The wing woman

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(28) Oh fuck

Lorenzo POV:

As I’m waiting for Nala to get ready I send a text to my buddy Freddie who was my best friend in college but he moved to Florida a few years ago.

Lorenzo: [Hey Freddie. Nala is getting ready and I’ll let you know when we arrive.]

Freddie: [Nala? That’s your fiancee, isn’t it? God, I can’t wait to meet her. I didn’t think you’d have the guts to be in a serious relationship after Laini.]

Lorenzo: [Dude... Nala is the real fucking deal. I love her way more than I ever loved Laini. She just gets me like no else does.]

Freddie: [Who are you and what the hell did you do with my best friend?]

Lorenzo: [I grew up. I’ve matured, and I’m ready to settle down.]

Freddie: [Fine. More women for me. :) See you soon man.]

"Mi amor, I’m ready...” She sings as she walks out of the bathroom wearing a sexy purple dress that hugs her curvy figure, and flares out at the bottom elegantly.

God, I want to cancel these plans, just to rip that dress off of her and dive in between those luxurious legs. I’ve had enough punishment from her. I need her wet walls clenching my dick like a greedy hand grabbing a wad of money. My eyes feast upon her and she grins as she checks me out too.

I’m not wearing anything out of the ordinary. Just some gray Tom Ford paints and a black striped button-up.

“You look good enough to eat you off the bar,” I tell her as she strides towards me, swaying her hips.

“Maybe, I’m on the menu, maybe I’m not.” She says as she flips her hair back and strides past me towards the door.

“What am I going to do with that sassy mouth of yours Nala?”

She winks at me, and my knees feel weak.

“You’ll think of something.”


Nala POV:

On our ride to the bar, Lorenzo makes a call to who I’m assuming is a bodyguard. And I suddenly feel nervous.

“Why the bodyguard?” I ask him and he puts his hand over my thigh and rubs it soothingly.

“That way I won’t have to keep looking over my shoulder all night. You will barely notice him though, if at all.”

I nod and take a deep breath.

“You trust me to protect you don’t you?” He asks and I smile at him.

“I can protect myself, but honestly I do trust you more. I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself from getting into a van that says it has free banana muffins.” I admit and he chuckles deeply.

“I would most likely be the one driving that van Nala, and best believe it would be loaded to the brim, all for you.”

“How creepy, yet romantic,” I say with a giggle.

We arrive at the bar, and the valet parks his car. He holds onto my hand and a woman snaps a picture of us with a bright flash.

I gasp and Lorenzo simply waves at the woman and she waves back excitedly.

“Don’t worry, Nala. She’s just paparazzi, I’ve seen her around.”

I let out a relieved sigh and as we are walking in a deep voice calls out to Lorenzo.

“Ey! Lorenzo!” A guy about our age is sitting with two other guys and they all smile as they see us.

“Eyyy!” Lorenzo yells as he hugs his friends.

“Freddie, Clark, Roman... I would like you all to meet my fiancee Nala, Nala these are my college buddies.”

I smile as I shake each of their hands and they smile at me before smirking at Lorenzo.

“It’s nice to meet you all.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Nala,” Freddie says as he kisses the back of my hand and I giggle as Lorenzo rolls his eyes. Freddie is cute. He kinda looks like a young Brad Pitt.

“You too,” I say in a friendly way as I take Lorenzo’s outstretched hand and let him guide me to the reserved booth. Lorenzo and I sit on one side as his friends sit on the other side. He orders some bottles of whiskey in an ice bucket for all of us, and they arrive quickly.

As they laugh and have wacky debates Lorenzo pours the drinks out for us and slides it over to everyone.

When he slides a drink over to me I look at it like it’s a deadly virus and shake my head no.

“I don’t think I’ll drink tonight if you don’t mind,” I whisper to him softly and he looks at me confused.

“Nala, are you feeling okay?” I nod and smile.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I insist and he nods back.

“Okay, if you are going to be sober tonight, then so am I.” He says with a warm smile and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

“Thanks, Lorenzo.” He shrugs before kissing me sweetly in front of his friends. He then pours some water for us in separate cups.

“Let’s make a toast... To old friends who finally grew up. Except for Freddie of course.” Clark jokes and Freddie fakes a laugh. We touch cups and Freddie looks at Lorenzo’s cup, and mine suspiciously but doesn’t comment on it.

As we all tell funny stories Lorenzo’s hand slides up my thigh slowly and my heart hammers. He is casually talking to his friends as his fingers softly graze my bare lips under my dress and I gasp softly. Thankfully no one notices.

He momentarily looks towards me and smirks, happy to find out I did as he asked and didn’t put on any panties.

His fingers feel like they are lightly electrocuting my sensitive skin, then he slides his middle finger over my clit and I try so hard not to react as my body craves more. I’m super wet and he knows this, as a low groan escapes him.

“Did you hear me, Lorenzo?”

Lorenzo looks to his friend Roman as if he’s being pulled out of a trance.

“Sorry man, I was distracted, what did you say?” He asks as his fingers keep stroking me under the table. Fuck.

“I was asking when your wedding is, to throw you a killer bachelor party.”

Typical... all they think about is the bachelor party.

“Oh, I don’t know. We haven’t selected a date yet, but I’ll let you know.” He tells him as he dips his finger into my desperate core, swirling his finger around, and I suppress my moan.

“Hell yeah,” Roland says with a nod.

I feel practically invisible to his friends except for Freddie who smiles at me every once and a while, sympathetically.

Lorenzo slides his finger in and out deeper and I take a sip of water to hide my blush.

He transitions from my core to my clit back and forth in a way that makes me dizzy.

When the feeling becomes too much I lay my head on his shoulder and whisper to him. To his friends, it probably looks like I’m whispering something sweet and innocent but what really comes out of my mouth is...

“Lorenzo, please don’t make me come in front of your friends.”

He chuckles and kisses the top of my head as he eases up his strokes and slowly pulls his hand away. I long for his touch as soon as I lose it. He smirks at me as he licks his fingers when the others are not looking and a little whimper escapes me.

“So Lorenzo, do you ever go out and have fun anymore, or does she have you on a tight leash?” Roman asks and I can’t stand him already. Lorenzo tenses next to me and looks at his friend in disbelief.

“Fuck did you say, Roman?” He asks sounding upset. I rub my hand over his arm on the table trying to calm him.

“Do you ever go out anymore? To the club like the good old days?” Roman rephrases his question and Lorenzo relaxes a bit.

“I was a different man back then, Roman. I don’t need to relive my ‘good old days’ I’ll happily leave that in the past.”

Roman nods thoughtfully.

“So the leash is short then?” Roman asks him with a chuckle and the other guy laughs as well. Lorenzo tenses again.

“Roman, let’s keep this conversation in a less blood boiling temperature,” Lorenzo warns him, and Freddie quickly thinks of something else to talk about. We talk a bit more but then Lorenzo whispers to me.

“You wanna go home, Nala?” I nod and he pecks my lips before standing and helping me up.

“Hey, where are you two going?” Freddie asks and Lorenzo pulls his friend out of the booth and into a bro hug.

“I’m going home to make sweet love to my sweet love.” He tells him and he smirks at us.

“You lucky bastards. I wish I could find the love you two have, but until then I’m drifting like tumbleweed. You two take care of each other and stay in touch. Oh and Nala...”

Freddie says before whispering to me.

“Congratulations on the pregnancy.” He says too low for Lorenzo to hear. Damn. He must have thought that since I wasn’t drinking.

“I’m not sure if I’m pregnant or not,” I admit and he gives me a knowing look, before saying goodbye again and Lorenzo leads us out.

“What did he tell you?” Lorenzo asks in the car and I sigh.

“He says Congratulations on the pregnancy.”

His eyes go wide, and he looks at my tummy.


“I don’t even know if I’m pregnant or not, I mean, pregnant? Me? Come on.”


“What?” I ask him before I keep rambling. He smiles at me wide and his eyes smile too adorably.

“Do you feel pregnant?”

I hadn’t really thought of it.

“I mean, I feel different, but I’m not sure why.”

He nods not wanting to get too excited.

“I’ll stop by CVS and get you a test. Also I apologize for how the guys treated you at the bar, Freddie was as friendly as always but unfortunately for the other two, I guess they still have dicks for brains.”

I giggle nervously and nod, hoping they don’t throw him a bachelor party full of easy women barely wearing anything. But I shouldn’t be worried. I trust him. Yikes. I’d never thought id say I trust anyone, but he’s the only exception.

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