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(14) Oops

Last night after having mind-blowing sex with Lorenzo on his bed, I fell asleep in his arms and woke up before him. I put my dress on and rushed out of his penthouse without waking him up. I drove home, took a shower, and changed into my business casual outfit. I drove to work, slightly later than I usually would.

“Nala, good morning,” Charlie says as he passes me in the hallway.

“Good morning Charlie, how was your weekend?”

He smiles like he’s in on a secret.

“How was yours?” He asks with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“I told you Charlie, Lorenzo and I are just friends, and the wedding was a lot of fun.”

He shakes his head but decides to drop it. Thank God.

“But I will tell you something crazy,” I tell him and his eyes light up in curiosity.

“I like crazy.” He says encouragingly.

“I may have accidentally gotten ridiculously high at the wedding rehearsal dinner. Lorenzo’s sister gave me a weed brownie unknowingly, and let’s just say, I was there, but at the same time I was on Neptune.”

He gasps then cracks up. I like making Charlie laugh, he’s like the little brother I’ve always wanted.

“How the heck did you pull that off?”

“Well, I didn’t. I was blurting out some crazy shit, and getting nasty glares from rich sophisticated people, it was awful.”

“What did you blurt out?” He asks and I shake my head.

“I’m going to need a few drinks if you want that information out of me Charlie.”

“That bad? Oof, I can already imagine it.” He says as he sits at his cubicle.

“See you later Charlie.”

He waves at me as I walk away.

“Oh wait! The boss asked to see you, I forgot to mention that.”

I nod and head towards his office. The interns smile and wave at me as I walk by. They must really appreciate the new raise.

I open Lorenzo’s door and he motions me forward while he talks on the phone. He covers the phone receiver with his hand and whispers, “Lock the door.” For my ears only.

I do as he says and my chest heaves in anticipation as I walk towards him. I sit down in one of the guest chairs but he pats his lap with a smirk as he continues to listen to what the person on the phone is saying.

I bite my lip as I walk towards him and sit on his lap. I gasp at how hard he is underneath me.

“Yes sir, I can have that ready for you by the 25th, could you provide me with an additional phone number I can contact you with?”

I grind my ass over his hard-on and he hisses in my ear, before tugging on my earlobe with his teeth. As he is doing this, he is writing down the phone number on his note pad.

“Okay Mr. Forsworn, are there any other questions for me?” He asks him as I bunch up the fabric of my skirt so that my butt is pressed to his slacks. His breathing quickens.

“Ye... uh yes sir, we will use the same template you sent us.” His free arm wraps around my waist and pulls me closer to him. As I continue to tease him.

“We will look over the... Um... the request for proposal one more time, but I’m pretty sure we have it all covered.” Suddenly he stands up and I stand with him. He then pushes my head down onto his desk so that my ass is exposed to him.

“What changes to the design do you want to make Sir?”

His fingers hook onto my thong and he rips it off. The sudden cool air that touches my wet core makes me moan. I bite onto my fist to keep quiet. His fingers tease my entrance, sliding up and down. Oh fuck.

“Well, I can definitely talk to my design team, and we can come up with a solution to that problem.”

He then does circles around my aching clit, with his thumb. And I’m struggling to not be heard. Then he does something that surprises and excites me all at once.

*Smack.* he spanks my ass hard and I gasp with my hands over my mouth. That felt great.

“Oh, that sound? Oh just killed this mosquito that has been flying around all morning.” He tells the man, as he rubs my sore ass.

Smooth Lorenzo, real smooth.

“Well Mr. Forsworn, if that is all, I would love to begin this project and I will contact you with any questions or information that comes up.”

He slides two fingers into my kitty and I grip the edges of his hardwood desk, as he pumps into me slowly. Don’t moan Nala, don’t moan.

“Okay Mr. Forsworn, it was nice talking to you. Have a nice day.” Then he finally hangs up the phone and I hear his pants zipper going down, but I don’t feel anything on me yet.

“Ummm, boss, I don’t mean to sound needy but... any day now,” I say wiggling my ass at him.

He chuckles and I hear a condom wrapper being torn.

“I like it when you’re needy Nala.” He says as he spanks my ass with his cock.

He leans forward to whispers in my ear.

“Good morning beautiful.” Then he plunges deep inside of me, filling me to the brim. I whimper in pleasure and he covers my mouth with his large hand. I suck on his middle finger and he grunts.

“It took you long enough to get here Nala, I should punish you for being late.”

He pulls his hand away from my mouth to grip my hips and pump faster into me.

“Oh Fuck, Lorenzo. Yes!”

“Shhh, Nala. I’ll take good care of you, but you have to keep quiet for me okay?”

I nod and mute a moan.

“Good.” Then he fucks me like his life depends on it, correction... like my life depends on it.

I feel my vision start to get blurry and my whimpers becoming harder to hold in.

“I bet you wanna cum Nala.” He taunts me as he slows down his pace.

“You bet your billion-dollar ass I do,” I say pushing myself onto him.

“Are you going to be late again?” He asks as he rubs my ass before smacking it hard. I gasp and bite my fist.

“No sir, I won’t be late. Please make me cum.” Bullshit... if it gets me this kind of treatment I’ll be late every day.

“Good. Now come on me Nala.”

He pumps faster and I come hard, milking him as I do.

“Fuck Nala. Don’t grip my dick too tight, you’ll break the condom.”

He throws his head back and swears.

“Shit.” He releases the last bit of his cum inside of me and collapses over me. The weight of his body pressed to me feels so natural. He then stands up and gets dressed. As he pulls the condom off his mouth drops.

“What? What is it, Lorenzo?”

He slides his hand down his face.

“Fucking trojan with their ‘strong,’ skin thin condoms. False fucking advertisement.”

I gasp in horror as I see the cum dripping out of the condom.

“Oh my God. I... I broke the condom!”

He chuckles.

“Yeah, remind me to double wrap next time. Your pussy is to damn tight.”

“Lorenzo! This is serious, what if...”

He bends over to grab my clothes.

“You have nothing to worry about either way, but do get dressed before my morning meeting.”

I take my clothing and pull it on in shocked silence.

“Nala... if you are that worried I can get you a morning-after pill, and... wait a minute, I totally forgot. Didn't you tell me you were on the pill nala?”

“I, um, I was, but then I was gaining a little weight so I opted out a few weeks ago. I'm so sorry." He blinks confused.

Lorenzo doesn’t know about the time I had a miscarriage with a man that I thought loved me. Nobody knows that. Ever since then... I’ve been afraid to get pregnant. The heartbreak of losing a baby is too hard. But then again many birth controls are really harmful to my body.

“Sorry, I don’t want you to worry. Besides the condom caught most of the semen right? I will be fine.” I tell him as I fix my hair and walk towards his door.


I wave goodbye to him and force a smile before I head out.

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