Academy of the Rose (Rose Book 3)

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Chapter Nine

Layla had been distraught when Tammy and Savannah told her the news, she ran up to me, sat on my lap and wouldn’t let go until bedtime, to which she stayed in bed with her mum. She might be eight, but she still needed cuddles in her mother’s bed sometimes.

Everyone had gone to bed, all exhausted from the day, sadness washing over everyone.

But yet again I couldn’t sleep.

I put my light on and sighed, I didn’t want to disturb anyone, so I just sat on my bed playing music quietly as I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” I said.

“Can’t sleep?” Brian said as he came over and sat on the bed.

“No” I sighed as he slid in next to me.

Another knock.

“Room for one more?” Taylor asked as he peeked in.

“What about Damien?” I raised a brow.

“Ok, maybe two more” He smirked as Damien popped his head in.

They jumped over to the other side of me.

“This bed just got cramped” Brian groaned as we all laid in my bed like a tin of sardines.

I just laughed as I was hugged from both sides.

“Quite the party in here” Jayden came in.

“Wow…Didn’t know we were having a sleepover” Elise and Shaun followed.

“There isn’t room for everyone!” I laughed.

“I have an idea” Jayden grinned cheekily as he dragged the boys with him downstairs.

They were dragging furniture about in the lounge and then I saw the mattresses being dragged downstairs.

“They can’t be serious” I laughed as I got up and looked out the door as Jayden just grinned at me.

They had moved all the furniture and placed several of the mattresses on the floor like one giant bed.

“What’s going on?” Layla rubbed her eyes coming out with her mum.

“Sleep over in the lounge” Jayden grinned as he picked her up and she giggled.

“Really?! Wow! Mummy! Can we join in?!” She said excitedly.

“Everyone can join in” James laughed.

I went downstairs and smiled at what they had done.

Soon enough we were all downstairs laying in one group all together, and it felt amazing, I loved every person in this room.

I was lying side-by-side with Shaun and Taylor while my head met Jayden’s. He smiled as he took my hand in his and we fell asleep just like that. That was the best sleep I’d had for quite some time.

“What is this?” Tobias booming laughter filled the room the next morning as he found us all in the lounge, still sleeping.

“Sleepover!” Layla cried out as Tammy tried to quieten her.

“So I see. Have fun?” He asked her.

“Yeah, was fun, Aunty Sammie couldn’t sleep so Jayden made the sleepover” She smiled as I looked over at her with sleepy eyes.

“Well that was very nice of Jayden wasn’t it Harvey” Tobias smirked at my Grandpa behind him as his eyes met mine and then saw our hands still entwined as I released them, and he stirred.

“Go away, it’s too early” Jayden groaned, and I laughed looking at the clock.

“It’s ten AM” I giggled.

“Too early” he groaned and rolled over.

“He’s not an early bird” Tobias laughed.

I got up trying to avoid the mix of limbs that were in the room as I climbed over them and joined Tobias and Grandpa in the kitchen.

“I think we all need a distraction I had an idea” Tobias said as I raised a brow in question.

“You spoke about a boarding school for the kids who are a product of mafia and gang war right. What a better time than now?” He smiled as he placed a huge wad of paperwork in front of me.

“What is that?” I pointed to it as he gestured for me to take a look.

As I leafed through them I noticed they were buildings, huge buildings big enough for a boarding school and some even had extra living quarters.

“This is amazing Tobias” I smiled.

“We’ll take a tour of some of the ones you like, Luka’s already got some of the other mafia families interested in helping with the project, so money isn’t a problem either” Grandpa said as I smiled.

“Good morning kiddo” Brian came wandering into the kitchen kissing my head.

“I need coffee” Jayden came in groaning.

“Oof” I groaned as I was suddenly bumped into by little Louisa, she had really found her legs lately and ran everywhere.

“Louisa! Be careful!” Savannah shouted from the corridor.

I picked her up and tickled her belly as she giggled, her giggles always cheered me up.

“It’s ok Savannah” I smiled as she saw me with her in my arms.

A couple months later and my stomach was getting bigger than ever, we were walking around one of the buildings that Tobias had found and I was so excited for it, it was huge, it was an old mansion, it would need a little work done before we could do anything with it but it was gorgeous. It had several other buildings around it which could become dorms for the kids and the gardens would be great for them to play and have fun.

I wanted the kids to have a real childhood instead of being reminded all the time about gangs and the wars that went in. Although we would be giving them training into business, defence and so many other things that would give them a great chance in life if they chose the mafia life, they would also serve as a great start to life as a normal person.

We wanted to give them a chance and this would be perfect.

“So the kitchen backs onto a huge field so if you wanted to build a canteen you could do that. Windows will need renewing, the garden put back to its clean cut state and some cleaning, but other than that you just need a lick of paint and some furniture and everything you need” The estate agent said as she gave us a tour slowly so I could keep up.

“This place is amazing” I said in awe.

“So much better than our old school” Taylor said as he looked around, I nodded.

“I think this is it… we’re an hour from home so it’s not too far that we could still stay there without moving. Plenty of room, it’s beautiful and away from all the hustle and bustle so the kids could actually have fun and stay safe.” I said as Grandpa checked over a few things in the rooms.

“Has it been checked for mould, asbestos, anything like that?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s recently had an inspection and we found no issues there. I can show you all the reports if you like” She smiled at grandpa as he nodded.

“I think we shall have a chat when we get home and let you know, thank you for the tour Francesca” Grandpa said.

“No problem let me know if there’s anything you need in the meantime”

She walked off and we all got into the car, Taylor, Grandpa and me, had taken to looking at places that were local whereas we took a bigger group if it was further away, just in case.

“Seriously grandpa this place is amazing” I smiled.

“We could totally make it work” Taylor said.

“Are you sure about all this? The stress it could put you under, I worry Samantha” He says as we make our way home.

“It’s not like I will be doing it alone, there will be all the guys plus some from other gangs who have taken interest in a better future for the kids. We can do this” I smile as he nods and smiles back.

“Then, the place is perfect”

“So, it’s the one right? No more looking?” I said excitedly.

“Oh yeah, it’s the one” Taylor whooped as we laughed.

“We found it!” I shouted happily as we came through the door.

“Found what?” Savannah looked confused.

“The perfect place for the boarding school, now it’s just paperwork, logistics and a little DIY” I smile as I show her the pictures.

“That place looks so pretty” She says.

“It’s amazing, seriously, I think we can do this, I can’t believe we are doing it but now it seems so real” I say as I feel my little one kick hard, he’d been quite rambunctious lately, it felt like he was doing summersaults inside me.

“He’s really active lately” Savannah smiles feeling my bump.

“Yep, two more months and he’ll be here”

“Sam, go sit your ass down, you’ve been wandering about all morning!” Shaun walked into the room.

“I feel fine Shaun” I groaned.

“Sit! Brian will make you some food” He smirked.

“Hey! Who said I would make the food?!” Brian laughed as he chucked the sponge he was washing up with at Shaun’s head.

“Brian! I just put this shirt on!” Shaun shouted, chucking the sponge back, and then it turned into a full-blown water fight.

Water was flying across the room everywhere as we all laughed, drenched in water as cups and sponges were lobbed across the room.

“What the hell is going on?” Luka shouted as we all stood still, frozen like being caught by our parents, Savannah, Brian, Shaun, Rob, Elise, Layla, Tammy and I were all soaked in the kitchen when he came in.

“Have a little fun brother” squirting him with water from a bottle.

“Samantha!” He growled.

“What? Can’t have a little fun?” I smirk.

“Grow up, you’re nearly twenty-three!” He growled before walking off in a huff.

“Who shit in his pancakes?” I laughed.

“Sam, can we talk?” Jayden walked in with an amused look at the kitchen and everyone in their soaked clothes.

“Sure but I need to get changed first” I said as we walked up stairs and I got changed before letting him into my room.

“Have you noticed an issue with your brother lately?”

“He’s been a little moody. What’s going on?” I questioned.

“Your dad, I think he’s trying to get him to go home” Jayden answered.

“Fuck” I growled as I walked past him and banged on Luka’s door.

“What the hell?” He swung open the door angrily.

“So, you and dad talking again huh?” I stood in his way.

“Don’t start Samantha, he’s our father, who am I to say no if he needs us?” He sneers.

“He’s betrayed us! He’s hurt our family, that’s why you say no! Do you want to leave us all? What about Savannah and Louisa? Do you want them to get hurt because you put them in dad’s way!”

“The Midnight Rose is dying out Sam, how can you let that happen?” He asks.

“Let it die, its nothing but bad luck” I sighed.

“You don’t mean that” He sighs.

“The Midnight Rose is nothing but trauma, wrapped in guns and violence. It’s time it went down, dad can’t run it and you and I don’t need that trouble, we have a family. We can’t risk that!” I said.

“It’s our legacy!” Luka shouted.

“No, my legacy will be the school, I want to make something bigger and better than that mafia family we come from! Don’t leave all this for him!”

“You think I want to leave? My wife and daughter are here” he sighed and hugged me.

“Stop letting him get to you Luka”

“Yeah I know, it’s just difficult”

“I know, but the Midnight Rose, it needs to burn” I said as I walked out the room leaving my brother to his thoughts.

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