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(24) Luxurious pain in the ass

The next morning I’m making eggs and bacon as I prepare myself to work at my new job. Lorenzo told me I didn’t need an interview which was weird but also convenient.

I dress in my usual business casual clothing, and put my hair in a neat bun, before applying a bit of makeup.

I drive to the luxurious hotel called the Ferrero hotel that is partially owned by Lorenzo, he didn’t get into too much detail of the place, he just told me I had nothing to worry about.

I park in the employee parking lot and I’m shocked at how many fancy cars ar in it. I drive a 2010 Toyota. What am I getting myself into?

I walk into the building and ask to meet the boss at the front desk. An elegant elderly woman smiles and nods.

“The boss should be down here in a minute, please take a seat.” She says pointing to a beautiful chair that could probably pay off my rent. I tap my foot nervously as I wait. Then I get my shoulder taped on and when I turn around I see Lorenzo’s sister Rebecca standing behind me with an elegant blue dress and her pretty smile.

“Hola Nala, ready for your first day at work?”

My mouth drops.

“Wait, Rebecca... are you my boss? Or should I say, Ms. Grail?”

She nods excitedly.

“Yes, but please don’t call me by my last name, you practically my sister in law, now come on. I’ve already got a workload for you, but it’s all easy stuff.”

She motions me to follow her and leads me into a spacious office with a big window.

“This will be your office. This over here is your to-do list, which involves booking the ballroom for events, answering guest’s questions, sending emails, calling caters, repairmen, and entertainers. You don’t have to worry about booking bedrooms because I have someone else for that. You are bilingual which is perfect because there are so many Latinos in New York, and the last guy who worked here was totally rude to the guests.”

I look around the office with a smile.

“This is perfect Rebecca, thank you for the opportunity.”

She giggles and shakes her head.

“Oh please Nala, eres familia, and family help each other out. Besides, you are practically the best damn secretary in New York if you have been able to tolerate working with my brother. Ha! Bless you.”

I shrug with a blush.

“Thank you. I won’t let you down.”

She nods.

“I know sweetheart, I’ll just make sure to keep weed brownies away from you.” She says with a deep laugh and I join her. Rebecca has the same warm personality as her mother.

“Yeah, no kidding, I haven’t touched any brownie since then.”

“Okay, well, I’ll leave you to it, and if you need anything I’m just down the hall. And I’ll come by later to let you know it’s lunchtime.”

I nod and she walks out with a smile.

Well, this is already an awesome job.


As I’m sending an email to a catering company I get a text message. I hope it’s from Lorenzo, but when I see the number I realize it’s from the blackmailer. Shit! I totally forgot about that person. I nervously open the message.

Unknown: [Congratulations on your engagement Nala. Enjoy it while it lasts because I’m out for blood.]

My body stills.

Nala: [Who the fuck are you, and why do you want me so badly?]

Unknown: [I don’t actually want you Nala, I could get any person I please. What I want is for Lorenzo to suffer like I did. You may be surprised that he is the one who started this little game. Not me.]

What the fuck is this person talking about?

Nala: [I need more information, please.]

Unknown: [Sorry that’s all you get for now. I want you to call off the engagement very soon, Then I want you to marry me, or my next move will involve a bloody mess.]

Nala: [Why the fuck would I marry you? I don’t even know your name, what you look like, or who you work for.]

Unknown: [You will know who I am once you call off the engagement. You have three days. Tick tock.]

I gulp and turn off my phone screen, staring into space.

*Tap, tap.* I look up to see Rebecca at the door.

“Lunchtime. Are you okay Nala? You look a little spooked.” She asks and I nod with a smile, trying to hide my fear.

“Yeah, totally, and thank goodness. I’m starving.”

After lunch, my office door opens and to my surprise and excitement, Lorenzo walks in with a bouquet of Rose’s and a soft smile on his face.

“Lorenzo!” I run up to him and wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses my ear lobe before pulling away.

“Hola beautiful. I brought you these, to brighten up your new office.” He says handing me the flowers and I hold them to my chest happily.

“Thank you, Lorenzo. What’s the occasion?” I ask him and he backs me up against my desk and kisses me passionately.

I moan and grip his shirt bringing him closer, as our tounges dance romantically.

When he pulls away, I want nothing more than to have him right here, right now.

“I don’t need an occasion to put a beautiful smile on my fiance’s face.” He says brushing his thumb along my bottom lip. I clear my throat and step away from him.

“What’s wrong Nala?”

I sigh and pull out my phone.

“I got another text from the person threatening us.”

His fist balls up at his sides as he takes a deep breath.

“Let me see it.”

I hand him the phone and watch his expression change from anger to fear. Oh, this is worse than I thought.

“Thank you for showing me this. Whoever it is doesn’t want me to see this, but they don’t have to know that I have.”

“Lorenzo, do you think you know who it is?”

He sighs and looks away from me pained

“Maybe, but I don’t wanna accuse anyone until we have evidence. For now, we will play along to that this person tells you to do. They want you to end things with me and I’m certain they have eyes on us, so let’s give whoever this is, a fake show.”

“You mean, you want us to pretend fight?”

He nods.

“Yes, preferably outside. Come on, and follow my lead.”

Lorenzo steps out of my office looking pissed as he walks to the door people look at us curiously and I play along as I open the door for him just to push him away, and flick him off.

He winks at me before yelling, “Fine! Be that way!” Then he storms off to his car, and I see someone discreetly take a picture of me. It’s a young boy with a baseball Jersey on.

I roll my eyes at the kid before walking back into my office.

Rebecca sees me and her mouth drops.

“What just happened?” She asks concerned and I pull her towards my office and shut the door.

“Rebecca. I’m going to tell you something that you can’t tell anyone about.”

She nods slowly and I continue.

“An anonymous person is threatening me to break up with Lorenzo and marry them instead. I’ve been getting scary text messages for a while now, and I just got one. So I pretend to have a fight with Lorenzo.”

She gasps and takes a moment to process everything.

“Oh Shit, Nala, we have to take this to the police and...”

“No, we can’t. They threatened to kill Lorenzo if we do. I can’t risk that Rebecca.”

She runs a hand over her face looking stressed.

“I’m sorry, I just thought you should know,” I tell her and she nods.

“Thanks for telling me, but what are you guys going to do?”

I shrug.

“Just play along for now, at least until we find out who it is.”

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