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The wing woman

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(13) Confessions

Wedding day:

Lorenzo and I arrive at the wedding together and we haven’t been able to stop checking each other out discreetly. He looks like a Male model for Tom Ford, in that sexy suit. Good Lord.

This is only temporary, Nala. Don’t get hooked. Remember what you are getting paid for. I keep repeating that to myself every time a naughty thought crosses my mind. He’s not only my boss, he’s the man I’m supposed to be helping to find his perfect woman.

He loops his arm around mine and leads me inside. I sigh.

“Um, Boss... maybe it’s best people think that this is only a friendly date... in case you meet the right woman tonight.”

When he looks at me his mood changes and he frowns, but then he quickly snaps out of it.

“Right, of course.”

He motions me to my seat and sits next to me. God, why is this so painful?


The ceremony was perfection, and after the vows were exchanged I started to tear up a little bit.

I feel Lorenzo push my hair behind my ear, and wipe away at a little tear on my cheek. I laugh nervously and shrug it off.

“Lorenzo? Is that you?” A female voice asks from behind us, and we turn to see a beautiful mixed, brunette woman dressed in a baby pink dress walk towards him.

“Oh my goodness, Abigail, how long has it been since I’ve seen you?” Lorenzo asks and she blushes.

“Since High school Lorenzo, since I had to move out of town.” She says before offering him a hug and he gladly accepts it.

It’s a tight hug, the one that silently says ‘I miss you.’

“So who’s the pretty lady?” She asks him while offering me a smile.

“Oh, I’m just a long time friend,” I tell her before Lorenzo answers and he looks at me for a split second with sadness in his eyes. Why would he be sad about that?

“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you, I’m Abigail, his high school sweetheart.” She admits shyly, looking between the two of us.

“That’s nice, if you will excuse me, I think I’ll be chatting it up by the bar,” I tell them before casually walking away to give them privacy.

I sit back and discreetly watch as Abigail flirts with Lorenzo, and he smiles at something she says. They seem to get along so easily.

Shit. Maybe she’s the one for him. The one he’s been looking for.

I feel a pang in my heart and look away from them. I down my mojito in a few gulps, and try to find someone to have a conversation with. I see Rebecca sitting with her husband as they quietly talk to each other, and I figured I didn’t want to bother them.

Damn it. I’m not usually this awkward, but I just feel terrible right now.

I stand up and make my way into the beautiful garden outside of the fancy building. I run my fingers over the red roses, and slightly cut the tips of them with the thrones. I pull my hand away and sigh.

Oh, that’s right... Sometimes beautiful things can hurt you.


I jump in shock as someone whispers in my ear from behind.

“Nala. I’m so fucked.” He says Horsley, tickling the hairs on the back of my neck.

I turned to look at him confused.

“Why, what are you talking about?”

He sighs.

“Because I turned that woman down because I can’t help but think about another woman.”

I shake my head in disbelief.

“Lorenzo you can’t think about multiple women at once. If you want a serious relationship with a woman it has to be monogamous, and you...”

He cuts me off with a finger to my lips and a heated gaze, before leaning forward and whispering in my ear.

“You are the woman I can’t stop thinking about Nala.”

I gasp and pull away in surprise.

“Lorenzo... I don’t understand. I thought you... I...”

Then suddenly his lips are pressed to mine feverishly, and his arms are wrapped around my waist. My heart inflates, and I kiss him like a starved woman, pouring all of my feelings for him that I can’t say out loud, into this kiss.

He groans and lifts me into his arms, holding my legs in place as his tongue tastes mine. I moan into his mouth, and It suddenly hits me like a train.

I love this man.

When we pull away he stares into my eyes with those beautiful gray eyes that melts me.

“Nala.” He whispers out of breath. I never liked my name much, but he says it in such a desirable way.


He smiles at me, as I’m still in his arms.

“I want to take you home now.”

I nod encouragingly, and he places me back down, grabs my hand, and quickly walks us away from the wedding.

Halfway towards the parking lot, I stop him in his tracks.

“Lorenzo wait. Are you sure about this? You would be wasting an opportunity with Abigail. She seems really nice and...”

“Nala, stop it. Please.” He says firmly and I frown at him.

“Stop what Lorenzo?”

“Stop acting as if you aren’t enough, as if one day some man isn’t going to worship the hell out of you. Any man would be lucky to have you, and stupid to let you go... I don’t know what’s going on between us, but what I do know is that whatever it is, its great, and I’m done being stupid.”

I clearly know what’s going on here. It’s definitely more than a naughty fling, and it’s actually quite scary. We’re falling for each other. Hard.

“Let me have you tonight Nala. Please.”

I nod and he smiles gratefully.

Our drive to my apartment is silent, and full of sexual tension, but thankfully short. We have been stealing hungry glances at each other the whole way, and once he parks his car. He takes me out of the car and pulls me towards the elevator. Once those doors shut, he pushes me against the elevator wall and kisses me senseless. I’m struggling to catch my breath, as I kiss him back feverishly.


Lorenzo POV:

Her hand slides down my suit and she begins to unbutton it while our tongues dance together, and her beautiful moans fill the small space.

She peeled the suit off of me and dropped it on the ground. She starts to unbutton my top, while my fingers pull down her dress zipper. She kisses me with such passion and such intensity that it’s driving me mad.

My plan was to make love to her in my bedroom, but then her hand starts to slide down my abs and my hard-on. She cups my cock and it throbs in her palm.

This damn elevator is taking to damn long!

I stop the elevator, pull her dress down, and she pulls my pants down and with no hesitation. She wraps her legs around me, pulls her panties aside and I thrust into her hard and needy.

“Oh my God, yes!” She says as she throws her head back in pleasure. I capture her soft lips with my teeth and groan as her wet walls squeeze me tightly.

“You’re so fucking incredible,” I whisper in between kisses, as I thrust into her with abandonment.

“Humm. Lorenzo!” She yells my name as her legs tremble in my hold, and her walls clench even harder.

“That’s it Nala, come for your boss. That’s an order.”

Then she comes in the sexiest way possible. Her fingers claw at my back, her head falls back and my name on her lips undoes me. I pull out right before cumming and come onto her belly. She then runs her fingers over the cum and sucks it off, while keeping her eyes glued to mine.

Oh fuck.



I take a deep breath and start the elevator again.

“You’re fired. Your fucking fired.”

She gasps.


I crack up.

“I don’t need a wing woman anymore, you will still work for me, but I think I’ve already found what I was looking for.”

She looks at me In shock.

“Lorenzo, what are you saying?”

The elevator door opens and as I’m about to get off an old couple waits on the other side of the door and they scream as they cover their eyes in horror.

Nala starts screaming too and jabbing her finger on the close button.

I try not to crack up laughing as I cover her naked body, with my naked body.

“Damn it! Close elevator!” She yells at the button then it finally closes. I put in my pin for the penthouse floor and the elevator goes back up.

We stand in silent horror in the elevator for about a few seconds before we start laughing hysterically.

“Sorry Nala, I thought I pressed the up button.”

She shakes her head. That old lady was staring right at the cum on my belly! I’m looking like a damn toaster strudel!”

I start laughing again, as I pick up my clothes.

“I can’t blame her for being impressed by my load.” I joke and she smacks my chest.


“Hand me that Tom Ford suit jacket of yours.” She says holding her hand out.

“What for?” I ask her as I hand it to her and she wipes the cum off of her belly with it and I Gasp, wide-eyed. She smiles at me as she hands it back and slips her dress up.

I’m staring at my suit like it just died.

“I’m sorry was that expensive?” She asks innocently.

I clear my throat.

“Oh nah, it’s fine. I was going to use it as a dishrag anyways.”

She hides her laugh behind her hand, as the elevator doors open and she walks into my penthouse.

I get dressed in my living room, as I watch her watch me.

“So... if I’m no longer your wing woman, what am I?” She asks with a bit of vulnerability in her voice. How could she not know? Maybe I should tell her in Spanish.

“Eres el amor de me vida Nala.” She looks at me in shock. I haven’t spoken Spanish in a long time, but I am half Dominican from my mom’s side.

“You speak Spanish?!” She squeals.

I nod, as I walk towards her and hold her beautiful face in my hands.

“Yes, and you are the love of my life Nala.” She takes a quick intake of air.

“Lorenzo... I...”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything yet. I know it’s all so sudden, but I just had to get that out in the air. You’re mine Nala.”

She smashed her lips to mine in a heated kiss.

“I’m yours, Lorenzo.” She whispers against my lips, and my heart flutters.

“But we need to talk.”


Nala Pov:

I pull him onto his couch and snuggle next to him.

“Lorenzo... you do realize that we’re going to have to keep this a secret if we’re working together.”

He sighs.

“I know Nala, it won’t be easy.”

I don’t want to get my hopes up, just in case, this ends up badly, but I think it’s too late. I love him.

“You seem different Lorenzo. You’re glowing.” I say as I poke his blushing cheek.

“You have made me happy the last few weeks we’ve been spending time together, And it honestly scares me, because I haven’t...” he sighs deeply. “nevermind.”

“Lorenzo... you can tell me anything you know.”

He nods smiling and traces my lips with his thumb.

“I know. We’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Oh and I forgot to mention we are taking a business trip to Arizona starting Wednesday, and we’ll be back Saturday night.”

I groan.

“I hate packing.”

He agrees.

“But look at it this way... You, me, in a private jet, joining the mile-high club...”

“Will there be booze?”


“Will you lick it off my nipples?”

He laughs.

“Yes, you little freak I will.”

I smirk at him in a comedic way, and he can’t keep his lips off of me.

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