The wing woman

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(11) Dinning

One week later:

“Lorenzo! Get me a towel please, I forgot to bring one in.” I yell from my bathroom.

Lorenzo and I are going to his sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner, and I’m running a bit late to get ready since he forgot to mention that it was today.

I stick my arm out of the bathroom door and I feel as a towel tickles my hand. I go to grab it, but he pulls it away laughing, as I keep trying.

“Stop Playing Lorenzo, give it!”

“How badly do you want it?” He says in a sexy tone, and I snatch it from him.

“Oh boss, you have no idea how much I’ve been craving this luxurious towel. Humm.”

I moan as I open the door and rub the towel all over me, and he groans.

“I hate that towel.” He says as he watches me.

“You just wish you were this towel,” I tell him and he sighs.

“Don’t tease me you temptress.”

I close the door giggling and dry off.

I then run to my bedroom closet throwing clothes onto the bed to choose from. It’s dinner so I want to look nice, but not over the top.

I run my fingers over this pretty champagne colored, silk dress that I’ve only worn once on a bad date. It has two slits going up the side. And spaghetti straps.

Is it bad luck if I wear it now?

Eh. What the hell, it’s my best option. I slide it on, apply some makeup, and put on some matching champagne-colored heals.

I make my way out of my bedroom and stride towards Lorenzo who is sitting on my coffee table.

His mouth drops and he adjusts his tie as he practically fucks me with his eyes.

“Lorenzo?” I say after a while of him simply gawking at me.

“You look incredible in silk Nala. I’m itching to run my hands over your curves to feel the fabric, but I think I’ll keep my hands to myself.”

No, no, no. Don’t keep your hands to yourself. I think to myself, frustrated.

“Well, you look great too Lorenzo.”

He arches an eyebrow.

“Do I?”

I nod as I bite my lip and he huffs.

“Nala, let’s try to get through this day without wanting to rip each other’s clothes off.” He says as he stands up and takes my hand.

Now that’s a challenge.


We pull up to the wedding rehearsal dinner, and it’s located in a beautiful Colosseum.

A woman in a pretty blue dress screams Lorenzo’s name, runs towards him, and wraps him up in her arms.

I suddenly feel a bit jealous, but I fight it and offer her a polite smile after she’s fished hugging him. She smiles back at me before looking towards Lorenzo.

“Rebecca, it’s nice to see you, you look very pretty today.” He compliments her and she shrugs it off.

“You don’t look too bad yourself brother, especially with this pretty lady next to you.” She says looking towards me with a wink.


I clear my throat.

“Thank you, you must be Lorenzo’s sister,” I say as I go to shake her hand but she pulls me in for a friendly hug instead. She has the same warm skin color as Lorenzo, and her hair is long, black, and curly.

“That would be me, and what’s your name?” She asks pulling away.

“Nala,” Lorenzo answers for me with a warm smile. And I can’t stop myself from looking at his perfect face. His eyes find mine for a split second and it’s as if time stopped.

“Nala. It’s nice to meet you. Please come in. I hope you two are hungry.” She says motioning us towards the entrance.

“Starving sis. I hope you have my favorite.”

She nods as she opens the large double doors.

“I always make sure to bring banana muffins for my big bro.”

He rubs his hands together exited.

“That’s why you’re my favorite sister.”

I gasp.

“Banana muffins are my favorite,” I tell him and he chuckles before leaning down to whisper in my ear.

“That’s just one of the things we have in common Nala.”

He then pulls me into the Colosseum and Rebecca sits us at our spots at this huge wooden table, with a beautiful white lace cloth running along the length of it.

People watch us curiously as we sit down and we wave politely at them. Lorenzo gets called out from all angles from his family members who hug him before taking their seats.

“Hey Nala, do you like chocolate brownies?” Rebecca asks me holding a cute little paper bag to me.

“Uh yes, I do actually.”

Who in their right mind would say no to free food? Especially chocolate. Come on.

“Well then here you go, there are a few in here. It’s just that my friend Samantha didn’t realize that I can’t eat chocolate, so I thought I would give it away.”

She places the bag in front of me and I already know she going to be my favorite of Lorenzo’s family members. I mean she could have given the brownies to anyone, but she chose me.

“Thank you, Rebecca.”

She smiles and pats my back as she stands straighter.

“Make sure not to leave the diner, before saving a dance for me later. We’re having a girls-only dance-off.”

I giggle.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I tell her and she nods and strides off.

“Getting on my sister’s good side? Nice move. Now I can’t fire you without my sister killing me.” He says joking, and I smack his thigh under the table. Making him gasp in surprise.

“Oh please, you wouldn’t fire me if I trashed your whole building, and spray painted a dick on your car.”

He shakes his head.

“You’re right I wouldn’t. And that scares me.” He admits softly while his eyes rest on mine, and it takes my breath away.

“Are you going to share the brownies with me Nala?” He asks looking at the bag and I shake my head.

“No sir, these brownies were a second-hand gift, from your lovely sister and I will treasure them.”

He sighs.

“Fine, but you’re not getting a piece of my banana muffin, no matter how much you beg on your knees.”

I roll my eyes and open the bag. I see small, individually wrapped brownies in tinfoil. Who in their right mind would take time to individually wrap these little brownies?

I unwrap one and pop it into my mouth.

“Ummm that’s delicious,” I say closing the bag up. I only take one, because I wanna save space for the dinner that’s about to start.

We hear a tapping of a mic and I turn to see Rebecca standing next to a handsome man that appears to be her fiance, at the end of the table.

“Before we serve the food, I want to let everyone know that I’m so happy to be spending these happy moments with you all, and this is just the beginning. After we eat our food we will start the rehearsal. If you are not a bridesmaid or groomsmen, then just sit back while we finish the rehearsal, then we can party till they kick us out!”

People whistle and she places the Mic in her bridesmaid’s hand.

Soon waiters come out with trays of delicious smelling food and hands a plate to everyone. My mouth waters as one of the waitresses places a plate of lobster tail, in front of me. And that’s when I realized everyone is getting different foods.

“How did they know I like lobster?” I ask Lorenzo.

“I told my sister you would appreciate this more than the caviar, most people ordered.” He says as he stuffs his face with caviar on salmon.

“Thanks, Lorenzo. That’s actually really sweet.” I tell him and he blushes a little, avoiding my eyes.

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