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(2) Sparkly mess

“Oh Carlos, your tongue is like magic, papi.”

“Oh si, mami?”

His tongue licks around my lips.

“Oh, that’s weird as fuck. But I think I like that Carlos.”


My eyes shoot open to see my poodle licking my face. I push her away with a groan.

“Damn it Lexy, I thought the hot guy from the soap opera was kissing me! Ahh.”

I get up from the bed, and Lexy wags her tail exited.

“You wanna go for a walk?” She nearly jumps on me at the word, ‘walk.’

“Well let me brush my teeth and get dressed first.”

She growls frustrated.

“What? You want me to go out naked? Just because you can doesn’t mean I can.”

I get ready to walk my dog, slipping her collar on when I suddenly get a text message. I read it and sigh.

Handsome Dick: [Hey Nala I need you to come into work today]

Nala: [Sorry boss, in case you forgot its Sunday.]

Handsome Dick: [ In case you forgot, I have a really important meeting on Monday with Vivian Jones, and we need to prepare for it. Be here in 20.]

I shut my phone screen off annoyed.

I need to get laid.

After walking Lexy in central park, I rush to get my outfit together. I through on a black pencil skirt and a white button-down. I pull my hair up into a neat ponytail and apply a bit of foundation.

“See you later Lexy. You better not chew up your bed again.”

I take a taxi to the office and once I’m there I see Lorenzo talking on the phone sounding angry.

“I don’t know why there are missing files Jim, but figure it out.”

“No, I’m not flying all the way to Florida right now, you are going to have to fix this Jim!”

He slams the phone down and looks at me. The rage in his eyes is starting to fade.

“What’s the problem Boss? Hit me with it.” I say handing him a coffee and pulling him into his office.

He sighs as he plops on to his chair.

“Jim lost a lot of the files we worked so hard on, and now we’re fucked.”


“Well doesn’t he have the copies?”

He shakes his head upset.

“He lost everything when he accidentally deleted some things on his computer.”

“God, you really have to give me a raise Boss.”

He looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

“And why is that?”

“I can think of many reasons but the most recent one is that I always keep a third copy of everything we do. I just never really had to use it until now.”

“You’re... you’re saying were not fucked Nala?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

He smiles wide. His beautiful teeth glistening.

“Well in that case, here.” He hands me the company credit card.

“Go crazy Nala. Spoil yourself.”

I shake my head at him.

“I don’t feel comfortable taking your money like that Lorenzo.”

“I know you hate people doing favors for you, so just know that I’m not doing you any favors. You have actually earned it. Keep it for the week, and have back to me on Friday.”

Oh. He told me to go crazy huh?

“Thank you, boss.” I pocket the card and lean over his desk.

“Now time for business,” I tell him and he gives me a smirk.

“You know, I don’t tell you this often but I love it when you talk business to me.” He says in a flirty tone. I squint at him.

“Oh yeah? you love it when I tell you that you’re going to lose clients if you don’t try and be more flexible?” I say pretending to flirt as I seductively make my way behind his desk, slowly.

“Oh yeah, that’s real hot Nala. Tell me more about it.” He says his voice sounding husky. I sit on his desk.

“You wanna hear about how you are going to piss off Vivian Jones, the client you want to work with so badly?”

He looks me up and down as he bites his lip and I have to keep a laugh from coming as I lean back casually.

“You’re going to want to change her original ideas to your own, and you know how set in her ways Vivian is. I would do anything she says if you don’t wanna lose her.”

He looks at me puzzled. I clasp my hands together and hop off his desk.

“See ya later boss. Try not to think about me too much.” I say blowing him a kiss and laughing, as I walk out.

“Nala wait.”


“I want you to be at the meeting with me tomorrow. Vivian connects better with you, and I would love to have your brains there.”

I sigh.

“What time?”


“You got it, boss.”


The rest of my day is uneventful and boring.

My phone rings on my desk and I put down my paperwork to answer it. I could use a brake. I hope it isn’t, scam likely.

I look at the screen. It’s my Dominican best friend of 10 years, Wanda.

Nala: (“Ayeee! Wanda! What’s up?“)

Wanda: (“Nala, mija, did you forget about our brunch date?“)

Nala: (“Fuck, I’m actually at work right now. Este pendejo called me to work on a Sunday. I’m sorry Wanda, but I’m going to make it up to you tonight.“)

Wanda: (“Damn, what a Nazi. I mean he’s also ridiculously hot, and those abs with that tan skin... girl if I weren’t on a single strike I would be all over that. But anyhow, what do you have planned?“)

I roll my eyes, choosing to ignore the hot comments.

Nala: (“You, me, Night club, all we can drink.“)

Wanda: (“Now we’re fucking talking! I’m tired of having nothing to do. 7 pm?“)

Nala: (“7 pm, now I gotta get back to work see ya later.“)

Wanda: (”Dale, I’ll see you later Mija.“)

I hang up, chug down a coffee, and get back work.


5 hours later:

I show up at the club in a sparkly gold dress, waiting for Wanda by the entrance.

“Damn girl, that dress is wearing you,” Wanda says pulling me in for a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

“And that jumpsuit fits you like a second skin Wanda. Where’d you get it?”

“Ah, thanks. I got it in China town. Come on let’s get some drinks!”

She pulls me inside and the place is flooded with bodies.

“Damn, are they giving away drinks today or something?”

“No, it’s always this busy.”

I look around for the VIP section and see it at the very back. About ten people are occupying it.

“I’ll pay for VIP, come on Wanda.” She gives me a wide-eyed look before following me to the back. After paying the woman we get VIP passes and find a secluded booth.

“Order whatever you want Wanda,” I tell her, and she raises an eyebrow at me.

“Okay, daddy.” She jokes as she looks through the menu. Every once in a while giving me a curious glance.

“Hello ladies, what may I get for you?” A woman dressed in almost nothing asks us with a pen and pad.

“Um... I’ll take a Manhattan.” Wanda tells her and writes it down.

“And for you?” She asks me as she looks me up down like I’m a sirloin steak.

“I’ll take whatever she orders, from here on out,” I tell her and she winks at me.

“You got it, babe.”

She wonders off and Wanda and I share look before giggling. She is very pretty, but totally barking up the wrong tree.

“I can’t believe you ordered a Manhattan. What, are you from New York or something?”

I tease her and she changes the subject.

“What’s the deal Nala? You don’t ever spend this much doe.”

I pull the company credit card out and wave it in front of her.

“I’m not spending a damn thing, and I plan to enjoy that.” She grins from ear to ear, giving me a knowing look.

“We’re getting so wasted tonight Nala, get ready.”

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