as I looked to the cars.

“Maybe we would work well together, the blood of our enemies soaking into our skin as we take it all. The world could be ours. We’d be the most powerful couple in the world, if you take my hand, we will be the best” I say in hope he took the bait.

I heard a whistle behind me. Shaun was signalling that the cars were ours.

“You really want that?” Paul smiled as he lowered his gun, his eyes looking over me lustfully.

“Of course, your nephews were weak, join me, we’ll show them all true power” I said holding out my hand as he walked slowly towards me.

When he got up close he must have gotten spooked as suddenly his gun began to raise as a shot rang in my ears, blood spurting over my face as he held his neck, someone had shot him in the neck.

“Sam!” Grandpa ran over to me quickly as I landed on the ground in shock.

“Who the fuck can’t aim?!” Shaun shouted as Jayden helped him get over to me.

Grandpa was searching every bit of me to check I hadn’t been hurt.

“Sammy! I’m so sorry!” Taylor screamed out as he skidded to a halt in front of me with fear as he looked at me.

“You grazed her ear you could have killed her Taylor!” Shaun shouted angrily as he winced.

“Rueben get over here!” Grandpa held his jacket to my ear to stop the blood flow as I still sat in shock.

“Let me take a look…Looks like it will need a stitch, nothing fatal, keep pressure on it still.” Rueben looked at me with concern, I couldn’t speak, still in shock.

“What’s the matter with her?” Taylor asked as he wiped the tears from my face.

“She’s in shock, we need to get her home, now” Rueben said as Shaun shrugged Jayden off and nudged him towards me as he lifted me up bridal style and placed me in the car. Then he helped Shaun who was pale from blood loss.

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