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"Some guys going to come along and sweep you off your feet someday." "Well....Let me know when so I can wear the right shoes." ... When I was younger, guys always thought I was too quiet, not approachable, awkward. Now, suddenly I'm too sassy, sarcastic, and straight forward for their liking. But I gave up on caring a long time ago about what other people thought of me.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“Can I see your IDs please?” The bodyguard asked looking at my friend and me suspiciously. I handed over my ID with no problem, Lauren following suit.

“I know right, can’t believe we’re 26,” I gave him and wink, but all he did was shake his head opening the door.

“You ladies have a good time,” the bodyguard handed me our IDs back.

The plastic was warm and worn from sitting in my wallet I kept in my back pocket.

Lauren’s was cold and shiny in comparison, granted she kept a purse hooked around her shoulder all the time. Sometimes, with all the random crap I find in there I think I could fill a garbage bag. All the receipts, ibuprofen bottles, headphones, and whatever she happened to have to carry around that day, that mysteriously never leaves her purse again.

“Thank you,” I smiled at the guy while Lauren nodded her head with a smile. When we were further into the club I turned to her. “Alright, this is the third club this week. Next week is my choice and I choose pizza and cheesy hero movies. Sound good?” I asked, raising my hand waiting for a high five.

Lauren only looked at my hand before placing her hands on her hips. “Come on, Ms. Introvert, this is why we’re single. We can’t just stay in all the time watching action movies.”

“Uh, three clubs. One week. And fine, we can watch romance movies if it makes you feel better,” I shrugged looking around the crowded club. It wasn’t as busy as the first two but it had a steady feel to it. The music wasn’t as loud and people seemed to actually keep a reasonable amount of space between each other while dancing. It almost had a preppy vibe to it.

“Come ooon, where’s your sense of adventure and trying new things?” She asked pulling on my arm to go to the bar.

“I think I lost it in the couch cushions, let go look for it.” I started to walk back to the exit but Lauren pulled me back to stand next to her. Shrugging her off I turned to face her. “Plus I’ve been doing most of the talking. Not once have you been the one to talk to the body guards or bartenders, I’ve been doing it all.” I raised my eyebrows at her but all she did was scrunch up her nose and look at the bartender.

“Okay, fine. I’ll talk this time,” she pulled me to the bar the rest of the way. I’m sure the only reason she agreed was because he’s cute.

I had brushed against someone getting an electric shock but before I could see who it was Lauren had dragged me to one of the stools. My black hair had flown in front of my face from the sudden stop. Her long blonde hair contrasted mine. For the first time we didn’t have matching hair colors. It’s not like we did it on purpose, but a lot of the times we would want to do something with our hair we would end up getting the same thing. I think it was because we spent too much time with each other and had the same taste. I missed being a blonde though. But not my natural brownish blonde hair color. Platinum blonde. I loved the color and wished it was my natural color.

I don’t know why, I just can never keep my hair the same, I always have to change it. Whether its length or color, I just can never look at myself in the mirror everyday and see the same thing. My hair is something I just have control over, and I know, no matter what I do. It will always grow back, and I can always dye it a different color.

“Hey, can I get two poison apples?” Lauren asked snapping me out of my dull thoughts.

With actual poison, please, I thought leaning my elbow on the bar.

Lately we have been going out a lot. I guess even though I have been giving her crap about it, I don’t really mind. Sometimes it’s boring just sitting at home. But then again a lot of the time I just don’t want to deal with people.

If there is one thing that no one really knows about me is that I’m genuinely a quiet person, well I used to be. I boxed the scared, quiet, sarcastic, paranoid girl in me in a box and sent her to the farthest corners of my brain. Sometimes when I let my guard down that little girl in the box comes out and takes over again. The one thing I fear lives in my brain, I think it’s sad that the one thing in the world that scares me the most is myself.

So you’re most likely wondering, who am I pretending to be if that girls locked away? Well I like to think of this part of me as the ′ bodyguard’, whenever helps me sleep at night, right? After always being pushed around, walked on, never being treated with respect. I finally snapped. Now I’m this funny, flirty, sassy, blunt woman that don’t take any shit from anyone and flirts with anyone that just happens to be standing there. Doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man, tall or short. I might not even find you attractive, but I’m going to find a way to put a smile on your face. Kind of hard to disrespect the person making you laugh.

“Here you go ladies,” the bartender said flashing us a smile taking the offered money from Lauren’s hands then walking over to help someone else who needs it.

“See, I did it. That wasn’t so bad,” Lauren huffed handing me my drink then taking hers and leaning her back against the bar. Her elbows rested on the bar behind her and her back was hunched just slightly to get a more comfortable angle. Believe it or not she was the more outgoing one of us. The braver one. She was simply lazy and didn’t want to humanely communicate with other people. Not that I blame her.

It wasn’t too cold in here, but I still seemed to be getting the chills which was weird because most of the time I was on fire.

“Now,” Lauren placed her hands on my shoulders. Her drink was placed on the bar, her attention directly on me. “I like seeing guys’ reactions when you use your pick up lines on them.”

“Don’t you ever tire of me using random pickup lines on guys?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

She shrugged her shoulders and turned to pick up her drink again, “no, the look of shock kind of smushes any boring thoughts.” Looking around the room she tried to find someone who I should flirt with. We both looked over to the same two guys at the same time, only to look at eachother.

“Yea, yea.” I waved her off and her face lit up. Making my way over to the other side of the bar they happened to be sitting at. One of the guys was grumbling about something while the other patted them on the back. He had darker hair with a frown that seemed to be pertinently etched onto his face. The other guy had just slightly lighter hair than the other and all around looked a little more cheerful. He would be the one that I would flirt with. The other one looked as though he had had enough of people flirting with him, with the way he looked I wouldn’t doubt both girls and guys tried to tap that. If I wasn’t secretly having butterflies explode in my stomach with each step I took closer to them, I might have given it a try.

“Well you know she’s in this bar.” I had caught the last bit of their conversation. I didn’t want to assume anything and continued with my plan of attack. Glancing over my shoulder one more time I saw Lauren waving from her side of the bar, she smiled wide. I smiled back unwillingly then leaned on the counter so I was next to the more cheerful looking guy.

“Do you believe in love at first sight or would like me to try again?” I asked placing my elbow on the counter and my head in my right hand.

“Wel-” The one closer to me turned his head but stopped talking immediately. When he took in my entire appearance he gave me a charming smile. The other guy disregarded me entirely and kept his eyes straight, bringing his drink to his lips. “Hi, I’m Sebastian,” he held out his hand and I shook it.

“Elora,” I clasped his hand with mine and gave it a firm shake.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I think this is the formalist reaction from using a pick up line to start a conversation. “This is my friend, Adam.” Sebastian patted Adam’s back again, but Adam did nothing but run his left hand through his hair and continue to not pay attention.

Nodding my head I let my hand drop from his leaning more comfortably against the bar.

“I liked the pick up line, cute, sassy. Maybe you could use one on my friend here. I’d love to see what other ones you got,” Sebastian smiled my way but I shrugged it off looking at Adam again before keeping my eyes trained on Sebastian.

“I think enough people flirt with him. Doesn’t seem to enjoy it very much,” I gave Sebastian a soft smile but all that did was cause him to chuckle.

“He was fine a minute ago, flirting it up with everyone. Now I think he’s just brooding.” Sebastian said. He sat up a little straighter and glanced around the room before meeting my eyes again. Clearly there was something more to the situation. But I wouldn’t ask, it wasn’t my business.

“I am sitting right here,” Adam growled clenching his drink.

“I am fully aware, so.” He looked back at me. “What has a beautiful woman like you at a bar, alone, picking up random guys?” Sebastian asked, raising his own drink to his lips.

“I’m not alone actually, my friends right over the-” I went to point out Lauren but she was no longer where I left her which made my heart drop into my stomach. She alright? I asked myself looking around only to feel her gab me in the back playfully making me jump. “Here.” I signaled to her and she smiled at Sebastian. “Sebastian this is Lauren, Lauren - Sebastian.” They shook hands and I felt like I was being boxed up against the bar so shimmied around Lauren to stand on the other side of Adam. Not close enough for him to think I want his attention but not too far away so I could still technically be part of the conversation they were having.

My eye glazed over as if in a daze. I was watching the crowd as more people entered the place. It was a very high class bar, I’m guessing not a lot of people can get in. I don’t know how we even got in really....

Feeling someone else’s warm skin against my own I turned to see another woman stepping in between me and Adam. I didn’t mind but a little warning would have been nice. An ‘excuse me’ or nod in my direction would have worked.

“Sup, handsome. You look bored, wanna dance?” The woman asked Adam and I smirked.

Adam’s grip on his glass tightened not even looking at her, “No, thanks.”

A pout seemed to form on her slim face making her cheekbones stand out more than they already were. She was pretty but personally I think her face just didn’t have enough... -- well enough. Her face was so skinny it seemed like she had a doctor take a syringe and just suck all the fat right out of it, along with around 50 percent of the muscle. Granted she was still pretty, I wish I had at least a little more defined features. My face had a little more chub than I wanted.

“Come on handsome, what’s it going to take to get you on that dance floor?” She asked pressing herself against him and for the first time I noticed how her feet staggered and how she was just slightly slurring her words. Clearly she had had maybe a little too much to drink.

“Not interested,” he dryly growled leaning away from the drunken woman.

To help or not to help? I mean if the roles were reversed I would help her so how is this situation any different? I asked myself roughing up my hair a little getting ready to put on a somewhat decent performance so she would back off. Pulling my class ring I’ve kept on for all these years onto my left hand ring finger. I pulled up my black dress and placed a smile on my face.

Tap. Tap.

She turned around and I let my hand drop to my side, still smiling.

“Hi sweetheart, just wondering if I could talk to my husband for a second,” I sent her a wink and her face turned red.

“I-i Didn’t k-know.” She glanced down at my hand to see if it was true, only for her face to turn even paler than it was.

“I know, no harm done.” I smiled at her and she moved away quickly so I could move closer to Adam. For the first time this entire night he had actually turned his head to look at me. And for the first time this evening I saw the full view of him. I’m sure my face was as pale as the woman’s now. His jawline was what stood out to me first. His jaw was clenched so tight I thought he might shatter his teeth. Then his eyes caught my attention. Electric blue that contrasted his dark lashes and beautifully tanned skin. He had to be half German or something to have such flawless skin like that. I was taking in his entire face when he raised one of his perfect eyebrows at me. My eyes snapped to his lips as it pulled itself into a small smirk.

I knew I needed to look away or I would end up embarrassing myself more than I already am. I didn’t even know if the woman was still standing there or if she had run off. Pulling my eyes away I searched for the woman and thankfully she had left. I removed the ring from my left hand and placed it smoothly back on the finger it belonged to. I could still feel his eyes on me even with my head turned away from him. Rotating my body to lean my stomach on the bar in the corner of my right eye I watched him look away from me and back to his drink that rested in his hands. My drink was empty, I think Lauren had drank it. It didn’t matter either way. I wasn’t that much of a drinker.

“Would you like something to drink?” Adam asked and I swear I was hearing things. Turning my gaze fully on him I finally sat down on the stool next to his. Looking over to where I last left Lauren for help, I realized both her and Sebastian were gone and on the dance floor.

“Um, I’ll just have water,” I muttered quietly. I thought he didn’t hear me at first but when the bartender came over this way Adam told him my request and soon a bottle of water was placed in front of me. “Thank you,” I smiled at the bartender and he nodded his head flashing me a smile.

Adam flexed his hand around his almost empty glass of whatever he happened to be drinking.

“I’m Elora, and you’re welcome.” I said having enough of the silence between us. If he didn’t want to have a conversation with me, then he could have easily turned me down like the other woman. Don’t start something you don’t plan to finish.

“William,” He responded which made me even more confused.

“I thought your name was Adam?” I asked and he smirked. He looked at me again and I watched his eyes travel over my face.

“Adam’s my middle name. Either one works.” Adam said finally meeting my eyes. “I’ve never seen you around here, new to the area?” He asked.

“Been here for 2 years, you finally just looked up from your glass.”

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