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(12) special brownies

15 minutes later and empty plates are being taken away by the waiters.

“I’m going to use the restroom,” I tell Lorenzo and he nods towards the direction of it and I walk off.

After pissing in the handicap stall I look into the mirror to make sure my makeup up is still in good shape, then I find myself staring at my reflection for too long.

Why doesn’t my face look like my own? It’s like I’m looking at a different person. I mean don’t get me wrong. I look hot or whatever, but... different.

I shrug it off and walk out of the bathroom. I sit in my seat when suddenly a woman starts going bat shit crazy on the other side of the table.

“What the fuck is going on with me?” She says looking at her arms and waving her hand around. Watching it intensely.

“Oh my God, oh my God! I think I need to go see my doctor right now. I’m losing my fucking mind.”

Hearing this elegant looking woman swearing like that at dinner, confirmed she really was losing her fucking mind.

“What the heck happened to her?” I whisper to Lorenzo who shrugs.

“I’m not sure, she mentioned something about feeling weird after she ate something sweet.”

I gulped, suddenly feeling nervous.

“What... what was the sweet thing she ate?” As soon as I ask this my vision starts to get blurry as people move around us in slow motion. I see tracers of them in the corner of my eyes and it freaks me out.

“Um, I think it was a brownie or something. Hey, didn’t my sister give you some brownies?”

He asks, but his voice is starting to sound like it’s far away even though he’s right beside me.

Huh, I never realized that Lorenzo kind of looks like a thinner version of Chris Hemsworth, except with short black hair, gray eyes, and darker skin. I reach over to touch his perfect plump lips and he looks at me confused.

“What... um... what are you doing Nala?” He asks as people watch us discreetly.

“Shhhh, Chris, shhhh, let me just look at you.”

I say and he scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

“Who the hell is Chris?”

“You know the one with the really large hammer, who lives on a different planet?”

He chuckles.


I nod, then I quickly pull my hand away as I realize haven’t stopped touching his lips.

“Oh fuck.” I whisper to myself as It hits me hard again. The room is spinning and people’s conversations sound muffled.

It sounds like they have “A good cock in their mouths.”

Lorenzo gasps and looks at me horrified.

“Did I just say that out loud?” I ask him and he cracks up laughing as people look at me disapprovingly.

Oh earth, please swallow me whole! This is so embarrassing!

“You wanna join me on the dancefloor Nala?” He asks and I nod quickly. I want to get the hell away from this table.

What the heck is wrong with me? I didn’t drink any alcohol, and it doesn’t even feel like I’m drunk.

He grabs my hand and leads me towards the dancefloor. As we’re walking over there I apologize as I accidentally bump into people. My reflexes are slowed down, and I’m starting to panic. He corners me into an empty wall of the dancefloor and looks at me concerned.

“Lorenzo, I’m... so sorry for embarrassing you, I really don’t understand what...”

He places a finger to my lips.

“My sister must have accidentally given you a weed brownie, and you ate the whole damn thing. I knew I didn’t trust that Samantha chick for a reason. She was trying to sabotage my sister’s wedding dinner, and she left early.”

My eyes go wide.

“So you’re saying...”

“You are as high as the damn moon right now Nala.”

I start laughing hysterically, and he joins in on it.

“Now what were you saying about a nice cock in someone’s mouth? That really piqued my interest.” He says sliding his hands down my curves even though he said he wouldn’t, and I feel hypersensitive and needy.

“I bet it did boss,” I say pulling him closer to me, and he cages me in with both hands on either side of my body. The music that is playing is rhythmic yet smooth. I rub myself all over him and he groans deeply before leaning forward and smelling my hair.

“Stop with the teasing Nala before you start something you can’t finish.”

He always says this, even though he’s the one who starts it.

I lick my lips and slide my hands down his torso. He watches me with desire in his eyes, as he strokes my hair.

“What are you thinking about Lorenzo?”

He smirks at me.

“Oh, nothing much other than, I wanna tangle my fingers into this pretty hair of yours while you slide your tongue up and down my shaft Nala.”

I gasp and my breathing intensifies. I look at his heated gaze until someone calls his name.

“Lorenzo, my brother!”

Lorenzo suddenly pushes away from me trying to compose himself, but I take a little longer to do so, as I continue to picture him in my mouth.

Shit, Nala. look busy, look busy.

I pull out my phone as the guy approaches us and I pretend to be texting someone but all I’m doing is typing the word shit, over and over again.

“Hey, Noah! Long time no see bro.”

“Hell yeah, who’s your friend?” The guy asks and I look up from my phone to offer him a shy smile. He looks just like Lorenzo except younger.

“This is Nala, my date,” Lorenzo explains and the guy looks at him in shock before holding his hand out to me.

“Noah, it’s nice to see my brother with a date. Didn’t think I would ever see the day.” He jokes and Lorenzo elbows him.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Noah.” I realize Noah is looking into my eyes curiously.

“Hey Nala, no offense, but either you have a pink eye, or you’re really stoned right now.”

Oh no.

“She accidentally ate a weed brownie that was supposed to be for my sister.”

Noah looks at him upset.

“Let me guess... The brownies came with Samantha?” He asks Lorenzo who nods.

“That bitch. I gotta go, see y’all around.” Noah says as he walks off.

“Take me home, boss.”

He nods and after saying our goodbyes, he leads me out.

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