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(23) New comers smell

This morning I get a text from Lorenzo telling me I need to head to his office to train the new girl. I slept in his bed last night and it’s honestly amazing waking up to the smell of his sweet cologne, wrapped around his soft blankets completely naked.

The last thing I want to do is get out of bed but here I go. I throw the blankets off of me and head towards the bathroom.

My new job starts in a few days, and I’m excited about a change of scenery, but it’s also sad not having Lorenzo around to tease.

I get dressed and head towards his office.

As I’m walking in the building I get whistled and all kinds of Congratulations from my coworkers. Charlie finds me and warns me about the new chick.

“Okay Charlie, tell me what I’m about to deal with.”

He sighs.

“She’s kinda bipolar, I don’t know. It’s like one second she’s nice, the next, she’s like the blonde from mean girls.”

“Great, I’ll handle it. Thanks, Charlie.”

“Hey Nala, there you are, come here beautiful,” Lorenzo says as he leaves his office room and walks towards me. I smile at him like a blushing teenager before he scoops me up in a hug. I pull away just to give him a soft kiss on his lips and when I try to pull away he looks at me like he doesn’t want me to. Just as he’s about to kiss me back we get rudely interrupted.

“Um... hello, you must be Nala.” Says an overly sweet voice.

I pull away from Lorenzo to look at the new girl and realize that she is pretty, almost looks like areal with her red hair. But her formal dress is not very formal with how short it is. Even I wouldn’t wear a dress that short to work.

“Yes, I’m Nala, and you must be the new assistant. What’s your name?”

She sticks her hand out to shake mine.

“It’s Lena. Nice to meet you.” She says as I shake her hand firmly.

“You as well Lena, let’s get this training started,” I say with a casual smile as I blow Lorenzo a kiss and walk her to her new office, which is my old one.

“You two make a cute couple, Lorenzo is just so gorgeo... I mean kind.” She says with a blush as I shut the door.

“Yeah, he is pretty gorgeous. I’m a lucky woman.” I say as I give her my old note pad of useful information.

“You sure are, and what’s this?”

“This is my note pad of useful information. This will explain how to organize things, how to manage time, and how not to get on your boss’s bad side. I won’t be needing it anymore.”

She nods and looks at the notes.

“Wonderful, so what’s next?” She asks eagerly.

“Did Lorenzo give you your todo list for the week?”

She nods and waves it in her hands.

“Good, do you understand everything that is written in that to-do list Lena?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve worked at a similar business. This stuff is cake.”

There’s a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” I say and Lorenzo walks in. I can’t help but notice how Lena practically undresses him with her eyes, and bites her lip slightly.

“Yes, Lorenzo?” I ask him and he clears his throat feeling uncomfortable with Lena’s staring.

“Uh... yeah, I was going to tell you that, perhaps I do need a bit of your help today Nala. Nothing major just a few favors.”

I’m not sure what kind of favors he’s referring to but I wouldn’t mind having him as my boss for one more day.

“Well sur...”

“I’m sure I can handle anything you need Lorenzo,” Lena says cutting me off, with a big smile. What the hell is her deal? No one else calls him by his name other than me and the people who have worked for him for a long time.

“I’m sure you can Lena, but I do need Nala to do some extra things for me today. You just focused on your todo list.” He tells her in a polite but firm way and she nods, before sitting at her desk.

“Yes, Lorenzo.” She says in a soft tone as she bats her lashes. I’m tired of this.

“It’s Mr. Barton to you, Lena. Please behave professionally.” I tell her as a warning and Lorenzo whispers in my ear.

“I apologize Nala, but I’m pretty sure Lorenzo hear is my boss, it’s his word over yours.” She says as she gets to work on the computer.

“Play nice.” He says as he pulls me out of my office, or her office, and takes me to his.

“Play nice? She won’t last more than three days.” I tell him as I plop onto his desk and he sighs.

“I won’t know if she’s any good anther job until I’ve given her a chance.”

“Oh no...” I say as I pop my gum and twirl it around my finger.

“That’s not the reason why she won’t last more than three days. She already has one strike.” I say as I take my note pad out and make a tally mark.

Before Lorenzo says anything I lean forward to where he is sitting and press my lips to his softly, kissing him tenderly before pulling away with a smile. He groans and looks down at my lips like he wants more.

Suddenly I let out a yelp as he grabs me off his desk and sets me down on his lap with his arms wrapped tightly around me.

He then kisses me more passionately like I am the drug he needs, and he is mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and slide my tongue around his. He groans into my mouth as I start to grind over him. And his hands are quick to remove my top and work on the zipper of my skirt.

As I’m about to undress him, he shakes his head with a smirk.

“Leave my clothes on beautiful, I just want to see you naked, bent over my desk.” He says in a husky tone that makes me wet. I nod as stand up.

“Yes, boss,” I say as I slip out of my skirt and stand in front of him.

“Panties off you tease.” He says as he also stands up to lock his door, and watches me undress.

“Bend over, and spread your legs for me. I’ve been thinking about making my fiance come all freaking morning.”

I bite my lip, as I bend over his desk, and spread my legs.

“Anything the boss wants,” I say as I shake my ass and he spanks me hard. I gasp then moan.

“Is this the favor you needed boss?” I ask him and he groans as he slips two fingers into my wetness. I grip the sides of the desk and stick my ass out further, giving him better access to my core.

“Precisely Nala, now do me a favor and come when I tell you to,” he demands and I whimper as he speeds up his pumping. After five minutes, I clutch on to his fingers as I come around them, soaking them in my juices and moaning his name.

I hear him lick it clean then he spanks me again and I love the sting of it.

“This is something I could get used to. Please visit me at work more often my sexy fiance.”

He helps me up and retrieves my clothing.

“I will be working right next door sometime this week, so it should be easy to sneak away every once and a while and pay you a sexy visit,” I tell him with a wink and he smirks.

“I Love you,” I say in a whisper before making my way to his door.


I turn around to find him smiling back at me longingly.


“I love you too, and I can’t wait to see you tonight. Maybe I’ll make us dinner.” He says as he looks up and down my body as if he would rather eat me instead.

“Humm. What’s on the menu, Lorenzo?”

The look he gives me is sexy enough to soak my panties again.

“Oh don’t worry Nala, you and I are definitely on the menu.”

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