The wing woman

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(10) Roach

The next day, after work I get ready to go shopping with Lorenzo. He insisted on driving since he doesn’t trust me behind the wheel.

I fix my hair one last time before sending him a message that I’m ready.

“Lexy!” I call put for my poodle as I fill her food bowl. She comes running towards me and tackles me to the ground, licking me and laying on me.

“Okay, okay, get off me before I get dirty Lexy.”

I gently push her away giggling, and kiss the top of her head.

“Mama’s leaving soon, you better be a good girl and not break anything.” I use my warning voice and she looks away from me, the same way I would whenever my mother used that voice on me.

I receive a text message.

Handsome dick:[ I’m parked outside with my windows down, and you will not believe the massive size of this dog’s balls. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was like two human fists. ]

I laugh at the screen, before replying.

Nala:[ I’m on my way out you weirdo. ;)]

Handsome dick:[ What’s with the winking face?]

Nala: [Just a typo. ;)]

Handsome dick: [You might wanna get that fixed then. ;)]

I smile like an idiot as I make my way down the stairs and meet him in his Rolls Royce.

Inside the car, he flashes me a sexy smirk as he looks over my outfit. I chose to wear a black, strappy, contour dress, and some flats since I don’t plan on shopping with uncomfy heels on.

“See something you like boss?”

His gaze lingers on my cleavage, and I snap my fingers in his face.

“Eyes up you tease.”

He looks into my eyes with an amused look.

“I’m the tease? Yet you’re the one wearing a little black dress?”

I shake my head with a grin.

“It’s not little. It goes all the way down to my knees. You just have a dirty mind Lorenzo.”

He chuckles deeply.

“Okay, we’ll go with your story Nala. Whatever you say.”


At the first store, I look for the perfect dress for a fancy wedding. Lorenzo suggested that I chose something midnight blue to match his blue tie.

“How about this one?” I ask as I hold up a blue sparkly dress in front of him.

He shakes his head no.

“Too short.”

I frown putting it back. He’s right, but I hate that he’s right because it was so cute.

A woman that works at the Versace store we’re in keeps looking at me up and down like I don’t belong here, and hell... maybe I don’t, but at least try not to be a bitch?

I move over to a different rack and the woman slyly follows me.

“Can I help you find anything?” She asks in an overly fake tone, that makes me cringe. I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard.

“No thank you, I’m just looking around,” I tell her and she flashes me an equally fake smile.

“Okay, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at this store before, I mean Lorenzo comes by often but...”

“But what Darcy?” Lorenzo asks her and he sounds agitated.

She lets her fake smile slip a bit, as she shrugs.

“Just wondering if she can afford it... No offense, but we often get people coming in here, who can’t, and she doesn’t look like...”

My anger boils at her rudeness, and I cut her off.

“How dare you?” I snap at her and Lorenzo cuts in between us. I don’t wanna let her insult affect me, but it does. I feel low.

“I suggest you act more professionally before I speak to the owner and get you fired Darcy.” He warns her and she blinks at him offended but backs away.

“Fine. I apologize Mr. Barton.”

He squints eyes at her in confusion.

“Why apologize to me? It was Nala you just insulted.”

She sighs.

“Sorry, ma’am. If you need any help I’ll be upfront.” She says as she quickly walks away embarrassed. Yeah, feel my pain.

“Thanks, Lorenzo,” I whisper to him and he looks at me in a way that makes my heart melt.

“I don’t like the thought of anyone treating you less than what you are, Nala. Let’s get out of here, and go to the next store.”

I nod in agreement and in the next store, I finally find the perfect midnight blue dress. It’s just like the other sparkly dress except longer.

I squeal. “This is definitely the one,” I say from inside the dressing room.

“Let me see it Nala.”

I open the door, and his mouth drops.

“Wow. You look beautiful Nala.” He mumbles more to himself, and I try to hide my blush.


He smiles.

“You’re hungry? I have some banana muffins at home.” He asks me and he laughs at my wide eyes. He knows I can’t say no to that.


In his penthouse, I moan as I bite into the banana muffin while chilling on his comfy couch. He sits on the other side of the couch and watches me as I’m licking crumbs off my lips.

Suddenly he looks horrified at something behind me.

“What?” I ask concerned and turn to see the biggest roach I’ve ever seen in my life.

As soon as I see the roach I jump onto his coffee table with a screech.

“You can’t afford my rent roach!” He yells as he tries to stomp on it but it’s quicker than him. Suddenly the roach charges towards him high speed, and he flinches and bolts to the other side of the living room.

“Careful Lorenzo. If you try to kill a roach and miss, it’s going to release its wrath on you.”

That’s a flying roach too. Fuck that. I take off my flat, ready to throw it at the roach if it came for me.

“Okay Nala, since you’re such a roach expert, you kill it.”

He challenges me, and I give him a deadpan look before standing up and walking towards him confidently. Smart man. He knows I can’t back down from a challenge.

“Fine. Where is the cute little guy?” I ask him and he points to a big black dot in the corner of the room.

“Psst. Too easy.” I say as I walk over to the roach with my shoe in my hand but then the mother fucker flies at me and lands right on my fucking face!

“Ahhhh!! Get it off, get it off!!” I yell as I slap the shit out of myself and run around, trying to get the damn thing off of me.

Lorenzo cracks up.

“It’s not even on you anymore Nala.” But I can still feel the crawling sensation.

“Where is it?” I ask now mad.

He points to the floor where a crippled roach lays.

“Are you going to finish it, or let it suffer Nala? it’s up to you.”

I glare at the roach before standing above it crushing it under my other shoe.

“Take some of that roach. Oh, what’s that? You want some more?” I ask before stomping on it.

“Then take some more.” I crush it again for good measure and slide it off the bottom of my shoe.

“That’ll teach it,” I say proudly as I walk back to the couch and lay on it.

Lorenzo looks at the roach, then back at me wide-eyed.

“Well, now I know not to ever fuck with you Nala. I’ll clean it up.”

I shake my head at him.

“No, you have to leave it there for a while so that other bugs see it and know we don’t play that bug shit.”

He chuckles lowly, and the sound blesses my eardrums.

“I didn’t realize I hired a gangster.”

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