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(19) fertilized

As I wake up I stretch and push my messy hair away from my face. Today Lorenzo and I fly back to New York, and I can’t wait to be in my apartment with Lucy again.

Lorenzo walks into my room topless with his shorts riding dangerously low. He stops a foot away from my face. God damn, this man is as sexy as a greek god.

“Good morning Nala, how do you like your eggs?” Lorenzo asks and I rub my eyes and look him up and down and notice his hard-on. He smirks at me.

“Humm... fertilized,” I tell him and he gasps before looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“I’m kidding! Ha, you should have seen the look on your face Lorenzo.”

He laughs.

“Very funny, but should you really be making pregnancy jokes knowing that there is a big possibility that...” he shakes his head not finishing his sentence. Thank goodness, because I’m not ready to have that conversation again.

“You like the eggs over easy scrambled?...”

I shake my head with a grin and tug him closer to my face by the waistband of his shorts.

His hands hold my face up to meet his heated gaze.

“I like my eggs the way I like your cock. Hard.”

I tell him and he groans.

“You will be the death of me Nala.”


Lorenzo POV:

“Would you like me to strip at your funeral?” She asks and I flip her over to spank her hard on her curvy ass. She gasps and moans in pleasure.

“Humm... I’ve been a bad girl...” She says in a cute way while wiggling her butt. I laugh and try to spank her again, but she dodges me and runs away with the blanket wrapped around her body laughing. I Chase her around the room and I finally catch her. She giggles adorably and I kiss her all over the place making her squirm.

“Get dressed. You’re helping me with breakfast.” I say smacking her butt again and she yelps before giving me those teasing eyes.

“Yes, Boss.”

God, now she knows that calling me boss is my weakness. I’m Screwed.

She puts on my robe and walks out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. This Bed and breakfast has a public kitchen that anyone can use at any time of the day. Luckily for us, I rented out all of the rooms so that we would have privacy. Every now and then the maids will clean and then leave.

“What’s on the menu?”

She asks as she reaches for a bowl on the top shelf and her butt pokes out under the robe.

I clear my throat as watch her.

“Um... I was thinking of pancakes, but now I’m thinking I want buns instead. I say as I walk up behind her and squeeze her butt cheeks. She giggles and smacks me away.

As I’m flipping pancakes she grabs some plates.

“Is that pancake ready?” She asks as she looks over my shoulder.

“Almost, but I don’t see why you have a plate, don’t you prefer them on your titties?” I joke and she smacks my arm.

“I only do that when it’s cold, but it’s hot as sweaty balls in here.” She says fanning herself.

“Then stop being so damn sexy so we can get some of the AC back,” I tell her, and she giggles and blushes.

“You are too smooth for your own good.” She tells me as she bops my nose then her phone pings with a text message.

“So... there is a cute little donut shop along the way to the airport. I’ll get us some donuts if you want. My treat.” She says as she leans back against the counter her legs spread once she sees my eyes traveling all over her sexy body.

“Donuts huh?” I ask as I slide my hand into her panties and she gasps before giving me a heated look.

“Ye... yeah. We can get simple ones or the ones with filling.” She says slightly out of breath. I slide my finger into her kitty and I groan as I feel how wet she is.

“Fuck Nala... let me fill your donut up to the brim.” I say and she moans deeply. Then her phone pings again by our side.

“I want you to do all sorts of things with my donut Lorenzo.” She says in such a sexy way that makes me hard for her, then her phone pings again and I groan.

“Tell whoever is blowing up your phone that you’re about to get some cream filling and to call back never,” I tell her and she chuckles as she reaches for her phone and looks at the message.

Her grin disappears and she looks at the phone like it’s the grim reaper.

“Nala? Who is it?”

She stiffens and gives me a scared look.

Nala POV:

When I opened the message I saw pictures of Lorenzo and I making out here in Arizona. Somebody is trying to expose us is and worst of all they are blackmailing us.

Unknown number: [I will sell those photos to the press unless you give me what I want.]

Nala: [Who are you and what the hell do you want?]

Unknown number: [Easy. I want you. And don’t show this message to Lorenzo if you don’t want me to get violent with him. But don’t worry I’ll tell him when the time is right.“]

I gulp and look back at Lorenzo who is giving me a questioning look.

“Nala, let me see your phone.” He demands in a serious tone. I shake my head and lock the screen.

“It’s nothing, just a scammer,” I tell him as I steer around him to pick up the now burning pancake, and place it on my plate.

“Nala, who texted you? Please don’t lie to me.” He says as he takes the plate away from me.

“It was an unknown number Lorenzo. That’s all I know.”

He sighs.

“What did they wa...?”

I cut him off with a kiss to his plump lips and I kiss him passionately. He moans into my mouth and slides his tongue across mine deliciously but he pulls away too quickly out of breath.

“If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll have to find out on my own. I don’t like that terrified look you just had on your face Nala.”

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