The wing woman

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(18) It's business baby

A few minutes later Lorenzo’s design team arrives at the meeting before Brad Forsworn and sets up their presentations.

“Who wants some coffee?” I ask the room and everyone holds their hands up. I chuckle as I head back to the Cafe and pick up the coffees, as I’m walking back to the office building Brad Forsworn walks next to me along with his business partners, with a smile on his face. He is wearing a navy blue suit and he looks much older than I expected, with his gray beard and slicked hair.

“Hello, Mr. Forsworn, lovely day isn’t it?” I ask trying to look as professional as possible with all the cups of coffee that I’m holding.

“It’s sure is, Nala, here let me get the door for you.”

“Oh thank you, and I must say, I’m surprised you know who I am,” I admit and he shrugs.

“Mr. Barton talks about you a lot. He says you’re the best assistant he’s ever had.”

I smile mostly to myself, at the thought of Lorenzo talking fondly about me.

“Well, you’ve got to be tough as nails in this business. Care for a coffee?” I ask him trying to get rid of one cup that is threatening to fall.

“Oh yes, I would.”

“Great, take this cup on the left. It’s a bit suicidal.” I joke and he chuckles as he takes it.

“How about you two gentlemen, would you like a coffee?” They nod eagerly and take a cup.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

We make it into the conference room and everyone takes their seats, as I hand out the coffee.

“Welcome everyone, hello Mr. Forsworn, it’s a pleasure to have you here,” Lorenzo says as they shake hands.

“It’s a pleasure to be doing business with you Mr. Barton. Let’s get started.”

“Wonderful, Ms. Joy, my company’s architect will start off by showing you the blueprints to the museum.”

The meeting goes by perfectly as I expected, as usual, I sit next to Lorenzo not only as his assistant but his lucky charm. Everyone seems to have a positive mood.

“Everything looks perfect Mr. Barton. The building itself is a work of art. The website is great, and the colors are vibrant. I believe we have a deal, I’ll sign any papers you need me to, and I’ll pay upfront.” Mr. Forsworn says as he stands up along with his businessmen.

“That sounds great Mr. Forsworn, I’m glad you’re pleased with the designs. I’ll give you the paperwork today, but you can take your time to read it carefully then mail it to my office in Manhattan.”

After everyone leaves Lorenzo leans back against the table and looks at me with a smirk as I straighten out my skirt. He’s trying to hide his happy smile, but he’s braking.

“Wooo! We did it!” He says before doing a happy shuffle dance and lifting me up in his arms bridal style. He dances with me in his arms and I laugh at how cute he is.

“Some Dominican you are... you have no flow in your dance moves!” I say and he gasps and looks at me in a challenging way.

“Oh, you want me to show you flow? Then let’s get your ass back to the BNB so I can show off my Latin moves in bed.” He says as he merengues his way out of the building with me still laughing in his arms.


Lorenzo POV: After having mind-blowing celebratory sex with Nala, she cuddles up to me in bed as we watch movies, and make fun of their acting.

“This chick cries to damn much.” She says as we watch Avatar, and the blue alien woman starts crying again. I laugh and shake my head.

“Would you cry if you lived in a world with no music, Walmarts, adobo, and you would have predators constantly trying to kill you.”

She pouts.

“Yeah living without adobo seasoning would be tragic. Poor smurf.” She says and I chuckle as I hold her closer to me. She pulls the blankets to cover her feet and it exposes my feet. I pull the blanket back and she glares at me playfully.

“Blanket hogger.”

“Tea bagger.” I throwback and she raises an eyebrow.

“Ass rim licker.”

“Shaft bitter.”

She gasps.

“I’ve never bitten your dick, Mr. I need a map to find the clit.” She says and my mouth drops, shocked.

“Your bluffing Nala, you damn well I worship that little bundle of nerves like a pro, and I can find your clit right now.”

She bites her lip as she stares at my own.

“Do it.”

Chuckling I slide my hand under the blanket and into her panties. I find her clit easily and begin to rub it in slow circles. She moans and her head falls back. I dip my finger into her still wet pussy from earlier and start rubbing again.

I smirk at her as she writhes around and becomes puddy underneath my touch.

“You were saying?” I ask her smugly as I increase the speed of the rubbing and she whimpers and gives me those ‘I’m yours’ eyes, that drives me insane.

“Okay fine, you’re a sex wizard, now don’t you dare stop.” She says and I kiss the side of her neck.

“I won’t stop until you come all over my fingers Nala,” I whisper against her ear and she shivers.

“If you live with me I’m not letting this kitty of yours take a break.”

She bites her lip and looks into my eyes with a hooded gaze.

“Oh please tell me you have a kink room in that penthouse of yours.”

I laugh, as she awaits my answer. Damn, now I’m actually thinking about getting a damn kink room.

“What kind of man do you take me for Nala?”

She giggles.

“The dirty kind.”

I wink at her as I speed up the rubbing and she gasps loudly before moaning.

“The whole damn house is my kink room Nala. You’re lucky I’m creative. Now do me a favor...”

She trembles as her eyes shut.

“Wh... what?”


She comes on command as her walls squeeze my fingers tightly and her whole body vibrates.

“Ahhh yes!” She yells and I have to cover her mouth with my hand. Housekeeping might be here right now, but my goodness she is so beautiful when she orgasms.

“Now then... do you need any help finding any other part of your body?” I ask her and she let’s out a breathy laugh, and I push back the hair out of her smiling face.

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