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The Perfect Duet!

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Dawn Hikari, famous and renowned for her singing skills throughout the world and Paul Strongman, also a famous singer and guitarist have decided to collaborate on a song. But what will happen when these philanthropists slowly fall for each other, will they come together? Will this effect their reputation?

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The Beginning

"I have faith in what I see."

The Beginning..

A girl with midnight blue hair got out of her car, the sunlight gracing her features as she glanced at the building that stood above her. Her blue sapphire eyes, reflecting the sunlight, as she put her sunglasses on, continuing her way inside. As she entered the building, she noticed the receptionist flicking through some papers, she started walking towards her, her hair whipping at her back, her black heels clicking against the polished marble. The receptionist glanced up as she gave a welcoming smile she was trained probably trained for which was returned with a polite one. The receptionist was decently dressed, with a white buttoned up shirt with a black coloured jacket covering her upper body, her brown silky hair tied up in a bun. The woman asked her, “Could you please te-” but was cut off by the receptionist as she replied, “He has awaiting your arrival, miss. Left from here towards the elevator, up the fifth floor.” Giving her a smile, she nodded meekly before making her way for the elevator, gazing at the golden and black flowers which were craved at the walls, waiting for the elevator to arrive, dragging her out of her trance was a man with a decent smile on his face asking her to come in. She smiled cheekily and got in, her attention being diverted towards the piano piece that was playing around her. Fantaisie Impromptu. Beautiful. 5th floor, that’s her. She got out and headed straight, admiring all the expensive decoration that covered every inch of the studio. Strongman Studios.

A man with shoulder-length purple hair, coal black eyes accompanying, his one hand buried in his pant pockets. He adorned a purple turtleneck jacket with a plain white tee underneath it. Smirking at her, he made his way towards her. She was his inspiration, whatever she did she gave it her all. And that’s something he admired. She did everything in her own unique way well he knew she was something more than inspiration to him, but he wasn’t going say it out loud. They came to a halt, she started, “Hey Paul!” in a voice which had joy etched deep in it. It had been a while since they’ve met. His smirk turned into a small yet charming smile as he greeted back, “Hey Dawn!” Dawn replied to this as, “How have you been?” Paul waved his hand in front of the door asking her to proceed in, she started walking still waiting for the answer, to which he replied, “Good till now” His smile transforming into a more charming one as he say her pink lips pulling into a playful pout.

They entered through a door into a room which was beautifully arranged with all kinds of flower arrangements, a man with headphones on his ears acknowledged them with a smile. Walls had a combination of golden and black as well as a little white. In front of her were two medium-sized speakers, an L-shaped blue velvet sofa, a big control panel, which had various buttons and levers on it, a window panel to which she could see another room. Dawn was soon going to head in there to record a song with Paul. They both were great aspiring musicians, as well as a philanthropist. Donating money for good causes always made them happy. Music was their life, they both had gone through some tough roads in their musical careers but this was worth it. Everything was worth it. Dawn was a singer and she also knew how to play piano. Whereas Paul was a singer, he knew how to play guitar and drums, as well. They both had already recorded the instrumental part of their collaboration in the Berlitz’s studio, the studio owned by Dawn. Dawn had a talk with the man operating the control panel who was none other than Reggie, Paul’s older brother. After a few minutes of chat she went into the recording room, Paul leisurely following her. She entered and saw a cream coloured sofa with golden leaves embroidery on it. A table in front of it, with two hand microphone’s, and two headphones waiting to be picked. She seated herself, picking up the headphones and bringing up them onto her ears. She saw Paul mimicking her actions, she gave him a nod. Paul jokingly asked, “You do remember the music and the lyrics, right?”

Flashback to the day

Dawn wrote down the latest idea she got for her collaboration in her not-so-empty notepad.

She said, “Okay, I suggest” leaning forward, as she continued, “Dancing in the night” singing the line she looked at everyone for approval. They were currently writing the Chorus, and everyone was giving their own ideas. Paul’s brother and co-writer, Reggie spoke up, “It’s good but it sounds a little odd.”

Their song was almost complete; chorus was the last thing to be written. Paul said, “How about we switch up the ‘night’ with ‘dark’ so it should go like ‘dancing in the dark’?” singing as well as he presented his idea, his voice transitioning smoothly. Everything was coming together now. Dawn spoke up, “You know what, its perfect. So, that’s final..” She and Paul looked at Reggie for his approval, Reggie nodded and wrote the lyrics in his notepad and handed them the notepad where the lyrics were scribbled. Reggie spoke up as Dawn and Paul were going through the notepad, “Now, you both have to record it, so Paul and I will come to the Berlitz studio for recording the background music, and then later you can come to our studio for the song’s recording, what do you say Dawn?”

Looking at Dawn for her approval, he took the notepad from Paul and tore the pages off for them. Dawn replied, “It’s a deal, will see you later.” She stood up and waved to Paul and Reggie.

Flashback ends

Dawn replied, her pink lips forming a small pout, “Of course, I do.”

Paul shook his head and ignored that little voice in the back of his head that said how cute she looked with that look on and instead opted for a smirk. He was surely going to enjoy himself.

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