The wing woman

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(26) Sweet punishment

“Okay, Lorenzo, tell me everything,” I say as we sit down on his couch and he sighs. I packed my essentials, including my Poodle Lucy who was asleep throughout the whole incident, as if nothing in the world bothered her, and we drove to his apartment. Now we're are sitting in his fancy living room with heavy tension hanging over us.

“I meet Lanai 10 years ago in Italy during vacation, and she was different. She wore bright colorful clothing, her hair was light brown, her complexion was warm and glowy, and her personality was bright. She was totally my type.”

He chuckles and shakes his head.

“I can’t believe she was my type before. I fell in love with her and soon we were living together in New York, married and happy. Then something started to happen to her. She was changing.”

He told me he had never really loved a woman. It will take time to rebuild my trust for him. Until now I didn’t think he would hide such a big lie.

“What changed Lorenzo?” I ask pushing past my annoyance.

“She... um... she started losing her mind. She would constantly throw heavy things at me whenever I refused to do something, she would threaten my life, threaten to hurt my family. My mother told me she needed mental help, and she advised me to end things with her. I tried to take her to a mental hospital but she wouldn’t go. So I gave up. That’s when I realized she had stolen a lot of money from my company. I demand she gives it back or I would call the police on her.”

“She never gave it back?”

He shakes his head.

“No, but I was too much of a pussy to call the police on her. A small part of me wanted who she used to be back. Knowing that was unlikely to happen I divorced her and kicked her out of my house. I remember her chanting, that if she couldn’t have me, no woman could. For the longest time I avoided falling in love because I didn’t want any women to get hurt by her, so I would simply have one night stands to scratch the itch. Then you changed everything, Nala. There was a moment where I stopped fearing her, but now I realize I shouldn’t have underestimated her. God, she could have...”

His voice cracks at the end and he shakes his head not wanting to think about what could have happened to me. His eyes get glossy as he stares into mine and I hold him tightly in my arms.

“I’m okay Lorenzo. I’m okay.” I whisper to him as he sniffs. He pushes away embarrassed.

“Sorry, I’ve never let a woman see me cry.” He says looking away from me but I push his head towards me and I kiss the corners of his eyes. He sighs blissfully.

“There is still one thing I’m confused about Lorenzo.” I pull away and point to the gun in his pants, and he looks down as if he forgot he had it on him.

“Oh yeah. I have a concealed carry license. It's not the easiest thing to get in New York, but I got it. Only I never really felt the need to have a gun on me until just now. Guess why I got one to begin with.”


He nods upset.

“I’m going to send her that money as soon as possible, in fact, I’m going to be making a few calls right now. The quicker we get her off our backs the better.” He says pulling out his phone.

“Do you really think she will leave us alone?”

He looks at me uncertainly.

“I have a plan, Nala. And once I talk to my lawyers about it, I will let you in on all the details. I’ll make sure she never gets anywhere near us if she does...”

My eyes go wide as a sudden urge to vomit arises.

“I’m going to be sick,” I say as hold a hand over my mouth and quickly run to his bathroom. I don’t have time to shut the door as I vomit into his luxurious toilet, with some luxurious barf.

“Nala, mi amor, is it the stress that’s got you sick or did you eat something bad?” He asks concerned and I don’t have time to answer him as I vomit one more time.

He holds my hair back and rubs my back.

“Ew,” I say wiping at my mouth.

“Come, rinse the taste off or you might keep vomiting.” He tells me as he helps me up and walks me to the large sink. I start gargling water and spitting it out.

“Jesus Lorenzo, you really don’t have to stay here and watch this,” I tell him and he shakes his head in the mirror.

“Now what kind of fiancee would I be if I just left you here while you had an exorcism?”

I laugh as I gargle more water and spit it out.

“Only you would make a joke at a time like this,” I say smirking at him from the mirror.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way would you?” He says before getting into his medicine cabinet and pulling out some nausea medication for me.

“Now take two of these and it should help. I use them whenever I get food poisoning. Works every time.” He tells me before kissing the side of my head.

“But just in case that doesn’t work... May the power of Christ compel you.” He says making a cross with his fingers at me and I splash him with water giggling.

“You’re such a dork. Get out of here.” I say pushing him out of the bathroom and he chuckles as he backs away.

I take a shower to wash away the near-death experiences and stress of today. I then brush my teeth and blow dry my hair.

“Hey Nala, I’m about to start cooking, what are you hungry for? Something other than my impressive cock of course. You need to balance out your diet you know.” He says and I roll my eyes as I open the door showing him my wet naked body and his mouth drops before biting his lip.

“On... on second thought, how about I have you for dinner instead Nala?”

I wag my finger at him.

“No sex until we get everything sorted out with your psychopathic ex-wife.”

He groans deeply before getting in my face and tenderly pushes the hair out of my face.

“Is this some sort of punishment Nala?”

Punishment? That’s a great idea. I nod.

“Yes. For lying to me about your past, but once everything gets sorted out, you can have me anyway and anywhere you want, doing to me whatever your filthy mind comes up with.” I tell him as I walk past him, and into the kitchen looking into his pantry.

I don’t bother putting any clothes on since it increases the punishment. I can feel his eyes on me as I reach for the pasta on the top shelf. He comes around and stares at my breasts hungrily before giving me an amused grin.

“What will it take for you to waver this punishment Nala? I have a feeling a simple apology won’t cut it. But I’ll try anyway... I’m sorry.”

“Humm... you’re right. It doesn’t cut it. Would you mind grabbing that jar of salsa for me?” I ask him and shakes his head no, stubbornly.

“Fine, I’ll just get it myself.” I grab a nearby stool and I lift a leg onto it slowly. His eyes drop between my legs with a dark gaze and I smile to myself as I left my other leg up and I reach for the salsa.

“Do you like garlic, four cheese, or orgasm... I mean original flavor?” I ask him as he stares at my ass, and he chuckles.

“You evil, evil woman.” He says shaking his head.

“Come on, choose your pick,” I tell him and he points to the four cheese salsa.

“Good Choice,” I say as I hand it to him and step down.

“Yeah, yeah, now get out of my kitchen you damn tease.”

He says spanking my ass hard, and I gasp but can’t deny that I love it.

After a delicious dinner, I clean up with Lorenzo when he gets a video call from his mom.

“Hey Nala, I’m going to take the trash out, could you answer that for me?” He asks as he pulls the bag out and I glare at him before putting on my best smile and answering the video call.

Laura: (“Nala!“) She yells exited but her phone camera is facing the wrong way.

Nala: (“Hola Laura! How is everything?“)

Laura: (“Everything is great mija, but we have to plan for your wedding. Where is Lorenzo?“)

Right at that moment, Lorenzo walks into view.

Lorenzo: (“Hey ma, did Rebecca tell you what happened?“)

Laura: (“What happened? Is it something serious?“)

Lorenzo sighs and takes the phone from me.

Lorenzo: (“Yeah ma. She’s back.“)

Laura: (“Who’s back? That crazy bitch you used to be with? I’ll tell you what, if she shows her face to any one of us I’ll release my aggressive roosters on her ass.“)

Lorenzo and I share a discreet laugh.

Lorenzo: (“You know ma, most people have guard dog’s, not guard roosters.“)

Laura: (“I love my roosters. No one has complained about them yet so their staying. Also how does my hair look? I’m trying out a new color.“) Lorenzo chuckles.

Lorenzo: (” I don’t know ma, I can’t see your face.“)

Laura: (“What? Coño, I didn’t even realize...“) She flips the camera towards her and waves at us.

Lorenzo: (“Much better, and your hair looks nice ma, but there is something important that I need to tell you about my ex.“)

Laura sighs and shakes her head.

Laura: (“Is Nala okay? Did she try to hurt her? I swear if she did...“)

Lorenzo: (“Nala is okay ma, but Lanai could have...“)

Laura: (“Could have what, Lorenzo?“)

Lorenzo: (“She could have killed her ma.“) He says broken and she gasps in silent shock.

Laura: (“And that psychopath is still roaming the streets of Manhattan right now isn’t she? Dios mio, Lorenzo, what are you going to do?“)

Lorenzo: (“I’ll figure it out ma, I always do.“)

Laura: (“You do that. I Love you both. Be careful.“)

Lorenzo: (“We love you too ma. Bye.“)

He hangs up and gives me an amused look before picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I gasp and smack his butt.

“What are you doing, you’re being punished remember?”

he laughs deeply.

"Mi amor, by punishing me you are only punishing yourself. But don’t worry, I just wanna throw you on my bed and cuddle with you, while we watch some sappy movies.”

“Okay!” I say adoring the idea of simply cuddling with him, and as I do I send a very long text to Wanda explaining everything that's happened. She seems really concerned everything then texts me a gif of guy jumping up and down naked making his dick spin like a helicopter and I crack up.

I look down at Lorenzo's crotch and he follows my gaze curiously.

"What are you looking at baby?"

"Oh nothing... let's just enjoy the movie."

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