Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Eight

“What the hell happened?” Savannah and Elise came running out of the house as they noticed our wounds.

“Get inside, we’ll get into that once these two are out of the woods” Grandpa led me indoors.

“Sammy, I’m so sorry” Taylor say beside me as Rueben worked on Shaun quickly.

“Jayden! Grab that kit and work on cleaning her wound up” Rueben ordered.

“Hold up…YOU shot her!” Savannah cried out.

“I didn’t mean to! I was aiming for Paul, I missed the shot, a few more inches and…and…” He cried as I slowly reached for his hand, I didn’t feel like talking yet, but that simple gesture would show I still cared about him.

“Taylor, she still loves you, she’s not dead” Jayden said as he noticed my gesture and began to clean the cut.

My eyes flicked to his as he smiled before concentrating once more.

“Can any of you do stitches?” Rueben asked as he watched Jayden finish.

“I can” Shaun muttered.

“Sure that will work…” Brian rolled his eyes as he took the kit from Rueben with a nod and replaced Jayden.

I smirked slightly as Shaun looked at me from the table he was laid on.

“Atta girl” He said before wincing at the pain he was going through.

I squeezed Taylor’s hand as Brian stitched me up.

Once he was done, Jayden cleaned it once more and then put a small bandage over it.

“Where are the kids?” Grandpa asked.

“Tammy and Rob took them out when you were called away, thought they ought to be out of the way, just in case” Savannah answered.

“Good shout” Tobias said nodding.

“Will you talk to me?” Taylor murmured in my ear.

“I’m ok” I whispered as I cuddled into him as he sighed and hugged me tight.

“Shit! Check her stomach!” Shaun shouted suddenly.

“What? Why?!” Savannah ran over as I crossed my hands over my stomach.

“I fell on her when he was shooting at me the first time!” Shaun answered.

“The first time! How many times were you shot at?!” Elise cried out.

“Doesn’t matter. Check her Savannah!” He said as she looked at me sternly.

“Let me look” She said, and I shook my head.

She took my hand and helped me up.

“We’ll go somewhere private, yeah?” She said as I nodded and followed her to my room.

“They’re not moving…” I cried out as we got in the room as she shut the door, her eyes wide.

“Lift your top” She said as I showed her the bruising.

“Savannah…If I’ve lost them…Shaun will never forgive himself…” I cried.

“You haven’t lost them, I’m sure they are just…sleeping. Shit, I need to get Rueben this is beyond my skillset” she hugged me and made me lay on the bed before rushing off.

The rush of footsteps came back seconds later as Jayden and my Grandpa rushed in as Jayden lifted me up in his arms and they ran me to the car as I looked on in panic.

“We’re taking you to the hospital, Savannah’s ringing Lindsey to be ready for you” Grandpa said as Jayden drove, Grandpa stroked my head. I could see Jayden looking between me and the road with concern flooding his face.

“Stop looking at me like that Jayden” I groaned.

“Just checking on you kitten” he replied quickly.

“Where does Shaun think I’ve gone?” I asked.

“Rueben and Savannah are keeping him occupied, he doesn’t know anything yet” Grandpa answered, and I nodded.

We arrived at the hospital in record time as Nurse Lindsey rushed out to meet us with a wheelchair ordering me to sit as she rushed us to ultrasound.

“Only one of them can stay with you” She said as she looked at Grandpa and Jayden.

“Obvious choice here kitten, Harvey, go with her” Jayden nudged him forward as Grandpa nodded in thanks as we entered the room.

“Let’s take a look” Lindsey prepped the machine and took out the cold gel and placed it on my stomach. She kept moving it around and around.

“Lindsey…Are they ok?” I whimpered.

“Come on little ones, come on…” She muttered as I looked at my Grandpa as he watched on with horror.

“There’s one! Come one twin two, your brother’s ok, where are you?” She said as her eyes lost their shine.

“Lindsey…” I whimpered again.

“I’m so sorry, you lost one, the other is perfectly fine, but the second…he’s gone…” I screamed in agony from the emotional pain inside as Grandpa held me close.

Jayden came rushing in the door as he must have heard me screaming.

“She lost them?” He asked.

“One, the other is fine” Lindsey sighed as she brushed my hair away from my face.

“I’m so sorry kitten” Jayden walked up to me and kissed my head as I was sobbing.

“What will happen with the second twin? Will she need an operation?” Grandpa asked.

“I doubt it, she’s only four months in, the foetal tissue will be absorbed by either the twin or through the placenta, it’s called disappearing twin syndrome. We’ll have to keep an eye on her for now, she’ll see us regularly to check twin one” She said.

“Thank you” Grandpa said.

“I need you to rest Samantha, no more stress on that little one, I want you to come full term with him” She said.

“Him?” I murmured realising she had said the sex.

“Yes, you were having little boys” She sighed as tears fell.

“Let’s get you home” Grandpa kissed my head as they said goodbye and thanks to Lindsey and she gave me her number for if I ever needed anything.

“This will break Shaun…” I murmured, feeling broken myself.

“You’ll need to lean on each other, this will be tough on everyone” Jayden said as we drove home.

I couldn’t stop touching my stomach as I thought of my lost little boy, it hurt to think one twin was lost but he was with his father now, he would be up there with his daddy, Tom would love him still.

When we got out the car I walked slowly as Jayden took my hand in his and Grandpa went in.

We walked through the front door and everything went quiet.

“Where did you go?” Shaun asked as he took in how I looked, my eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Sammy?” Savannah whispered as I whimpered.

“No…No…You didn’t lose them…No…Tell me I didn’t kill the babies!” Shaun cried out.

“One, I lost one” I cried as I ran to him and hugged him as he broke down into sobs.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry” he cried.

“It’s not your fault…He’s with his daddy now” I said as I cuddled into him.

“It is my fault I fell on you” He said.

“Paul shot at you, I pulled you back, I did it, not you. This is because Paul started this. Not you, this is not your fault” I kissed his head.

He just sobbed as I waved Elise to come over and embrace him, he needed his girl to comfort him, not me, it would remind him what happened, and he needed to grieve for his cousin as it was.

“Where are you going?” He asked as I kissed his head.

“I need some air” I said as everyone looked on sadly, tears in most of their eyes.

I wandered down to the beach and sat on the large rock that sat near the campfire.

“Look after our baby Tom” I said to the heavens in hope he could hear me as I imagined him up there with our little baby in his arms as I closed my eyes and breathed in the sea air.

I could almost hear his voice saying, “I promise to look after him princess”.

I took out my phone and sent a text.


I lost one of my babies today because you couldn’t handle Paul.

Ben is dead. My baby is dead.

This is your fault. I hope you lose everything. You’ve lost me for good. Never come back.


I took a small pebble and kept lobbing them into the sea with anger for a little while before someone came and sat near me.

“I just had a frantic call from your father just now, did you message him by any chance” Grandpa said.

“He told you what I said?” I answered.

“Yes, and I second it, he will never come back here, he knows what he’s done. I never thought I could be so disappointed in my son as I do now, even when he chose the mafia life and all of it, I’ve never been more ashamed of him. But, I am proud that he gave me you. I will always be here for you Sam; I promise to be more of a father figure than he or Gregory have ever been if you’ll have me” Grandpa said as I walked up to him and hugged him tight.

“I will always want you grandpa” I said as he placed a kiss on my head.

“It’s getting cold we should get indoors.” He said as he took my hand and led me back in.

I settled on the sofa next to Shaun, my head in his lap as my legs rested on Jayden as someone put a film on, not that anyone was watching it properly.

“We’re home!” Tammy shouted as I grimaced.

“What do we tell Layla?” I whispered.

“I’ll tell Tammy first, we’ll talk to her” Savannah got up.

“Why does everyone looks so glum?” Rob asked coming into the room.

“Come with me. Layla, how about you go play in your room for a minute with Louisa” Savannah smiled lightly.

“Ok!” Layla said excitedly as they went upstairs.

“What happened?” Tammy asked as she looked around the room.

“Come into the kitchen with me” She told Tammy, Rob and Wayne.

Silence reigned the room before the sound of Tammy’s sobs flooded it as she came running and knelt in front of me, her hand on my stomach, before hugging me in tears.

“YOU are a shit shot!...” She pointed at Taylor.

“YOU are going to be an amazing mother to that baby” She pointed to me.

“And YOU are not to blame for what happened!” She pointed to Shaun.

“This has to be it right, no more loss, we’ve all suffered enough right? Sammy especially” Rob sighed.

“I hope so” I murmured.

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