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(15) blissful explosion

The next day, I’m preparing my suitcase for our business trip to Arizona. He’s meeting up with a new client who is a big deal, and he needs me to make sure he doesn’t act on impulse. We’re staying at a bed and breakfast that has a private office in it, and a view to die for.

I saw pictures of it on the brochure and it took my breath away.

I get dressed in a red skin-tight bodysuit that I know Lorenzo will love.

“Lexy, mommas gotta go on a trip but titi Wanda is going to take good care of you. Behave and no biting on her sandals.” I tell my poodle as I kiss her head, and she wags her tail.

I hear a knock on my door and I open it to find Lorenzo standing on the other side with a smirk on his face, as his eyes travel up and down my body.

“If you think you are joining my meeting with that outfit fit you have another thing coming Nala.”

I squint at him.

“My outfit is covering everything, you just have an inappropriate mind,” I say bopping his nose as I pull my suitcase out. I struggle to get my suitcase over the bump at the door and Lorenzo takes it out of my hand.

“Allow me.” He says as he tugs and he chuckles.

“Jesus, what do you have in here Nala?”

I shrug.

“A bunch of dildos,” I say joking and I laugh at his salty expression.

“I’m just playing boss, you fall too easily for my jokes.”

He shakes his head.

“I’ll give you something to play with.” He says with a wink and I gasp and smack his arm.

“You don’t waste any time do you?”

He pulls me in for a sweet, lingering kiss, that makes my toes curl.

“Life’s too short to waste time. Now let’s get going before the pilot cusses me out again.” At that, I crack up.

“How are you paying people so much money, yet you still get cussed out?”

He gives me a challenging grin.

“Oh, we wanna roast now?” He asks rubbing his hands together.

“Go on, Lorenzo, let’s see what you got.”

“You...you...” he begins but can’t think of anything.


“You snore like an ostrich giving birth to a cow.”


He laughs and shakes his head.

“Sorry, that was a bad one. Let me try again...”

“Nope. That was a ‘one for one’ and you lost boss man.”


Later on, As the private jet starts to descend upward I let my eyes shut closed. I feel suddenly sleepy and I might as well take a nap on this long plane trip.

I curl up into a ball with Lorenzo’s arms wrapped around me. This feels more than amazing. It feels natural, he feels like home.

He rests his head over mine brushes my hair with his fingers.

Then I’m fast asleep.


Lorenzo POV:

I can’t believe how blind I have been before. How did I not realize sooner that Nala is my dream woman? I mean sure, I’ve always found her attractive ever since I hired her, but it’s not until recently that I realized that I would not be able to share what I have with her, with any other woman.

Nala understands me on an untouchable level, she’s funny, smoking hot, inelegant, Caring, but most of all she’s mine, whether she knows it or not. The thought of another man’s hands on her makes me go into fight mode.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our little accident with the broken condom. I’m not afraid to be a father, in fact, that’s something that I’ve always wanted to be, but I’ve always wanted to be married first and live with the person. I will still love our baby no matter what. That’s if she’s pregnant.

She snores lightly beside me and her breath tickles my neck. I guess I’ll have to save my mile high club plans for when we come back.

My phone buzzes in my pocket and I realize it’s an email from Brad Forsworn, the client that I’m going to be meeting up with, in Arizona.

He wants to build a surreal art museum, and a cool website to match. So I have my best architects, and designers coming over as well to present their blueprints, and to visit the location. He says he wants a design more eye-catching then Salvador Dali’s museum. That’s a lot of pressure.

Nala hums in her sleep as if she is having a happy dream, and her arms wrap around me. My heart inflates and I press my lips to her head tenderly.

5 hours later:

We land in Phoenix in the afternoon and the sun feels like a cooking light, and we’re the damn hotdogs.

“Fuck. How do people live here and not become bacon strips?” Nala says as we get out of our taxi and she struggles to close her luggage zipper.

“You’re such a New Yorker Nala, everywhere you go that isn’t New York, your going to complain about. I know this because I’m the same damn way.”

I tell her and she raises her eyebrows thoughtfully as if she just now realized that.

We walk up to the bed and breakfast that I rented out for us. It was the only thing available that was near the location, on such short notice, and it has an office to work in.

I knock on the door and a smiley old lady in blue striped nightgown steps out to greet us.

“Oh, you must be Lorenzo and Nala. I’m Pixie, please come in.”

She motions us into her house.

“This is a beautiful house you have here Pixie.” It has 4 bedrooms, it’s nice and open, and has a wrap-around balcony.

“Thank you, hun, I’ll show you two to your room.”

I take Nala’s hand in mine and she looks down at our hands and smiles.

“I hope you two lovebirds find this bedroom to your liking,” Pixie says with a wink as we walk into a decent sized bedroom with its own bathroom.

“This is perfect. Thank you, Pixie.” I tell her and she smiles at us.

“No problem. Breakfast is served every morning at 10 am. All toiletries are in the closet by the bathroom, the office is the door across from your bedroom, and I highly recommend that you two take a walk outside when the sun is starting to go down. The night sky out here is beautiful and you see so many stars.”

“That sounds like a great idea Pixie, thank you again.”

“You got it. Press the call button if you need me.”

I nod and she walks away.

“I like her. She reminds me of my grandmother.” Nala says as she places her luggage on the ground and starts to unpack it.

“Is your grandmother still with us?” I ask her curiously.

“No, she, passed away of old age. But she was always so happy, and she danced a lot of salsa.”

I smile at the thought.

“She sounds adorable.”

She nods as she places her clothes on the bed.

“She would have liked you a lot. Now... tell me, boss, what’s on the to-do list for today?”

She asks and I’m brought back to reality.

“We’re meeting up with my architects, and designers in an hour, to go over the plan, then tomorrow, afternoon, we will be meeting with our client Brad Forsworn.”

She writes things down.

“Okay. So what do we do in the meantime bossman?” She asks in a sexy tone as she lays belly down on the bed, showing off her nice ass, and swinging her feet innocently.

“Your ass looks nice in red,” I say as I run my hand over the red material of her skin-tight jumpsuit. “But it would look much better out of it,” I say as I skim my fingers up her back and find the zipper. Nala gasps.

“I don’t know boss that seems highly inappropriate. I might have to tell human resources about your behavior.” She says teasingly, knowing how much I like this innocent act. I pull the zipper down slowly and see her goosebumps form where my fingers touch.

“Let them know that I undressed you and spanked you hard Nala.”

“But you haven’t spa...”

*Smack.* I spanked her now exposed ass hard and she gasps before gripping the bedsheets.

“And let them know that I stuck my finger into you’re pussy to see how wet you are,” I tell her as I spread her knees and do just that. She moans softly as I run my finger over her opening and I’m surprised at how wet she’s gotten already.

“Mumm, Lorenzo please.” She begs in a way that makes my erection twitch beneath my slacks.

“Fucking hell Nala, you’re so creamy for me,” I say as I slide my middle finger into her and move it Around to feel her, before pumping it in and out slowly. She whimpers my name.


I spank her ass again and she moans louder as I add another finger. She’s always so tight despite me fucking her with all that I got.

“I need you inside of me. Please.”

I chuckle.

“Then tell HR how you begged for my cock Nala, and how well I gave it to you,” I say as I slip out of my clothing fast, and position myself behind her, and slip on a condom.

I pull her up to her knees with her head still down, then slam into her with great force. She cried out as her walls stretched around my thickness, and she took me whole.

“Oh yeah!” She whimpers beautifully.

“I fucking love the way you strangle my cock Nala. At this rate, I won’t last very long, but I’ll try.” I say before fucking her harder.

At this point, we’re not worried about the possibility of the condom breaking again or that someone might hear us, we just want to come in a blissful explosion, and then we do just that. She curls her body towards me as we come together, with our names on each others mouths.


Nala POV:

Everyone arrives at the pre-meeting at a rented out office in Phoenix.

“Okay everyone, please take out your notes and set up the projector. Lorenzo will be in here shortly. Anyone want any coffee?” I ask Lorenzo’s design team and one person raises their hand.

“I will take a cup of coffee, Nala, and might I add you look beautiful today.” Kevin Jones, the head designer says as he looks at my outfit. Kevin is good looking and all, and he is kind, but he has always had a certain stare to him that made me feel uncomfortable.

“Um, thanks, Kevin. I’ll get the coffee.” I say as I walk out and run into Lorenzo who catches me before I stumble.

“Don’t worry about the coffee Nala, the machine in this place is broken anyways. Please sit.” He motions to the chair right next to his and people begin to shuffle through their notes. I can see him glaring at Kevin and Kevin clears his throat.

“Good afternoon Mr. Barton. Lovely day for business isn’t it?” Kevin says trying to ease the sudden tension.

“Yes, Kevin it is. Now let’s get started shall we?”

The meeting goes smoothly from there on out, and Lorenzo seems pleased with everyone’s ideas.

“Great work. Tomorrow will be our meeting with Brad Forsworn. Be here by 3 pm. You all may leave.” He says and people shuffle out.

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