The wing woman

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(16) burrito hell

“You know that burrito place we ordered from?” Nala asks and I nod.

“What about it?”

“Well I asked them to make your burrito bean-free, but I think they put beans in it anyways. I suggest you eat something else if you don’t want to have a tummy ache.”

I groan.

“But I have been craving a burrito all day. Fuck it. I’ll eat anyways.”

She sighs.

“I tried to warn you, Lorenzo.”


One hour later:

Fuck that burrito that is creating a war with my stomach. My stomach is losing.

“Hey, are you okay? You look a bit sick...”

My stomach twists hard, and I stand up abruptly, nearly knocking over my coffee.

“Out of my way,” I say as I speed past her and she laughs.

“Silly Lorenzo didn’t you forget the toilet is still being fixed, the plumbers have about 30 minutes left to finish.” She says following behind me.

Fuck I can’t wait that long, the bomb is about to explode, I can feel it edging.

I run back to the office and grab my little trashcan, and some napkins, and sprint towards the front door.

“Where are you going with that trashcan?!”

“Bite me Nala!”

She laughs harder as I run into the trees and find a perfect place to sit over my trash can. Relief washes over me. Thank God I didn’t shit my pants.

But I’m sure as hell going to get a lot of shit from Nala about this. She’ll be joking about this for weeks.

After cleaning myself and abandoning the trashcan, I walk back into the bed and breakfast, casually sit at the desk. My ass is burning but I suck it up and email my RFP to my client before it’s too late.

After the plumbers leave I quickly go to the bathroom to take a shower. As I’m showering I hear Nala knock on the door. I know it’s her because she has a certain way of knocking.

“What do you want Nala? I’m kinda busy here.”

“I need to pee! I’ve been waiting for so long for the plumbers to leave!”

I groan frustrated before I unlock the door and quickly get back into the shower and close the curtain.

“Come in, but make it quick!”

I hear the door open and close.

“Thanks, boss, I guess that’s what I get for laughing at you earlier.”

“Yeah, yeah, just don’t flush the toi...”


“Ouch! Nala!”

She gasps.

“I’m so sorry Lorenzo! Are you okay?” She asks while poking her head into the shower, and looking me up and down in a sexy way.

“Did you lose something in here Nala?” I ask her and she gets a good look at my goods while biting her lip. I feel myself start to get hard under her gaze.

“I um, I think I did lose something in here, as a matter of fact, and I think I found it.” She says as she pulls the shower curtain open and takes off her blouse slowly. Giving me a sexy show.

Her breasts fall out of her bra and her pencil skirt follows. I give her a heated stare as she hooks her fingers in her panties and pulls them down.

“My God Nala. You are so beautiful.”

She licks her lips.

“May I come in boss?” She asks in an innocent way.

“You better, if you know what’s good for you.”

She steps into the shower and turns away from me to reach for her soap. I pull her hair out of her neat ponytail, letting her long brown hair cascaded down her back. I then message her scalp and she moans delighted.

“Oh, you’re good at that Lorenzo. Mmm.”

She lets her head fall back onto my shoulder and I kiss up her neck, making her shiver.

“I’m a man on many talents,” I whisper in her ear and she nods in agreement.

“One of them is to get on my nerves.” She says with a giggle and I laugh. Touche Nala.

“Ah, but your nerves love it don’t they? Just as mine does. You drive me crazy in every single fucking way Nala.”

She gasps as I reach around her to grab her pussy.

“This... belongs to me,” I tell her and she whimpers.

“Yes, yes it does. Just like this...” She grabs my throbbing member in her soapy hand and begins to pump it slowly.

“Belongs to me.” She says and I groan as I let my head fall forward, on to her shoulder. I play with her clit, drawing circles over it, then sliding my finger into her wetness, as her pumping gets faster.

“Stop. I don’t want to come like this.” I tell her before turning her around, pushing her against the wall, then I lift her into my arms and dive deep inside of her.

“Oh my gosh!” She yells as warm water falls over our bodies and fuck her shamelessly.

I grunt against her hot mouth as I thrust deeper. Her tongue tangles with mine tasting like a banana muffin. We make love for about 12 minutes before she screams loudly and I strangles my cock with her strong pelvic muscles. My orgasm was right behind hers and I was so close to coming inside of her, but luckily I pulled out a second before it was too late.


“Shit, that was close wasn’t it?” I ask her and she laughs while trying to regain her breath.

“That’s the second close call with us. One more and I would probably end up pregnant Lorenzo.”

“Would that be such a bad thing?” I ask her and she sighs.

“You don’t even know what to call me Lorenzo. Am I your fling, your girlfriend, your friend with benefits?”

I groan and I run a hand through my hair.

“I’ve already told you how I felt about you Nala. I thought I made it obvious that you are the love of my life.”

“Really? Is that what I am to you?” She asks and I nod.

“Of course, but you are also my best friend. You understand me like no other, Nala, and I let you get away with things I don’t let anyone else get away with.”

She hugs me tightly and I gasp in surprise, at her sudden emotional vulnerability. I hug her back and kiss her shoulder.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page but, it’s still too soon for me to be pregnant, we’ve just started dating, and I thought you said you wanted to be married first.”

“Listen Nala, I’m not saying I want to have a baby right now, but all I’m saying is that it will be okay if you did. We will be okay.”

She nods and pulls away.

“Okay, but let’s try to be more careful Alright?”

I nod.


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