The wing woman

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(27) Late

Lorenzo POV:

I wake up to the feeling of someone turning my soft dick into a helicopter with noises and all and I open my eyes to see Nala laying down with her body in between my legs dressed in a red t-shirt and wax jeans, spinning my dick, and making it hard in her hand.

“Oh no, don’t get hard yet, I just was having fun with your soft dick!” She whines, and I moan as she licks my growing cock.

“Keep doing that and it’ll only get harder, pilot,” I tell her and she moans around the tip of my cock, sending vibrations through it as she begins to suck me off slowly.

“Humm, Nala. Yes, baby. Keep going.”

But then she stops and winks at me.

“Not until everything this solved Lorenzo. You’re still on punishment. The sucky sucky, fucky fucky, long time, plans are just going to have to wait.”

Jesus, this woman is going to kill me.

“I have to get to work Lorenzo, and so do you.”

I shake my head.

“My sister knows what happened. She said not to let you go to work until I got everything solved. She said it wouldn’t be safe for either of us, and she’s right.”

She groans frustrated and nods.

Nala POV:

“Okay. I’m taking Lucy out for a walk.”

“I’ll take her,” he offers quickly and stands up.

“Lucy doesn’t like guys,” I tell him and he laughs.

“Your dog is lesbian, Nala?” I giggle.

“No, she just doesn’t like guys because when I adopted her, the vet told me she was abused by a guy, and that she likes females more.”

Lorenzo holds his heart.

“Ouch, I’m kinda offended by that,” he admits jokingly, and I smack his arm.

“Don’t be, she can’t help it. Poor thing.”

“That would explain why I only see Lucy whenever you call her and she never approaches me. Maybe someday she will trust me, and that someday is going to have to be today, because I won’t let you walk her alone. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.”

I shrug.

“I actually wouldn’t mind some company... Lucy!” I call out to her and she sprints towards me, coming from the bedroom. I fluff out her white curls that were flattened where she slept, like an afro, then I put her pink collar on. Lorenzo gets dressed, in his bedroom and comes out wearing, black, casual sweatpants and a Columbia university t-shirt that hugs his perfectly sculpted figure.

“Oh, shit, Lorenzo. You look even better dressed casually,” I admit as I check him out, and he smirks.

“Too bad you can’t touch it,” he says before doing the can’t touch this dance, and I laugh at how silly he looks.

“Why not? Are you punishing me too Lorenzo?” I ask him with a raised eyebrow and he nods slowly.

“Yes, I’m punishing you, for punishing me. Effective immediately.”

I gasp, but before I have time to protest Lucy wines and nudges my leg.

“We will talk about this after Lucy’s walk,” I tell him and he shrugs.

“Maybe we will, or maybe we won’t.”

“Okay, Mr. sassy pants well see about that.”

As we are walking around the city, Lorenzo looks around paranoid.

“Lorenzo, if you keep looking like that someone is going to think you are going to rob a bank,” I tell him with a chuckle then I feel him wrap his arms around me as we walk, and Lucy pulls on the leash.

“Perhaps, I just wanna rob a sexy Latina, and make her my prisoner to death do us part,” he whispers in my ear, making delightful chills go down my spine.

“I’m already yours,” I whisper back, hating the fact that I feel turned on. I’m supposed to be punishing him. He makes a tsking sound and shakes his head.

“If that were true you would let me have my filthy, loving way with you.”

“Nice try,” I say as we stop and let Lucy pee on a secluded tree.

“Let me at least kiss you.” He whispers in a more husky way as people watch us as they walk by.


He cuts me off as he turns my face slightly towards him and kisses me so passionately that I almost lose my balance, and lose grip of Lucy’s leash. I moan into his sensual mouth as his tongue laps mine deliciously, and his fingers tangle into my hair. He groans as if he is reliving some kind of tension, then we’re forced to pull away, as Lucy tugs on the leash hard. She spots a rat and tries to chase it.

“Ew, Lucy! leave that rat alone!” I tell her pulling her back, and the rat disappears into a sewer. Lorenzo chuckles in my ear.

“If Lucy hadn’t interrupted us, we would have probably got arrested for public indecency,” he says as he discreetly points with his nose to an NYPD officer, who is watching us discreetly.

“On that note, let’s go home,” I tell him turning around and he looks at me amused.

“Home? I’m glad you consider my apartment our home Nala.”

“You’re my home,” I admit sweetly and he sighs in bliss.


“Why the heck haven’t I gotten my period yet?” I whisper to myself as I look at the date on the calendar, and I sit on the toilet.

“Hey Nala, I’m going out for some drinks with some friends I haven't seen in a long time tonight, wanna join me?”

He asks behind the closed door.

“Um... sure. I’ll get ready soon!” I say sounding nervous.

“You’re okay?”

I gulp.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” I ask him as the realization hits.

Did Lorenzo actually get me pregnant from that time we had sex in his office? That felt like it was so long ago.

“I don’t know, never mind. Oh and one more thing... I want you to put on a sexy dress with nothing underneath it, Nala.”

I gasp.

“No panties?”

“Nothing baby.”

“But, your punishment!”

He sighs.

“Fuck the punishment Nala. I need you.”

My breathing intensifies as I imagine what he’s going to do to me.

“Yes boss,” I say and he chuckles.

“Those two words never fail to make my cock twitch. Please don’t take long Nala.”

“Yes boss,” I say in a more sensual way and hear his sexy groan.

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