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(25) Deal

I get to my apartment later that day upset, and on edge. I can’t go to Lorenzo’s apartment because he believes were being watched closely.

I groan and I pull out my phone and text the blackmailer.

Nala: [Done.]

Unknown: [Good, I’ll see you when I see you, Nala.]

Nala: [But will I finally see your face?]

Unknown: [ I suppose I do have a nice face and I should share it... okay.]

Nala: [I hate whoever you are.]

Unknown: [Aww give me a chance, you might actually like me. ;)]

Pissed, and stressed I threw my phone across the room and fall into a fetal position.

I get another text and I sign and pick up my phone. Shit. It’s a text from Wanda. I’ve been so busy and distracted that I forgot to talk to her in a few weeks.

Wanda: [Hey puta, wanna explain to me why I’m hearing this news about you being engaged from someone else?]

Nala: [I’m sorry, I know I’m a terrible friend but I have had so much going on lately. Good and bad stuff... PUTA.]

Wanda: [Then get your puta ass over here and tell me about it. Jaja. I miss you and we need to hang out.]

As were texting I feel sudden nausea. It must be all the stress.

Nala: [Okay, but let’s go somewhere other than your apartment.]

Wanda: [Why?]

Nala: [I’ll explain it all soon. Let’s meet up at the mall.]

Wanda: [You got it. I need to buy some more sage and candles for my ritual tonight.]

Nala: [Jesus... Do I even want to know?]

Wanda: [I’ve been trying to get this hot guy to fuck me for the past two weeks, and nothing is working. I’m put the voodoo on him before the pussy. ;)]

My eyes go wide. But I shouldn’t be surprised.

Nala: [God help that poor soul. Dios mio. I’m on my way.]

I grab my keys and purse and head for the door. I made sure to keep pepper spray in my purse just in case.

I drive to the mall and as I’m stuck in traffic a woman in a long coat gets into my passenger seat quickly and before I have time to protest I hear the click of a gun and see her pointing the gun down to my stomach.

“Who... the fuck are you?” I ask her and she chuckles.

“What do you want? Money or something?” I ask her nervously while avoiding her gaze, and she shakes her head.

“For now I just want you to drive back to your apartment.” She says in an elegant but authoritative tone.

I steal a quick glance at her and notice that she’s about my age, with black straight hair, pale complexion, and a sinister smirk. She is also wearing all black.

Holy shit, I’m being kidnapped by Morticia from the Adams family. Wait does that mean...

“Are you the blackmailer?”

She sighs.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Nala, now do me a favor and not ask any more questions, unless you want me to shoot you dead.” She is in a too calm way. What the hell? I didn’t expect the blackmailer to be a woman.

I drive home on edge and breathing heavily. Relax Nala. Don’t let her know how terrified you are.

I’m usually a fearless, independent woman, but not with this woman. There is something soulless about her. Something sinister and vindictive.

We arrive at my apartment complex and she gives me another threat.

“I am going to follow you inside. If you try to make a run for it or hint at someone that you are in danger you will regret it deeply.”

I sigh as I nod and exit my car. I walk towards my apartment and pass my neighbor.

“Hola Nala.” She says with a smile that soon turns into suspicion as soon as she sees the petrified look on my face.

“Hey, Ms. Burg how are you?” I ask her as I pass her to unlock my door.

“I’m pretty good, say hello to that handsome hunk of yours for me.” She says and I chuckle despite the current situation.

“Yes, Ms. Burg.”

Then we’re inside and she locks the door.

“That handsome hunk, won’t be yours for long Nala. Call him, and invite him over. Tell him you want to discuss the breakup.”

She orders me and I reach for my phone in my purse. Lorenzo is going to be very confused when I tell him that, but he will know that something is wrong.

I call him and he picks up on the 3rd ring.

“Put it on speakerphone.” She whispers and I do that.

Lorenzo: (“Hello? Did you need someone Nala? I’m in the middle of a meeting right now.“) He says sounding focused.

Nala: (“I need you to come to my apartment to discuss our brake up.“)

Shit! Then it hits me. She wants to really find out if we broke up or not, whatever Lorenzo says next may put us in more danger. Please play along baby.

*Long pause.*

Lorenzo: (“This isn’t ideal, but I’ll be over in a few minutes. Are you at your apartment?“)

Woo, thank God he played along.

Nala: (“Yes. Come quickly.“)

Lorenzo: (“I’m on my way.“)

Then he hangs up and the woman looks at me curiously.

“I hope you know this has nothing to do with you Nala. However, you are a very useful tool, and you are very easy on the eyes.” She says as her eyes rake my body. An unsettling chill goes through me.

“Sit down.” She points to a stool at my kitchen island and I follow her every fucking command like a dog as she keeps her gun pointed to me.

She then ties me up with some rope and smiles at her work.

“I’ve always been into bondage. Would you be my sweet slave?” She asks in a cooing voice and I glare at her, wanting nothing more than to punch that smirk off her face.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” She says excitedly just as Lorenzo barges in through my door holding a gun and aiming it at her. His mouth drops and she laughs deeply. I didn’t even know Lorenzo owned a gun.

“Lanai.” He says in a petrified way.

“Hello, honey. Did you miss me?”

He huffs in disgust. While still pointing his gun at her. I should have known. This Lanai bitch is a crazy ex.

“Does it look like I missed you? Put your damn gun down and step away from Nala, so we can talk like civilized adults.”

She bites her lip as she thinks about it then she unloads her gun and sets it on the ground. Lorenzo hesitantly puts his gun into a concealed holster. And looks at me with sorry eyes.

“Lorenzo, who is she?” I ask fed up.

“Well, I’m his ex-wife of course. Oh, he didn’t tell you he was married did he? Ha! Still keeping secrets aren’t you Lorenzo?” She asks him and he groans with his fist clenched.

This is new, but I’m sure he had a good reason not to tell me. At least I hope he does.

“I warned you, my sweet Enzo. Remember what I told you?” She asks him as she strides towards him and I struggle against the ropes trying to free myself. It’s tight but not impossible to get out of.

“Yes, you crazy bitch. I do remember,” He spits out while glaring at her and she stops 4 feet away from him.

“Well, I will remind you anyway. I warned you when you divorced me that no other woman will be able to marry you. If I can’t have you in marriage no other pathetic bitch can have you either, and I met every single word, Enzo. You left me broke when you divorced me you didn’t even get me a place to stay when you kicked me out.” She tells him with a pout.

“I don’t pity you Lanai, you were most likely better off living under a bridge than living in a prison where I originally intended to put you in.”

I’m sure Lorenzo regrets not putting her in jail now. I don’t even know what happened but the more they talk the more I understand.

“Ouch, you wound me, Enzo. And to think you used to love me.” She says as she walks over to me and slaps me hard against my face.

“Get the hell away from her!” Lorenzo says pushing her back. Her head hits the wall hard and she gasps as she feels a bit of blood on the back of her head.

“Sit the fuck down!” He yells at her and she sits on the couch looking Afraid for the first time. Hell... I’ve never seen Lorenzo look this intimidating, it’s not a side I like to see from him but given our current situation it’s understandable.

“Let’s make a deal Lanai. What will it take for you to leave us alone and disappear from our lives forever?”

She smirks at him.

“Money. The money you took away from me from our divorce plus a little extra for your troubles.” She says tilting her head at him and he nods.

“How much in total?”

She hums as she thinks of it.

“2 million dollars, plus a night of sexual bliss with your hot girl.” She says while winking at me and I cringe. She obviously just wants to get under his skin.

“3 million dollars and you never touch Nala ever again.” Jesus that’s a lot of money.

“Fine, I’ll send you my banking information and If I don’t get that money deposited into my account by next Friday I will be back.” She says as she stands up and makes her way towards the door I free my hands finally and pull her back by her hair to whisper in her ear.

“You are terrible at bondage by the way,” I say before pushing her towards the door and she looks back with a salty expression before walking out.

I quickly lock the door and give Lorenzo a what the fuck look.

“Nala. I’m so sorry.” He says he runs up to me and wraps his arms around me protectively. I don’t hug him back because I’m still on edge and I’m mad.

“I know I have a lot of explaining to do, but first I need you to move in with me tonight. You are not safe here.” He tells me and I pull away from him and nod, not meeting his eyes.

"Nala." He whispers broken. I look into his worried eyes.

"I love you sweetheart. No matter what happens."

I walk up to him and wrap my arms around him tightly.

"I don't know what the fuck is going on, but one thing is for sure. Were getting through this together. Understood?"

He nods and gives me a short grateful kiss.

"And I love you too, Lorenzo."

*New chapters every Wednesday! I know there hasn't been much comedy in romance in the last fue chapters, haha. But don't worry, in the next chapters the mood of the book will start getting back to normal.*

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